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Oh, Micky…

(Video via the Dolenz & Daughters Instagram.)

Mike was a sophisticated person and learned a new word every day,’ said Davy. ‘So we’d look it up in the dictionary and start using it on him just to piss him off.
—  Favorite quote from the last Daily Mail interview with Davy Jones, which is highlighted in this article that was published when Davy passed away. (It’s an interesting read–minus a couple of inaccuracies–so be sure to check it out!)
Michael Nesmith on SiriusXM
John Fugelsang and Frank Conniff
Michael Nesmith on SiriusXM

Here is audio of an interview that Nez gave on SiriusXM Radio on May 18th, covering a variety of topics from the Good Times! album, Monkees concerts back in the ‘60s, his new book, and more. Click above to listen! (With thanks to Todd Nemphos for recording the audio.)

Personal favorite quote:

Interviewer: “Did the other guys take offense, that you wanted to do this [”I Know What I Know”] in the studio on your own?”

Nez: “Oh, no, no. It was all very good-natured. They said, ‘Why don’t you want me in there?’ I said, ‘Because, Peter, you bother me.’” 

Imagine that you are in the room at the Beverly Hills Hotel when Don Kirshner hands the Monkees their gold records and royalty checks and you can hear every word of the heated conversation that follows and see the anger flashing in their eyes and hear the impassioned frustration in their voices and feel the tension thick in the air and then suddenly everything goes completely black

because you are a tiny piece of plasterboard in the wall

and you’ve now been fisted by Michael Nesmith.