bring your work to your cat day

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single dad aus make me soooo soft but listen ,,,,, can u plz do a single dad au for wonho-- I am in love with him. Love, Your Biggest Stan <3 P.S. ily <3

i finally thought of a cute plot for this so here u go hehe
other versions: hyungwon 

  • wonho has a daughter who he absolUTELY adores
  • she’s already starting the first grade and wonho literally threw a party for her and invited everyone and their grandmothers and cried when he realized at the end of it that his lil sunflower was going to SCHOOL and he wouldn’t be able to see her for half the day
  • and kihyun had to hold like three boxes of napkins on his lap while wonho mumbled about how she’s his life,,,,his angel,,,,his sTARS AND UNiVERSE
  • and hyungwon was like bro it’s school she’s going to have fun and make friends
  • and wonho is like but sHES MINE,,,,she’s my babY,,,, and everyone was like oh no here he goes again 
  • minhyuk somewhere: can you imagine how bad he’s going to be when she goes off to college????
  • but yes,,,wonho has never in his life been upset with her,,,,he coddles and loves her more than anything in the world
  • and it’s amazing you see him out grocery shopping making faces and singing to her while she sits in the cart and like every single parent in town is super heart eyes at wonho because like,,,,,,,look at him
  • but wonho only cares about his kid,,,,,,,,,,like that’s it,,,,,,,,she’s the only one that matters
  • and you,,,,,,,think it’s pretty cute because you work with wonho and his enTIRE desk is covered in photos of his daughter
  • but,,,you don’t have a kid of your own and when the office decides to honor ‘bring your kid to work day’ you’re kind of,,,,,,,,,stuck
  • and you can’t believe it but as the office bustles with the noise of children and worried parents
  • you walk in,,,,,,,,,,,,,,holding your cat
  • and your co-workers laugh because aH your cat is your kid??? and you’re like “kinda??? i mean she’s cute,,,,but she’s not as fun????” 
  • and your cat is lazily resting on your desk,,,,completely oblivious to the fact that you’re sTRESSED your boss might be mad about you brining a pet and not a person
  • but then you notice,,,,a small hand
  • and that hand is rubbing your kitty’s belly and you’re like,,,,wait
  • pushing your chair out a bit you see a small girl on her tippy-toes,,,reaching out to play with the fur of your cat
  • and usually,,,your cat is ok with all things BUT belly rubs
  • yet this small hand doesn’t bother her at all
  • and you’re like “hi!! whats your name?” the girl mumbles it,,,obviously more interested in your cat than you
  • and you’re looking around to see if any co-workers that her parents are nearby but everyone looks preoccupied with their children
  • and you’re like “whose your mommy or daddy?” 
  • sniffling she makes a motion to the desk opposite yours,,,,you blink and look at her again and realize she’s wonhos,,,,,,,,,,,,,all those pictures of her on his desk should have given that away pretty easily
  • and you’re like “do you wanna pet the kitty’s head too - she likes that the most?” 
  • eagerly nodding you pat your lap and the girl climbs up and sits comfortably,,hands going out to play with your snoozing cats ears 
  • a couple of minutes later,,,as you’re using one hand to type and the other to keep the girl safe in your lap wonho comes back holding a plate with cookies and other kids snacks
  • smiling he finds you with his daughter and he’s like “there she is- should have known she’d go for the cat.” 
  • you laugh and go “if i were her, i would also go for the cat.” 
  • wonho pulls up a chair and tries to get his daughter to take a bite of the cookie,,,but she’s still lost in petting your cat
  • and wonho pouts and goes “she’s given up her father for your pet,,,” you grin and shake your head 
  • for a while you two sit like that,,,, wonho’s daughter looks like she’s yours with how happy she looks in your lap
  • at some point even leaning back against your arms and watching you finish something on the computer
  • wonho,,,,cautiously watches but at the same time,,,,,feels perfectly at ease with his daughter in your hands
  • and every now and then you chat about this or that
  • and suddenly wonho asks,,,,,,,would you ever want kids?
  • you hesitate but nod,,,,you make a joke about how the cat is great and all but kids are cuter,,,,,in your opinion
  • not seeing the small smile on wonho’s face you go back to your work as his daughter slowly falls asleep
  • by the time the work day is over,,,she’s been napping for a good hour and your arm is numb from where you’re holding her but you’re content as ever
  • and wonho wakes her up gently only to hoist her into his arms so she  can sleep again
  • you,,,,well you take your cat in your arms and as you and wonho are leaving the building
  • he stops and asks if you’d ever like to come over sometime and play with his daughter again
  • you grin and motion to the cat in your arms and you’re like “im assuming she’d want me to show up with this one as well?”
  • wonho laughs and you feel your heart skip a beat,,,,because it’s a laugh that’s so,,,,,,,,,,,,sweet
  • he agrees but before fishing his phone out of his pocket for your number he adds
  • “im not just asking you for the cat, my daughter would love to see her again but i,,,,,,,,,,id like to spend more time with you too.”
  • the words make your knees melt and you’re worried you might be blushing like some middleschooler that you hide your head by looking down
  • but when you exchange numbers, wonho waving as he turns to leave with his daughter
  • you can’t help but lift your cat up,,,,her lazily opening her eyes to watch you and you go “i,,,,,,,,think you got me a date!”
  • all you get is a meow in reply,,,,,,,but,,,,,,you’re too happy to care hehe 
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Neighbour!Kang Daniel AU

Note: this is what happens when you spend too much time at home, often meeting neighbours and have a soft spot for Kang Daniel

EDIT: you guys, this has gotten so many notes i am honestly shooketh™. thank you so much for reading and do look forward to my next one! you can request if you want anything’s cool really hehe

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i imagine that it’s bring your pet to work day for the hetalia nations


greece brings a cat

england brings his pug dog

america brings a golden retriever 


and they’re all like:

“where’s germany”


i heard it was bring your pet to work day”

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Reactions to an MC who runs a cat cafe?

I did some research and every website said differently… so I’m not sure how Cat Cafe’s work. I tried to keep it pretty general but I’ve probably gotten some things wrong so apologies. I’ve never been to a cat cafe, but I’d like to go to one. Also to a Hedgehog cafe. 


  • Let’s just assume everything is     cute to Yoosung at this point    
  • He loves visiting you at your     work after school
  • Unsurprisingly the cats really     like Yoosung, so whenever he comes in they flock towards him
  • So many selfies in group chat
  • Resulting in an angry Zen
  • And a very happy Jumin
  • He gets a part time job at your     cafe so he has a little more money    
  • Wonders if he can take one of     the kittens home
  • “No, you can’t, please     don’t”


  • You own a Cafe?
  • Y o u  o     w n      a  c a f e     ?
  • A little put off by the fact     that there are cats in the cafe 
  • But still mesmerized by the     fact that you own a Cafe     
  • When things get serious and you     see how much she loves the cafe you offer to co-own with her
  • She’s overjoyed but also     cautious because cats    
  • But she comes to realise that     not every cat is Elizabeth    
  • Advises Zen not to visit their     cafe     


  • oh god no
  • Oh this is his worst nightmare
  • Refuses to go near you after     work until you’ve washed and put your clothes in the laundry
  • After a while he begrudgingly     goes to Jumin to talk to a doctor about his allergies
  • Surprises you at work a month     or so later
  • Doesn’t touch the cats
  • Supportive of your job but not     of the tiny satanic cats    


  • living the dream
  • Asks if Elizabeth the third can     be the mascot
  • “Jumin she isn’t even a     cat at the cafe”    
  • He asks you several times if     you want to expand your shop because he is so willing to have Jaehee work     on that
  • He goes to your work a lot when     he’s stressed and needs a break    
  • He loves all the pictures you     send him


  • oh boy
  • Guess who lives in the cafe now
  • But seriously Saeyoung would     probably try to show up every day to see the cats 
  • And you of course
  • He has more than once smuggled     a cat out in his jumper    
  • Every time you arrive home you     see a familiar cat sitting on the couch
  • “Saeyoung”
  • “This is Elly the     4th”
  • “No it isn’t”
  • You tell your employees if they     see him smuggling a cat not to worry because you’ll just bring it back the     next day
  • Eventually the two of you do     adopt a cat together    


