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After release by Boko Haram, 82 Chibok girls reunited with their families

  • The Chibok girls Boko Haram kidnapped and recently released have been reunited with their families, according to CNN.
  • The 82 young women are among the 276 whom members of the militant Islamic group took from a boarding school in the Nigerian town of Chibok over three years ago. 
  • Following their release in early May, the girls have been transported to Nigeria’s capital city of Abuja, where they rejoined their relatives in a celebratory ceremony on Saturday, CNN reported.
  • “Today I thank God, my daughter is alive,” Yahi Bulata — the father of one of the abducted girls, who is now 21 years old — told NPR. Read more (5/22/17)

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Playing With Fire (cam-remix)