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request: hi julia can i request something cuddly/smutty w jimin??
genre: fluff, smut
pairing: jimin x you
word count: 1,690
A/N: Ah I hope this is cuddly/fluffy enough for you anonnie. ^^’ This was such a pain cause PARK JIMIN /flips table/ Anyways, I hope you like it ~ ( I just realized I forgot to give this a title orz so I’m just gonna call it late nights lmao)

(gif credit goes to it’s right owner!)

The noise of rain hitting loudly against the thick window filled the silent and dark apartment, keeping you awake since the clock hit 12 am. Not that you could sleep anyways since your boyfriend was still out, being the practice bug he was. You turned to your side, watching the rain dripping down the window as your eyes slowly closed shut.

A loud thud ripped you out of your sweet slumber, your body jolting up out of fear and surprise. “Ah it’s just me Jagiya, sorry for waking you up” Jimins soothing voice appeared out of nowhere, your eyes still not used to the dark surrounding you. 

As your eyes got used to the lighting, you saw your clumsy boyfriend rubbing his injured knee after just running into the edge of the bed. “You alright?” you rubbed your tired eyes while sweet giggles escaped your lips at the thought of him being clumsy. Jimin just chuckled back silently, taking of his sweatpants and throwing his shirt into the darkness. 

“Now that I’m with my Jagiya I feel a lot better” a smile crept up Jimins lips as he crawled under the covers next to you, his arm snaking automatically around your waist and pulling you closer. 

“I feel the grease flooding our bed” you swatted his biceps playfully as light chuckles escaped his mouth.

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reasurance - luke blurb

“Luke!” You yell out sleepily immediately after you wake up, your chest pounding.
Luke jolts up with his wife eyes as you shake gently.
“Y/N? Baby, what’s wrong?” Luke whispers, putting his hand on your arm as you lay on the bed.
Calum rolls in his sleep on the other hotel bed beside your guys’.
“I had a bad dream,” You whisper, closing your eyes while trying to calm down. “I…I just needed reassurance, I’m sorry.”
“You’re fine,” He breathes, laying back down and scooting close to you to wrap his arm around you. “Are you alright?”
You nod and swallow a bit as he breathes out and nods.
“I got worried, babe.” He murmurs, pressing his lips against your head.
“I’m sorry.” You say into his chest, tears forming in your eyes.
“It’s okay,” he mumbles, kissing your head. “And you’re okay.”
You nod and breathe shakily. “I hate them, Luke.”
“I know, I know,” He whispers, rubbing your back. “M'sorry, princess.”
“It felt like I…like I was never gonna see you again, Lu.” You whisper, your voice cracking.
“Shhhh, baby, no,” Luke whispers to you as he pulls you close to him. “I got you, Y/N. It’s not real, okay? I got you. Always do.”
You cry gently into his chest and hold him close. “I’m so s-stupid. I’m sorry.”
“What’s going on?” A groggy voice asks from afar.
You sigh as Luke removes his lips from your head.
“Nothing. Go back to sleep, Mike.” Luke says, his thumb rubbing your shoulder blade.
You hear a groan and some movement.
You breathe out against Luke.
“Hey, don’t worry about it, please?” He whispers to you, squeezing your thigh a bit.
You nod gently. “I didn’t mean-”
“Darling…” He coos, before pulling away to kiss your lips sleepily, making you breathe against him at ease.
“Everything is alright.” He whispers against you, moving his hand to rub your side.
You cup his cheek with your palm as you kiss him softly, making him hum.
“You should get some more sleep, pretty girl.” He murmurs after pulling away, his lips hovering over yours.
You nod and move out of his reach to lay on your stomach as he lays on his side, watching you with sleepy eyes.
“I’m right here,” Luke reassures you, nodding slightly before taking your hand and bringing it to his lips. “Always.”
“I love you, Luke.” You whisper, feeling at ease and sleepy.
“I love you too Y/N,” He hums as his eyes droop gently. “A whole lot.”