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the mcelroys trying to relate to teens
  • Justin: brings teens to the outdoors to help them focus so they aren't looking at their phones while also calling several inanimate objects of nature "just like snapchat"
  • Travis: focuses on the teen's artistic interests and helps them express themselves while shouting positive statements at them nonsensically
  • Griffin: brings a lone teen out to the deep woods and makes him sacrifice his phone to the "clown box" a box that likely contains a murderous clown who thirsts for phones, in return for a hand-drawn maze and other gifts who proceeds to attack griffin's lone teen.

Whether you are the constant gardener or without a green thumb, spring brings the irresistible pull of lounging about in the great outdoors. So to further encourage you—or enable more daydreams—here are the 22 most beautiful traditional gardens in Vogue.

Photographed by Eric Boman, Vogue, August 2006.

The Domestic Garden Witch: Making Pets Happy

So maybe you’re a college witch with limited space and money, limited to the one window in your dorm. Or, maybe you’re a witch without extensive backyard space who wants to start up a magical garden. Perhaps you’re a kitchen witch who wants the freshest herbs right at her fingertips.

For many witches, having a garden seems to be a bit of a no-brainer. After all, plants and magic go hand-in-hand. Plus, when thinking of a witch, it’s hard not to think of a cottage in the woods with a little vegetable garden out front. Unfortunately for the majority of us, our cottage in the woods is a tiny flat, and our garden out front is a windowsill with limited space.

This is when it comes time to embrace your craftiness and bring your garden indoors! Not only does it place your garden in a convenient location, it also allows you to freshen the air, recycle what would otherwise harm the earth, and embrace your witchy green thumb!

Gardening for Your Familiar

This past weekend, I went to one of my coven sisters’ place to run a game of Dungeons and Dragons. This in itself isn’t that unusual - I usually play about a game a week, and every other week is held at her place. However, she is definitely a witch who spends plenty of time both in the garden and in the kitchen! A fellow animal lover, with three cats and a couple of dogs, it’s always enjoyable to visit. What surprised me, though was an addition to her home’s normal features: a little garden close to the ground meant for her cats!

Whether a college witch or a witch who’d been practicing for a long time, it’s fair to say that many of us - dare I say that perhaps most of us - have dogs, cats, or some other kind of pet. And while there are plenty of spells out there for familiars and pets, it’s rare that I see spells focusing on gardens for them. So of course, my sister’s garden is featured this week, because it is absolutely brilliant!

A simple project, done in the same way you would any container garden, consider growing plants that your furry friends can safely consume. Where the magic comes in is the intent with which you grow your plants and with which you pot them. The example above makes use of cat grass, catnip, mint (which the kitties love to rub up against), cilantro, and parsley.

But let’s take it a step further, as there are plenty of other animals out there!

Aquatic Gardens: Just like with terrestrial pets and plants, live plants can be added to an aquarium with care. Not only do they breathe new life into your fishes’ home, but they help oxygenate the water and depending on the species of plant and fish in the environment, could provide a food source. Sometimes the plant itself is the pet, as in the case of marimo moss balls!

Terrarium Gardens: In the past, I’ve mentioned bottled gardens and terrarium gardens. Whether reptile or amphibian, plants can help provide a more natural surface for climbing, can provide a food source for herbivorous friends, and - as before - help bring more life to the terrarium!

Formicarium Gardens?: Admittedly, not everyone has a colony of ants as a domestic pet. But as with any animal, ants require care and maintenance, and a proper formicarium usually has a larger area for foraging. Though the ants will be healthy with a steady supply of feeder insects and sugars, adding plants will not only make the “outworld” a more aesthetically pleasing environment, but a more diverse one for the colony as well. In addition, ants have been known to tend to plants, harvesting sap and nectars while also keeping the plant nourished and maintained. Take it a step further by adding pitcher plants - a plant that could easily be a pet itself - which not only help control the colony population, but also promote a mutual relationship with ants (the plant offers nectar to the ants from its inactive pitchers, and while it does “eat” ants, the ants will still take care of the pitcher for the sake of the nectar).

