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Some guys are just so boring. Like all they have to offer is dick, a few good morning texts, and a boring conversation. And people settle for it because they are desperate to have someone. But life should be exciting and relationships should be fun and spontaneous and bring out the creativity in both people. Well that’s what it has to be for me. That’s a must. Wanting to experience a life of enjoyment together is a form of intimacy

Planets and their associations

The Sun

Energies: self-confidence, success, vitality, courage, authority, dignity, fame, self-knowledge

Colors: gold, orange, yellow

Day: Sunday

Star Sign: Leo

Number: 1

Metal: gold

Stones/materials: diamond, citrine, yellow jasper, topaz

Deities: Ra, Apollo, Helios, Lugh, Isis, Diana, Brigit

Herbs: angelica, ash, bay, calendula, chamomile, celandine, eyebright, frankincense, juniper, mistletoe, rosemary, saffron, safflower, Saint-John’s-wort, sunflower, tormentilla, walnuts

Seal of the Sun

The Moon

Energies: psychic knowledge, dreamworking, childbirth, fertility, past life recall, imagination, the subconscious mind

Colors: lilac, silver

Day: Monday

Sign: Cancer

Number: 2

Metal: silver

Stones/materials: pearl, abalone, moonstone, selenite

Deities: Selene, Nuit, Luna, Artemis, Sin, Inannur, and Khonsu

Herbs: almond, anise seed, cabbage, camphor, cucumber, fennel, iris, jasmin, lettuce, lily, lotus, moonwort, mugwort, pumpkin, violet, watercress, white sandalwood

Seal of the Moon


Energies: victory, aggression, achievement, energy, action, assertiveness, strength, sexual desire

Colors: Red

Signs: Aries, scorpio

Day: Tuesday

Number: 5

Metal: iron and red brass

Stones/materials: garnet, ruby, carnelian, bloodstone

Deities: Ares, Hercules, Tiw, Minerva, Maeve, Pallas Athena

Herbs: aloeswood, asafoetida, basil, broom tops, briony, cactus, cayenne, cumin, dragon’s blood resin, galangal, garlic, gentian, ginger, hawthorn, horseradish, honeysuckle, mustard, nettle, peppercorn, red sandalwood, rue, safflower, sanicle, tobacco, wormwood

Seal of Mars

Martian energy is intense, and most of the time Mars’s herbs and oils are used in conjunction with the energies of other Planets to intensify their effects, rather than in a “simple”—a formula that uses only one Planet’s herbs. Here are some examples of how a touch of a Mars herb can act with and upon other Planetary energies to enhance their effectiveness:

Sun with Mars

Sun is confidence, personal power, health, and self-expression. Add a little Mars and increase your control over your life, enhance your ability to express your interests and goals with even greater success, or enable yourself to stroll through life with energy, health, and personal charisma.

Moon with Mars

Lunar energies keep you in touch with your emotions, your psyche, and your subconscious. Add some Mars to quicken the development of your psychic abilities, motivate yourself to transform bad habits into good ones, or add vitality to your system if you are working on fertility issues.

Mercury with Mars

Eloquence, intelligence, and business endeavors are some of the energies of Mercury. Combining Mercurial herbs and oils with an herb or oil belonging to the dominion of Mars will help you to be more persuasive, have an even quicker mind, and be charmingly assertive enough to get the job you deserve.

Jupiter with Mars

Expansion, honor, authority, and growth all belong to Jupiter. Add a Mars energy to grow and expand faster in an area of your ambition, garner recognition of your accomplishments, intensify your authority in any area of your life, or expand your understanding of the best ways to accomplish your goals.

Venus with Mars

Romance, beauty and the arts—what’s not to love? Combining Venusian energy with a touch of Mars will add passion to the romance, help you to express yourself confidently as an artist, and make people look twice when you pass.

Saturn with Mars

Protection, understanding of karma, endurance, self-discipline, and control are the areas where

Saturnian herbs are used. Add strength and energy with a Saturn-Mars combination to protect your home if you live in a particularly dangerous area, to work through karmic debt, to vitalize yourself in a situation which requires hard work and endurance, or to accomplish a difficult task requiring much self-control.

Neptune with Mars

Neptune is the Planet of out-of-body experiences, creative genius, and the mystical. Bringing a little Martian energy into the equation will help you to harness and express the creativity residing in your subconscious, master astral projection more quickly, and experience more intensely any meditation, trancework, or altered state.

Uranus with Mars

Intellectual genius, innovative thought, and transformation of thought patterns fall under the dominion of Uranus. Mars will increase the workings of your mind to higher levels, bring action to your original thoughts, and hasten your ability to change the way your brain works, taking you out of any thought doldrums.

Pluto with Mars

Karma, unconscious behavior patterns, letting go, facing fear, and your Shadow Self are all Plutonian in nature. Partnering Pluto’s herbs and oils with an herb or oil of Mars will help you open those scary “memory boxes” in the back of your mind that make you so uncomfortable, break through barriers when you are working in psychotherapy, recognize karmic debt, and enable you to actively work to release it. This is not a fun combination, be warned. It is very intense, and if you choose to work with this combination, expect dramatic changes that will rock your life.


Energies: communication, divination, business success, intellectualization, learning

Color: yellow

Day: Wednesday

Sign: Virgo, Gemini

Number: 7

Metal: quicksilver

Stones/materials: quartz, opal, Herkimer diamond, yellow calcite, optical calcite, yellow jasper

Deities: Janus, Hermes, Thoth, Ogma, Maat, Shesat, Calliope

Herbs: bergamot, caraway, cinnamon, dill, ephedra, gum arabic, gum mastic, horehound, lavender, licorice, marjoram, mouse-ear, mullein, papyrus, peppermint, star anise, savory, thyme, woodruff

Seal of Mercury


Energies: expansion, career, ambition, luck, material success, spiritual growth, humor

Color: Blue

Sign: Pisces, sagittarius

Day: Thursday

Number: 6

Metal: tin

Stones/materials: sapphire, turquoise, blue topaz, lapis lazuli

Deities: Zeus, Llyr, Thor, Hera, Gaea, Rhiannon

Herbs: agrimony, borage, carnation, cedar, cinquefoil, dandelion, figs, fir, hyssop, linden, magnolia, maple, meadowsweet, oak, oak moss, pine, poplar, saffron, sage, sassafras, sumac, rosin, wood beton

Seal of Jupiter


Energies: love, friendship, artistry, attraction, music, pleasure, sensual delights, beauty, balance, compassion

Color: green

Day: Friday

Sign: Taurus, Libra

Number: 3

Metal: copper

Stones/materials: emerald, malachite, apatite, green fluorite

Deities: Aphrodite, Aradia, Persephone, Eros, Cupid, Faunus

Herbs: catnip, cherry, coltsfoot, damiana, feverfew, lemon verbena, lilac, maidenhair, mandrake, myrtle, orchid, passionflower, peach, periwinkle, plumeria, rhubarb, raspberry, rose, spikenard, tansy, tonka bean, vanilla, vervain, violet

Seal of Venus


Energies: form, stability, karma, discipline, occult knowledge, protection, patience, endurance

Color: black

Sign: Capricorn

Day: Saturday

Number: 4

Metal: lead

Stones/materials: jet, onyx, hematite, smoky quartz

Deities: Kronos, Dionysus, Anubis, the Cailleach, Danu, Ceres

Herbs: asafoetida, balm of Gilead, bistort, boneset, comfrey, cypress, dill, fumitory, garlic, hawthorn, hemlock, hyssop, patchouli, petitgrain, rosemary, Solomon’s seal, Saint-John’s-wort, valerian, vetivert, wolfsbane, yew

Seal of Saturn

The rest of the planets do not have seals because they are not the seven classical planets used in witchcraft.  So many people many not agree with the rest of this lecture, but here is the rest and what the majority of people use.  


Energies: illusion and imagination; useful in hypnosis, trance, dreamwork

Color: green-blue

Number: 11.

Stone/material: seashell, amber, labradorite, cat’s-eye, lemurian crystal

Deities: Poseidon, Apa, Dylan, Tiamat, Ceridwen, Nimue

Herbs: cannabis, datura, lobelia, lotus, orange blossom (also known as neroli), peach, poppy, skullcap, wild lettuce, willow, wisteria


Energies: enlightenment, objectivity, technology, genius, eccentricity, breaking free from old patterns and electrical impulses of the brain

Color: electric blue

Number: 22

Metal: white gold

Stones/materials: quartz, rutilated quartz, kunzite, amazonite

Deities: Merlin, Shu, Ur-annu, Prometheus, Urania, Varuna

Herbs: allspice, betel nut, chicory, clove, coffee, elemi, guarana, mahuang


Energies: death, alchemical transformation, regeneration, decay, the deep unconscious, catharsis

Color: smoky black

Number: 13 or 33 to some

Stones/materials: ash, lava stone, obsidian, black opal, apache tear, black tourmaline, bismuth

Deities: Arawn, Pwyll, Osiris, Demeter, Rhea, Astarte

Herbs: barley, black cohosh, corn, damiana, fly agaric, galangal root, mushrooms, myrrh, oats, patchouli, pomegranate, psilocybin, rye, saw palmetto, wheat, wormwood, yohimbe

*Disclaimer: I do not suggest the use of herbs for medical purposes and I suggest you research each of them throughly before use.  

