bring the outdoors in

the mcelroys trying to relate to teens
  • Justin: brings teens to the outdoors to help them focus so they aren't looking at their phones while also calling several inanimate objects of nature "just like snapchat"
  • Travis: focuses on the teen's artistic interests and helps them express themselves while shouting positive statements at them nonsensically
  • Griffin: brings a lone teen out to the deep woods and makes him sacrifice his phone to the "clown box" a box that likely contains a murderous clown who thirsts for phones, in return for a hand-drawn maze and other gifts who proceeds to attack griffin's lone teen.

With a good caregiver the answer is “indoor cats have a better quality of life,” hands down.

An outdoor cat has the benefit of entertaining themselves, they can engage in natural behaviors such as climbing, digging, hunting, and sunning. If they’re a social cat, they may enjoy the company of other neighborhood cats.

However, they would be exposed to more daily stress. Stress scurrying across the road with a car barreling down, stress from trying to keep other cats off their turf, stress from coming across native predators or dogs.

It’s also more difficult to monitor health of an outdoor cat, so although they may enjoy hunting and digging they won’t enjoy having worms. They won’t enjoy struggling to pee, or being constipated, which their owner may not pick up on because they do most of their business in the neighbors garden.

Their deaths are often less “quality” as well, the reason free-roaming cats tend to live shorter lifespans is because of trauma and illness. They may enjoy sunning themselves, but wouldn’t enjoy dragging themselves to the side of the road to die because they chose the wrong patch of asphalt. They may enjoy climbing, but wouldn’t enjoy it if a bird of prey snatches them off a branch.

Indoor cats with inadequate owners will become bored, depressed, and often destructive. If fed poorly they’re more likely to be obese or develop health issues such as renal, thyroid, or urinary problems. This is, clearly, not a good quality of life.

However this can easily be remedied by providing an enriching environment using cat shelves, crinkle tunnels, cat trees, scratching posts, etc. and engaging in daily interactive enrichment.

If the cat craves the authenticity of an outdoor experience enclosures can be purchased or made, or they can be harness trained to safely enable their desire to roam. Ways to bring authentic outdoor fun inside is providing f/t feeder chicks or rodents, letting them hunt purchased feeder insects, or providing a dig box with soil from the yard if it’s pesticide free.

It’s also easier to monitor a cats health. Cats tend to hide if they’re ill, being around them all the time gives you a better feel for their behavior and if somethings off. It’s also easier to monitor their litter use and urine / stool health, which is often an early warning sign. Being able to notice the issue sooner means less time the cat is suffering, and if it’s a serious health issue the cat then has a better chance of recovery.

The quality of death is often better, a well-cared for indoor cat is most probably going to die of age or from euthanasia.

So the quality of life for an outdoor cat may be situationally better than the quality of life of an indoor cat who has a unqualified owner, but an indoor cat with an owner who knows what they’re doing and is willing to put the time and effort into having a pet isn’t missing any of the “pros” an outdoor cat experiences but is spared the “cons” both the outdoor cat and the poorly owned indoor cat suffer.

If quality is the deciding factor for I would suggest looking through this testimony from behaviorists, veterinarians, and other experts who encourage indoor cats and reading the part of the FAQ discussing the Indoor Cats Are Depressed myth.


2003 Suzuki Landbreeze     

Another example of Suzuki’s trademark fun and versatility is the LANDBREEZE compact SUV, created to enjoy and harmonize with nature.   Constructed of naturally recyclable materials and powered by a clean-running hybrid engine system, the LANDBREEZE brings that great outdoors feeling into daily life like a refreshing breeze. Measures to facilitate entry and exit give all passengers, even small children, smooth access to the wilderness. Inside the bright, spacious cabin, a dome-shaped monitor on the dashboard shows two different images, simultaneously offering navigation guidance for the driver and nature information for the passenger. 