  • Saeran isn’t sure of what to     think of cats
  • His brother never stops going     on about how adorable they are, so he tries to avoid them
  • Just so his brother isn’t right
  • But that’s very hard when he     visits your cafe     
  • He doesn’t want to touch them     at first
  • He’s a little afraid he’d hurt     them or they’d hurt him    
  • But after a while he enjoys     softly petting any cat that crosses his path
  • The cats also gravitate towards
  • So much so it becomes a slight     problem
  • He finds it very therapeutic     and comforting to pet a soft and calm creature 
  • He also likes seeing you     whenever he goes to the cafe    
  • Which is often


  • V loves visiting your work
  • The cats love him
  • It’s a win win situation
  • He’s very interested in what it     takes to run a cat cafe    
  • He takes a lot of pictures at     your cafe, and even helps you advertise your place with his photography 
  • He tries not to come in too     often because he doesn’t want to distract you
  • But he really likes your cafe     and can’t help it
Headcanon: Being Yoongi’s stylist

I am going in order of what I have written on the masterlist. So, chimchim is next then Tae. -Admin Cat

  • At first, you’re off put by him.
  • He is on the quieter side.
  • Sleeps in the chair A LOT. 
  • He is gruff and polite at times but mostly keeps to himself. 
  • It takes a lot of patience to work with Yoongi. He doesn't make much conversation.
  • However, one day you came in after a rough night with your dog. Yoongi takes note of your demeanor.
  • “You Okay?” 
  • “Huh? Oh yeah, just didn’t get much sleep.” Yoongi nods. 
  • Sometimes he brings in coffee. 
  • Asks about your dog a lot. 
  • You guys discuss dog training techniques.
  • He complains about his hair a lot. Doesn’t like coloring it as often as he has to.
  • Likes the tea tree oil you put in it to keep it soft and hydrated. Says it smells good.

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Here’s to the quiet Gryffindors, the ones who aren’t the life of the party, who sit in corners and read, who gaze into fires and contemplate life, who notice the subtle differences in the behavior of their friends when somethings wrong. Here’s to the ones who aren’t funny or charamastic or eccentric, but value loyalty, honesty and integrity in the stillness of their heart. The ones who are brave beyond measure, who will gladly die for their friends, without feeling the need to vocalise their prowess. Here’s to the late nights of conversations held in teary whispers after a breakup, the early morning runs with old friends, the every day moments of courage from those who struggle to be heard.

Here’s to the radical Hufflepuffs, the singers and dancers and actors, the bright sparks of life with energy uncontainable. The ones who dance in the rain and run wild in the forest, the free spirits of joy and happiness, who are not afraid of who they are, and are proud of what they can do. Here’s to the one’s who are the life force of a friend group, who enjoy performing and making others smile. The hearts of gold that lie inside the few precious individuals who live life to the full. Here’s to the ones who will be by your side till the day you die and proclaim it to the world. Here’s to the ones that fight the darkness with relentless joy, unequivocated laughter and longlasting love.

Here’s to the soft-hearted Slytherins. The ones who don’t hide their affection beneath layers of stoic respect. The ones who will always make you smile and laugh, who will break into your house at 3am to bring you chocolate, the ones who spend hours writing letters and poems in preperation for your birthday. The ones who will secretly video you as you walk in on a surprise kitten after your cat passes away. Here’s to the ones that love their families, that play with their baby brother and beat the boys off their older sister. The ones who will offer to cook dinner after work just to give their mum a day off. Here’s to the ones that embody kindness and gentleness every step of every day.

Here’s to the adventurous Ravenclaws. The ones who play seven different sports, who wrestle with their brother in the living room. The ones who start food fights and know when to end them. The ones whose intelligence lies in their people skills and experience. Here’s to the ones who play pranks in the library and text in the back of class. The ones who order too many pizzas at a study night and finish them on a dare, who break into playgrounds at midnight and still nail their exam the next day. Here’s to the ones who will challenge you to a pop quiz on fandom specific facts and then tackle you to the ground when you inevitably lose. Here’s to the ones whose brains lie patiently behind the radical lifestyles of car racing, parties and late night gaming for any given moment to prove you wrong.

Look after your quiet Gryffindors. Don’t reclassify them because of their silence, they will fight anyone for you the second they sense danger.

Cherish your wild Hufflepuffs. Don’t reclassify them because of their confidence, they will drop all sense of performance the minute a friend needs them.

Respect your gentle Slytherins. Don’t reclassify because of their tranquility, they are incredibly strong, powerful and independent, and are will protect the few they care about to the end of days.

Admire your excitable Ravenclaws. Don’t reclassify because of their spunk, they will be the smartest people you know and will teach you wonderful things if you allow them.

For the lovely anon (and wife) who requested something a little while back. I hope this is something like what you had in mind. Sorry it took me a little bit to find the writing mojo.

(TW: miscarriage, fertility issues)

Cat threatens thirteen - no, fourteen - people with everything from being fired to actual bodily harm, but it only gets her home 30 minutes sooner than originally planned. When she’d heard Kara’s voicemail, Cat had wanted nothing more than her wife’s ability to fly. Instead she’s stuck crossing three states and an entire city at a frustratingly human pace.

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Cursed (pt 1)

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pt 1 | pt 2 | pt 3 | pt 4 | pt 5 | pt 6 | pt 7 | pt 8 | pt 9 | pt 10 | pt 11 | pt 12 | pt 13 | pt 14

Cat!Yoongi x Reader

i’M BACK, from vacation~ I’ll try to update Interference asap ^-^

Okay this was originally supposed to be cute, but it may have ended up to be a future smut…. fuck.. so be warned my dirty little mind is going to end up writing a smut. THAT IS if you guys want a continuation, let me know :) (no pun intended man, gurl let me know)

You’ve always wanted a pet, preferably a cat. Perhaps the reason being that you were lonely and incapable of keeping the men that your friends attempted to set you up with. Maybe this would be the start of your collection, your first step into the title of crazy cat lady.

God, you could already see your impending future as a virgin spinster. The laughter of your friends snickering at you, echoing in your ears.

Hell, you were only barely in your mid twenties, busy with work and getting through the day. All your friends boasted of their hot boyfriends and their fluffy adventurous dates you’d longed to go on with your very own boyfriend. Sadly, you think that maybe because you were the workaholic type that they were turned off by your uptight exterior. Your friends tried bringing you to clubs and parties, but you were always found in the corner.

Maybe you looked unapproachable and cold, giving off the aura that you wanted to be left alone. God, that was not what you wanted. Even in your high school and college years you’ve been like this, introverted and partner-less, always the studious type.

Maybe a cat is a bad idea, being a workaholic, you’d think that you’d probably end up abandoning the little one.

However you find yourself giving in to the thought and traveling to the local pet store, browsing the cages of felines curled up in each kennel. Your eyes skim and scan through each detailed information typed on a white slice of paper and stuck to the front of the cage of each cat.

You find yourself reading through the details of a silvery feline, its fur a sleek and soft looking metallic gray, with warm chocolate eyes that peer up at you lazily. There’s a cute little chain link necklace that is curled around its neck, glinting underneath the lights of the pet store.

And eventually he’s curled up on your lap at home, purring rather loudly with his silver tail swishing back and forth leisurely. It fascinates you, the way he nuzzles against your leg and nudges his small head into your hand that caresses his fur.

“What should I name you?” you ponder, more to yourself than the feline on your lap. However the cat seems to have heard and peers up at you, you can’t help but notice how human-like it acts as it tilts its head and gazes up at you curiously.

“Sugar?” you say out loud, the name so random but it makes you unknowingly smile, “Suga?”

You nod, proud of yourself at the name you’ve thought up, scratching a spot behind his ear that has him keening and leaning into your fingers.

Perhaps one cat wasn’t so bad, worth your money. The paper said he was a found stray on the streets, you wonder, who would abandon such a cute little guy.

At night you enjoy the way the feline curls into your warmth, its head nuzzling your chest before resting against the bed.

It’s a hassle you think when after a few sleepless nights, the cat once again wakes you up to its rather loud purring. However you can’t help but forgive him when he looks at you with his brown eyes. your fingers once again running through his soft grey fur.