As Always


  • when someone's planet falls into your...
  • 1st house: it is trigger-some; you react strongly around them in accordance to the planet's energy; you are their muse/inspiration for the planet; you are completely captivated or completely repulsed by it; it is completely exposed to you; it gives you an ego boost/makes you feel more confident or active with this planet's energy; you take on the effect of this planet; you identity them with this planet(s)
  • 2nd house: it is objectified/treated as a possession; it feels used by you or you feel used because of it; it feels secure or insecure with you or driven by security
  • 3rd house: it is discussed with you; you open or close their mind to this planet's effect; it feels judged by you; it creates flowage with you; your communication is defined by this planet's effect
  • 4th house: it feels at home with you; has a sense of of familiarity with you; family/building a home is more central and the planet's energy affects this; it becomes evident around family/in a family setting; the planet(s) feels burdened by you
  • 5th house: it is ignited/put into play; it inspires/entertains you; the planet's energy is extremely attractive to you; the planet(s) reacts dramatically; you find this planet(s) to bring out your playful/creative side in relation to what it stands for; you find this planet's energy to be too immature
  • 6th house: they feel obligated to provide or attend to this/you feel entitled to it; it feels one-sided; adds structure to this planet; it feels under review by you; it is cooperated with you
  • 7th house: the relationship is defined by the planet's energy; they'll hate you or love you or have a love/hate relationship for this planet's effect; they admire or reject the planet's energy; adds a more personal undertone; you project this planet's energy onto them
  • 8th house: it feels out of control; you challenge the planet(s); you could become obsessed with this planet's effect; adds an instant/intimate/unconditional (sometimes too instant/intimate/unconditional) connection; your finances may take on this planet's energy; there will be sacrifices/sharing in the name of said planet
  • 9th house: they add a certain need for exploration or expansion in relation to the planet(s); they broaden your horizons and make you question/theorize the planet(s) substance; you find it to be utterly fascinating; they are a teacher for the planet(s)
  • 10th house: its motivates/benefits you in relation to the planet's effect; it becomes evident to the public; you look up to them for said planet's energy
  • 11th house: you support the planet(s); it feels informal to you; it becomes evident in social settings/gatherings with friends; adds a mutual/friendly/casual undertone; your aspirations for or with them center around this planet's energy
  • 12th house: it is brought to surface/it exposes you; you are at your knees to their planet(s); you feel liberation or restriction from this planet(s); awakens or represses this planet's energy

I am reading Stephen Kings ‘on Writing’ and there’s this line in there where he’s like WRITE EVERYDAY, something I’ve also seen this from a couple of professional authors before. and I have writer friends reading this advice and stressing out about being 'bad writers’ because they can’t accomplish this and … I gotta give my two cents

Stephen King has the luxury of saying 'write everyday’. It’s his profession for god’s sake. That’s just not the case for all of us.

Some of us have kids and we’re the primary caregivers.

Some of us have jobs with grueling shifts and all we can do when we get home and stare blankly at the TV while shoveling take-out Chinese into our mouths because we’re so mentally fried.

Some of us are students and we have to dedicate 7 hours a day to classes and meetings and teaching and then we have to go home and do 5 more hours of our studies

What I’m trying to say is that it’s JUST NOT FEASIBLE. If you can only write on the weekend, it’s okay. If you can only write 5 minutes a day, it’s okay. If you can only scratch down a quick idea onto a paper napkin while on the train it’s okay (OH LOOK AT THAT, JK ROWLING’S ORIGIN STORY how’d that get in there). For my friends that are worried about not getting to writing all the time, just, don’t stress. You can be good at something without doing it all the friggin’ time. No, you may not achieve your goals very quickly that way, but it’s okay. You’ll get there.

(Chances are, your story is invading your thoughts every minute of the day anyway, constantly thinking of plot turns and character designs - so are we really ever not writing?)

Silmweek is a full week dedicated to our beloved Silmarillion. Bring out your creativity in edits, fanfiction, art, and more as you make new friends! From the 3rd of april to the 9th we will post edits with a new theme every day.

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this is just a short thing based on @kxlance ‘s post (this one) and it’s so awesome and i was just thinking about it for ages so i just got inspired to write this short thing lol (which does not do the idea from the post justice, but you know, here it is)

also the cover name’s in this are horrible as I’m really tired it’s 4am here and i got woken up early by my dad’s girlfriend’s dog and my dog jumping all over me (they are so cute! and it was a lovely way to wake up but I’m super tired now) and therefore I literally couldn’t think of any betters ones - pls let me know if you have any :) 


“Have you got my list of things I want you to get from the space mall with you, Lance?” Hunk asks, sitting on the edge of Lance’s bed, leaning back on his hands. “You don’t have to get everything on it - but a few of them would be good.”

“Yup,” Lance says, trying on a knitted hat, tilting it slight to left, before frowning and throwing it away; where it lands beautifully atop Pidge’s face. He grins at Hunk in the mirror, “And I’ll get you everything, you deserve it buddy.”

“Thanks, man,” Hunk smiles, “You excited?”  

“Yeah,” Pidge adds, “Are you excited to go on your date?” They smirk when Lance’s gaze flicks to them in the mirror. They’re sprawled out on the bedroom floor, arms behind their head; a collection of Lance’s tried on, and promptly discarded disguises have been flung on top of them (for other, frankly, uncalled for comments).

“It’s not a date,” Lance says, slipping his silver framed glasses onto his nose, and winking at himself in the mirror. He turns to Pidge, hand on hip, “And besides, even if it was a date - which it isn’t - it would be Demetrius the handsome on the date, not Lance.”

“I wouldn’t date a guy with a name like that,” Keith puts in from the doorway, where he’s been mostly silent; arms folded to his chest as he watches Lance get ready.

“Maybe you wouldn’t,” Lance says to Keith, “But Roger would.”

“I’m not using that cover name,” Keith says immediately.

“Fine,” Lance agrees easily, then smirks, “Roger the party pooper, then.”

Keith shakes his head, “No.” A small smile pulls at his lips, small enough to be missed, but Lance catches it and latches onto this moment between them with:

“But it suits you so well,” he pouts up at Keith, looking at him through his eyelashes and Keith rolls his eyes, his smile twitching at the corners.

“It really sort of does,” Hunk says consideringly, “The Roger, I mean.”

“No,” Pidge says, their eyes narrowed at Keith as they scrutinise him. “Our Keith is definitely more of a Nick.”

“You have got to be kidding me,” Lance gasps, he points at Keith, “He’s a Roger - through and through.”

Keith huffs out a laugh,and Lance shoots a grin at him. “I’ll meet you by the pod, Lance,” Keith says, turning out of the room.

“I won’t be long, Roger!” Lance calls after him, and Keith walks away, shaking his head, a soft smile on his face. 

Beady Little Eyes

(another lil thing for @squigglydigglydoo ‘s toon henry au, which has done wonders for bringing back my creative drive lately.  Wanted to try and feel out how Bendy would react to seeing himself when he’s off-model level’s of angry.)

“What did he mean?” Bendy stood on a stool in front of a mirror, stock still, looking at himself.  He bent in close over the sink and stretched his eyelid, intensely scanning for something, anything… nothing.

Which was exactly what he was finding.  The only thing looking back at him was that mug he’d come to know and love oh-so-much. His real money maker.  Not a flaw to be found.

“Boris doesn’t know what he’s talkin’ about,” the devil dismissed, intending to put the issue to bed.

But he didn’t look away from that mirror.  Why?  Why was he even listening to Boris?  Henry’d already poisoned the guy’s mind.  That dunce was always gullible anyway, it was his whole shtick.

So why did this bother him so much?

Bendy knew.  Of course he knew.  He and Boris had known each other for years.  If there was one thing that came with being that simple, it was honesty.  Boris didn’t have a lying bone in his body.  So when the words “he was right” came out of his mouth, coupled with the terror in his eyes, it stung.

Boris didn’t like how mad he was getting.  Why not?  After everything they’d gone through, all the work they’d done, why did they deserve to get thrown away?  They were owed this.  How could he not see that?  Boris was a dunce, but he wasn’t blind.  Henry didn’t care about this, he didn’t care about them.  But all it had taken was one sob story and Boris was in, hook, line, and sinker.

“That’s the problem with having an idiot for a best friend,” he muttered to himself, “they got no idea when they’re bein played.”

But Alice believed him too. Alice wasn’t dumb.  She was as goody-two shoes, sure, but she had common sense.  And she was siding with Henry.  How was he supposed to take that?  Both of them were with Henry.  Henry. Henry, Henry, Henry.  Even hearing that name burned him up these days.  That louse left, tossed them all away, let them collect dust for thirty years.  And yet somehow, he turned everyone Bendy had against him.  What had he said to Alice?  She had to be smart enough to see through him.  Had he threatened her?  Had he threatened both of them?  Boris had looked nervous when they were arguing.  Did that no good, dead-beat, absentee animator threaten his pals?!

“If he lays a finger on either of them…“ Bendy clenched his hands in a vice grip and looked back up at the mirror…

It stared back at him with beady little eyes.

Bendy screamed in terror and fell back off his stool with a clatter.  He lied there for a moment, staring up at the ceiling.  His teeth were clenched, his fingers dug into the wood, and his heart jumped a foot up with every beat.  It was at least a minute of stunned silence when he finally sat up, rubbing his head, trying to process what he’d just seen.  That face, that… thing.  Was that… him?

The thought spurred him back to his feet, he scrambled up onto the stool as fast as he could and looked back at himself.

There were his pupils, big and adorable as they ever were.  Once again Bendy inspected his eyes.  Was it him? Was that freak really what he looked like? Why though? Why were his eyes so small? After a new stint of finding nothing, he shook his head.  

“No, no it was… it was a trick of the light.  Yeah, that was it, trick of the light.  Gotta get these things replaced.”  He put his hands on his hips and looked up at the dim bulb.  “They barely work anymore.”  A laugh to seal the excuse.  There, that sounded sane.