Was looking for early 2000s cars for reference to draw and found this unreleased thing. Looks like freaking iMac G3. This can be Milky Mint’s car.

meditation against body
  1. pick a quiet, dark place where you will be alone and outside. this can be a cornfield at night. an alley. the bottom of a well. anywhere dark and quiet where you will have solitude and be outdoors
  2. before you go to your secret place bring six things 1) a favorite food 2) a favorite book 3) a prescription medication or ex’s clothes or some make up 4) lighter fluid 5) a book of matches 6) water in case things get out of hand
  3. go to your secret place
  4. once you are there create a pile with the first 3 objects, douse those in object 4, ignite that with object 5. once it dies down or things get out of hand use object 6 to calm things down.
  5. close your eyes and begin deep breathing
  6. imagine the snow
  7. imagine the wind
  8. imagine the dark
  9. imagine the moon
  10. imagine your head then your neck then your torso then your arms then your hands then your genitals then your legs then your feet
  11. begin subtracting 
  12. imagine no feet then no legs then no genitals then no hands then no arms then no torso then no neck then no head
  13. imagine no moon
  14. imagine no dark
  15. imagine no wind
  16. imagine no snow
  17. be like this until everything else you’re not thinking of goes too
  18. come back
  19. clean your area and check the pile for heat if you need to put it out
  20. mark your forehead in ashes
  21. leave here and pretend this didn’t all just happen to you pretend there was no fire pretend the was no secret place pretend you don’t ever listen to witches on the internet and are a good woman
BTS reaction: their s/o being the indoor type

I’ve done quite a few “trigger warning” kinda posts lately, so this is a nice change. Thank you for requesting, and sorry that it took me this long! xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin: 

He probably wouldn’t mind that much. if the two of you hang out inside, at least you won’t be in the public eye, and he can have you all to himself without fans interrupting. And being inside and taking it easy would probably be a nice change from his hectic schedule as well. As long as he can take you out on dates every now and then, he’s happy.

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Suga/Min Yoongi: 

If he isn’t the definition of “indoors type” then idk. I’m pretty sure you being an indoors kinda person is one of the reasons why he gets along well with you, as I can’t see him with someone who wants to go hiking every weekend and such. So he would absolutely love it, and spend most of your time together indoors. He would probably think of something fun to do outdoors for special occasions though.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok: 

I don’t think he really minds that much. But, I do feel like he is the kinda person who wants to go out and do something on dates. It might not be an outside activity, but you’ll probably leave the house at least. I don’t think he thinks of staying at home as a proper date. But, as long as you’re fine with that, he won’t mind being inside with you at other times.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon: 

I think he is a bit of a mix of Jin and Hobi tbh. Like, he doesn’t mind, and being inside is nice since fans don’t follow him everywhere. But, he probably has a bit of Hobi’s mindset that if you don’t go out, it’s not a date. So he’d try to make you leave the house for dates. But, if you ask him to come to your place for a movie date or something, he won’t say no.

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Jimin/Park Jimin: 

He’s just like Jin. The more time he can spend with you without fans following, the better. Every now and then he’d want to go out for dates and stuff, and he’d love it if you visited him at work sometimes when you could, but other than that he would have absolutely 0 problems with staying inside.

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V/Kim Taehyung: 

I honestly don’t know about him. I’m sure he doesn’t mind it, but when it comes to him he could go both ways. On one hand, I can see him having a similar mindset as Hoseok, and would prefer to take you out on dates to have more fun. But on the other, I can totally see him wanting to chill inside at all times, just watching movies and playing video games. So idk. He won’t mind though.

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk: 

He strikes me as a more outdoors kinda person. I mean, he probably wouldn’t have the time to bring you on too many outdoor adventures anyways, but he would definitely want to when he can. I’m sure he doesn’t mind, but he would try to make you go outdoors more.

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Just ignore Tae. Or don’t

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skk request: chuuya has a terminal illness au (or not au maybe you never know what happens in the future)

hi senpaii~~ ty for the request~ sorry this took so long orz

Autumn Leaves

Yellow gingko leaves slowly drifted down towards the ground, riding the gentle breeze. A clear blue sky contrasted the golden hues of the leaves, and Chuuya continued to stand by the window, watching their slow descent from the trees. He wondered if he would live long enough to see winter’s first snow. A hand was placed onto the cold railing, its temperature not too different from his own.

