When Ziva David was first introduced to NCIS, she had to work her ass off for people to see that she wasn’t like her brother.

She worked her ass off to prove her worth to them.

She worked her ass off to become a citizen.

She worked her ass off to become an agent.

She worked her ass off to not give up during the many hard times she had, to stay positive, to gain her family and keep what she could of her old one…

And it was all fucking wasted.

How does it feel that after all of Ziva’s fighting for these things, gaining these things, being finally happy that her work payed off and that she got these things, it was all literally thrown away by the writers and show runners of NCIS? Everything that made her happy wash flushed down the fucking toilet.

She left America, a country that she lived in and loved, to return to her homeland where she’s faced the most evil and torture she’s ever had to endure.

She left her role as an agent.

She left the only fucking family she had left.

I wouldn’t mind Bishop being on NCIS if Ziva was still here, because you know what? Ziva gaining more family that she could trust would be great for her. Not to mention another female, and one that doesn’t obsess over short skirts and all-out shoes and accessories like Abby does. One who is married and who knows what it’s like to fall in love and go through the process Ziva should. Someone to give her guidance where she needs it, and someone she can teach as well. She could have another sister.

Ellie has blood relatives. Considering she’s married, she even has extended family. Now she’s going to gain even more family in the team.

Ziva has no one.

Even though the relationships are strained, Gibbs has his father. Tony has his father. McGee has a sister, a grandmother, and for a while longer a father. Abby found her birth brother and she always had her adoptive brother. Vance still has his kids. Palmer is with Breena now and has been for some time.

Ziva doesn’t have a family. She doesn’t even have a fucking pet. Her blood family, every last close relative of hers is fucking dead, not to mention they all died tragically. How the fuck does a person even deal with that?

And of course, Ziva isn’t the only one who was fucked over in all of this.

Tony lost what seems to be the love of his life. They worked hard for years and years for each other; first just to learn to put up with each other, then to understand each other, then to actually go as far as loving each other. Thrown away.

Gibbs lost one daughter already, and now his other daughter is gone. He really put a shitload of effort into accepting Ziva into his team and into his life. It took a lot for him to realize that she wasn’t her brother. His understanding made him love her in the end, and now their relationship has also gone to shit.

Abby hated Ziva in the beginning for the same reasons Gibbs didn’t trust her. Ziva seemed to put her heart into trying to get Abby to like her; to make her see that she was a good person, to have another woman near her instead of just being a random thing in a bucket of testosterone, to have a friend. Abby was won over. When Abby likes someone, it’s obvious, and in the same way, we know that when she hates someone it takes a lot of work and guts to make that change.

Of course McGee took some time but he’s the only one who grew up with a sister, so I imagine knowing that Ziva lost her brother made him realize she had to be hurting and made him understand her pain, knowing how much it would hurt him to be in the same situation.

Ducky has obviously been in a similar situation to Ziva before. She was the foreigner that no one quite understood. Ducky has also dealt with grieving families who have to identify the bodies of their loved ones, so he’s seen how losing someone as close as a brother can hurt you. He was quick to befriend her despite any past mistakes she’d made.

Ziva leaving was simply not Ziva. It didn’t fit anyone, actually. After the loss and the effort, no one on the planet would willingly give up the things she had. And now, yes, she is being replaced, by someone who has it better than her. By someone who already has love, stability, and everything Ziva had taken away from her.

They are replacing Ziva with what should have been Ziva, and that is why Ellie Bishop is certainly not my favorite character.

Dear CBS,

you will never be able to find anyone who

  • ramblesentertaings the fandom with his stories like Ducky
  • intrigues us like Vance does
  • is as happy a goth as Abby
  • can make even us feel the headslaps like Gibbs
  • has as many Mc-Nicknames as McGee
  • can make us laugh like Tony does
  • can replace Ziva David

sincerely, the fandom


As you may have heard, Cote de Pablo, who plays Ziva David on NCIS, did not renew her contract for season 11. It’s been over a month since the news came out, and we still haven’t heard anything concrete from her. The media reports have been sketchy as well. TV Guide reported that she asked for a raise and a 1 year contract, both of which CBS refused; then, we have the President of CBS saying that “she just didn’t want to do the show anymore”. Yesterday, Latina Magazine released an interview they did with her just a few weeks before news broke that she was leaving. In it, she states her hopes for the upcoming season, which strongly suggests she was not planning on leaving the show. This isn’t it, though. Her coworkers were just as surprised by the news as we were; two have even stated that they found out she was leaving less than an hour before the news was released to the public. Gary Glasberg said in an interview that he had to rewrite all the scripts. Everyone was confident that things would work out and she would come back.

You may have seen/heard stuff about Operation BBC (Bring Back Cote) over the past month. It’s died down a bit in the last week or two, but with the new interview from Latina Magazine, it’s gaining momentum again. Ziva is an important character on NCIS. You do not see many characters as well-rounded and intriguing as Ziva David. She can be laid back and graceful, but she can also kick ass when she needs to. Episodes centered around Ziva are usually the highest-rated episodes; just this past year, an episode centered around her, “Shiva”, drew in 25 million viewers, a series high. Additionally, she is one-half of one of the most dynamic pairings on television; the will-they-won’t-they sexual/romantic tension between Ziva and her coworker, Tony DiNozzo, has captivated viewers for years. Last, but definitely not least, she is a role model for many girls and women, myself included. I have read posts on here of people talking how much Ziva has helped them through bad times because they drew strength from her, and now that her character will be gone after two episodes, they don’t know if they will (or even be able to) watch the show anymore. Seeing my once-lively fandom slowly crumble is one of the most upsetting things I’ve seen 

I’m writing this because I’m asking for your help in bringing Cote back. If you do want to help (and if you do, thank you so much; it means a lot) here are a few things you can do: 

If you do decide to help: once again, thank you.

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