There’s times when you come home and find him sleeping, and even with the amount of bandages that decorate your arms and hands, you still can’t help but reach out to pet him, inevitably waking him up and causing him to hiss and scratch at your offending hand.

But after he awakes you always pick him up, despite the pissed off look the cat pulls off scarily well, cuddling with him on the couch until it paws at you to feed him.

“Suga I’m home~” you coo as you walk in through the front door.

The silver feline meows in response, leaping onto the armrest of the couch and patiently waits for your caressing fingers. And just like that you meet him halfway and shower the cat with affection, its tail swishing in content.

There was once, you remember, when he hadn’t welcomed you so heartily like that. It was when you tried bringing home one of the guys your friend set you up with. He was nice, you admit, a brainy just like you, his name along the lines of Nam and -oon, but he was long gone and out of your life when Suga decided he could use your poor date’s face as a scratching pedestal. As far as you knew, you’ve never seen your cat with a puffed out tail and hissing so viciously. Not even when you give him a bath, oddly enough your cat liked baths, enjoying the feel of your hands running through his fur and lathering the coat with shampoo.

Closing your bedroom door, Suga leaping onto your bed and effortlessly landing , you sigh and let yourself loosen up. You let your hair free of its messy bun and your body is shed of the clothes you wore to work. Changed into more comfortable clothing, you snuggle under the sheets with Suga as usual curled up at your stomach, purring and snuggling into your body.

When morning comes, and light pours in through the cracks of the blinds, you’re surprised to no longer hear purring or feel the vibration of it. Instead, there’s a bare arm, pale, strikingly snow white even, that’s loosely wrapped around your waist. Where a fur ball of silver is supposed to be, you find a grown man with silver hair cuddling with you, his body is stark bare of clothing other than a familiar silver chain that is enclosed loosely around his neck, your eyes welcoming the lean muscles that lie underneath his pale skin. You don’t dare to move the sheets and peek under to see if he’s at least wearing underwear, you can take a lucky guess.

Your voice crawls up your throat, and when you open your mouth, a high pitched scream is alerting the whole neighborhood of this intruder.

“Would you shut the fuck up?” he drawls groggily, eyes still closed shut as he buries his face further into your abdomen.

Your jaw drops at the husky voice of this man, voice dripping with honey but so sexily raspy to your ears. You peer at his face, god, it’s fucking flawless. A perfect nose, lips, everything.

Your friends have never set you up with an Adonis such as this, and you’re pretty sure you didn’t have one drop of alcohol last night or else you’d remember bringing home a good looking man such as this. Then again, he would’ve been chased out by Suga the second he was in the vicinity.

“What’s wrong, cat caught your tongue?” he continues, a slight smirk tilting one side of his mouth.

“Wh-wh-wha.. who.. who the hell are you?” you manage to stammer out, face blazing with heat when he finally pries his eyes open, a heavenly chocolate staring lazily back at you.

“Min Yoongi, or in other words.. Suga, your cat.”

“But my Suga is a cat not a human!” you reason, noticing the way his eyes glaze over the way you possessively introduce him.

You struggled to shove him off you, claiming he’s some pervert who’s taking advantage of you, but he seizes your wrists above your head, and you’re forced to stare into his intense eyes. They’re familiar you admit, and the metallic hair too, the necklace that contrasts against his prominent collarbones, and then it hits you that your cat just turned into a human.

“Holy fuck…”

“Believe me?” he asks, tilting his head in that way that is scarily familiar to the way Suga does it, “Well now that you do, let’s go back to sleep.”

“B-but you’re naked!” you exclaim, cheeks bleeding with color as he snuggles into your middle.

“Let’s worry about that later,” he mumbles into your clothed stomach, immediately falling asleep cuddled into your warmth.

And you have no choice but to give in to slumber and join this man.

You awake again bathed in the light of the afternoon, Yoongi still draped around your middle with his face no longer buried in your stomach, his expression calm and serene, your fingers itching to gently run over the smoothness of his pale flesh. Your fingers graze the softness of his lips, his hand shooting up instantly to grab your wrist.

Slowly, as if in slow motion, his eyes open to reveal his dark orbs. There’s that lazy smirk as he tugs on your hand towards his cheek, nuzzling his face against the back of your hand.

“Okay what the hell, this is scary,” you blurt out when a strange noise comes from his throat, you oddly being attracted to the bob of his Adam’s apple, “If you’re actually human and not cat, then why were you a cat in the first place huh?”

He pauses, letting your hand fall from his grasp. His expression noticeably growing dark and almost livid even, mouth pulling into a taut frown.

“I was cursed.”

Boyfriend!Kang Daniel

  • you were just working at your local pet cafe when a group of 11 guys come inside and take a seat at one of the tables. 
  • but when you look outside there are like a sea of just girls outside the window screaming out incoherent sentences and you’re just freaked out because wow ?? this has never happened in the whole time you have worked here what is happening right now. 
  • but soon one of your coworkers starts almost freaking out in the back room so you just head there and she’s like 
  • and you’re just confused like 
  • “I don’t see an idol group here though?” 
  • but then it hits you. the group of 11 guys just casually sitting in your cafe must be the group she’s talking about. 
  • so since you are ordered to be their waitress bc you are the only one that is not freaking out about them  you go up to them and try talking to them when you hear someone screaming one of the member’s name. 
  • “wow Kang Daniel must be very popular.” 
  • but you hear chuckling and when you look over you see a guy who’s around your age who is holding a cat. and you’re just starstruck because wow he’s so cute but that cat is cuter?! 
  • once you get the order for their drinks and give them their drinks you have some free time so you decide to play with all the cats. while you’re playing with the cats though you don’t notice that the sea of girls are slowly disappearing because security has come to give Wanna One privacy. 
  • so while you’re playing with the cats one of the workers comes next to you and is like, 
  • “I don’t know if you’ve noticed but Daniel has been looking at you for quite a while now.” 
  • so you look over and TRY to guess who Daniel is since you don’t really know who it is but it doesn’t take you that long since you meet the gaze of the guy who was playing with the cat earlier. 
  • so sooner or later Daniel goes up to you and you both start making conversations about cats. an he explains that he named both of his cats boy names without actually checking if they were girls first and you are in shock because you did the exact same thing?! 
  • “i literally have named my cats harry potter and Joshua without realizing they are girls too.” 
  • then daniel is like 
  • “you like harry potter?!” 
  • so after that Daniel starts coming over more often and before you know it you start developing a tiny little crush on him because he’s super cute and you both became friends over your love of cats and naming them without checking the gender. 
  • so one day while you’re working Daniel stops by with a couple of roses and just sits down at his usual table but what really catches your attention is that he’s wearing a nice outfit AND that he has roses. 
  • so once you are on your break you sit by the secluded space that he usually sits at and he holds up the roses to you and is smiling that bright smile he always has while you’re just caught off guard and have become a red tomato faced mess
  • “I know that it’s only been like a month since I’ve met you but do you think you’d be willing to go out with me? on like one date i mean.”
  • and ofc you’d accept because who wouldn’t want to date Daniel?! 
  • so you’re first date would be at no other then your pet cafe, but instead of work you are here on your day off. and although you had thought it was just going to be you and Daniel Seongwoo had also joined in because he’s gotta make sure Daniel doesn’t embarrass himself.
  • but it doesn’t really matter to Daniel because he just acts like he isn’t there at all and continues to flirt with you. 
  • but he doesn’t really have to flirt with you because you have already liked him ever since you guys started talking about the names of your cats. 
  • so then after the date he drives you home and he brings to do the doorstep but you don’t really feel like ending the date. 
  • “i really enjoyed the date today, I hope we can have more in the future.” 
  • then he just casually brings you in for a hug and it lasts for quite a while but once again you aren’t complaining because the hug feels nice. 
  • so it’s been a couple of dates and are just chilling at home when the doorbell rings. you open it and it’s Daniel with his cats !! you let him in and you both just sit on the couch for a while just watching your cats play with his. 
  • “so i’ve been wanting to ask you this for a while,” 
  • you look up at Daniel and you notice that he looks ver nervous and you just find it cute because you haven’t seen Daniel like this before. 
  • “would you be my girlfriend, i mean we would have to keep it a secret for a while if you don’t mind.”
  • “of course Daniel! gosh who wouldn’t want to be your girlfriend?!” 
  • you exclaim and you instantly start hugging Daniel which catches him by surprise but he hugs you back and next thing you know you both are just cuddling on the couch watching the both of your cats play together. 
  • you both would be such a cute couple i swear omg like he doesn’t mind pda but he won’t over do it. you both would hold hands in public or he’ll put his arm around your waist while you both are just walking. there are occasional kisses when he just can’t resist you. 
  • but at home he’ll be almost glued to you, casually resting his head on your lap so that you can play with his hair. back hugging you while you are making food. 
  • one time he slept over at your house and you woke up to him mumbling in his sleep, 
  • “Y/N don’t go! I have to give you one more hug and kiss before you go!!” 
  • you would just snicker silently to yourself while you just get out of bed to make breakfast. 
  • while Daniel is preparing to leave you go up to him and decide it’s the perfect time to repeat what he said and see if he reacts to it. 
  • “But Daniel don’t leave! I have to give you one more hug and kiss before you go!” 
  • and then you just start laughing to yourself while Daniel is just standing there confused, but then he realizes that he must’ve said that while he was sleeping so he just starts getting all red in the face while you are laughing your ass off still. 
  • so he decides to grab you and start planting kisses all over your face unexpectedly. 
  • fights wouldn’t really happen but when they do they are often solved quickly since Daniel really cares about you and what you think so he’ll often try to talk it out with you and understand your side of the argument while also calmly explaining his side 
  • and then after that you both would probably play with the cats together. 
  • but since he’s an idol he can’t come over all the time so there are moments where you don’t see him for a week or a couple and you just feel really lonely but he left his cats at your place so you don’t feel as lonely. he also left his sweater there but since it’s summer you don’t wanna sweat all over his jacket 
  • he’ll text you often so don’t worry about him ignoring you, in fact he gets all sad and stuff when you don’t reply to him for a long time. 
  • but when he comes back from promoting and all that jazz you better believe that he’ll literally be stuck to you at the hip. like wherever you go he’ll come along with so that he’s near you because he missed you that much. 
  • “I missed you so much y/n I kept on telling the other members about you and they told me to stop at one point because I wouldn’t stop talking.”
  •  you’d just laugh and pinch his cheeks because he’s so cute and also that you couldn’t believe that you scored someone like him.
  •  “I missed you too Daniel, your cats was the only thing keeping me company besides work, but I haven’t told them I was dating anyone.” 
  • In conclusion you both would be a cute couple that everyone would be low key jealous of. 

