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Do you think there's any hope for Primeval returning in the future? Is there anything we can do to improve the chances of that happening? Petitions or whatnot?

Sorry it’s taken so long to get to this, Anon - my messages seem to be disappearing and appearing a lot depending on if I use the app or the website.

I think there is a small hope for Primeval returning - as long as the powers that be want to bring it back, there is always hope. Adrian Hodges and Tim Haines have both stated that they’d like it to come back in some format as there are still more stories to be told - that’s the reason they haven’t yet disclosed their vision for how all of the outstanding mysteries - Claudia Brown, the two Matts etc - would have been resolved.

Petitions might get some attention, but I know from other fan campaigns that showing there’s interest isn’t always enough. What we need is for someone - a network or channel - with money in their budget to decide to give the show another chance. 

My hope is that someone, somewhere will have the sense to see that shows and films with dinosaurs are still and always will be a big draw for people - Jurassic World should prove that when it opens this year. Warner Bros have optioned the rights to a Primeval film so who knows? If Jurassic World is successful, and Primeval fans make their wants and wishes known around the same time, maybe we’ll finally get the resolution we want. 

My advice would be to never stop hoping, never give up, and keep your love for the show alive and known on whatever social media platform you choose to use. Support the powers that be, support the cast, and keep your fingers crossed.
The Aftermath || a Primeval story
"Your secret is out. No matter how many cover up stories you come up with, no matter how many news reports you wipe from existence, we
will remember. You can't hide forever. One day you'll come out of
the shadows...
¬ We'll be the ones dragging you out."
Day 4 of Primeval 30 day Challenge

Day 4 - Best Lester Line

For Me James Lester has some of the best line in the show, 
I could list all the ones i love but I can only pick one
So it's 

“Well this could be tricky to explain to the next of kin. Good news he’s not technically dead, bad news he’s turned into a mushroom”
- James 
Season 3 Episode 5

that make me laugh every time I hear it,

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Day 1 - 3 Primeval 30 Day challenge

Since I am doing an other Primeval thing that started on the 1st of sep i though ti would do them at the same time so here is day 1 to 3 of the 30 day challenge

Day 1 - Favorite Female  Charecter -  I would have to pick Abby, She cool  and she is played by a memder of one of my most loved bands 

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Day 2 - Favorite Male Charecter - Ehehe this one is hard I love them all but if i had to go with just one it would be BECKER no shock there ehehe
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Day 3 - Favorite Creature -  Mmm now this is really hard, I love rex but I really like the Therocephalian, 
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