“I’m workin too hard,” he continued to assure himself, turning around and leaning back against the sink.  “All this thinkin bout Henry has my nerves shot.  I need to calm down before I lose my head.”

There was a tap on his shoulder.  A glance to the side brought him face to face with the beady-eyed monster, leaning out of the mirror.

“Might be a bit late for that, mac.”  It growled with a hollow grin.

Bendy screamed higher and louder than he’d ever screamed before.  His legs kicked into high gear. He rocketed out of the room, slammed the door shut, and began nailing two-by-fours over it as fast as he could.  After a finishing touch of police tape and a nuclear hazard symbol for good measure, he pressed his body up against it.  He heaved, chest rising and falling rapidly.

That wasn’t him.   He wasn’t like that.  He was a good guy.  It couldn’t have been him…

But that was his voice.

That was his face.

That was him.  That horrible, bloodthirsty-looking freak was him.

Bendy started to shiver. He wrapped his arms around himself and sank to the ground.  He missed Boris.  He missed Alice.  He…

A few drops of water hit the ground.  Rain. Instinctively, Bendy pulled an umbrella out and opened it.  Drops kept hitting the floor.  Confused, Bendy looked up… at the ceiling.  “Oh.”  He flicked the side of his head to berate himself.  “Then what… oh.”  He moved his knuckle up to just under his eye and rubbed, looking at the droplet that had settled on his finger.  “Oh,” his voice cracked, smiling at the tear like it was a joke.  Then he put his head back down and let himself cry softly.

His friends were gone, he has dropping ink like a leaky faucet, and now his eyes were going screwy.

Was he the bad guy?  You didn’t name the show after the bad guy, did you?

Half-finished thoughts came and went before he could grab them, the bulb over his head was flickering but it wouldn’t light.  He tried to think of something, anything… nothing.

Which was all he was gonna figure out on his own.

But he had no one to ask now.

Except Joey.

Bendy smacked his forehead, “That’s it!”  With that, he hopped back up, grabbed his umbrella and started down the hall.  Joey would know.  

He had to.

A message to shippers in Overwatch, primarily McHanzo shippers

I know you’re all excited to ask about your ships to VAs and creators but please, please stop getting it in your head that they feel as strongly about ships as you do

They probably don’t, with few exceptions (ie, Jonny Cruz obviously ships Bunnyribbit quite a bit) 

Matt Mercer in particular. McHanzo, shipping in general, to you? Is like DnD to him. 

We are blessed to have a VA who’s as much a nerd and internet savvy as Matt Mercer, and the thing is? He’s not mad that you ask him about McHanzo. He gets it. He gets the passion behind it and he gets why it’s so important to you as  shipper, and he’s happy for you. He’s happy for all shippers. He thinks McHanzo is cute. 

But it’s not as important to him as it is to you. 

A lot of you shippers may not know the first thing about DnD. I only know very little from friends, I’ve never played though I’d love to. 

To Matt Mercer, DnD is a huuuuuge part of his life. It makes him happy. But if somebody started talking DnD to you who have never played it, chances are, as a nerd, you can appreciate it for what it is and will be so happy to see somebody so passionate about what they love, but as of that moment it’s not as important to you as it is to them. 

So the thing is? Matt is a great guy who loves his fans in that unique way nerds appreciate other nerds. Matt Mercer supports shipping, he supports the creativity that it brings out in fans. But don’t demand of him the passion you have for shipping. Don’t demand it of Michael Chu, either. 

Shipping is not important to Overwatch and its creators beyond how much passion it generates from fans, so don’t act like it is. 

especially do not go the way of the Voltron fandom, who threatened Studio Mir with leaks if they didn’t make their ships official. 

Don’t demand of creators your ships. More LGBT representation? Fine. But demanding it for the sake of your ships? Just makes you selfish. 

On the other hand, Bunnyribbit shippers would probably make Jonny Cruz very happy if they sent him Bunnyribbit art and stuff. So enjoy that :)) 

Gemini Compatibility

Note: Please take into account your Moon and Venus signs and remember that any pairing is possible with compromise, please don’t base your relationships completely off of astrology

Most to Least Compatible for Gemini:













Gemini and Aries:

Aries is a sign that expects nothing but loyalty in a relationship and sometimes Gemini’s can find this difficult. They go into the relationship with good intentions but as an Air sign, faithfulness isn’t something they’re the best at and this can upset Aries and set off their fiery temper which can in turn scare Gemini away and make them distant, confusing and angering Aries even more! This relationship can be like a dog chasing its tail and then squealing in pain when they bite it. Gemini’s require intellectual stimulus to keep them interested and Aries’ need a spark. Gemini’s aren’t the best listeners in the Zodiac and won’t pay much attention to emotional angst and everyday issues which can end up wounding Aries’ ego and annoying them. Aries’ passion and intensity could possibly frighten Gemini and scare them away.

Despite all this, Aries and Gemini have the potential for a very fun and loving relationship. Gemini’s tendency to debate about things can get Aries’ all fired up if it’s not about something serious, thus satisfying Gemini’s need for an intellectual debate and Aries’ need to be passionate and argue about something. Gemini’s and Aries’ both despise boredom with promises a very exciting and exhilarating relationship. Gemini’s are always evolving and changing which is good news to Aries’ who finds it hard to settle. This is a relationship that both sides can learn from. Gemini can show Aries’ the beauty of the mind and communication and Aries’ can show Gemini how passion can say things that words can’t. Neither are very fond of sharing emotions so there will be mutual empathy and understanding there when both are opening up. As problematic as this pairing is, it is capable of reaching a comfortable state of excitement and common ground, a lot of work is needed though.

Gemini and Taurus:

Taurus and Gemini are generally not a very compatible pairing, mainly because Earth and Air signs don’t mix very well, but there are also characteristics exclusive to these signs as to why they’re not compatible. Taurus is quite a jealous lover, preferring to have their partner to themselves and getting quite upset if they feel their partner is straying whereas Gemini hates to be tied down by someone, they’re known as the sign who have trouble with staying faithful and this is a huge no-no for Taurus. Taurus’ safe and secure nature isn’t exciting or challenging enough for Gemini who is always full of new ideas and goals. Gemini always needs new things to keep them busy and Taurus might not be able to keep up, preferring the comfort of home and security. Gemini, being an impulsive liar can end up hurting and manipulating Taurus without noticing it, causing Taurus to build their wall and dig up their hatchet.

However, like with every pairing, this one has a lot of potential. Taurus has a love of the arts which can spark a real intellectual stimulation in Gemini which is what they really need, it might even bring out their creative side and encourage them to produce new ideas. You need quite a lot of patience to be able to put up with a Gemini, not particularly in a bad way, it’s just they’re constantly jumping from one thing to another. Luckily, Taurus has more than enough patience to tolerate this as long as Gemini is willing to meet some of their needs too. Both signs are insensitive to an extent so there’s mutual understanding when it comes to comforting and emotions etc. which can benefit especially Gemini. Taurus’ seem to lack imagination and creativity but when in partnership with Gemini, Taurus can be exposed to new ideas and may find interests they never knew they had. Both signs are quite humorous so a good friendship can make a good foundation. If Gemini can be careful with Taurus’ emotions and if Taurus allows Gemini to have their space, this pairing can work.

Gemini and Gemini:

Same sign pairings have incredibly good fortune in terms with compatibility but sometimes things can get a little stuffy when a sign as well expressed as Gemini is duplicated. For example, Gemini like to feel free in any relationship they have. Depending on their Moon or Venus signs, in this relationship, one partner will be more likely to stray than the other. This isn’t an intentional thing but can be very upsetting. Gemini’s like to argue, whether it’s friendly debate or a serious conflict, this can lead to things getting pretty heated. Gemini’s like to talk but sometimes tend to zone out when it comes to listening, this can be problematic and hurtful to both partners as no matter how much we cover up our emotions, at the end of the day we all need someone to listen. Not to mention that Gemini is the jester, the trickster of the zodiac and can successfully trick and manipulate others. If this gets out of hand, serious damage could be done.

However like all same sign couples, Gemini’s make for a very understanding and zesty relationship. Gemini’s crave intellect and friendly debate, of which there is an infinite abundance in this relationship. These two will never run out of things to talk or debate about, they will open doors in each other’s mind that they never knew were even there. Witty and intelligent humour will bond these two together and give them reasons to laugh even in their darkest times. Despite their argumentative nature, this couple will be very good at communicating their problems to each other which is a big factor seeing as this is where most couples meet their downfall. Wrong words, miscommunications – these are not things that Geminis are prone to and this can help the relationship grow amazingly. If these two show each other how much they care and show as much loyalty as they can without compromising their own values and morals, this couple have a strong foundation to build their ideas on.

Gemini and Cancer:

Air and Water are tricky mixtures when it comes to relationship pairings. Air can stir water and water can make air heavy and damp. Gemini is very much a carefree, come and go partner whereas Cancer is a very home oriented, committed lover. Cancer needs to feel secure and safe at all times and depending on how dedicated Gemini is, this could be a problem. Gemini’s are the tricksters of the zodiac, they’re like a breeze, you feel their presence but you can’t catch them in your hand. Gemini’s love freedom and will be repelled if they feel in anyway obligated to be 110% dedicated to a person. This isn’t to say that every Gemini is disloyal, it just means that they need their space and if Cancer doesn’t understand this they can get hurt. Cancers like to address their emotions and if Gemini doesn’t accommodate this, it could be incredibly destructive to Cancer’s wellbeing. Both signs are quite manipulative, Cancer with their emotions and Gemini with their words so in this relationship, both partners will have to be able to recognise when they’re not being fair and be able to stop.