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Imagine this: It's bring your pet to work day, every country brings a normal animal except maybe Australia. Everybody is there except Greece and Germany. Cue to 2 doors diametrically opposed opening and an army of dogs coming from one door and an army of cats from another with Germany and Greece respectively behind each one with a smile on their face like what just happened was normal

Lmao your imagination is beautiful, honey~! I love it! <3 :D Honestly, this is so in character and I can see it so well in my head! And then these two would probably realize that they just released a bunch of dogs and cats together in the same space and start arguing with each other. Then it would turn into which a animal is better type of thing and they’d keep this up, while everyone else in the meeting room is desperately trying to contain the crazy amount of animals.

Countries are scared, holding their own animals (especially if they have small ones) and some are standing on chairs. The Italy brothers (including Seborga) are petting as many animals as they can, Prussia and America are both just laughing obnoxiously at the chaos, Russia is just sitting in a corner with animals piled on top of him, smiling like nothing is happening. Austria would begin trying to calm down the animals with some music but it only makes them more hyper.

Japan is deciding how many animals he can adopt without it becoming a problem, England and France are cursing at each other for no particular reason other than that’s what they do in any situation, and China has passed out from an overload of cuteness. Poland is miffed no one else brought a pony for their pet and the Baltics have all become buried under fuzzy animal love. Spain is just laughing and smiling, totally oblivious to everyone’s distress, while Turkey has taken Germany’s side in his argument simply because he hates Greece. 

Sweden has picked up Finland and thrown him over his shoulder because he doesn’t want him getting hurt, causing the man to be bright red. Denmark is running around, having the time of his life cuddling & petting all these cute animals. Australia is probably one of the few people who are actually being helpful and making a difference in rounding up the animals. 

Everyone else is pretty much just like what the hell is going on?! 

Originally posted by dailyhappylife

Hehe sorry I just immediately could picture how certain countries would react and had to include it. :3 

-Mod Lily

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My 1 year old elkhound mix hates his harness or collar. The thing is he loves walks and is totally fine once its on, but he runs away when you bring out either his harness or collar. We bought the harness because we thought maybe his collar was pulling but its the same with both. Is there anyway to make him like putting them on and not running and hiding?

Make it voluntary, just like in the ask from a day or so ago with the cat who doesn’t like the harness. Start working on desensitization just for bringing the gear out, then work on having him be calm around it, then interact with it at all, then voluntarily stick his head into it. Don’t force him into it while you’re in the training process or you’ll ruin the trust you’re building, and remember to go as slowly as your dog needs. Rushing will just set your progress back.

Something Just Like This - Chapter 1

(You know how sometimes you listen to a song and something about it, the lyrics or just the whole thing just grab you and you have to listen to it round and round? Anyway this accidentally happened)

But she said, where’d you wanna go?

How much you wanna risk?

I’m not looking for somebody with some superhuman gifts

Some superhero, some fairytale bliss

Just something I can turn to, somebody I can kiss

I want something just like this

Keep reading

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Rfa boys, sorry for jaehee fans, and them reacting to MC bringing them lunch at work/school. She doesn't necessarily have to make it but its up to you :D

Your wish is my command :3 I think this is such a cute one ohmigosh. I totally rushed this one tho so it might not be that great IM SORRY BUT I WANTED TO GET STARTED ON THE REQUESTS THAT I HAVE. but no baehee D: PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SEND IN REQUESTS OR JUST QUESTIONS, I will answer them in the order I receive them :D


  • He totally slept in and bolted outta the house without grabbing his lunch. 
  • He was texting you about how he was starving in class, bc he didn’t eat breakfast and didn’t have enough money for lunch  I feel you yoosung 
  • So being the amazing girlfriend that you are you decide to bring him a lunch
  • You pack all of his faves, throwing in some honey buddha chips that he stole from seven in too,
  • You get dressed and decide to surprise him on campus RIP MC
  • You’re about to abort mission and just text him when you hear some people talking about LOLOL, naturally you gravitate towards them because if yoosung wasn’t there then god only knows where he was
  • Sure enough he was in the middle of the group, having a heated debate on which weapon would be best when he saw you
  • His jaw dropped, and he rubbed his eyes a few times
  • Ok so I know I’m tired but why do I see my beautiful girlfriend in front of me, am I like losing my mind
  • He heard his friends talking, “woah, why is that babe walking over here smiling?” “idk man but i’d hit that”
  • And like that our little yandere boy was out of his dream like state
  • He glared at his friends, told them that was his gf. 
  • He walked over to MC and smiled, hugging her, what are you doing here he asked
  • Well being the amazing gf that I am, I brought you a lunch :D I made it myself too, and delivered it. Aren’t you lucky
  • As if he didn’t already know. >.>
  • He was so happy he couldn’t even say anything he just squeezed her again
  • They sat down to eat together, and his friends came by again bc they didnt believe mc was real to say hello
  • Yoosung was so happy surrounded by his friends and girlfriend,”I should forget my lunch more often”


  •  You were worried about your man, is that a crime
  • His schedule was so crazy packed and it looked like he lost weight too
  • You didn’t want your baby to overexert himself
  • so obv you grab some food and decide to have lunch with him
  • You pick up some super healthy food, and grab some fish shaped bread for desert and make your way to his rehersals. 
  • You sit in the audience, admiring your talented boy toy, when the director calls the scene
  • You get up and he runs over to you, smothering you in a hug
  • Babe, what a pleasant surprise. What’s up, I miss you” :(
  • Zen we saw each other like 5 hours ago. Yeah EXACTLY
  • You hold up the food and his entire face lights up
  • He’s so happy that you care 
  • Ever since he ran away from home, he’s been on his own
  • So he’s really happy that you care enough about him to bring him lunch
  • You guys sit together and eat it, enjoying each others company
  • He tries feeding you, laughing at the blush the begins to crawl on your face
  • Also, you guys may or may not go into his dressing room for a little fun hue hue hue


