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You should write a little drabble about Isak and even holding hands. That would be adorable.

Prompt: Hiii i have a prompt! Something like Isak really loving Even’s hands. Maybe when they’re around other people he likes to hold them or play with his fingers etc :)

Hi there!! I hope you don’t mid it being a little more than IsakandEven holding hands ;P


It’s not that it’s a thing thing.

It’s just- Isak really likes Even’s hands. He likes that they are bigger than his and easy to curl into. He likes how each and every one of Isak’s fingers seem to seamlessly fit into the gaps of Even’s when he holds his hand. Like puzzle pieces or some romantic shit like that. 

He likes that they are soft, save for the callouses on his right middle finger from holding pencils and pens.

He likes that most of the time, they are smudged with charcoal because when he sees it, he knows that Even has been sketching; and if Even has been sketching, he’s happy and alive and brimming with ideas that easily translate into boisterous images which leap off the page and into Isak’s heart.

He fucking likes Even’s hands, alright?

“What are you thinking about?”

Isak looks up, tracing the lines on Even’s face as they walk through town on a mission to bring the Kollektivet back kebab. Even’s hair is nicely styled today and only bits of it seem ruffled by the breeze enough to fall onto his forehead. His eyes are covered by black sunglasses (maybe Isak’s own pair, maybe not- all of their stuff has blended together as time went on).

“You.” Isak says, batting his eyes dramatically.

His boyfriend purses his lips and coos with an exagerated eyebrow waggle, squeezing Isak’s hand as it’s loosely folded into his. Isak brushes his thumb back and forth the top of his hand. 

I’ve come far, Isak thinks.

Only weeks ago, he couldn’t stand the thought of Even kissing him in public; couldn’t stand the idea that someone might look at them and know that they were together.

Now he’s holding Even’s hand and he never wants to let go. Because it feels so right, him and Even, clutching at each other’s hand like they hadn’t care in the world as they strolled down the street. Like their hands were a force that bridged them together for as long as they were entangled, two beings merged into one.

Or whatever.

It was just really nice to hold his hand.


Isak thinks this may have been a bad idea.

It’s Eskild’s birthday and in response, he demanded a largeloudboomingcrowded party to take place on a Friday night and, as he was currently in possession of a decent sized apartment; Isak was forced to endure the thumping and grinding and drinking that went on in his home.

Usually he’d be all for it. He’d be the first to wade into the grinding bodies and guzzle drinks down. He’d cheer and jeer as Eskild noisily got it on with some Spanish boy in the middle of their living room.

Normally, this was his scene and these were his people.

It’s just that Even is coming off of a couple of bad days and Isak is incredibly wary of what tonight’s festivities might do to him. Because despite what he’s insisted to him (i’m fine, it’s Eskild’s birthday, of course I have to be there, i’m fine) Even is not fucking fine. But Isak is working with it.

Which brings them to this point, curled up together at the far corner of the couch, with Jonas and Mahdi on the ground in front of them, laughing and taking shots. Even, who was leaning against Isak with his head on his chest, blinked lethargically.

Isak brushed some hair out of his boyfriend’s face, “Do you want to go to bed?”

Even shook his head, “Just got here.”


Isak brushed a kiss across Even’s forehead and slipped his fingers down, moving them until they nudge Even’s limp hands as they rest on his stomach. He traces the length of them slowly, finger by finger, until Even twitches.

Isak slides his fingers through them and brings them up higher on Even’s chest. Much more convenient for him to play with them. And he does; absently traces the veins barely visible through Even’s palms. He counts the knuckles on each hand, squeezing them, running his thumb over them, anything to keep Even feeling the warmth of his touch.

Isak smiles slightly at the dark freckle on the inside of Even’s left pointer finger, usually hidden, but today he scrapes his nail lightly over it, smiling as Even glances up in question.

“I love your hands,” Isak whispers, using his thumb to know smooth over the bridges of Even’s short nails.

Even quirks his lips and threads both hands through Isak’s waiting fingers.


Fuck, Even.”

Even laughs, smoothing one palm down Isak’s bare side and another to catch his nails on Isak’s chest. “Something to say?”

“Your fucking hands,” Isak groans, arching up as Even hits just the right spot. “They’re…. God.”

Even quirks a brow, adding just a bit more pressure once he skims his hands back down to Isak’s (delightfully bruised) hips. “Just my hands?”

Isak acknowledges the statement with a muffled gasp. “Everything. Hands, chest, abs- other stuff.”