However, like all pairings, this relationship can work if both partners are willing to realise their differences and use them to learn from each other. For example, this relationship covers a lot of bases! Cancer is the mother of the zodiac and can provide understanding and emotional intelligence to Gemini who can sometimes neglect their emotional needs by talking them out of existence. Cancer will sense when Gemini is sad or hurting and can show them that it’s ok to feel things and can show them how to heal. Gemini is the communicator of the zodiac and can show Cancer how to communicate their emotions clearly so that it’s less of a puzzle to find out what they want. They can provide Cancer with different perspectives and thought patterns to help them out. Gemini is very artistic and Cancer is very intuitive, together they can produce artworks of all kinds. These two can make for a very character building pair and can last very long with the right amount of work and effort.

Gemini and Leo:

Air and Fire pairings always work well to a certain extent. They make for a very passionate and innovative couple but as with any other pairing, they are not without their faults. Romance and sexuality is very important to Leos, they feel it is the essence of relationships however Geminis, being air signs, rely on an intellectual connection to keep their spark alight. If Gemini can’t find intellectual stimulation in a relationship, they may look for it elsewhere which could make Leo jealous and spark an argument. Leo is “the royal” sign of the Zodiac and may be inclined to sit back in the relationship and let Gemini do most of the work – which Gemini will not be happy about. Both incredibly flirtatious signs however Leo is more inclined to be jealous than Gemini. Elementally speaking, Fire needs Air to exist, but Air does not need Fire. Leo may be the one that falls deeper than Gemini.

However when Air and Fire signs work well together, they work REALLY well! Think of this romance as one between a Monarch (Leo) and their Jester (Gemini). Gemini is blessed with a golden tongue and can flatter and entertain Leo as much as their heart desires, Leo’s amusement and attention is in itself a reward for Gemini. This pairing is likely to become a socialite type of romance, the type that would host dinner parties, or parties in general together. Gemini challenges Leo on an intellectual level and Leo always rises to the challenge. Leo likes to admire thing, and luckily Gemini has an abundance of qualities for Leo to enjoy. Geminis are exceptionally creative, especially in their words. Leos are natural born performers as well as creative in their actions which can appeal to Geminis as it can complement their own talents perfectly. If the two partners in this pairing can learn to put equal effort and respect their differences and their boundaries, this relationship can be one neither will forget.

Gemini and Virgo:

Sadly, this couple is definitely not one of the most compatible, it’s on the other end of the scale I’m afraid. For Virgo, stability, routine and organisation are key in relationships, that’s just about everything that Gemini may find restricting and heavy. Gemini needs freedom to explore what the world has to offer, regardless of how spontaneous or unplanned these things may be and that can really scare Virgo. Archetypically speaking, Virgo is much like the parent, and Gemini is much like the child of the Zodiac. Mature, practical Virgo may feel responsible for childlike, unpredictable Gemini which after a while, may strain Virgo. A lot of the time it will be Virgo who is looking after and maintaining the wellbeing of the relationship, even though it may come to them like second nature, it is not very healthy. Virgo’s detailed oriented nature may make Gemini feel scrutinised and generally, they haven’t got much in common, nor have they got enough differences to make it interesting.

However no pairing is ever impossible and with work this relationship can definitely last. Geminis are very creative and can communicate their ideas well, their Virgo partner can provide a solid foundation for them to build their ideas upon and can provide them with depth and practicality. Virgos have an awful habit of biting off more than they can chew and they end up becoming swamped in one situation or another. With Gemini as their partner they can learn that it’s ok to take time out to relax and heal themselves which is very important for their wellbeing. Intellect will most likely be the focal point in this relationship as both partners crave it. They tend to have the same type witty, sarcastic of humour also, meaning that conversation rarely runs dry. Fights can be handled very maturely and efficiently seeing as both signs are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. If Virgo loosens the reins and Gemini steps up to their responsibilities in the relationship they can most definitely be good for each other.

Gemini and Libra:

Air signs tend to amazingly together, as most same element signs do. Personally I believe that Gemini and Libra are near perfect for each other. They do of course, have their downfall. In most relationships, there’s always one person who tends to fall deeper than the other and in this case, that person is mostly likely the Libra. Librans love to love. They require a bit more emotion than Gemini in order to feel satisfied in the relationship and this can sometimes make Gemini feel uncomfortable. Gemini’s detached attitude may come across as untrustworthy to Libra and could hurt them. Although air signs like a friendly debate, Gemini sometimes tends to take it too far and it turns into an argument, this can upset Libra and make them compromise themselves to restore harmony. They’d both rather brush their problems under the carpet than to solve them and this can build up into one big problem. Deep relationships between these two can be hard to come by.

However these two are incredibly compatible, a meeting of the minds comes with this pairing and they both value that greatly. Both signs are very intellectual meaning they can really sit down and have a conversation. Gemini can really appreciate and admire Libra for their fairness and good judgement and Libra can fall in love with the witty humour that Gemini provides. Whimsy and optimism are the theme of this relationship, it simply never grows stagnant. This element of continual change and growth makes long term relationships less daunting for them (mostly Gemini). When in an argument Geminis communication skills and Libras compelling sense of justice and fairness guarantee that whatever the outcome of the fight is, it was for the best and was mutually agreed on. With compromise on both parts, this couple provide for each other a safe haven of creativity and light heartedness.

Gemini and Scorpio:

Air and Water signs can go very well together because they encourage the relationship to make its decision using both head and heart. However in this pairing, it’s getting Gemini and Scorpio to work together in harmony that’s the trick. Scorpio’s dark and deep essence may make Gemini feel dragged down, causing them to become more aloof in the relationship. Having a Gemini in your life is like a whirlwind, constantly jumping from one thing to the next, this can be quite disruptive and alarming to Scorpio who is very strategic and whose emotions are rightly compared to still, deep waters. Scorpios are quite possessive in their relationships which can repel Gemini. Geminis are naturally flirtatious which could anger Scorpio if it’s not directed at them. Geminis whimsy nature conflicts greatly with Scorpios strategic one. Gemini may not have to emotional capacity to handle Scorpios strong feelings.

However if these two work through their differences, the relationship is definitely achievable and maintainable! Scorpio’s dark passion can both intrigue and frighten Gemini which leads to a lot of exploration on their part. What you see is not what you get with a Scorpio and Gemini will enjoy putting the puzzle together. Scorpio rarely divulges their emotions to others but if they decide to, Gemini will have all the right resources to help Scorpio get their feelings across as accurately as they can. Geminis don’t see much point in holding grudges and if they use their golden communication skills, they can eventually convince unmovable Scorpio to let go of past hurts. While Geminis like to try their hand at everything, Scorpio can help them find their strengths and channel their focus for a smarter move. If they realise their differences and instead of ignoring them, use them for growth, these two are unstoppable.

Gemini and Sagittarius:

These two signs are opposites and like with any opposite signs, it can either go amazingly well or horrifically wrong. Like I’ve said before, Fire and Air go quite well together in terms of passion and friendship. However they can run into as much trouble as any other pairing in the Zodiac. Both signs tend to get carried away with themselves and will need to establish a good foundation if they want a good long term relationship. Whereas Gemini is quite good with words and chooses them wisely, Sagittarius sometimes comes across quite blunt and a poor choice of words could upset Gemini. Sagittarians can be quite opinionated and are stubborn when people question that, but that’s what Gemini does in order to get a view of multiple perspectives. Both signs are quite competitive in arguments and this can lead to it getting serious. Unless Gemini and Sagittarius have a strong common interest, this relationship can lose its spark and die out relatively quickly.

Should this relationship go well however, it’ll be quite rewarding. Both of these signs love to experience and learn new things and are constantly on a quest for new things to do. Since this is so important to both of them it creates a bond between the two when in a relationship. This is the relationship that will never grow old since they are constantly trying new things and finding out more about each other in the process. This make a long term commitment a lot less daunting for the both of them. Sagittarians need freedom, physically speaking whereas Gemini need that freedom in an intellectual form. Both partners let each other have the freedom they need as they know how important it is. Gemini is the thinker of the couple, who comes up with ideas while Sagittarius is the philosopher, who expands on those ideas. If they can combat their differences and use them beneficially, Sagittarius and Gemini can be life-long partners.

Gemini and Capricorn:

Air and Earth signs are incredibly tricky to get right and require an awful lot of work. Air dries Earth out and leaves it unfertile. Earth makes the Air heavy. For this pairing to work at all, it requires a very strong connection to build upon. Both partners must be determined to make it work or it could fall apart. Much like Virgo, Capricorn is very practical and realistic which Gemini can feel dragged down by. These two signs have very different way of doing things. Gemini likes to take short cuts and easy options as long as they get them to where they want to be. Capricorn on the other hand likes to be thorough and make sure that everything is done properly so they can say they’ve achieved their goal wholeheartedly. Geminis impulsiveness can scare Capricorn and make them build walls, walls that Gemini might not be bothered to break depending on how involved in the relationship they are. Emotions will also be quite tricky to master as Geminis never dwell on them and Capricorns internalize them.

However if these two are completely in love and will do what it takes to make it work, this relationship can be achieved and with the joint ambition of these two signs, it’s definitely doable. Capricorn likes to have control in order to get things done right but they also give Gemini enough space to do them, so Gemini has no problem letting Capricorn take the lead. Since these two are so unlike each other their own qualities seem amplified which makes it easier to understand each other’s needs. Although Capricorns silently deal with their own problems, they’re not the best at communicating them to others which may lead to a row if there is any miscommunication. Gemini can help Capricorn say what they feel. Gemini whizzes through life, not taking times to really appreciate things, Capricorn can help teach Gemini to slow down and smell the roses. If they really try with each other and do their best not to give up, these two can be very successful together in life in general.