  • You know that cat daddy stresses himself out and totally over works himself
  • so one day you make him lunch
  • tbh you’re really nervous
  • before you can change your mind
  • you barge into his office and see him at his desk looking over paper
  • hair mussed from him running his hands through it all day
  • He barely notices you, so you walk over to him and kiss him on the cheek
  • That stirrs him out of his trance
  • “MC, darling what brings you here? Is everything alright?”
  • You kiss him on the nose, “Yes Juju, everythings great. I thought you might be stressed out so I cooked lunch for you. I don’t know if it will suit your taste tho…..”
  • Nonsense.” He immediately brings you over to the couch and begins digging in. He honestly would love anything, as long as it was somewhat associated with you. 
  • As you being talking to him, he visibly relaxes. Enjoying your company, he listens, playing with your hair affecctionately. Feeding you bites inbetween your stories. 
  • After he is finished he pulls you to him, and just holds you. He kisses the top of your head and says into your hair, how much he appreciates everything you do for him and how much you love him. 
  • He’s totally blushing guys, I can’t hes so cute GAWD
  • Afterwards he just kisses you, letting you know that he loved the commoner food and wouldnt mind having it more often. 
  • Now you guys have lunch dates like every week :3


  • So since this nub works from home, its not a huge ordeal to bring him lunch
  • thats what youd think right
  • this kid, literally LIVES on chips and phd pepper
  • Initially, he gets irriatated when you bring him food, but when he sees that you made it yourself and put it effort
  • He feels so guilty
  • Here you were just trying to show that you cared about him, and he was being a dick 
  • surprise surprise
  • So he’ll come over and this guy
  • will act 
  • so 
  • spoiled
  • like you gotta feel him everything
  • and he will be hella clingy
  • MC! MC! Seven wants the airplane now” 
  • Seven why are you talking in third person
  • He is super surprised at how well you cook, and he makes a mental note to try making breakfast for you once
  • like how hard could it be right?
  • GoD PlS nO
  • After you guys eat he cuddles you a lot, he still is kinda closed with his emotions, but he seriously loves you. He doesn’t feel worthy at all of your love, but he can’t let you go. 
  • Covers you in kisses to try showing you how much he loves you
  • Also tries to burp in your mouth, thats it we’re over seven

Yeah so this one was a fast one hehe. Please specify if you guys want mini fics or like scenarios or like hc/reactions. I like my posts to be on the longer side but I seriously rushed through this one. I am always open to critique so if you guys have any tips or comments pls send them in i would love reading them :D

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Breaking Cover (PT.1)

Was it smart to be a detective dating an ADA? Probably not. Could it cost both of you your jobs? 100%. Were the both of you willing to risk it? Absolutely.

It wasn’t long after you were introduced to Rafael that you decided to make something out of it. Going out for a drink turned into going to dinner, which turned into spending the night, which actually ended up with you moving in with him.

The months quickly were turning into a year and it was a thrill. But what had you not done yet? Told the SVU team. It was just something you both agreed should happen when the time was right. So after a couple of close calls of almost being seen together on date night, you left it at that.

It wasn’t always easy. I mean, it really was a seductive process to watch him get lost in reviewing evidence and sometimes his sarcasm was a huge lip biter.

He loved watching you work. Connecting the dots and working with Carisi, Rollins, Fin etc to figure the case out. Generally though, it was all kept under control.

Basically, co-workers by day and lovers by night. There wasn’t ever a need to bring your relationship sides out into the open at work. That was, until an unexpected visitor showed up.

You, Rafael, and the entire team were gathered around the table in front of the white boards trying to piece the differing timelines together. Your cell phone was ringing endlessly in your pocket. You assumed it was the neighbors complaining about your cat again. Even though you did not own a cat.

“Okay, so our perp rapes young blondes in their hotel rooms and then sends them on their way. The other three victims couldn’t make out his face…there’s got to be something else here.” Carisi stated.

You shrugged off the endless calls until you glanced over your shoulder to see a set of unmistakable strawberry-blonde locks that belonged to your sister. You almost fell right where you were standing. You hadn’t kept touch with your sister for almost four years.

Your legs were now wobbly with nervousness. Your sister’s presence meant bad news. She lived in San Francisco with your aunt and uncle…after your parents died, that was your guardians.

Her fifteen year old self was hardly content. She was shaky and looked just as nervous as you. She looked around like she was lost as she approached the officer at the front desk.

“Ma'am, who are you here for?” He said rather intimidatingly.

You were frozen in your spot. Worry coating your eyes. Rafael caught your glance and was now curious. Before anyone could approach your sister, you sprung;

“Oh my God. I’ll be right back.” You said rather panicked.

You could feel everyone’s eyes burning into your back as you hugged your sister and waved the officer off. You could tell something was wrong.

“Melanie, what’s wrong? Why are you here? How did you get here? Where’s Aunt Jane and Uncle Matt?” You fired off questions.

Your normal teenage sister would have taken that moment to make a snarky comment about your lack of greeting. Instead, a single tear slid down her cheek;

“I got here three days ago. I was traveling with Laney, you remember her, and…” She trailed off.

You listened carefully. Fearful of what she was going to say next.

“What happened, Mel?” You asked softly.

Carisi, the little snitch, told Olivia that you had wandered off. She was watching like a hawk. Rafael’s worry was growing.

Melanie finally started sobbing and she bursted;

“I was raped, Y/N. I didn’t know what else to do.” She sobbed.

Your heart fell. Your insides all of a sudden felt fuzzy. Your head felt like it was spinning at a million miles an hour. Tears were threatening to form in your eyes, but crying would only make her feel worse.

“Melanie…I’m so sorry. I swear, I will help you. We all will…but right now I need you to come sit right here for a minute, okay? I know you’re hurting and humiliated…just give me five minutes.” You guided Melanie to your desk where she shakily sat down.

The stares coming from your squad was making her even more nervous. You gave her a gentle pat on the back before returning to the circle with tears in your eyes.

You didn’t know what to say. Rafael was beyond worried about you now. His boyfriend side threatened to arise. Olivia finally broke the silence;

“Y/N, are you alright?” She questioned cautiously.

The sight of you about to break down and cry was a lot for all of them to handle. You were strong and bold. Nothing could break you. Rafael wanted to hold you so bad in this moment. Only he had seen you at your worst.

You were silent with an open mouth. You had so idea what to say.

“Yeah, you’re looking a little pale, doll.” Carisi commented.

Rafael was turning red at the sound of Carisi’s little nickname for you. He hated it. You knew Carisi didn’t mean anything by it.

“I need just a minute.” You finally cracked out.

With a nod from Liv, you turned on your heel to talk to your sister. You snatched Carisi’s chair from his desk and you sat across from her. She looked exhausted and completely drained.

“Melanie…I know it’s hard and you may not remember everything. I need you to tell me everything from the beginning.” You said still fighting the tears.

Melanie’s eyes were now fixed on a figure standing tall behind you. You turned around as you felt a hand on your shoulder;

“Everything okay, cariño?” Rafael asked quietly.

He couldn’t bare to watch you suffer anymore. He was breaking cover. You glanced past him to see Carisi was sitting at his desk extremely close by watching like complete a moron. Fin and Rollins were too busy to notice.

The tears finally slipped from your control and they slid down your cheeks similarly to your sister.

Rafael’s heart was aching at the sight of you so broken. He sunk to your level and wiped your tears with his thumbs.

“Raf, this is my sister…she was raped.” You said darkly.

Rafael’s face went pale as he took a deep breath. He signaled Olivia who was still watching closely.

“Melanie…this is Lieutenant Benson. I need you to come with us and tell us everything about the rape.” You said standing her up from the chair.

Olivia didn’t quite have all the pieces, but enough to realize Melanie had been raped and you knew her.

Carisi’s jaw was to the floor as he perched on his desk. His mind still caught on Rafael’s affectionate actions towards you.

