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I seen your post about a comics master list and I'd like to rec Indestructible Hulk to you. There's some stuff with Tony and Bruce that show their bickering and fighting, which I love but there's the flip side too. Especially in the annual. If you read any one read the annual!!! It's so, so cute and they camp together.

Oh yes, I do actually have that particular comic and it is lovely. <3

More here. (I tend to reblog these comics haha~)

I also have the Indestructible Hulk Vol.1: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. (issues #1-5). And yeah, it would be nice to have the whole package someday.

(^after that + a little talk Tony goes to the bathroom to mope a little, lol..) And here is link to a bit more.

But now that we are talking about science bros comics (yay), let me tell you my favourite one (and I’m not very sure why I like this a lot): Ultimate Human Vol.1 (issues #1-4). I don’t want to spoil anything, but… there is this certain character that attacks our science boys (and ruins everything). But there is some little things between these two boys that I like a lot.

And we can’t forget Avengers Assemble: Science Bros (collects issues #9-13, Annual #1).

Then there is this particular little part in Original Sin #2 where Tony is in his bathrobe and has his Iron Man helmet on and Bruce wonders that - maybe - Tony could put some pants on (as they are currently working).

And Tony is all like “Honey, we don’t talk about pants, let’s try to be professional here“. (Well, he doesn’t say “honey“, but that’s the feeling I got anyway.) This is just a small part of this issue but I loved it a lot.

I also have the Original Sin: Hulk vs. Iron Man (4 issues), and yes it was a roller coaster and shit they had to get through before this:

Tony will slap you if you talk about yourself like that, Bruce.

Which brings me to this random (and hilarious) slap scene in Captain America (2012-2014) #22, where Tony suddenly slaps Bruce so that he could help him change into Hulk, but Bruce is then “That’s not necessary“ and Tony is like “I know, but I wanted to ease the tension“.

(Maybe there was some hidden message there too, lol.)

Oh boy, there is then the New Avengers (2013-2015) where shit happened and issue #22 has this one scene where couple characters are fighting and then Tony and Hulk stopped it. (And I thought it was very nice thing, considering their history fighting against each other.)

There was also this one part which was wonderful when they gave this look:

Then we have this Hulk (2014-2015) where Bruce’s brain is damaged by… not spoiling it but it made me just angry. Then in issue #4 there comes other characters (+ protective Tony):

Of course eventually this issue with Bruce is dealt with and other issues arise, like always. Here’s a bit more of this comic.

There is also small silly part with our science boys in Avengers Annual 2013.

Then there is this Ultimate End (2015) #3 where in one part Fury and the others have captured Bruce.

Well, eventually Tony saves Bruce and then (in issue #4) Bruce is with him and with the other Tony (not gonna explain that, they are working together with the current issue). Until both Tonys fight and leave and Bruce just looks a little lost. (I thought this was so adorable, and a bit sad.)

1872 has some Bruce and Tony interaction, unfortunately I only have the first issue so I can’t say much about it.

Now, that’s all from me now.

Here’s some other comics though (spoilers!):

These following comics are involved with the recent situation with Bruce and Tony in comics, so heavy spoilers:

Gosh, I’m sorry for my lenghty answer. I got excited. :D’

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