A quiet knock against his door caused the redhead to turn around.

Dazai let himself in without waiting for Chuuya’s response, bringing with him the crisp smell of the outdoors along with a softly colored bouquet of tulips.

“I never said you could come in Dazai.”

“Hehhh. Since when did I ever wait for you to allow me to do anything Chuuya?” he cheerfully responded, replacing the withered bouquet with the delicate tulips.

Dazai walked over to Chuuya’s side and wrapped an arm around his waist, drawing the shorter one close.

“You shouldn’t be standing.”

“Tch. Don’t tell me what to do,” Chuuya retorted, pulling himself out of Dazai’s grasp, but nonetheless sat back down on the edge of his bed.

The brunet joined him. A warm hand made its way into his own.

Dazai tried not to flinch against the coldness of Chuuya’s hand, but the other felt it anyway.

A warm, soft voice met Chuuya’s ears.

“How are you feeling?”

Chuuya didn’t respond. Instead he intertwined his fingers with Dazai’s.

Dazai gently squeezed Chuuya’s hand, conveying the words he couldn’t express, words he knew Chuuya didn’t want to say. A slight squeeze in return was the executive’s only response.

He continued to stare out the window, watching the falling of the leaves signaling the approaching winter when a light tap on his shoulder drew his attention away.


The executive wordlessly placed a brush into his now empty hand and sat back down.

Closing his eyes for a brief moment, Dazai smiled and took of his shoes.

Gently, he moved the two of them to the center of the bed and had the executive sit close in front of him.

Dazai gingerly ran the brush through Chuuya’s auburn hair, carefully untangling any knots he came across with his fingers. The once silky, shimmering hair had lost its softness and luster as Chuuya’s body struggled to maintain itself. It pained him to see Chuuya, who was always so full of energy, so full of life, be forced to wage war against an illness that slowly tore his body from the inside out.

He continued brushing in slow, soothing strokes when the redhead’s breathing evened out, and Chuuya slumped against his chest.

The brunet set the brush aside and wrapped his arms around the sleeping figure, holding him close and placed his chin onto of the executive’s head.

Dazai held onto Chuuya in silence for several minutes before bringing a hand up and running his fingers through Chuuya’s hair.

Strands of the russet locks came up between his fingers. Dazai shut his eyes and held Chuuya even closer, careful to not wake him up nor physically hurt him.

He had turned a blind eye towards the locks that had entangled themselves into the brush, but after seeing the strands that came out onto his hand in addition to those fallen onto his lap, Dazai couldn’t ignore the fact that Chuuya was indeed dying any longer.

An unexplainable pain gripped his chest as he wrapped himself around the petite figure in attempts to keep the other warm.

He brought the hand with the ensnared strands to his face and closed his eyes once more, pleading for a miracle from anyone who would listen.

Please don’t take him away.

Dazai dropped his head onto Chuuya’s.

I’ll be so lonely.

Looking Back

Wishing my absolutely adored @sugarplum-senpai the happiest of birthdays - again ;D I happen to actually be RIIIIGHT on time in my timezone, somehow. Thank you for being so loving, kind and inspiring everyday. This is for you~ 

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This was ridiculous.

The sun shone brightly above them, its light glistening across the dark waters crashing against the shores down below, and the air had absolutely no business being this cold.

The wind had been less aggressive back at the settlement. Seeing the clear skies so early in the morning, he’d thought – naively, in hindsight – that the temperatures would climb as they’d ride to the northern coast. Waiting under the sun should have been… Possibly not comfortable, but certainly not this ridiculously unbearable.

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So I have a sort of headcanon about the Snack Pack I would love to eventually write about but so far I’ve only got short-hand prompts written out but here’s the main thing:

The Snack Pack pretty much first formed because they were, in a way of sorts, outcasts in their society. Not that they were treated poorly of course, trolls in general are loving and friendly; but they’re “special” trolls always put up in a pedestal; revered but never treated like normal.