Melanie was still crying as you led her on with Olivia. You let them know you would be there in a minute. You stood up from Carisi’s chair and kicked it back under his desk.

“You’re okay, cariño. We’re going to handle it.” He said trying to snap you from your daze.

His hands gripped your shoulders firmly as Melanie’s words rang in your head. The thought of your beloved sister being attacked helplessly just shook you to the core.

You were still dead silent. You hung your head to avoid Rafael’s gaze. Carisi was just being obvious about his eavesdropping at this point. He leaned over to Rollins;

“Are you hearin’ this? I told you guys they were getting it on!” He said squirming like a child.

Rollins hushed him, not really believing what he was saying. Rafael wanted to get through to you. He didn’t care that he was so exposing your relationship.

“Listen to me, baby-girl. You’re okay and your sister is okay. I love you and we will catch this bastard.” He said pushing your hair back.

Rafael was pleading for you to say something because of his use of an English nickname.

You lifted your head which Rafael took as an opportunity to kiss you. His lips felt warm and comforting against yours. You could’ve sworn that Carisi did a damn back somersault.

“I’m fine…I need to talk to my sister. Please come with me.” You pleaded.

He nodded and pushed you slightly ahead. You were feeling grateful for him at this moment. He was so willing to help and jump on the case quickly for your sister.

That’s why you loved him so much…because he would do anything for you. You stopped at the door of the victim-friendly interrogation room. You knew he wouldn’t come in the room but would watch through the mirror. You took a deep breath and entered the room.



Summary: The most notorious mafia gang in the city, and you’re at the heart of it…quite literally!

Based off of this request - “All of BB - MADE trailer. All hitmen. U r like a sister to them. All live together in a safe house (love ur cooking/adorable family). U get kidnapped & fucked up badly (ANGST!), they r PISSED. People get fucked up, killed while they save you. Fun ;)”

AN: OMG I got such a hugely positive response for this series to go ahead, so…here’s the second part! ;) 
…Lets meet the boys shall we? :P x

Part 1

Part 2

It was a rare occasion when Jiyong had all the boys round to enjoy a meal. More often than not he kept it all strictly business- with the exception of Youngbae. However, once in a while he’d give you a call early in the evening to say he was sending Soobin -his private chef- round to prepare a meal for the 5 of them and that if you wanted to, you could join- which you hardly ever turned down, except when you were ill.

Your eagerness had nothing to do with wanting to know Jiyong’s business- if you wanted to know, you could just ask him, he’d tell you anything. It was more the fact that the men that he had working for him were some of the most fascinating men you’d ever met, and quite frankly, they were a great laugh.

Although, as you begin to get ready, hearing Soobin in the kitchen clattering about as she cooks, you cant help but think about the last time that Jiyong had hosted one of these meals. It was all alright, and the evening was going smoothly, while being full of relaxation and laughter, up until Seungri had decided to tease the other members of the gang by dropping the formalities, refusing to use ‘hyung’ when referring to each of them, and within the space of 10 seconds Daesung and Youngbae had him in a very compromising position on the floor, the use of a knife being pointed towards his nether regions prompting him to remember who he was talking to.

It should have finished there, but with Seungri being the member of the group that had the most certificates in various martial arts- some you didn’t even know how to pronounce- by the time they let go of him and removed the knife, he’d swept them both to the floor in the blink of an eye and had proceeded to remind them of his achievements. Of course, when Seunghyun had stood up from his chair on Jiyong’s command, all of them had stepped away from each other before he could take a step in their direction. The man had a very… formidable- read:terrifying- reputation.

'My Darling, Jagi?!’

Jiyong’s singsong call makes you grin as you regard yourself in the mirror, checking you looked okay, before standing up and making your way to the door, getting startled when it suddenly flies open.

'Ah! There you are!’

You’re enveloped in a pair of warm, muscular arms before you can even register Jiyong’s face, giggling as you hug him back and press a kiss to his lips, the bare skin beneath your hands bringing your attention to the fact that he was shirtless.

'Where did your-’ you’re about to ask, before looking over his shoulder and seeing the discarded white material on the floor in the corridor.

'Ji, why cant you just put it in the washing basket? Or, you know, wait till you actually get to the bedroom before taking your shirt off?’ you ask, tone playfully scolding as you raise your brows at him, watching him pout as his eyes glue to your lips.

'Jagi, I just got home, give me a kiss and stop whining.’ he complains, leaning forward to attack your mouth and frowning when you lean away from him, relying on him to keep you from falling down with his arm around your waist and your hands clasped on his shoulders.

'Sir, you can talk to me like that when i’m your maid, but if you dont go and pick that shirt up right now-’

'Fine.’ he cuts you off, huffing angrily as he props you back up and walks back to retrieve his shirt from the floor, snapping it angrily in the air before walking past you to the laundry basket just inside the bathroom door.

'Happy now?-OH-’

You grin as you push him back against the wall, crashing your lips to his and feeling how tight his grip was on your waist where you had surprised him, smirking at his survival instincts. You chuckle into his mouth as you feel him relax into you, hearing him whine needily as his lips move ravenously against yours, his tongue joining the mix and coaxing yours into joining it.

'You’re such a-’

'If that sentence doesn’t end in princess, or sexy motherfucker, then you should stop now.’ you pant as you pull away from him, smirking before noticing that your lipstick had smudged all over his mouth.

'JI!’ you complain, turning your head to look in the giant, gilded, framed mirror that stood in one corner of your bedroom and seeing the mess that was your mouth.

'Hey! Dont blame me! You were the one that attacked me! Besides, I should be the one complaining at you-’

'Oh, come on! We all know how much you love me doing your eyeliner when you have a serious business deal and you need to look badass.’ you argue, grinning at him, not being able to help the way your gaze flickers between his and his lips.

'Hmmm, I’ll let you off if you kiss me again.’ Ji murmurs, pursing his lips in invitation, which you immediately accept, holding his head tightly as you deepen the kiss.

'Well this reminds me of last night.’ he mumbles against your mouth, chuckling mischievously as his hands slide to your butt to give it a firm squeeze, making your hips jolt against his, bringing your attention to the fact you were wearing one of your favourite dresses.

'Ji, dont ruin my dress.’ you grumble, pulling away from him to look down at yourself, neatening the fabric before getting pulled against him once again.

'Jagi, you look beautiful, you know that?’ he whispers, grinning that cheshire cat grin of his as his half lidded eyes peer down at you, his mouth inching ever closer and hypnotizing you into kissing him again.

He always did this. He’d have a productive day at work- finish a deal or something, then because his day had gone well he’d invite the boys round, but because he was so excited about the achievements of the day, he’d end up racing home to you so that you could enjoy them with him.

And as much as you enjoyed that…you were also very aware that the boys would be round any min-

You try to push him away when you hear a loud knock echo down the hall from the front door, half giggling and half groaning when he begins to attack your neck instead, but as soon as you hear Youngbae’s voice as he converses with Soobin, you know you both need to stop.

'Baby, come on. You need to get dressed.’ you murmur, pulling his head back up to your face and kissing him soundly, before slipping out of his arms and pulling the bathroom door shut behind you as you make your way out, winking at him as you leave him stood staring after you with a lust filled gaze that promised to continue your activities later.

You quickly fix your makeup in your vanity before making your way down the hall to greet Youngbae, finding Daesung stood with him when you finally make it to the lounge and smiling at them both warmly.

'Good Evening, Boys.’ you say, giving each a hug and a kiss on the cheek before Soobin brings you over your usual Martini- having already given the other two men their drinks.

'You look lovely this evening, Y/N.’ Youngbae comments from his place in Jiyong’s usual chair, sat looking pleased with himself that he’d managed to claim the spot, but you know that he’ll only be there so long. Your eyes move to Daesung who was leant against the window ledge at the side of the room, his gaze focused outside of the building, as if he was scouring the streets for threats.

When you’d first met Daesung he’d been full of light, very eager to do anything and everything that Jiyong asked of him, and very capable of doing it- although at times he could be slightly clumsy. But as you watch him now, you cant help but notice the subtle changes in him.

