A fanfic idea I’m trying to write:

based off of this image (x)

Alfred has gone to the moon before. Ever since he was small, he always dreamed of flying to the moon and touching it. He watched the live footage of his people walking on the moon and his heart pounded. He wanted nothing more than to be one of the people to set foot on the moon. So, sometime after the first few successful Apollo launches, NASA allowed him to go up. He could take other nations along if they trained hard enough and understood what going into outer space involved. Alfred ended up bringing Matthew and Ivan along.

 Ivan enjoyed messing with Alfred and would often create loud bangs to scare him. Alfred hated it, b/c it always reminded him of what happened in Apollo 13 and feared they’d get stranded in space.

Matthew was not a happy camper. He’d float around when they were attempting to sleep and mention how he couldn’t sleep, or missed landEarth, or how terrifying the vacuum of space was, all with a very annoyed look on his face.

When they landed on the moon, Alfred and Ivan walked around, while Matthew stayed in the space craft, waiting to pick them up. Matthew offhandedly commented on how the next time Alfred wanted to come to the moon, he should leave him out of it because he hated hitting his head on the walls. Matthew actually loved the trip and was grateful Alfred let him come, but it was terrifying for a person who had to learn everything about space in the span of a year when the other two had a decade beforehand.

As Alfred and Ivan walked around, Matthew eventually called down through the radio and told them that he had turned off their communications with ground control, so the radio only went one way and Alfred and Ivan could say whatever they wanted. When the two didn’t seem to get it, Matthew said, “Oh come on you love birds, It’s not gay if it’s on the Moon,”

Matthew was the first one to say that and from then on Alfred would use it constantly.

This is just a rough outline. I’m working on the finished drabble, but it might take me a while and I wanted to put it here while the idea was still fresh. I would adore it if someone could draw it too, but I might be hoping for too much. I’ll definitely post the finished drabble when it’s done, so stay tuned. Unless it sucks, because then I’ll trash it.

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And one more thing that bothers me. Is when Alice talks about having a fun party, and Bella goes 'yeah you said that last time'. She knows how much that bothers Jasper, and that he hates that it happen and she had to bring it up again. Okay how many messed up things she has done to them, and they just let it go. Jasper hates himself enough that he struggles so much with his uncontrolled lust for blood.

I just don’t even understand why the Eclipse party is even happening. Literally no one wants it but Alice.  Bella hates parties and Alice should know that by now, so this isn’t “for Bella,” it’s for Alice. lol Bella’s the only one actually graduating. And they invite all the kids from school (who they aren’t even really friends with except maybe Angela from lunch) to their house so now everyone knows where they live, which isn’t great for privacy or secrecy’s sake. I suppose they were planning on leaving in a few months anyway, but after BD they are apparently staying for awhile. 

re: Bella’s comment, I don’t think she meant it as a slap at Jasper so much as just a general comment to how after that party she suffered “the darkest period of her life” when Edward left her. Plus she also just doesn’t like parties which Alice as her best friend should understand and respect instead of keep forcing them on her? Maybe this bugs me more than it bugs most people because I was that kid in high school who didn’t like parties and my friends (probably good-naturedly) trying to get me to “come out of my shell” and “come out and have fun!” got really annoying after awhile. lol 

And I mean… Jasper did try to kill her. She’s doesn’t blame him because she’s ‘born to be a vampire’ I guess and innately understands the struggle they face and doesn’t hold it against them, but it did happen.  But I think her comment wasn’t pointed at him so much as the whole situation of “We had a party and then you all left and I went kind of crazy”. 


I imagine Hange got too nervous and too drunk and of course Levi is too fucking romantically awkward to understand subtlety so it was a disaster

but they both know already so whatever (they’ll just wake up in the morning and pretend the entire conversation never happened anyway)

I’m sorry, I’m a little bit preoccupied about being killed by the mob because a homeless priest ran off with all of our drugs


Richie’s endearments

My Spoon Situation

So I was gonna do the box of spoons to show my Beth Greene support but I have changed my mind…instead of that I’m just gonna send one BIG ASS SPOON that I found at my craft store.  It’s about 4 ft long and technically its a shovel but I’m gonna shave that shiz down to round it out, spray paint it gray, stencil the DC Capital on it then write Beth lines all over it.  I’ll post the final product.

As a DC girl I was/am expecting Beth to get to DC too so middle finger to AMC, Gimple or whoever it was that messed up my MSF with that garbage I saw and still ain’t over.

So AMC, please expect a big ass spoon from this DC girl this holiday season.


TW Benders AU → Lydia Fire

Lucy's Letters | IX

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The 8th month was - for some reason - one of the hardest. She had been doing great, and she still was. Lucy was enjoying her life to the fullest, even without her best friend. She had many more friends; she was not truly alone. But during that month, she thought of him a lot.
And when she sits down to wite him a letter, her thoughts always drift to him and she starts feeling things she usually does not carry with her consciously.

Dear Natsu,

I don’t know what’s wrong with me today. I’m not usually like this.

Maybe it’s because I moved into your house. Yeah, I really did. No rent to pay! It’s great.

But the memories are fresher here; more present.

I always am reminded of so many things. It’s kind of bittersweet.
And I guess your present made me think about you more again, too. It made me realize how much I miss you.

I’ll take good care of your place, okay?

Funny, how much you can miss someone.

It’s a feeling I’ve come to know a little too often for my taste.

They say you never really know what you have until it’s gone. Only now do I realize how true this is. I just never expected that I would miss you one day. I guess I thought you’d always be there. A stupid thought, I know. Always. What a stupid word, too.

Well, you’re gone. And I know you said you will come back, and I believe you, I really do. But it feels like you never will.

Everything feels so much more empty around here. (Even though it’s much fuller now. You wouldn’t believe how much space my bed is taking up!) I used to laugh more in this place when you guys were around.

Of course I can live without you. I just dont want to. I realize that now. I never want to be without you. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel the same. I think I might have falle

I shouldn’t be feeling those thi

It’s been over 8 months.

I wonder if this feeling will ever go away. If it will get better. I hope so.

Love, Lucy 

my favourite thing about the faction paradox is probably that you can use them to explain any of the continuity errors in doctor who, or easily headcanon-away anything you don’t like.

upset about the 50th? NEVER HAPPENED.
want characters who can never meet to meet? PARADOX TIME.
favourite character dead or worse? WELL NOT ANYMORE.
“aw this obscure eu thing could never be canon, it’s too contradictory” WITH FACTION PARADOX ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.