Special troll subspecies were considered the most delicious to Bergens, so of course they’re usually the first to be eaten (and hence why Chef happen to specifically select them), and the Snack Pack happen to be lucky enough that they were young enough when the trolls escaped so they wouldn’t have become instant meals. But that means theres so few of their subspecies, and the surrogate trees can’t really produce the special trolls like the Troll Tree could; they can barely produce regular rainbow trolls without most of the pods withering in the first week.

So here are these lonely individuals that feel like theres no one they can relate to, but eventually Princess Poppy brings them all together into this one unique clique of friends.

First you have Cooper: one of the rarest subspecies, and the only one of his family that could actually talk coherently (most trollimals only speak during songs, like parrots imitating sound). So he’s actually this highly intelligent person by trollimal standards, but not much by rainbow troll’s, and is often talked to like a helpless child. But the Snack pack sees his true nature and often encourage him to speak his mind, even if what he says doesn’t always sound smart.

DJ Suki is another rare subspecies with not much difference from the rainbows besides her gem, but on top of that most trolls are very put off by her because she had the brilliant idea to use bugs to make mixes, and most trolls think bugs are just gross, dirty creatures and here’s this gem troll whose pod is just covered in so many of them. But of course Poppy and the gang think it’s so unique and support her new music style, which eventually becomes popular.

Biggie, the giant troll, comes from a family of rainbow trolls (his grandfather, another giant troll, is long gone by then), so his parents have a hard time adjusting to caring for a giant child so they usually focus on his siblings. Biggie takes company from the family’s pet worms, the Dinkles, where he’ll eventually recieve Mr. Dinkles from a litter years later. In addition to being overlooked, he just doesn’t always fit in most troll’s pods, so going to a party indoors is a hassle and makes him feel left out. Eventually the Snack pack realizes this and bring their large parties outdoors for him, with most indoor parties becoming sleepovers when theres a lot less trolls around. They never speak about it outright, but Biggie understands exactly what they’re doing and just loves them for it.

Satin and Chenille would’ve been regular rainbow troll twins, but because they’re conjoined they’re somewhat known as “trolls gone wrong” (aka defects). In their early years, many insisted (behind their parent’s back) that they just simply separate their hairs and become separate people, but it’s just so physically and mentally painful for them to be apart for long periods of time and it nearly killed them both during their childhood. It was Poppy that had to plead to her father to decree that the twin cannot be separated against their own will.

Smidge is currently the only teaspoon troll; many wonder if she’s actually a subspecies or a “defected” rainbow troll. Her parents waited a little too long to plant her seed because the majority of the pods grown in the surrogate trees just wither away. But eventually the seed cracks and the parents freak out and plant her right then and there. By miracle, she blooms, but she’s so tiny and her voice is so deep. To this day, she’s still treated like a little girl that needs to be coddled rather than a maturing teen that’s more than capable. It’s also the main reason she worked out her and body so hard to become strong and show her independence. And of course the Snack Pack are her biggest supporters.

Glitter Trolls are uncommon but not rare, but Guy Diamond stands out amongst them because of his unusual auto tune voice. So many trolls disregard his singing as “true” vocals, and find it pretty unappealing. However, the Snack Pack worked hard to come up with songs and melodies that work with his unique voice, showing the great potential it has.

Fuzzbert and other hairy trolls are usually the quiet, overlooked subspecies in the background; they mumble and can barely be heard if you’re not listening close enough, and they’re the last ones to be picked for a choir. Most of them accept this and delegate to quieter tasks, but Fuzzbert dared to dream bigger. He wants to be heard, he wants to be liked, even if no one can hear him. Surprisingly, it’s actually Branch with his super sensitive hearing that managed to help him become a part of the not-yet Snack Pack; Poppy, her friends, and some other trolls were part of a temporary planning committee for King Peppy’s upcoming 15th Coronation Anniversary. Fuzzbert has a great idea, but just couldn’t be heard. Branch, who was dragged along by Poppy, tells the others to shut up and listen to the fuzzy little guy. It became the first time Fuzzbert had an audience, and in the end the group went with his idea.