Gemini and Aquarius:

Same element signs as I’ve said before are almost always the most compatible for each other as they share many qualities, however sometimes the differences between them can be quite problematic. Aquarius is a fixed sign and so can get stubborn when others are not cooperating for them. Gemini doesn’t like this very much as they’re mutable and they drift and flow rather than getting caught up on one thing. Aquarius may not give Gemini enough room to breathe if they get caught up in the relationship rather than just going with it. Aquarius likes to be in charge and if they don’t allow Gemini any space or freedom this could push them away big time. Neither of these signs pay much attention to their emotions and this can end up being a problem if they go too long without voicing their feelings. Although they have a lot of intellectual stimulation from each other, real passion is quite hard to come by as this pairing is more of a meeting of the minds. However even though there might not be much passion, how much this affects the relationship really depends on the partners.

This pairing is generally a very compatible one as both signs here crave and provide intellectual stimulation. Aquarius’ rebellious streak inspires and excites Gemini and their ideas. Aquarius’ need to be different, and they need that difference to be noticed. Gemini admires Aquarius’ individuality and provides the attention that Aquarius seeks. Both signs are very good at communicating to each other so fights rarely occur. These two like to spend time talking and debating, expanding and building on each other’s ideas and theories. If they have the right mind set these two can be very productive in terms of making these ideas more than ideas. Where Aquarius inspires Gemini, Gemini amuses Aquarius with their witty, intelligent sense of humour. When these partners practice equality and free will in their relationship, it’s an incredibly mindful one.

Gemini and Pisces:

Probably the most compatible Air and Water pairings, these two share a lot of qualities for signs that aren’t of the same element, and although Water supposedly dampens Air, and Air stirs Water, some believe that in this match, it’s beneficial. However communication sometimes gets messy here despite Gemini’s talent. Pisces’ are known as the martyr of the Zodiac and will suffer in silence unless someone asks them what’s wrong. Gemini might not notice anything wrong as Pisces’ are also quite good at making it seem like nothing’s wrong, much like Scorpio, their emotions run deep. The more comfortable they get with each other, the more likely Gemini is to notice that Pisces sometimes like to wallow in negativity, not all the time, but sometimes it’s necessary for regeneration. Gemini may feel awkward with this seeing as they themselves aren’t in touch with their emotions. On top of this both signs tend to be quite drifty, and as loyal as Pisces is, they always like to flirt with different possibilities, if there’s no strong attraction these two could float apart easily.

However this pairing as I said is highly compatible and can bring abundance to both partners’ lives. Both Pisces and Gemini have seemingly endless creativity that comes from different places. Pisces’ creativity comes mostly from their intuition, a lot of their emotions inspire the things they do whereas Gemini’s creativity comes from thought, they can take something mundane, think about it for a while and bring out the beauty and wonder from it. Gemini’s communication skills do not go to waste in this relationship either. As emotionally intelligent as Pisces are, they sometimes have trouble getting the right words out to describe how they’re feeling, Gemini can help Pisces with this. Gemini’s ideas can sometimes get too big for some people to handle but Pisces, who can understand these ideas on a deeper level encourages Gemini to think as big as they can. Despite Gemini not really expressing their emotions, Pisces knows when there’s something wrong and somehow knows how to heal Gemini without them even noticing. With the right amount of compassion and attraction, these two are a very compatible couple.


The End of Omega Mode (Part 4)

And with that, Omega Mode comes to an end.

Making this comic has been a wonderful experience, getting to draw stories about the characters and games I love every week was a true joy. It was also nice knowing that there people out there who were actually willing to read what I made (who would have guessed?). But in all honesty, thank you all so much for your support. Whether you pop in every now and then, or have followed the comic since the very beginning, you have my sincerest gratitude.

When I started Omega Mode, I wasn’t sure what exactly it would become or where it would go. I’m still not really sure what it ultimately could have become, but I will say that I’m happy with how it turned out. I hope you are, too.

So why am I ending the comic? There are a few reasons. The most prominent reason being that I have other projects that I want to work on, and I simply can’t do that while I have Omega Mode, school, and an internship. I also did not want Omega Mode to go on too long, fearing that it would grow stale and that I would begin to resent it. I ultimately decided that about 2 and a half years would be a good total run for the comic.

Something I have grown to appreciate about the Smash Bros community is the creativity it brings out in its members. I would like to share with you one of my favorite Smash Bros fan creations, a song from the album Harmony of Heroes. I have used songs from this album in the Q&A podcasts before. I think this particular song makes for an appropriate send-off.

The projects that I will be working on are more personal ones, so there really isn’t anything I can leave you with. If you really want to follow what I do, there is my YouTube account. It’s not something I update frequently, but I may put something there regarding what I’m working on sometime.

The email omegamode(dot)comic@gmail(dot)com will still be active, so you can say “hi” if you want. Commissions will stay open for a while, but I don’t know how much longer.

Alright, I guess that’s about it. For closing thoughts, I guess I’d like to say to always follow your passion. It may require patience and resilience, but doing what you love is worth all that. Take it from me, I got to make a webcomic.

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Is it just me or did the writing for Len here seem like it used to be for him on the flash, especially after family of rogues, and not his legends characterisation at all? Which I'm pleased about.

Flash writers (and directors) write him one way, and Legends writers (and directors) keep him another.

The differences are pretty damn subtle, really, but became more noticeable in Legends as time went on. I wouldn’t say that this Len didn’t have pieces of his Legends characterization (like the willingness to help Barry without demanding anything in return, that was telling), but the way he spoke and moved was so reminiscent to how he was on the Flash, despite differences in motives and means by that point.

I loved how Len was using his ‘cold’ voice for the majority of the episode in a big way though, it was fantastic. His edginess was definitely there, and it was so glorious to see. 

REQUEST: “You’re with Credence and you’re just petting him, just wandering his body (not even sexually), and he cums because he’s not used to it and stuff?”

Warnings: Sexual themes

Word Count: 1,401

Credence really and truly does not mean for this to happen.

You, being Newt’s assistant, had been told to help Credence recover and find happiness in his new life, and really it was no trouble since you were enamored of him almost instantly—he just had a certain spark in his eyes that was intelligent and incredibly aware, despite the fear that bubbled most clearly at the surface. So you had made it your mission to bring out the curiosity and creativity and general person in Credence that you knew existed underneath and coinciding with the fear.

A lot of time and energy had gone into this—countless fruitless days and wondering if you were pushing too far but also seeing the want in Credence’s eyes, like he saw what you were trying to do but just didn’t know how to give it to you yet. Time had passed, though, and with it, some of Credence’s fear. He was comfortable having conversations now and had them with you late into the night, mostly listening but happily so and engaging in what you were saying, though sometimes he would share things he had experienced himself. Your latest project, however, was physical contact. And Credence, having grown comfortable with you over this period, had a much easier time.

It began with you giving him hugs every time you saw him, then slowly progressed to some hand holding in the house, then later cuddling. All of this was to familiarize him with touch, to show him that he deserved to be touched affectionately, and often, if he wanted. You were always sure to ask that it was okay, even though he always said Yes.

Which brought you to tonight. Just the two of you, sitting on the couch in front of the fireplace, close as could be and deep into a well-deserved cuddle session. Credence was nestled between your legs carefully, and you were so busy looking out the nearby window that you didn’t really notice that your touch was…distracting, so what you failed to notice in your preoccupation with the view was that Credence had long since abandoned the book he had been reading in favor of focusing on your hands on him.

Really, there was nothing sexual about it, nothing at all. You were just being gentle and paying attention to him, but for Credence… This was more than enough. Your hands had started on his arms, trailing delicate fingertips against his skin, hardly touching at all—if it weren’t for the electricity it caused to spark in him, it would have tickled. But it does spark. And you don’t stop there.

You became preoccupied with the sloping lines of him and followed his arms up to his shoulders, where you massaged your fingers gently, just feeling the muscle underneath and the way his body felt under the pressure of your hands. Credence felt his head tilting back in pleasure but stopped himself short, careful not to disturb you so that you would continue. Your hands trailed to his neck, beginning to leave the work to your fingertips again, just tickling and following the gentle slant of his neck that flowed into his (beautiful) jawline. Credence was fighting a strangled sound then, lodged somewhere in his throat, because the touch was so gentle and intimate, and he couldn’t get enough. And he was stiffening now too, embarrassingly, because of just how much he wanted—craved to be touched this way, gently and as if it were the most normal thing in the world to be touching him.

Eventually, though, you began to trail down, oblivious to him hardening inside his pants, and this was about when Credence couldn’t help it anymore. Your fingers had found his chest and spread out there, expanding to feel the solid expanse of his body under your palms. You rubbed gently down, just missing one of his nipples, which was probably a good thing because he may have mewled at that, he thought. When you reached his stomach, though, you returned to using only your fingers, tracing patterns against him there and then back up to trail a simple line down the middle, circling his bellybutton when you felt the dip of it under his shirt. Really, it wasn’t sexual—Credence knew that. It was just you coming to be familiar with his body, showing him that touch was okay and that bodies didn’t have to be bad and were meant to know one another, that he was allowed to be touched positively, that this was normal. But the thing was, for Credence, this was unfortunately still not normal and affected him very deeply. So deeply, in fact, that as your finger brushed just below his bellybutton, he let out a whimper that he just couldn’t fight back anymore.

This sound, and the pure need in it, definitely brought you back from your distracted stare out the window. Between your legs sat a shuddering Credence, with his eyes closed tightly, either in pleasure or fear of what he thought you’d do to him now that he’d released a lewd sound, you didn’t know, and with his legs twisting together against the shameful hardening your touches had brought. Your heart clenched at the sight, realizing that he had been so starved for affection all this time that this simple touching had been enough to get him really going. You did not sexualize your touch, but you didn’t stop either and instead leaned down to kiss the top of his head and whisper, “Credence, it’s okay.”

