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Hades and Persephone

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Request: “Hades/Persephone: reader is the only friend Ben ever had at his uncle’s Academy. After the fall, the Knights of Ren hunted her and brought her to Ren, at his command. She chose to remain, seeing her lost her friend in Kylo, as much as he tries to deny that. Little she knows Ben had feelings for her and Kylo Ren is selfish enough to desire to keep her by his side.”

“An interesting concept could be a Hades/Persephone story with Hades as Kylo Ren and Persephone as the reader. For Demeter i thought about Rey,but instead of being Persephone’s mother, she could be her older sister.”

“Would you be cool doing a Kylo x reader fic where reader is force sensitive and can see the future? Her village is raided but she escapes because of her ability. Kylo eventually catches her though. I love your writing.”

“Could I request an Emperor!Kylo x reader fic where the reader is the princess of a planet at war with The First Order? He ends up taking her captive after her planet loses and asks her to be his empress.”

Summary: Emperor Kylo has conquered a good portion of the galaxy at this point in his life, has unsurmountable power, a far more advanced base, surpassed his mentor and completed his training, however it’s still not enough. Recalling an old friend, one who has haunted his dreams for years, Kylo calls upon his Knights of Ren to find her and bring her to him. Though he knows it’s selfish he can’t help himself, and he tries to keep her with him…eternally.

A/N: If you have ever wondered how many requests I can bundle into one fic, well here you go haha. Yay for Greek mythology AU’s! I tried to make this as relevant to the SW universe as I could but still kept at least most of the myth in there. Also song recs if you want a creepy vibe while you read haha “Night Time, My Time” Sky Ferreira, “Rolling In On a Burning Tire” Dead Weather, “Once Upon a Dream” Lana Del Rey. Hope you enjoy the fic! :)

Ben watched as (Y/N) sat in the tall grass, whirling a stream of small leaves around her with a smile beaming like the sun that was illuminating around her. Her (Y/H/C) was highlighted with a halo like frame from the streams of light around her. Their afternoons almost always consisted of this, sitting in the fields by themselves finishing their lunches, showing off to each other with tricks of the force. 

Staring at her contagious smile, Ben sighed to himself. His brown eyes were focused on her, his expression dumbfounded. (Y/N) to say the least was a luminous being. Almost everything around her seemed to come to life when she strode through. Her smile could heal the sick, her laugh restore hearing to the deaf, sometimes it seemed as though her simple touch could revive life into things that were otherwise dead and dreary. Giggling (Y/N) turned to him with her same smile.

“Your turn!”

Suddenly shaken out of his admiring gaze Ben’s brows furrowed.


“Now you show me a trick!”

Pausing he tried to think of something that would impress her. The longer he pondered however, the more his aura dropped. All of the tricks he could think of were only destructive, chaotic, things created out of anger. The older he got, the harder it seemed to be to simply be appeased with himself using only forces of the light. It wasn’t enough. He wanted more. The voice in the back of his mind kept encouraging him to seek out more. 

“You do know a good trick don’t you?”

Staring at the fruit in his leather clad hand as he recalled the memory, Kylo rolled the round food around his large palm with the smooth motions of his thumb. The blood red exterior satisfied him greatly, especially with the stark contrast against his black leather gloves, as well as the all dark colorless surroundings he was engulfed with. A pair of Nexus deep in slumber lying at his feet, one at each side of his throne. 

Soon after he had completed his training, Kylo had carried out the ultimate task of defeating his original mentor and manipulator Supreme Leader Snoke. Though it freed him of his mental prison forced on by Snoke, it did not eleviate his destined path. He was in far too deep to be anything but solely committed to the Dark side. Now he sat on the ominos black marble throne, rigid and harsh in its design, as Emperor. He was finally the highest ranking soul of power on the Dark side, after years of dedication and torment, he had come out on top. 

Relishing in the fear he scattered across the galaxy, Kylo took it upon himself to make even more alterations to the First Order and its presence. Taking his Emperial throne, Kylo decided that a palace visible to the public would not be smart for his widely scorned kingdoms preservation. Sending out patrol after patrol, he searched far and wide for a planet, similar to Starkiller, to settle his kingdom onto. Snubbing Hux’s efforts with the newly improved base, Kylo wanted something, something far more impressive for his Empire. Finally, after months of scouting around every system known to the galaxy they came upon an otherwise scarcely populated arctic planet to make their new abode. 

The rolling hills of snow covered rock were seemingly deserted, deathly silent aside from the howling winds, it was like a blank canvas. Though beneath the snowy white surface, within the rocky terrain of the planet laid expansive miles of caverns. Within these grey caverns, twisting and winding through the dark, Kylo built his Emperial abode. It not only kept him concealed and protected, it added to the eerie persona he had established for himself as well as his Empire. 

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Turning Page

Author’s Note: This was so fun to write. Bucky Barnes just needs a hug and be told that everything is going to be okay… actually, everyone needs to hear that every once in a while, including me.

Requested by Anonymous: Are you still doing the Song Fanfic Requests? Can I please request ‘Turning Page’ by Sleeping At Last? Thank you so much! I love your work.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1551

I’ve waited a hundred years
But I’d wait a million more for you
Nothing prepared me for
What the privilege of being yours would do

Bucky stared at the ceiling above him, thinking of the life he had. He’s gone through hell and back, being experimented on, tortured, held captive… He should of been dead by now, along with his friends and family he left behind.

Bucky released a breath he didn’t even know he was holding. He tucked his right arm under his head and closed his eyes, trying to rid himself from his negative thoughts.

When the thoughts just pursued, he opened his eyes and looked down at you. You were fast asleep with your head laying on his chest. You were so beautiful, and he thanked his lucky stars that he had the privilege of being with you.

Bucky focused on the rise and fall of your chest, easing himself to sleep. When there came none, he looked back to his memories with you, cherishing any and all of them. Bucky knew what it was like to lose your memories, so he valued each memory even more.

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"So tell me...was she worth bring ruin down upon your kingdom, upon your brethern, upon your King? For a treacherous harlot who never loved you, who would sleep with any powerful man?" A pause, the Alter grinned as her palm rolled over his cheek. "Did you ever, think of me? When you kissed her? Laying in my bed?" ofinverse

“..I–” His body stopped functioning for a moment, it was almost like somebody shot an arrow through his heart and then sliced him in two afterward. He couldn’t find the proper words right now, his King…although this was the Altered variation, this was still his King saying these things to him..which made it even more hurtful than if it were anybody else stating it all. In his mind right now, he was like a glass window being shattered to shards. 

When her palm rolled over his cheek, he pulled away from her and tried not to look toward her and rather over her shoulder. “..I’m…” He had to say something, he had to apologize…but this was what he deserved, so why..bother? He deserved to be punished in any way that hurt him. “My King…I’m–…I’m sorry...I was tempted to sin with the Queen, I betrayed have every right to hate me or kill me where I stand.”

Fighting back tears, Lancelot swallowed his pride down. “..You don’t have to forgive me, I did horrible deeds, I betrayed you and the Round Table…if I could take it all back I would, but it is my pain to live with, so…I suppose no matter what, it will always have to live in my being that I…was the Knight who ruined all.”