About Key’s family

Things most part of the fandom doesn’t know and that need to be brought back. All these info come from Kiss The Radio, when Kibum was special MC with Dana back in 2013. You can google the rest of the transcriptions if you are interested, but in this post I wanted to highlight the things he said about his family. 

130424 - Key said that his mother has double eyelids, but his father doesn’t. His mother is slim, while his father is chubby and because of that his nick name is Winnie The Pooh. He said he must have taken after his father because he doesn’t have double eyelids either and he gains weight easily. 

130424 - Key said that his family likes the ‘Happy Birthday’ song. They use it to congratulate people during whatever occasion. For graduation they would sing ‘Happy graduation’, for promotion ‘Happy promotion’ and for his debut, they sang ‘Happy debut’. 

130424 - Key said that before dying, his grandfather kept waiting for him to come back home. Even if his family kept telling him (his grandpa) to go in peace, he kept waiting for Kibum. Right after getting to see Kibum, his grandfather closed his eyes and died. Kibum’s voice was trembling and his eyes were teary when he told this story. 

130428 - “Most children choose the path their parents have chosen for them and end up losing their real life dream because of that. There are often moments when our parents can’t understand us, exactly like when I said to my dad that I wanted to become a singer and he told me: ‘a person as quiet as you could never be be a singer’. But in reality I wasn’t the quiet kid he thought I was.”

130429 - “My mother used to say that obedient children live longer. She would always make me chew slowly, go to bed early etc. by saying that.”

130429 - Key said that his grandfather (the other one, I suppose) is a really traditionalist person. Because Key is an only child, his grandfather often repeats him “a man shouldn’t get involved in housework!”, but Key thinks otherwise. The noonas present in the studios went: “but my husband gets tired driving all day!”. Kibum retorted by saying: “How tiring can driving be??? You should help your wife, period.”

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