His shoulders were bigger…heavier…like he was carrying the weight of the world on them. His body had thinned out so that he now just looked like one solidly shaped muscle, the way he kept his knees constantly bent slightly, telling you he was ready to pounce at any given opportunity. The thick muscles of his arms that almost bulged through his shirt struck fear into the hearts of enemies whilst enticing potential partners, but for some reason you never saw him with anyone else…

His face had changed too. The sunshine smile of the youth that you’d first met three years ago had dimmed a little, although whenever he looked directly at someone he always conjured it back up like there was no difference. The lines around his eyes that seemed to have sunk even deeper into his face proved that the job had aged him, but the spritely tufts of thick, dyed, chestnut hair ontop of his head helped him maintain his youthful appearance.

He was a quiet man. Simple in his needs. And he only really ever spoke about something when he had something useful or inspiring to say. The only exception to this rule being when he’d had a few drinks or was on an adrenaline high.

'How are you, Daesung?’ you ask, watching as he turns to look at you quickly, his signature smile appearing within the blink of an eye as he moves away from the window to approach you, sitting in the chair beside you.

'I am very well, thank you Y/N. Yourself?’

It was five minutes into your conversation with Daesung about life, mainly the current state of the economic sector of the nation- which drew Youngbae in with a frustrated complaint about rising costs of fuel (Youngbae being the main getaway driver/chauffeur of the group)- that the door opened without warning and Seungri swaggered on into the apartment with a bright expression and a heavy looking bag of what turned out to be alcohol.

'Whats happening, people?’ he greets loudly, spotting you and smirking as he gives the bag to Soobin, before making his way over and dropping himself into the spare spot on the sofa beside you, purposefully sitting as close as possible.

'Y/N, may I say you are looking particularly beautiful tonight…although you are always breath-taking.’ the youngest man greets you, leaning his arm along the back of the sofa behind you and giving you his undivided attention.

'Seungri, do you have a death wish?’ Youngbae asks disbelievingly, watching the Maknae’s antics from the seat across from you and making you smile at his question.

It wasn’t a secret that you were considered as the biggest jewel in Jiyong’s crown. Although your meeting hadn’t been all that traditional or conventional for a romantic relationship.

You were rescued by a rival gang amidst an ambush on your fathers estate- after which you hadn’t seen your family again, but before they’d even managed to take you back to their base, the car you had been riding in had been commandeered by a man with a flashy mohican and the members of the rival gang that had been sat in the car with you had each been taken out with a bullet to the head from a gun you had no recollection of ever seeing- although you later found out that that was one of the charms of Seunghyun.

Daesung had then proceeded to coax you out of the vehicle and into another much more expensive looking van, which is where you’d first come face to face with Jiyong. You remember even amidst all the chaos that you’d gone through that night, you’d been able to appreciate the beauty of the man, getting completely transfixed by the catlike grace with which he held himself and the flash of mischief that was so very prominent in his gaze.

It had still taken you months to trust him- you weren’t stupid. But it was the first night that you’d seen his skills put to work- only ever having seen him sat behind a desk or giving orders before that as he’d kept you captive- seeing the way every shot he fired was precise, every blow he landed hit his target perfectly, every move he made being exact in its measurements and purpose…that showed you just how alike to a piece of art he was.

Just like he was right now.

'Seungri, would you mind telling me why you’re sat so close to my girl?’

He walked into the room with an effortless beauty, having changed into a quirky yet suave outfit that consisted of black loose fitting slacks, a glittering, white, close fitting shirt and braces, all topped off with his hair twisted into a 60’s style quiff and a cigarette hanging loosely from his fingers.

'Just keeping her company, boss.’ Seungri responds, winking at you cheekily and making you narrow your eyes at him in disbelief- a look that Jiyong doesn’t fail to catch.

'Really? Cause she doesn’t seem to look all that comfortable with your company. And if my girl isn’t comfortable, Im sure as hell not either.’ Jiyong murmurs, his voice growing dark as he continues to make his way slowly in your direction, his aggressive glare fixed solely on Seungri as he nods his head to tell him to move, the Maknae quickly following orders, before Ji folds himself elegantly into the vacated spot beside you, pulling you into him as soon as he’s comfortable and smelling just as good as he always did.

'So, where is Seunghyun-’

As if on que there is a polite, yet definitive knock at the door, and you watch as Soobin hurries over to open it, bowing politely as she reveals the final gang member in the entry way.

Every time you set your eyes on Seunghyun you get hit with a mixture of fear and awe, the presence that the man commands meaning you can hardly take your eyes off of him, both due to his beauty and the prevalent fear that if you do, you could be dead in seconds. A hushed quiet descends over the room as he walks in, the constant subtle smirk that fixes his features putting everyone on edge- everyone, except Jiyong.

'Nice, of you to finally join us, Hyung.’

That was the other thing about Seunghyun, not only was he one of the more experienced members, he was also the oldest and therefore- with the exception of Jiyong- demanded the most respect. He doesn’t say anything as he mosied on over to the seating area, descending gracefully into the seat that Youngbae vacates- sitting on the opposite sofa- and getting himself comfortable, taking the glass of wine that Soobin offers him gratefully before finally turning his attention to his boss.

'Its my pleasure, Jiyong.’

His deep voice makes the words tremble as they seep beneath your skin, and although you dont like to openly admit it, Jiyong is highly aware of the effect that Seunghyun has on you, the man never failing to put you on edge, no matter how much he fascinates you.

You feel Jiyong’s hand caress your waist tenderly as he drops a small kiss to your temple, smiling at you when you turn to him, before turning his attention to the rest of the room adopting his 'relaxed’ business expression and humming in approval when he sees that all of his guests were there.

'Well, since you’re all here, we might as well start the celebrations.’ Jiyong comments, taking the glass of scotch that Soobin offers, the woman handing another glass with darker liquid to Seungri, before the man next to you holds his in the air, being followed by you and the men around him.

'To a day’s work well done. To friends. To comrades….

…And to the legend that is Bigbang.’


anonymous asked:

Vanderwood is the best, they deserve the best, thank so so much for your wonderful vanderwood blog and love and all your wonderful Layton reaction images. You're giving me life during this difficult exam times. Could I possibly get the RFA + minor trio reacting to vodka aunt MC who's like the fun aunt to all of her friend's kids but is just content to live in her own (the drawing for mc really reminds me of my godmother who's this very independent woman who's referred to as the witch lady)

✿ So I really, really, really love urban fantasy and witches so I… maybe… took the ‘witch lady’ bit… and ran w/it a little…. i hope that is ok.


  • you are the coolest.
  • At first, Yoosung is kind of clingy, and he wants to be ‘your champion’ a bit more than you care for. It’s cute! Really! But you’re also… you, you’re solid and steady and can take care of yourself. Setting boundaries is a bit of a hurdle, but once you get that all settled out, your relationship really works.
  • Yoosung is in awe the first time you invite him to your house, staring at your beautifully kept liquor cabinet and the shelves of weird trinkets you’ve brought back with you from your various journeys. You’re educated, interesting, and well-traveled, and he drinks in all the stories of places you’ve been and things you’ve seen. We can tell from Yoosung’s eclectic club-hopping that so much of life just fascinates him, and he’s so hyped to meet someone who’s as into experiencing new things as you.
  • He’s even more impressed when you show him your drawers full of crystals and runes and the dried herbs you have hanging in your kitchen. You’ve got a bit of a magic hobby, you say - no, no, you’re not into any of that ‘cursing’ business, don’t worry - and you do your best to invite warmth and positivity into your life.
  • part of the reason why you like Yoosung so much oh-hoh-ho
  • You start doing little spells for him. You’ll make him charms for good luck, give him jewelry meant to improve his focus… and sometimes he’ll come over to your house to study because the air just feels cleaner there. Purer. He gets stressed less easily and is more hopeful.
  • You make him feel like he can do anything.
  • He likes all of your nieces, nephews, and the kids of all your friensd, and he dotes on them just like you do. The two of you go out gift shopping for them constantly, and he’s rly helpful because he’s got the mind of a kid so positive and enthusiastic.
  • The two of you end up being ‘the weird old couple’ who have a million stories and who are always down to help their neighbors out.
  • On day, he watches the next door neighbor’s dog get hit by a car, and the both of you swoop in. He saves the dog’s life while you use your ~witchy wisdom and calm demeanor~ to keep the family calm. 
  • You’re invited to dinner at their house every Friday from then on, and the kids in that house call Yoosung a superhero. (he loves it so much omg)