“Other stuff.” Even repeats with a laugh that trails off into his own moan when Isak clenches and drags his nails down Even’s back.

“But. Hands.”

“What about them?”

Isak laughs, “Oh, fuck you, this is getting you off.”

“Just idle curiosity. Trust me, I’m getting off quite perfectly, baby.”

“Yeah I can feel that.” Even’s hand comes down playfully on Isak’ s hip and the sound more than the feel makes Isak jerk and groan. “Even.”

Even quirks an eyebrow, “Now that is something we are going to be discussing.”

“Shut up. Harder.” Even had never been good at denying Isak, so he did as requested with a grin. “And use your fucking hands!”

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I WANT SEUNGRI BLACK HAIR BACK!!!!!!< <sorry 4 caps yu,please someone talk some since into the cordis im losing my sanity this whole comeback i want more seungri more more MOOORREE i say,keke i love his black hair and pushed back hairstyle so maybe they can make his hair extra black and pushed back look i dont know someone help me do you agree?he is the sexiest with black hair,by the way your seriously the best and hominvix you both tumblr i get on to look at calm me down thank you yu!!

Thank you! I am flattered :)

Even his current hair is good. But maybe he will bring back that style in MAMA. He always pushes his hair back in MAMA. And I agree, its one hell of a great style and it suits him perfectly, I mean look:


Behind the scenes of ASTRO’s Simply KPOP debut stage featuring:

  • rocky what are you doing
  • moonbin (+vocal line) doing warm ups
  • #bring back this hair style on rocky
  • mj is so short i s2g
  • eunha at the end of the video being cute (eunwoo is such a mom)