You trailed your fingers back up to his chest, spreading your fingers again, then trailed up his neck and jawline, feather-light and familiar, then his arms, reversing the trail you had so effortlessly made previously. Credence couldn’t help a strangled moan when your fingertips brushed across his Adam’s apple and again when your fingertips caressed his wrists. You kept repeating that it was okay, even though he was wrecked over something so simple, and suddenly the intimacy and the familiarity you had with him was too much and he was cumming right in his pants with a soft cry as he leaned his head back farther into you, neck stretched beautifully in front of your eyes and making you swallow thickly.

Credence was a panting mess afterward, eyes still screwed shut, and a satisfied (but embarrassed) flush had crept across his cheeks. You gently urged him to get up, and he scrambled to get away, terrified that you had realized how disgusting he was. Such words never came, and instead, you stood in front of him as he sat on the couch and leaned down to press a kiss to his cheek. You held one of your hands to his face, gently tracing his cheekbone with your thumb and smiling at the way he slightly leaned into it, and said, “Let’s get you cleaned up.”

You let him change pants and clean himself in peace so as not to pressure him and threw his clothes wordlessly into the wash before going back to him where he sat timidly on the couch. He looked up to you with those wide brown eyes of his, curiosity burning brightly in them. “I-I’m sorry, I j-just wasn’t used to it, and I s-should have told you w-when—Why didn’t you stop me?”

You frowned slightly in thought, sitting next to him on the couch gently. “Because it really was okay.” He looked to you, still with curiosity but a softness creeping its way in as well. You decided to make a confession too. “And because you looked so beautiful, Credence.”

He blushed deeply at that and ducked his head, reminding you of the flush of his face when he was sprawled out between your legs on the couch, the thought consequently making you blush. It was then that you noticed his hand had crept slowly from his lap to lie gently between your bodies, scarred palm facing up, eyes still cast down. You understood and took his hand wordlessly as you drew him against your body.

“Thank you, Y/N.” You felt the rumble of his voice in your chest and felt the words touch somewhere deep in your heart. You wanted to spend the rest of your life familiar with this beautiful boy pressed neatly to your side. Credence definitely wouldn’t fight you on that anymore either.


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Why is Pisces your favourite sign?

pisces will love you unconditionally regardless of your past mistakes. they can see the best in even the worst people and can bring out the best in them. pisces are creative geniuses and can become whatever they put their mind to. they’re the psychic’s of the zodiac as well as emotional healers. pisces are honestly such a beautiful sign inside and out. 

Taurus Compatibility

Most to least compatible for Taurus













Taurus and Aries:

Probably one of the most problematic pairings in the Zodiac, Aries and Taurus don’t have many differences but the ones they do have can be quite vital in the relationship. Aries in an incredibly independent sign, and likes to enjoy fun, light hearted relationships with the person they love whereas Taurus has a tendency to emotionally invest in a relationship with someone they really love.  Aries being a fiery, passionate sign can be very carefree with their relationships, often doing before thinking and this can really upset Taurus who tends to get quite jealous or possessive when they feel their relationship is threatened but this is only because they put so much thought and care into the relationship and they’ll be damned if something is going to mess it up. Taurus’ temper can match that of an Aries, sometimes even outdo it but as Aries’ let go of arguments as quickly as they arise, Taurus is one to hold onto that for a long time and can withdraw from their partner if trust and stability is broken. Aries love to win, and when they do they tend to rub their partners nose in it but when they lose, they pretend it never happened, this can anger Taurus since it’s not fair to them.

However with the right level of understanding, this pairing can create a comfortable yet exciting atmosphere. Taurus is the most passionate of the earth signs which appeals to Aries nature. Taurus is a very sensual sign, appreciating things like good food and massages regardless of how simple or it might be. They know just how to pamper Aries, which they enjoy as much an Aries does. They’re very good at handling Aries’ temper since they’re much slower to anger, it builds up over time, which is good for Aries because it means someone is keeping a firm grip and isn’t going to blow up back in their face right away. Aries can bring Taurus out of their comfort zone – for better or for worse- and should pay attention to Taurus’ limits if they want to avoid upsetting their partner greatly – Taurus’ need stability and nothing would break their heart more than their own partner to break it for them. This pairing needs a lot of work and a lot of communication, they need to learn to stay calm and patient but potentially this pairing could be very rewarding.

Taurus and Taurus:

As compatible as same sign pairings are, they all have their flaws, materialism and insensitivity are two big ones in this relationship. Taureans are very materialistic signs, the house and the car are a BIG part of commitment for them because it represents a comfortable, functional home, which is important to Taurus. Materialism can be good sometimes in that you end up with a nice home and a lot to show for it but the problem with it when in relationships is that, the flame can die out and at the end of the day, when asked “Why do you stay in the marriage if you’re not happy?” Taurus’ answer could be “Well there’s the house… and the car.” As for insensitivity, Taurus’ can be insensitive to one another which means emotional issues in the relationship could cause more disruption than they would in other pairings. What I’m trying to get across here is that Taurus’ determined, materialistic nature could lead to them seeing the relationship as more of a goal, something to be completed and by the time they realise that that’s not what relationships are about, their feelings for each other could’ve changed completely.

However this pairing is incredibly compatible despite the setbacks mentioned above! This is possibly the most secure pairing in the Zodiac. Both partners are very loyal and emotionally invested in the relationship. They have a mutual understanding on the importance of the relationship to each other meaning they’re more likely to make it work. Both signs have incredible patience which means fights are quite rare, they won’t fight about trivial things making the relationship a very peaceful one. Both partners are sensual and romantic, constantly pampering each other and making small romantic gestures. The reason this relationship is one of the safest is because both partners will tend to be quite dependent on each other and the chances of one of them getting cold feet and backing out is slim because they fall in love very carefully, making sure they’re certain of their love/attraction for this person. This pairing is one of the easiest if the two can manage to keep the creativity flowing and the flame glowing, this can be a lifelong love.

Taurus and Gemini:

Taurus and Gemini are generally not a very compatible pairing, mainly because Earth and Air signs don’t mix very well, but there are also characteristics exclusive to these signs as to why they’re not compatible. Taurus is quite a jealous lover, preferring to have their partner to themselves and getting quite upset if they feel their partner is straying whereas Gemini hates to be tied down by someone, they’re known as the sign who have trouble with staying faithful and this is a huge no-no for Taurus. Taurus’ safe and secure nature isn’t exciting or challenging enough for Gemini who is always full of new ideas and goals. Gemini always needs new things to keep them busy and Taurus might now be able to keep up, preferring the comfort of home and security. Gemini, being an impulsive liar can end up hurting and manipulating Taurus without noticing it, causing Taurus to build their wall and dig up their hatchet.

However, like with every pairing, this one has a lot of potential. Taurus has a love of the arts which can spark a real intellectual stimulation in Gemini which is what they really need, it might even bring out their creative side and encourage them to produce new ideas. You need quite a lot of patience to be able to put up with a Gemini, not particularly in a bad way, it’s just they’re constantly jumping from one thing to another. Luckily, Taurus has more than enough patience to tolerate this as long as Gemini is willing to meet some of their needs too. Both signs are insensitive to an extent so there’s mutual understanding when it comes to comforting and emotions etc. which can benefit especially Gemini. Taurus’ seem to lack imagination and creativity but when in partnership with Gemini, Taurus can be exposed to new ideas and may find interests they never knew they had. Both signs are quite humorous so a good friendship can make a good foundation. If Gemini can be careful with Taurus’ emotions and if Taurus allows Gemini to have their space, this pairing can work.

Taurus and Cancer:

This pairing is generally quite compatible but it’s not without its faults. Both signs are very possessive in their relationships. They don’t really mean to be, it’s just a defence mechanism more than anything, since both of these signs tend to root their emotional security in their relationships. Taurus’ possessive nature stems from their need for emotional stability and Cancers’ stems from deep seated insecurity. Because of this, there’s the possibility that the relationship could turn toxic, so they need to be cautious of that and make sure they don’t get too carried away and swept up in the relationship. Taurus’ can come off as insensitive which to sensitive Cancer can seem upsetting and hurtful, as if Taurus doesn’t care. Cancers are naturally very manipulative signs, they manipulate to keep themselves safe, sometimes without noticing. Taurus, who values loyalty and trust above all can feel cheated and betrayed if Cancer’s manipulative qualities shine through. This can cause Taurus to either lash out or shut down, either way holding resentment for Cancer, in turn hurting them.

However this pairing has been known to be quite successful due to the loyalty and nurture involved in the relationship. Both signs require and provide undying loyalty to each other which promises a strong, long lasting relationship. Both signs like to take care of each other in different ways, Taurus makes Cancer feel pampered and treated, while Cancer turns a house into a home which Taurus greatly appreciates. This pairing is the classic “settled couple” stereotype in that their relationship has solid foundations and can last a lifetime. Both signs are very involved and tuned in with one another since relationships are a big part of their lives. If Taurus can try to provide more empathy and sympathy, Cancer might be less inclined to let their manipulative side get the better of them.

Taurus and Leo:

Fire and Earth signs tend to be a tricky match and Taurus and Leo are no exception. Leo’s have a naturally flirty energy about them which Taurus can sometimes misunderstand as “flirting with other people”. This can annoy Leo since they don’t like other people to have a grip on them. Although Taurus’ enjoy equal partnership, they desire to be the breadwinner and “master of finance”, Leos however want absolute dominance because they prefer to be the centre of the relationship. This can lead to disagreements and although Taureans are patient signs, they’re also quite headstrong and when Leo challenges that with their own stubbornness, calmness will go out the window. Leo’s pride could end up getting wounded by Taurus’ possessiveness, as they need constant adoration of some form and if Taurus isn’t providing it, they’ll look for it somewhere else. In bad situations, this relationship could just deteriorate to a title.