And of course we have the one and only princess. You’d think she was on top of the world, but it’s due to her royal status that she actually was just as lonely as the rest of the not-yet Snack Pack. It’s hard to make friends when the other children are taught to treat her differently, better, more important. She just wants to play and have fun like everyone else; she’s not her title, she’s a person too. She’s pretty much the one that eventually seeks out and befriends the other lonely kids who would eventually become the Snack Pack.

Creek is just the jerkface regular rainbow troll who pretty much asserted himself into the highly idolized “special clique” until they accepted him. Most of his antagonization over Branch is basically the fact that the Snack Pack (especially Poppy) tries so hard to make Branch part of the group, taking focus away from him; the Creek that eventually makes most of them give up, besides Poppy.

The Snack Pack (in the early years) and Poppy tried so hard to make Branch a part of the group (and be as friendly as they possibly can with such a negative person) ‘cause they understand what it’s like to be lonely, to not fit in anywhere. At the same time, they’re baffled that someone would choose to be alone, and go completely against the lifestyle of troll-kind. Even with Creek’s persistence to give up on the grumpy grey guy, they still have just the tiniest hope for him (mostly thanks to Poppy optimism), and thus try to bring him into their group hugs as much as possible (though admittedly they’re not as enthusiastic about inviting him to a party he’ll end up ruining).

The “Snack Pack” term comes in during one picnic where Cooper pretty much says “the pack that snacks together, stays together,” which he pretty much regrets saying at first because he’s used to others waving him off, but instead he receives such positive feedback. The name stuck, despite Branch’s protests that they’re pretty much just screaming to be eaten, and they’ve been the best of best friends ever since. Even though they eventually find friendship in other trolls, and expand their circles, they remain the special little clique that joined together at their lowest points.

Boyfriend! Youngk

Hello! I split the day6 boyfriend types up. So Ill upload then and link them all together.

Wonpil | Sungjin | Jae | Dowoon |

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  • Youngk aka Brain kang would be a mix of sweet and caring boyfriends
  • literally would shower you with love
  • hes so fluffy can you imagine him omg
  • probably would write a song about you
  • or many songs
  • he loves the inspritatn you give him good or bad
  • Calling you cute names like
  • “Sweet” or “love”
  • mature nicknames yet still semi cute
  • YoungK kisses would be so addictive
  • his warm lips would always find some of your open skin
  • your conversations would be so playful
  • “hey Y/n”
  • “Hey what”
  • “I like your face” he says. (so flippin cute)
  • such a cutie
  • he would set up a pinic date
  • idk he looks like he would love a outdoor date
  • bike riding, bringing his guitar, enjoying the scenary
  • he would always be there for you
  • want to make sure you’re okay 
  • and junk like he wants to know when you’re sick or if you ache
  • Super caring 
  • cuddles 
  • I mean ofc
  • hes so warm and nice to hold 
  • overall gets a best boyfriend badge


also known as Tailwort, Bee’s Bread and Starflower

  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Astrological: Leo
  • Element: Earth
  • Tarot: The Hierophant

In Spellwork:

  • courage, cheerfulness, protection spells, money, ensuring domestic tranquility, uncovers dishonesty, luck

Powdered and dried, the root can be used in an incense or infused in tea. Borage is known for lifting your spirits, and used in a tea, will enhance your psychic awareness as well as helping with feelings of vulnerability. Borage is pretty when sprinkled in your bath and is very good for boosting courage. Eating in a salad helps with courage and ends melancholy.

Carrying the fresh blossoms will bring courage, while putting one in a buttonhole will protect you while outdoors.

Use in money and business spells. Sprinkle crushed leaves around workplace for inspiration.

In Hoodoo, borage flowers are thought to bring domestic tranquility to the household. Sprinkle in 4 corners of the property, 4 corners of the house, 4 corners of each room, and 4 corners of the kitchen table restore harmony. You can also place dried borage  in the corners of a room and some under a rug in the middle of the room where most of the family fights happen.

Put fresh blossoms on an altar to bring luck and power to spells.

They look nice as garnishes when frozen in an ice cube, especially if you have a suitor. According to folklore, if the person drinking is someone you would like to marry, it will give them the courage to propose.