  • omg zen loves ur family so much
  • The first time you take him over to your sister’s place to visit, he’s besieged by a million of your nieces and nephews. He has a blast doing funny voices for them and showing them with gifts, and he immediately takes his place as ‘hilarious uncle’ to compliment your ‘fun aunt’. 
  • seriously those kids are always asking about when he’s going to come around again
  • He totally believes that you’re a witch, and the two of you discuss his dreams. He starts keeping a dream journal, and you advise him about his weird prophetic ability.
  • (he gets into crystals too, partially because they’re so pretty.)
  • He’s… kind of bummed that you’re not really into the idea of starting a traditional family with him, but the fact that you slot him into your own family helps a lot with that. You’re always going over to dinner with your relatives, and he gets really intense about choosing presents for the kids.
  • (zen doesn’t need to lift weights anymore, he can just hoist the twins up in his arms and carry them around)
  • Your grandparents love the handsome man you’ve started bringing around, and one of your young cousins really admires Zen and wants to be an actor just like him.
  • (he starts giving her acting lessons.)
  • Zen knows what happiness is when he’s sitting on the porch with you and the other adults, having a beer and laughing late into the evening.


  • Jaehee Kang is impossibly in love with you.
  • Your smile, the way you hum as your stirring your coffee, your ability to pick the perfect gift and how you’re so kind and generous to everyone around you…
  • You don’t have any children of your own, nor do you really want any, but you feel like you’re a mother to everyone you meet. She loves your family, and spending time with them helps fill the hole in her heart that she didn’t really ever fully realize was there.
  • You’re so much fun. Jaehee loves having a glass of wine with you (or some other concotion from your cabinet) and you’re always teaching her new ways to enjoy life.
  • You’ve got a million little tricks - such as putting cinnamon in her hot chocolate or adding a little dash of this and that to her latte to make it amazing. You teach her the beauty of scented candles and incense, and at the end of a long day, you show her the best ways to relax.
  • You constantly surprise her, you constantly impress her… and you constantly remind her of how lovely life is. Being with you is like being with the living embodiment of everything she’s every wanted, and sometimes it’s just so amazing that she has to sit down and figure out how she’s come this far.
  • You make her little charms and trinkets to help bring positivity and love into her life, and she doesn’t know if it’s really magic or just a result of your amazing mindset but it seems to work. 
  • She lets you do the decorating in her coffee shop, and customers always say the atmosphere is unbelievably welcoming. You say it’s because of magic and the spells that you cast, and she can’t help but think it’s because you’re magic itself. 

(the rest are underneath the cut!)

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anonymous asked:

hi could i request a headcanon of the rfa taking care of mc while they dealing with a cold

Hiya anon! Thank you so much for sending in our first request.(*^o^*) Mod DK and I were so excited to see this! We’re not 100% sure what we’re doing yet but we’re giving it a shot.

(No one asked for them but V and Saeran are under the cut.)

Zen -    

  • There was one time where you caught a cold and Zen had no idea what to do.
  • Since his body recovers at inhuman speed he’s gotten over the cold in like 2 hours.
  • He frantically messaged everyone at 3am asking what he should do because, “ GUYS YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND MC IS DYING.”
  • Someone help this poor boy.
  • After getting some useful advice from the other members, i.e. Jaehee, he went out and almost bought all the medicine he could find at the pharmacy.
  • After raiding the store he busted through the front door exclaiming that “ZEN THE KNIGHT IS HERE TO SAVE HIS PRINCESS!”
  • He was actually really sweet and caring though.
  • He clung to you like a Koala bear, constantly cuddling you and giving sweet kisses making sure that you were always comfortable.
  • During the nights where you would have nightmares induced from the fever he would gently sing to you and play with your hair until you went back to bed.
  • After you recovered he forced you to start eating better, take multivitamins, and work out with him.
  • His reasoning was that although he enjoyed playing the part of your knight in shinning armor he never wants to see you in pain ever again .
  • Now who would be able to get mad at that? Although you hated it, you haven’t been sick.

Yoosung -

  • You had once gotten sick from someone when buying groceries.
  • This boy has a 6th sense for this kind of thing and noticed the signs that you were sick before you did.
  • Because Yoosung has a little sister he is used to taking care of people and is a natural when it comes to nursing you back to health.
  • He called his mother the day you were sick and asked for her famous chicken noodle soup recipe and made it for you that night.
  • Yoosung is constantly there for anything you need, it was kinda freaky.
  • He’d be minding his own business, playing LOLOL, and before you even spoke up he would be by your side handing you more tissues or getting you something to drink.
  • You swear he has super powers.
  • Because you didn’t want him to get sick you insisted that he wore a face mask whenever he was around you
  • He still ended up giving you small kisses whenever he got a chance because he couldn’t help it, you are so damn adorable.

Jahee -

  • Mama Jaehee to the rescue
  • The first time you even sneezed she was by your side tissues in hand checking your temperature.
  • She wore a face mask all the time because she could not afford to get sick, not with her work piling up since Jumin decided to open up a new cat toy business.
  • Every surface of the house was lysoled and every four hours on the dot you were given your medicine.
  • Does not matter if she was at work or not she would call you and stay on the phone till you took your medicine.
  • When at home she was always mothering you, making sure you drank enough liquids, slept a lot, and changed the cooling pad on your head.
  • In order to cheer you up she would bake your favorite cookies and bring you the coffee she knew you adored.
  • “Coffee cures everything” she said with a completely straight face, to this day you still cannot tell if she was joking or not.
  • She wasn’t joking.
  • When you couldn’t sleep at night she would stay up with you no matter how tired she was and you two would talk till morning about your future plans and dreams for the coffee shop.
  • After you fell asleep she gave you a small kiss and told you to get better soon.
  • Jaehee is careful but efficient, within two days you were completely healed and you still have no idea how that happened exactly.

707 -

  • One day you had to call into work because you were feeling under the weather and could not leave the bed without passing out.
  • Seven understandably freaks the fuck out.
  • He first gets really angsty beating himself up for not noticing that you were sick until it was too late.
  • The minute you start having coughing fits all these negative thoughts fly out of his head and he is by your side in an instant.
  • The next thing you know you are covered from head to toes with band-aids looking like a poorly concealed mummy with a runny nose.
  • Since he has looked after himself for a while he has no idea what to do because, “The famous 707, defender of justice, never gets sick.”
  • His first solution was to feed you Honey Buddha Chips and let you drink PH D. Pepper because this heavenly combination can cure even the sickest people.
  • Everything is not going according to Keikaku
  • Authors Note: Keikaku means plan
  • When that obviously doesn’t help and the shock wears off that you were not instantly cured, instincts kicked in from when he had to nurse Saeran back to health when they were kids.
  • He does a 180 degree change and is actually feeding you soup and giving you tea with lemon and honey.
  • He refused to leave your side no matter what. Anything you asked he would get it for you in a minute.
  • He moved his computer to your side and worked while you were sleeping and gave you small kisses even though you got “mad” every time he did.
  • Before bed he would stop work and you would talk for hours about your future wedding at the space station.

-Mod DK

Jumin -

  • If you even so much as cough this boy is on the phone with the doctor.
  • He researches exactly what to do for a sick person.
  • Rich boy always had someone taking care of him when he was sick.
  • Jumin’s probably the type to send home sick people from work.
  • Get your g e r m s out of his workplace.
  • It’s a whole different story when you catch a cold h̶e̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶g̶l̶u̶e̶d̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶s̶i̶d̶e̶.
  • “Jaehee, cancel all of my meetings, MC just sneezed.”
  • He’s totally not worried about getting sick if it’s you he catches it from.
  • Sends the chef home and makes chicken noodle soup ,by himself, just for you.
  • It is surprisingly delicious soup.
  • Always has a hot cup of tea ready for you.
  • He makes the best tea.
  • Will draw you a bath and wash your hair for you to help you feel better.
  • Cuddles you forever.
  • checks your temp like three times an hour.

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