As with any pairing, this one does have its upsides. Both signs are incredibly loyal to each other and nothing could prevent them from being faithful. Leos have a bright and exciting outlook on life, when Taurus is introduced to this perception, their love can become less heavy and dense. This way, the relationship is still loyal and trustworthy but not as heavy and daunting as earth sign’s love generally is. Taurus being an incredibly sensual sign, is excited by Leo’s passion for romance and sex. Leos are a sucker for those who can shamelessly proclaim their love for them and Taurus has absolutely no trouble doing so. Taurus loves to pamper and treat their lovers and Leo loves to receive that treatment. Another thing that ensures a long lasting between these two is that neither of them like change, if they have made a commitment with each other, it will take a lot for them to break it and create any inharmonious change.

Taurus and Virgo:

As compatible as earth signs are together they have their faults. Both signs are incredibly determined to make the relationship stable and long-lasting that without really noticing, the spark could go out and the relationship could go stale. Virgo, being the main perfectionist and neat freak of the zodiac, might unintentionally start nit-picking at Taurus which could irritate Taurus and maybe even hurt them a bit. If Taurus’ hidden rage and resentment becomes apparent to cool, passive aggressive Virgo, it can be incredibly repelling. As passive as Virgos are, they have a very sharp tongue and know just which words can make someone tick. If they use this against Taurus and cross any form of line, Taurus’ will hold onto it and never let it go, psychologically punishing Virgo in whatever way they see fit. Neither signs have much of a capacity for emotions which can make the emotional issues more difficult to deal with than usual.

However if the signs keep the relationship exciting this match can most definitely be successful. Both signs thrive in stable relationships and will combine Virgo’s rational-type-determination with Taurus’ romance oriented determination to create a secure, sensual relationship. Virgos generally have a very strong libido which can simultaneously be satisfied by and excite Taurus’ sensuality. Taurus has endless determination and patience which Virgo values and appreciates above most. Both signs are very humorous which means a good friendship between them can make a strong foundation for them to build on. Neither of these signs likes to be put too far out of their comfort sign which means both partners are quite content to keeps things the way they are. If these two can keep the relationship fun and stimulating, this pairing could be one for life.

Taurus and Libra:

Even though Taurus and Libra are the most compatible signs for each other, they do have their downsides. Libra being a very gentle and conflict-avoiding lover can be scared or thrown off my Taurus’ (hardly provoked yet terrifying) rage. Libra’s live and breathe love (whether it’s romantic or platonic) and have a flirtatious air about them. Taurus may confuse this for Libra being flirty with others and may take it very personally and hold resentment. Because of Libra’s hate for conflict and confrontation, they’ll often take the blame in relationships and apologise first to restore the relationship to its initial state of harmony. Taurus may use this to their disposal which can be quite unfair and upsetting to Libra. However Librans can be quite critical in their partnerships, in pursuit of the perfect partner. This may make Taurus feel self-conscious or insecure, making them retreat into themselves.

However, like I said, these signs are the most compatible signs for each other. Both signs LOVE partnership and value it equally but for different reasons which gives diversity to the relationship. Taurus is a very sensual partner, adding the spice to Libra’s love of romance to create a very dream-like relationship which can be a very relaxing aspect of their lives, the part where they can unwind and let loose. Both signs have a love for the arts, Taurus loves the arts that appeal to the senses (music, visual art, photography) and Libra loves the intellectual based arts (writing of all types, theatre). If Taurus isn’t too forceful with their stability, they can provide good grounding for Libra’s who sometimes tend to float from reality. If Taurus can learn to accept Libra’s flirty nature and not take it so seriously and Libra can ease up on the criticism, this match is very well suited for a long-term relationship.

Taurus and Scorpio:

These two signs are opposites, sister signs. As with any pairing that consists of opposites, it can either go really well or horribly wrong, depending on the amount of effort both signs are willing to put into it. Both of these signs are the most resentful, grudge-holding of the Zodiac which means that when they have a serious falling out, it will take them ages, if ever to restore harmony to the relationship. Both signs have a vicious temper when provoked which makes them a very dangerous couple if they’re aggressively inclined. Both signs are insensitive to each other’s emotions and since both feel things very deeply, this can lead to them getting very hurt. Taurus’ likes to have financial dominance in the relationship but Scorpio demands full control. Scorpios don’t enjoy being reliant and being relied on, and Taurus’ tend to be quite dependent in relationships.

However sister signs can be very compatible if they can understand their differences. Both signs expect nothing less than absolute loyalty from their partner and give it back in return, making a very stable foundation to build on. Scorpios need a lot of time for self-reflection and self-discovery in their lives and thus need a partner who will be patient and willing to let them grow. Patient Taureans are perfect for this. Taurus’ are very insensitive signs and might also have a problem communicating their emotions to their partner. Scorpios, being water signs, are very intuitive, and can tell when Taurus’ is having a hard time or is upset and can respond accordingly to avoid a big confrontation about it but at the same time comforting them. Scorpio can benefit from Taurus’ stability greatly since they need someone to keep them steady while they find themselves. Both signs are very emotionally resilient which promises a long lasting relationship. If these signs are willing to compromise, understand and accept each other’s differences, this can make a very promising relationship.

Taurus and Sagittarius:

Taurus and Sagittarius can be a very tricky match, as fire and earth signs generally are, but Sagittarius’ adventurous nature could compromise it even more. Sagittarius’ hate possessiveness, being the free-spirited learner of the Zodiac, Sagittarius needs freedom in a relationship if they’re going to make it work which means Taurus’ jealous nature could repel them. Taurus’ like to settle, to have a home type relationship but Sagittarius’ find it ridiculously hard to settle. Taurus’ craves structure and stability which Sagittarius doesn’t have, on the contrary, they can be quite irresponsible and tactless. Whereas Sagittarius’ are quite optimistic, Taureans are very rational and although Sagittarius can benefit from that, it could also bore them. Sagittarius’ have no time for grudges and resentment, and thus, if Taurus is going to try hold it over them, they will just back out.

This pairing can learn a lot from each other though if they are willing to compromise with one another. Taurus’ love for the arts and their sensual nature can appeal to Sagittarius a lot seeing as they love learning and experiencing things. Over time, as they get used to it, Sagittarians can find comfort in having stability and even find a way to make it exciting for both of them. Taurus can show the beauty of the home, romantic contentment and simplicity and Sagittarius can show Taurus the wonders of the outside world and things beyond their knowledge. This may scare Taurus but Sagittarius will be there to hold their hand. Basically, this relationship is one in which both partner s learn an awful lot about life, the world and themselves. If Taurus allows Sagittarius to satisfy their restlessness and Sagittarius makes an effort to commit to the relationship, this relationship will be a happy one.

Taurus and Capricorn:

Like other earth pairings, this one can be really good but also has its drawbacks. Capricorn is a very ambitious, work oriented sign and Taurus being a very home oriented yet ambitious sign, may feel challenged and neglected at the same time. They like to be financially dominant in the relationship and if their partner is outdoing them they may feel belittled. Capricorns are also very independent signs and need their own space, whereas Taurus’ who invest everything into their relationships can be quite dependent on their partner, sometimes overstepping boundaries. This can result in Capricorn feeling smothered and trying to back out. Capricorns can be quite pessimist which does effect the ending result of the relationship; whether or not it’ll work. Where Capricorn likes to be in control, Taurus can be possessive which can result in a power play between the two. If the two signs get caught up in just making the relationship last for the sake of the title, the relationship can grow stale.

However there is a lot to be said for this pairing, as earth signs are generally very successful in long-term relationships. Both enjoying stability and structure, the foundation of this relationship is very strong and sturdy. Taurus’ being the sign of comfort and sensuality loves to pamper and treat Capricorn who works hard and is quite self-sacrificial in their work (they tend to be stressed a lot). Capricorn notices Taurus’ practical potential and encourages them to be more disciplined and ambitious. A long-lasting relationship between these two will result in a very luxurious, materialistic home, since Taurus enjoys retail therapy and Capricorn can help make sure Taurus is being smart with their money. Capricorns buy things of high quality and longevity. If these signs can establish good boundaries, keep things interesting and meet each other half way, they can really work.

Taurus and Aquarius:

Earth and Air combinations are always quite an unusual pairing, Taurus and Aquarius are no exception to that. Aquarius loves freedom and individuality above all else. They do not care if their partner is jealous and they also won’t care if their partner is trying to make them jealous, seeing as they don’t have a jealous bone in their body. They really won’t appreciate Taurus’ jealous/possessive streak. The defence mechanism of an Aquarius is generally to pull away the more their partner pushes and since Taurus (out of desperation most likely because of their emotional investment) will push to try to make things right, Aquarius will keep pulling away. Both signs here are very opinionated and may clash on certain subjects (some may be quite important to either of them). Taurus craves intimacy and sensuality whereas Aquarius is more interested in a meeting of the minds and isn’t quite bothered with romance.

However these two can also be the pairing to move mountains. Aquarius is a very unconventional thinker and likes to come up with philosophies and ideas. Taurus comes across very strong and has the means to make these ideas and philosophies really sit with people. Working together, these two are a very influential couple. Although they don’t admit it, Aquarius’ needs routine, they may not like it, but they need it, Taurus naturally provides this for Aquarius without any confrontation that Aquarius may find embarrassing. Both signs value and desire and equal relationship, team work. Taurus provides unlimited patience while Aquarius deals with their own mind which can often kick up a storm when on the verge of a new idea. Aquarius can show Taurus all the benefits of intellectual stimulation, and show them new ideas that will really make them think and question. If Taurus can learn how to control their possessiveness and Aquarius can extend some intimacy, this pairing makes the perfect team.

