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i do! but i decided not to bring it bc I didn’t want the film to get messed up by the xray machine at the airport :/

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I'm really prone to passing out but really want to go to warped! Would you mind answering a few questions?? Okay so can you take in water? If not how much is water inside? Also are there lots of places to sit down and chill? Or is it just 100% standing and moshing because I'm gonna need brakes XD

Yes, you can take in water and lots of it. Bringing water in is encouraged because otherwise everyone would get heat stroke and it’d be a mess. A lot of people literally bring a gallon of water and share it with their friends the whole day. Either way, for any person, and especially for you, water is essential.

You can also buy water at the venue. Usually the prices are relatively reasonable, at least for a bottle at a concert place. Kevin has actually paid venues to lower the prices for water in the past.

Also there are different stations where you can refill your bottles for free. However keep in mind the line is pretty long.

As for seating, it depends on your venue. Places with amphitheatres have a whole stadium of seats and usually in the shade. Other places you may have to just sit down on asphalt or the grass.

And finally, behind the main stages there’s a first aid area. They have tons of water, fans, and other things to help. If you’re not feeling well tell someone and ask for help to the first aid tent. It’s better to go there than get hurt and cut your day short. :)

Is anyone else worrying about the fact that Carmilla, by vampire standards, doesn’t seem to be very powerful? Like, her powers all impressive to mere mortals, but the only vampire she seemed confident taking on was Will (who was much younger than her) and both Mother and Mattie just kind of laugh at the thought of her trying to fight them (this is also given more credence due to Carmilla’s own fears about facing Mother even *with* the sword and her bland acceptance that Mattie could easily turn her into a fine red mist). She’s also been constantly trying to get Laura and others to realize that she is not as powerful as she seems, to which Laura has just kind of been like, “Sure, suuuuuure, you took on lophi and lived-ish!” 

Like, I’m worried about the conflict the revelations about Carmilla’s past will bring up between her and Laura (that’s it’s own very interesting mess, especially since we’re getting account of it from Mattie, who has her own very skewed perspective of things), and all that jazz. But the more pressing thing is Mattie’s view of both the fish god of doom and Carmilla’s power. 

This could be a Glory-esque situation for our intrepid protagonists, more so than even the Dean was. I get the feeling that Laura et al are about to crash into the harsh realization that they’ve severely underestimated the power level of what they’re up against, and overestimated Carmilla’s capabilities, and they are well and thoroughly screwed. The stakes have risen ten fold, and they barely eked out just plain living through the last clash. And there just might not be any tricks left that can do anything except stall the inevitable. 

I worry about how Laura is going to handle *that.* I worry about how the insecurities that we can already see taking root in this ep around her relationship with Carmilla are going to play into facing the reality that fighting against what’s coming will not only cost her own life, but the lives of those she cares about (or undeath, as the case may be). It’s something she faced before last season, but now she’s gone through losing Carmilla. She’s been bolstering herself up by constantly reminding herself that Carmilla is still here, and Carmilla is powerful, and Carmilla said there was no way they could win before but they did; but now she might have to face that it was a fluke. And Carmilla, in the circles Carmilla is used to running in, is actually quite vulnerable and fragile. 

Guys, it’s gonna be epic. 

The FF14 3.0 Story in a nutshell
  • Estinien:NO YOU
  • Estinien:A HERETIC
  • Warrior of Light:*nod-nod*

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I always start stories off with world building, character development, and plot before even thinking about theme, meaning, and symbolism. How do you create an underlying theme that connects everything together using a story that's already developed? It feels like sailing a raft without tying it all together first, and by then it's out of control.

This is actually a really great, but really hard and subjective question. What the story of a theme is, or how it forms, is something that I, personally, didn’t really think about until It was asked. 


Starting simple; we should discover what we even mean when we talk about creating or finding a theme. The theme of a story is not the plot, and it is not the moral. For example; 

  • The plot of a story is that Josie’s friend died, and she wants to bring her back to life.
  • The morals of the story are that messing with the balance of nature has horrible consequences and that grief is an emotion we all must come to terms with. 
  • The themes of the story are loss, fighting nature & the finality of death. 


There are two ways to look at this;

  • How can a story have a theme, without the story existing?
  • How can you write a story without knowing your theme?

I tend to be of the first school of thought; because I believe the story is of the utmost importance and comes before all other criteria; such as marketability, political correctness, etc. It’s not a popular opinion; but it’s mine. I believe in freedom of expression and freedom of art. I also believe that what an author wanted to say is not as important as what they did say. 

So, I try to find the theme of my story within my writing. For example; the last project I’m working on is set in the Post-Apocalyptic future of a World that isn’t our own. I didn’t know if when I got the inspiration, but, it was an idea-based inspiration. After I did research, created a setting, worked out some outlining and character; I realized my theme was staring me in the face. 

It’s about ideas; crafting and being allowed to express them. It’s about respecting history. It’s about the internet; and whether what is started there can be truly tangible. (Spoilers: you know the answer.) 

Yet, there are people who begin with the theme of the story. 

It all comes down to what your inspiration is. Some people, imagine while riding on a bus or sitting at school/work, a girl who can summon the world of dreams into reality in the palm of her hand. Then, they go and write a story about that and the theme comes later. 

Some people, get inspiration from emotion instead of a sudden idea. So, they might be going through a rough time. Let’s say they’ve been made homeless, and they decide they want to write a story about being homeless to bring awareness to those people; and give them something to relate too. People who have ever been in that situation would read it, and relate to it. However, they still need an interesting story; so then they work on that. 