Harry’s Tie

 "Babe,“ Harry suddenly drew out from behind you as you had just began prepping your face with a coat of foundation. Harry had asked you to be his date for the evening as one of his companions was to get married and you had accepted the invitation, seeing as you had nothing else to do.
"Hm?” You carelessly hummed out as you roughly blended your foundation with a fluffy brush, staring at your skin in the mirror as you did so.
“Could you do me a huge favor?” Harry inquired as you glanced back at his seated features upon the toilet.
“What?” You slightly furrowed your eyebrows at his tone.
“I left my tie in Zayn’s earlier,” Harry briefly explained as he locked his phone and leaned over to set it on the bathroom counter you stood at, “and I was just wondering if you would be an absolute love and go get it for me?”
Harry,” your shoulders sagged as you threw your head back in protest.
“I’m on the toilet,” Harry tilted his head at you just as you became aware of his nude lower half, “and that prune juice’s just kicked in.”
“Sure took it long enough,” you trailed off as you glanced over at your cosmetics, “I still have to do my makeup.”
“Yeah and I still have to finish, bathe, and get ready,” Harry nodded at you as he slightly widened his eyes.
“Which takes you a grand total of, like, maybe thirty minutes,” you rolled your eyes as you set your hand on your hip, “and you know I need at least thirty just for my makeup. I still have to get dressed and do my hair.”
Y/N,” Harry sighed out as his palm went to brush over his features, “c'mon, be a babe.”
“If we end up getting there extremely late, I don’t want to hear anything from you,” you shook your head as you set your foundation brush back down on the bathroom counter before turning to retrieve the robe you had always traveled with.
“Ooh,” Harry brushed off your statement before his features pinched in pain, “close the door, close the door.”
“Have fun,” you sang sarcastically as you stepped out of the washroom. The sound of Harry’s pained groans were the only response you got as you tightened your bathrobe across your body. Before too terribly long, you had swiped the room key and headed for the heavy room door before quickly slipping out. The boys had, thankfully, all booked rooms on the same floor so you didn’t have to walk very far to make it to Zayn’s nearby hotel room. You had rushed to bring your knuckles down on the door before impatiently tapping your foot against the carpeted hotel floor. A few passing moments had gone by before you were almost positive Zayn had either already left or was occupied. Soon enough, though, the door swung open to reveal Zayn’s cousin.
“Hey, Y/N! What’s up?” Zayn’s family member cocked his head at you, his eyebrow arching in the process as he worked on carefully tying his tie.
“Harry left his tie with Zayn,” you rolled your eyes and shook your head before smiling up at the kind male, “you wouldn’t happen to know where it is, would you?”
“Sorry, no,” Zayn’s cousin shook his head at you before sending a nod further into the hotel room, “go and ask Zayn, though; he’ll know. I’ve gotta go call the car. See you soon, though.”
“Yeah, thanks,” you tightly smiled as you watched him rush away before you sighed and walked further into the cold room, closing the door behind you, “Zayn?”
“Washroom,” came Zayn’s loud reply, making you pad towards the bathroom, your hands stuffed into your pockets.
“Hey,” you smiled as you poked your head forward to get a view of Zayn cautiously working on his hair.
“Oh, hey,” Zayn glanced at you in the mirror before you were met by his familiar smile, “what’s up?”
“Harry left his tie here and was wondering if I could get that from you,” you sighed as you weakly smiled.
“Oh, yeah… Give me a minute; yeah?” Zayn sent you a nod before you reluctantly agreed, “take a load off.”
“Thanks,” you forced a smile as you proceeded into the bright lavatory before pushing the toilet cover down and sitting upon the ceramic substance.
“Has Harry finally,” Zayn trailed off as a little grin made its way onto his features before he laughed out and went back to blow drying his hair, “eh… Did that prune stuff work?”
“Yeah,” you laughed and nodded as you straightened in your seat, “just as I left, actually.”
“Good,” Zayn let out a small laugh as he turned of the blow dryer and set it on the counter.
“It’s kinda his fault, though,” you wrinkled your nose as you tilted your head and stared at the chilly tiles beneath your toes, “that sea bass really smelled suspicious, yet he still stuffed his face like somebody was trying to take it from him.”
“Aha,” Zayn laughed out and nodded at you, wrinkling his nose int he process, “what an idiot. Let me go get the tie, I’ll be back.”
“Alright,” you pursed your lips and nodded just as Zayn turned to exit the loo. A few moments of silence went by as you stayed seated before Zayn let out an audible grumble.
“Eh, bad news,” Zayn came padding back into the washroom, “Niall must’ve took Harry’s by accident last night.”
Cr*p,” you mumbled under your breath as you stood from the toilet, “alright, thanks anyways. I’ll see you tonight.”
“Wait out here,” Zayn’s hand had suddenly caught hold of your wrist as you almost passed him to leave, “we’ll tell Niall to come bring it, so you’re not going back and fourth.”
“Eh,” you trailed off as you sent a glance towards Zayn’s hand on your skin, “okay; thanks.”
“Sorry,” Zayn gently laughed as he drew back and drew his gaze elsewhere.
“That’s alright,” you shrugged and shook your head nonchalantly as you walked back to the toilet you had earlier been sat upon. Zayn only sent you a small smile before he called for Niall to bring Harry’s tie and then went back to setting his hair style with some hairspray.
“Hey, uh,” Zayn paused as he messed with his dark locks, “do you have to do your makeup or something? Perrie’s got her collection in her makeup bag, there. I don’t think she’d mind you using it.”
“Seriously?” You raised your eyebrows, surprised that Zayn would even think to offer such a thing.
“I don’t see why not,” Zayn simply nodded, “go crazy.”
“Thanks,” you smiled as you rose from your seat to go through your acquaintance’s products. It wasn’t as if the two of you had never swapped and used each other’s makeup; the two of you had shared a dressing room a few times throughout your career. Before too long, you had completed most of your look, all the while having Zayn working on his stubble next to you as the two of you comfortably spoke of various topics. The two of you had oddly adapted to each other’s movements as you worked in perfect synchronization, maneuvering around without bumping into each other in the somewhat cramped space you had to work with.