Taurus and Pisces:

Earth and water signs tend to go quite well with one another, mainly because water is fluid and can change to suit the situation. However Pisces is a sensitive soul and can be scared of Taurus’ rage if they ever crossed them enough. Pisces don’t like conflict and will normally hold more of a passive aggressive stance in relationships. When Taurus isn’t getting the reaction they want, they’ll only go further, forcing Pisces to possibly shut down the emotional part of their psyche as a defence. Pisces can also be manipulative at the best of times when they want something. If Taurus catches on to this they can be greatly upset and hold onto it throughout the relationship. Taurus might be too overbearing in the relationship and Pisces as a very mutable sign likes to be able to flirt with other possibilities. Both signs can be quite delusional when it comes to their relationships, refusing to see something if they’re not happy with it. This can turn the relationship dangerous if they’re not careful.

However this pairing is also a very understanding one. Both tend to invest their emotions in their relationships so they both treat it with care and there isn’t a case of one person being more involved than the other, which is normally a problem for Taurus. Both of them hold the same values in the relationship; harmony and stability, which means there’s rarely any misunderstanding in the relationship or any kind of “what are we?” type questioning. Pisces being a very spiritual and transcendent sign can make the relationship a very awakening experience, mixed with Taurus’ sensuality, the energy between the two is very intense. Pisces’ intuition allows them to sense when something is wrong with Taurus and will do whatever they can to make them feel better. Pisces and Taurus relationships are usually very empathic in an unspoken way. Taurus doesn’t like to take risks which makes Pisces feel secure and safe while they dream away. With enough discipline on Pisces part, and self –control on Taurus’, this partnership is incredibly successful.

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Things I Love About Pride and Prejudice Fics

On a more positive note:

  • The predictability of it is weirdly soothing. You always know that when Elizabeth goes out for a walk, she’s going to run in to Mr Darcy. You know they’re going to have an epic fight at some point, but it will all work out well in the end.
  • This actually brings out a lot of creativity in the authors sometimes. The way the Lady Catherine confrontation is worked into so many AUs is astounding.  
  • Because of the work it’s based on, there is considerably less smut to wade through, in the hopes of getting a good story.
  • There’s so much sisterly love! There’s almost always happy sister times (and sisterly hurt/comfort, which is very good too) with Jane and Elizabeth, and often with Elizabeth and Georgianna.
  • With a two hundred year old fandom, if you don’t like the story you’re reading, you can easily find another. There’s no shortage.
  • The dramatic irony tends to be fantastic, due to the whole wilful misunderstanding going on between the two of them.
  • The fact that it’s two hundred years old and the fandom is still going strong means that it’s not stopping anytime soon. Things aren’t just going to peter out because there hasn’t been an update in a long time, or because the show is over, or simply because it’s old.
7th House Marriage Preferences

*The 7th house means many things, but one of the biggest and most common meanings of the 7th house is your partner or your spouse. Here are preferences for you based off of your 7th house in your natal chart.*

Aries in 7th House:  You tend to favor a spouse who is in-control, a leader, self-assured, and decisive. You want to be sought out and desired by your partner. A conscious effort should be made to not be so impulsive in love. May even be married young or earlier in life

Taurus in 7th House: You attract and prefer a partner who has a special and sensual appearance that is unique to you. In addition you want someone healthy, who is practical, well off financially or a promise of wealth, because you prefer a strong provider in a spouse. Sexual satisfaction is important for not only you, but for your lover too.

Gemini in 7th House:  Being/looking youthful or having a youthful outlook/demeanor is important to you because you want someone who is communicative and can keep you on your toes. Intelligence is a major factor, and your spouse will mostly be very intelligent. You will share good mental rapport , 

Cancer in 7th House: You can be especially interested in having a significant other who is fatherly or motherly, even if you don’t want children. Security and protection is an important factor in a spouse, and you may look for someone who you believe has these factors. Sensitivity is also important. You need a partner who understands this, and is sensitive to you, and themselves.

Leo in the 7th House: You have a yearning for a relationship with someone who is flashy (posses a certain showmanship or is just ostentatious), a person who brings out your own creativity, and seems very royal/noble. People who are unusually creative or dramatic catch your eye, or people who can release the inner child. Spouses with a positive attitude make you the happiest. You may marry an actor, a musician a sportsman or a person in the spotlight.

Virgo in the 7th house:  A spouse who is practical and down-to-earth is crucial to you. You prefer a significant other who is not shy of hard work, with common sense and intelligence. A person with a good college degree or someone with a good education peeks your interest right away. Someone who is cleanly and keeps a clean environment is also very attractive. The partner doesn’t have to be a dime, but needs to please you in bed, and understand your complicated nature with a certain amount of nurturing.

Libra in the 7th house: It is imperative that your spouse is above average looking, possessing good manners and neatness, with an ability to get along well with others. People who have special artistic or musical talent are favored. There will never be a boring moment in your romantic unions. Be cautious of falling for a charming person, they can be the biggest deceivers.

Scorpio in the 7th house: The inclination to marry a person who is sexually appealing to you is strong. Also, unions that aren’t rushed are critical. You’ll favor someone who is willing to take ample time to build a meaningful relationship, and really dig into the deeper dynamics of life. There is also an appreciation of a partner if they are well off financially and/or in line for a sizable inheritance in the foreseeable future.

Sagittarius in the 7th house:  Lovers who are from other states/countries, or whose upbringing and life experiences are markedly in contrast with your own are preferred. You look for someone unique and can show you something new, so traveling with your spouse excites you. A partner who changes your philosophies and opens your mond to possibilities is very attractive to you. Clingy partners or being smothered are turn offs. A good sense of humor is also adored.

Capricorn in the 7th house: It may take you a while to find your ideal spouse.You need a powerful union with someone which will stand the test of time. Emotional outbursts in public are deal-breakers and you will look for someone put together in public. A practical, levelheaded and down-to-earth person who will work hard attracts your eye. Having great sex,and being reliable are more important to you than good-looks, age or even romance. Your partner may represent a parental image, and represent morals you respect.

Aquarius in the 7th house: You attract unusual partners,but your significant other needs to stimulate you mentally above anything else. Before you settle down with anyone you make sure they are your friend first. You are often guilty of marrying someone you deem your best friend.You tend to fall for the humanitarians or the activists. Having a mental rapport between you and your spouse will always be imperative.

Pisces in the 7th house:  You seem to prefer sensitive significant others who are affectionate, and posses a pure heart. People who are more romantic appeal to you because you prefer to be totally adored by your partner. You tend to have a special interest in those who are physically attractive, especially if they have remarkable or dazzling eyes. You are most attracted to partners who will be self-sacrificing for you, and acknowledge your own sacrifices for them.

Descendant/7th house

Aries in the 7th - attracts/is attracted to partners that bring out the life in them. assertive partners, competitive partners. may have pushy and aggressive partners. relationships can consist of arguments and confrontations. a partner that is strong-willed, childlike, spontaneous, self-sufficient, protective, and highly sexual. an independent partner.

Taurus in the 7th - attracts/is attracted to partners that are stable, reliable, loyal and secure. a partner that will stick with you through everything. someone more down to earth, practical and perhaps good with money. someone that cares more about material things so it can compliment you well. a sensual, realistic, grounded partner that can bring more sensuality to the relationship. someone possessive.

Gemini in the 7th - attracts/is attracted to partners that stimulate your mind. someone that likes fresh starts, and can give you a strong mental connection. you fall in love with your mind. someone not very possessive and will not restrict your freedom or limit you at all. someone that can show you new things and can hold a solid conversation with you. a partner with similar interests, and can show you new interests as well. someone that brings variety into the relationship.

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Announcing #SupercorpWeek2k17

Oh, it’s happening my friends. And it will be glorious! 

For those of you who were lucky enough to create for, read the fics of, and ogle at the amazing gifs/artwork that were put out for #SanversWeek, you know how awesome bringing together everyone creatively in a fandom can be. (Shout out to @queercapwriting for organizing that event and thus inspiring this one as well!)

So, let’s do it!

We’ve got to set up a couple of important things to do first:

One: When do we want #SupercorpWeek2k17 to be? Season 3 of Supergirl starts October 9th. So here are our suggestions:

(A) 2 weeks before the Season 3 premier (Sept 17th -23rd);

(B) 4 weeks before the Season 3 premier; (Sept 3rd - 9th)

(C ) 6 weeks before the Season 3 premier; (Aug 20th - 26th)

Reply to this thread with your choice!

Voting for dates will end on Saturday, July 22nd at 11:59pm. Make sure to reblog this as much as possible so we can get a lot of input. (Not planning on creating anything for the week? We still want to hear from you! Think about when you’ll have time to build that blanket fort for all your #SupercorpWeek2k17 obsessing!)

{We’ll do themes/prompts after we set a date!}

Also! Since this is my main blog and it’s a bit all over the place as far as fandoms/interests go, I’ve made a side blog for #SupercorpWeek2k17. Guess what it’s called? 

Supercorp-week2k17 (link)

I know. I know. Y’all are just so impressed with the level of creativity that’s driving this thing right now, aren’t you? Make sure to follow there as that’s where the majority of information will be flowing from. (And feel free to vote there as well for dates, themes, etc as they are posted.)

***Hey you artists/gif makers! Does anyone want to create the header or icon for the supercorp-week2k17 page? HMU! ***

Remember! Reply, reblog, get excited!

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