Do stories need a theme? Ehh. Even if you don’t intentionally put one in there, they will end up having one. So what we’re really talking about when finding the theme of your story is simply knowing what you want the theme to be; knowing what you’re trying to say.

This is where feelings start to get hurt. Some people believe that simply having a character who does awful things in your story constitutes the author saying that these things are all right to do. But it’s so much more than that. It’s how the characters around them, and the narrative, and the words, handle that character. It’s why so many people think that books like Twilight are saying it’s okay for your love interest to stalk you. 

If you all ready have something written; Read it. 

Don’t worry. You might not know your theme when writing your first draft. There’s no reason to force it. When you read through your work, try to see what it is saying to you. 

You can also try reading other books and short stories. See if you can jot down what the plot is, the moral is and the theme is. See if you can identify the theme. Sometimes, it has little to do with the plot; but it is made obvious in events and even how the character’s talk to one another. 

Ask yourself the following;

  • Do I need to tell a story about this?
  • Am I happy with what I am saying?

I didn’t create my theme. It was there. My character’s felt it and argued over it. But I was happy with it, and that’s the main thing. I feel it reflects my beliefs, and is something I’d be proud to put out there into the world of thought.

If you’re not happy with your theme, if you think it is saying something you do not agree with; then rethink it. You don’t have to change anything about your plot or characters if you don’t want too. Just approach them from different angles. Approach the life lessons they learn, their relationships and their beliefs.

Remember: We’re not working with a moral here. Your theme, for example, might be possession. That doesn’t mean you have to compose a propaganda piece either in favor of or against being possessive or possessing goods, etc. You just have to be aware what your scenes relate to. 

But thank you to Kishimoto for sticking to your core theme and blatantly pointing out what shippers and fan theorists seem to not comprehend–that family and motherhood are more than blood and genetics.

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I don't know when Tumblr warned us not to stray into the occult, but they aren't wrong. Sorcery and the like are sins, and even if you don't believe in that, you must understand the serious consequences that summoning can bring, particularly if you do something stupid, like calling a demon. Don't mess with the supernatural: they don't like disrespectful Tumblr brats. He k, neither does their opposites in Heaven.

right ok i gotcha but look @ oscar’s weirdass pants in this pic

they just dont make weirdass pants like that nowadays. it’s a shame

What I find funny about the accusations a bit ago by Oliciters that Westalleners were “cheating” by voting for Bamon (beyond little proof, that Bamon could just be doing that well, the fact that people can ship whatever they want, and we owe Olic*ty nothing) , is that Bamon has been the only one of those posts sliding across my dash. In fact it has done so on a regular basis. Despite not having seen TVD I probably have “voted’ (liked the post) because I remembered them and others being really into the ship and wanting to support them.

Not everything is about Olic*ty.

It literally boggles my mind sometimes. 

If you have such a problem with with the way I write my story, my characters, how I characterize, the way I craft my dialogue, the events in my stories, etc. why are you here? I honestly don’t get it. What does it do for you? Why does it bring you some kind of satisfaction or messed up happiness to tear others down about something they enjoy doing and just stomp all over it? Why? Being helpful and constructive and resourceful and offering up suggestions and ideas is wonderful and always welcome. 

Being awful just to be awful or mean or to hurt someone’s feelings is just gross and not attractive or positive or the type of person you should be striving to be. Put on your grown up knickers. If you don’t like something about something or someone, just quietly move on. It will be okay. Take a deep breath and move on. Spread some tenderness and love and encouragement. Think about how it might feel if you were on the receiving end of the message before you send it. The world can be a gross and shitty enough place sometimes all on its own. Be good to everyone.

All in all: just don’t be an asshat. xx.

Now i’m mad at kishi.
We all know that sarada is a ss child. We know it.
Then WHY THE FUCK bring karin in this mess about who is the real mother. WHY.
I’m so angry because kishi use karin for drama when we all know the truth.
Also, still hate ss. IDGAF if they call each other “husband ” and “wife” or they talk normally/ have “eye sex (lol)” or other shit, this won’t erase the past they had.

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Apparently the absurd jiggle on Chun Li is a mess up, I dunno if its a glitch or an employee fucked around with it.

if some random animator at capcom cranked up the jiggle physics on chun-li for the e3 build and ono didn’t notice then that would honestly be one of the funniest e3 fuckups ever

@ the cishet clique: no one cares if you tweeted #LoveWins or not, you were probably on here reblogging posts supporting LGBTQ+ rights last Friday. People would assume you give a shit, but you’re also not a public figure. Meanwhile, Tyler - a guy that’s decently active on twitter, and a guy that a lot of people had looked up to for solace and safety based on past behaviour - can’t even say the word gay when talking about why he “can’t carry the weight” of LGBTQ+ rights when no one was asking him to.

Considering how his family had associated with transphobic comments and Tyler’s silence both then and on Friday, LGBTQ+ fans at least deserve to know if they’re accepted by someone they look up to. LGBTQ+ fans just wanted acknowledgement, and, while the sentiment was vaguely there, people got a muddled, self-centered apology that started off by guilting them for ever doubting their “small bean” in the first place, and ended by accusing their musical peers of riding the coattails of #LoveWins for profit, when there’s no real substance that any artist they’ve associated with had done that.

Don’t contribute to ostracizing the LGBTQ+ clique by making this about you, when you don’t have to question if your existence is acceptable or not.