Using this herb as a condiment/garnish in food is fine, but be careful not to overdo it. Borage contains alkaloids believed to harm the liver when taken in large amounts. Comfrey has the same alkaloid but borage only has 5% of the alkaloids that comfrey does. If you have any past/current liver problems, you should stay away from borage.

Although, the seeds do not contain this alkaloid and is great to add to your food if you have problems with dry eyes.

Borage can be used externally by being used as a poultice for inflammatory swellings.


Borage has been cultivated since at least 1440 in Castille, Spain and was brought to Europe by the Moors.

The word ‘borage’ comes form the Arabic name for this plant, “abu arak”, “father of sweat” because it induces sweating. A tincture for sweating in the Mexican botanical medicine formulary, consists of equal parts red poppy petals, borage petals, elder flowers and violet flowers. The celtic name for borage, ‘barrach’, means ‘man of courage’, which focuses on borages psychological effects.

Borage was eaten by Roman soldiers before battle for courage. Medieval knights embroidered the flower on scarves, while celtic warriors drank wine flavoured with borage for the same reason.

Considered to lift melancholy in Elizabethan England. According to Culpeper, it expels pensiveness and melancholy, and the flowers when candied/jellied can comfort the heart and spirits of those who are sick from consumption or “from the passions of the heart.”


When the leaves are burned they spark and pop because of the mineral content.

**I would recommend doing some of your own research before using this plant medicinal purposes.**

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The boys favourite pet?

Noctis: Fish - the really exotic types. He has his own small aquarium in his bedroom; one of the scant few reasons why he enjoys to spend any time in there apart from sleeping. They have their own mini palace inside the tank, a gift from Iris when she found out. Loves to watch them swim all day, especially when he’s feeling down.

Prompto: Chocobos. Although he loves every animal under the sun, it’s those sweet feathery companions that melt his heart. They’re just the best. Cute, huggable, cute, sweet, cute, loyal, cute… 

Ignis: Cats. He finds their company extremely comforting and relaxing. Having them rest on his lap as he strokes them absently while reading a book is one of his favourite things to do when he wants to unwind. Ignis always makes sure that his cats are well trained and has ample supplies to keep them entertained. That’s not to say that they don’t misbehave. A number of dinnerware and furniture has been replaced over the years. Ignis can’t stay angry for long though - those soft meows and purrs along with those big eyes staring up at him swiftly quenches any annoyance he has. 

Gladiolus: Dogs. Really big dogs. They make really great companions when going outdoors. He always brings his for a jog or whenever he wants to go camping. Nothing like enjoying the great outdoors with a loyal friend who won’t complain about their feet hurting.

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Whats the funniest or weirdest thing your cats have done?

- Marius has taken to bringing us gifts the way outdoor cats bring dead birds/mice. He has so far brought us a mouldy potato and a Christmas bauble.

- Once they got outside and hunted several small leaves, which they then presented to us proudly.

- They ate our wedding cake.

- They also ate a slug when they were kittens, prompting their first ever bath.

- We put Enjolras in a baby cardigan and he liked it.

And much more that they do daily. They’re weird beasts.

abigailk  asked:

How do you recommend starting a cat going on walks? I really want to take my cat to get some exercise but he very rarely goes outside. What do you think?

Try getting them a harness or cat jacket like Oreo has. We get ours from:

Have your cat wear the harness or jacket inside the house for the first few tries. Let them get use to the idea before bringing them outdoors. Once your cat is comfortable with the harness or jacket, bring them into the yard or on your balcony. Let them explore at their own pace. We started Oreo off in our back yard. We let him walk around as he pleased on the lead. After doing it a few times he knew that the jacket meant outside and he would get excited to put it on. Now we are able to walk with him and we also use the jacket when we go to events. Good luck!


Squirrel: What brings you to my tree, human?
Me: I wish to know my future.
Squirrel: Using my all-seeing eyes I will look into the future and see what awaits you.
Me: What do you see, wise one?
Squirrel: There will be many squirrels in your future.
Me: Hooray!