“Could you pass me the bottle, baby?” Zayn had uttered out just as he pointed to a glass bottle of aftershave in a corner closer to you before he seemed to realize what he had just said. You could only smile and reach for the bottle as he rushed an apology.
“It’s all good,” you shrugged as you handed him the bottle of aftershave. A moment of silence passed between the two of you before you heard Zayn’s huff of breath as a small smile crept onto his features.
“You know, I used to have such a crush on you,” Zayn gently shook his head as he stared down at the bottle you had just handed him.
“Shut up,” you furrowed your eyebrows at Zayn in the mirror as you applied a highlighter to your cheeks with a piece of toilet paper.
“Seriously,” Zayn laughed as he turned to look at you.
“I don’t believe you,” you rolled your eyes as you straightened from your leaned position, “you were with Perrie when we met.”
“No, we had separated when we were introduced,” Zayn shook his head at you as he chuckled to himself. You took a moment to think back to the time you had first met Zayn as you stared anywhere other than Zayn’s features.
“Gosh, I totally forgot about that,” you furrowed your eyebrows as you smiled in bewilderment, “that would’ve been so odd, wouldn’t it have?”
“What? You and me?” Zayn questioned as he fiddled with the comb he had been using.
“Yeah,” you trailed off as you focused your gaze on your fresh manicure, “I mean, could you even imagine it?”
“I don’t know,” Zayn huffed out, a small smile creeping onto his features as he shook his head, “it’s odd to think about.”
“Yeah,” you nodded before another pause came between the two of you.
“I’m not saying it wouldn’t have been possible or anything,” Zayn spoke up suddenly, making you look up at his careful features. He most likely thought he had insulted you or something.
“It just would have been weird,” you smiled as you stared back at Zayn.
“Yeah,” Zayn only offered another laugh as he nodded, “could you just see us out and about? The headlines?”
“Well, there already were,” you rolled your eyes in annoyance as you set your palm on your hip, “we hung out long before Harry and I did. People jumped to conclusions the moment we were seen in that Thai place.”
“I remember them well; ‘Zayn sighted with rebound girl,’” Zayn looked up, whimsically and laughed, “not to mention that photoshopped photo of us.”
“Lord, I forgot about that,” you shook your head as you were flashed back to the fake image of you and Zayn holding a mad make out session it in a parking lot. Zayn was just about to speak when an odd noise sounded out in the hallway, making Zayn call out to check if Niall had entered the hotel room. When the two of you had been met with silence, the conversation continued.
“Did Harry ever believe we actually didn’t snog?” Zayn inquired and tilted his head at you, the two of you now fully turned to look at one another.
“I don’t know,” you sighed with another shake of your head, “he always seemed to brush it off before he asked to be 'exclusive’.”
“Exclusive,” Zayn trailed off as the two of you stood still, facing each other, “such odd titles we give one another… I mean, it’s not like we own each other. Nobody can really control what you do.”
“Hm,” you only smiled as you looked up to greet Zayn’s stare. Another silence came over the two of you as you just looked at one another, somewhat enjoying the company.
“Do you ever think about,” Zayn paused as the cramped space between the two of you had become oddly obvious, “what would have happened if we had?”
“I didn’t even know you were interested,” you vaguely shrugged as you simply blinked at the male before you.
“C'mon,” Zayn grinned as he seemed to step closer to you, “how could you not have known?”
What? I honestly didn’t, Zayn,” you laughed in your defense as you diverted your gaze elsewhere.
“Yeah, right,” Zayn rolled his eyes at you, “I was always trying to find ways to talk with you and ask you on little dates.”
“Dates? You constantly used the term,” you paused in thought, “'hang out’ whenever you asked me out. Now, correct me if I’m wrong but that isn’t exactly how you ask out a girl.”
“Because I didn’t think you were interested,” Zayn only chortled.
“Oh, please,” now was your turn to roll your eyes, “who wouldn’t be interested? I mean, really?”
“So,” Zayn shortly diverted his gaze before looking back at you, “you were interested?”
“C'mon,” you groaned as you threw your head back, “you already know; don’t make me say it.”
“No, I’m just asking,” Zayn playfully shook his head and smiled, “seriously, were you interested? Did I have a chance?”
“Of course, you did,” you pursed your lips as you tilted your head at Zayn, not appreciating his making you confess such a thing when you were in a relationship.
“That’s crazy,” Zayn almost mumbled as a pause came where you just oddly stared at each other, questioning each other’s motives as your bodies had started gravitating towards each other before you were interrupted.
You guys,” Niall’s accent gave away his presence, making your body jump away from Zayn’s before the two of you turned to look at Niall’s disappointed features. You instantly felt your face burning as you wondered how long Niall had been listening in on your conversation.
“Niall,” Zayn trailed off as the two of you exchanged glances.
“I think you’d better get back, Y/N,” Niall furrowed his eyebrows at you before looking over at Zayn, “I think it’d be better for everybody.”
“Yeah,” you mumbled before you made your way towards the exit, Niall stretching out his arm to stop you before you passed him.
“Tell Harry,” Niall spoke lowly as he constrained you from proceeding, “please don’t make me do something I don’t want to.”
 You only nodded before Niall dropped his arm and let you pass him. You couldn’t have been more embarrassed as you hurried out of the room, Harry’s tie in hand. You couldn’t help but feel guilty, as well. Harry didn’t deserve such treatment and you already dreaded having to explain such an odd thing before Niall would most likely do it for you.

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