Bringing it Outside: Some of us count horses and other outdoor animals as pets. The same principle applies - set aside a box garden specifically to help nourish your friends and bring some joy to the stable. Similarly, if you don’t have any pets, you could set up a garden to encourage wildlife. It’s not uncommon to see beautiful flower gardens for hummingbirds, fruit trees and berry bushes to encourage wild birds to visit, and gardens set off to the side specifically for deer.

What This Brings to a Witch

Part of being a witch or of being pagan is nurturing a relationship with nature. There are many ways of doing this, from adopting an organic lifestyle to assisting in conservation efforts, to even learning how to forage and to recognize various plants. But it goes without saying that pets, plants, and animals can all do much to help us learn about our role in the world. They teach us how to be ourselves, how to live in the moment. Even the ants in a formicarium can teach us about how to naturally be efficient and productive.

This in itself is magical. It’s a natural spell that is meant to enliven the spirit and while it does do quite a bit to make the animals in our lives happy and healthy (even more so when planted and grown with intent), it also turns around and gives us the very same blessing.

Grow your garden, and tend to it and your animal friends with love, and they will teach you far more than you may realize!

May all your harvests be bountiful! )O( 

With a good caregiver the answer is “indoor cats have a better quality of life,” hands down.

An outdoor cat has the benefit of entertaining themselves, they can engage in natural behaviors such as climbing, digging, hunting, and sunning. If they’re a social cat, they may enjoy the company of other neighborhood cats.

However, they would be exposed to more daily stress. Stress scurrying across the road with a car barreling down, stress from trying to keep other cats off their turf, stress from coming across native predators or dogs.

It’s also more difficult to monitor health of an outdoor cat, so although they may enjoy hunting and digging they won’t enjoy having worms. They won’t enjoy struggling to pee, or being constipated, which their owner may not pick up on because they do most of their business in the neighbors garden.

Their deaths are often less “quality” as well, the reason free-roaming cats tend to live shorter lifespans is because of trauma and illness. They may enjoy sunning themselves, but wouldn’t enjoy dragging themselves to the side of the road to die because they chose the wrong patch of asphalt. They may enjoy climbing, but wouldn’t enjoy it if a bird of prey snatches them off a branch.

Indoor cats with inadequate owners will become bored, depressed, and often destructive. If fed poorly they’re more likely to be obese or develop health issues such as renal, thyroid, or urinary problems. This is, clearly, not a good quality of life.

However this can easily be remedied by providing an enriching environment using cat shelves, crinkle tunnels, cat trees, scratching posts, etc. and engaging in daily interactive enrichment.

If the cat craves the authenticity of an outdoor experience enclosures can be purchased or made, or they can be harness trained to safely enable their desire to roam. Ways to bring authentic outdoor fun inside is providing f/t feeder chicks or rodents, letting them hunt purchased feeder insects, or providing a dig box with soil from the yard if it’s pesticide free.

It’s also easier to monitor a cats health. Cats tend to hide if they’re ill, being around them all the time gives you a better feel for their behavior and if somethings off. It’s also easier to monitor their litter use and urine / stool health, which is often an early warning sign. Being able to notice the issue sooner means less time the cat is suffering, and if it’s a serious health issue the cat then has a better chance of recovery.

The quality of death is often better, a well-cared for indoor cat is most probably going to die of age or from euthanasia.

So the quality of life for an outdoor cat may be situationally better than the quality of life of an indoor cat who has a unqualified owner, but an indoor cat with an owner who knows what they’re doing and is willing to put the time and effort into having a pet isn’t missing any of the “pros” an outdoor cat experiences but is spared the “cons” both the outdoor cat and the poorly owned indoor cat suffer.

If quality is the deciding factor for I would suggest looking through this testimony from behaviorists, veterinarians, and other experts who encourage indoor cats and reading the part of the FAQ discussing the Indoor Cats Are Depressed myth.


Landmark mall in Alexandria Virginia. Opened on August 4, 1965. It was the first DC area mall to have 3 anchor stores, Macys (Hecht Co.),  Woodward & Lothrop (later JCPenney, then Lord & Taylor, now vacant), and Sears (Still open). The mall, like many, had fallen on hard times and became another dying mall and on January 31, 2017, the tenants were notified to pack up and leave. Howard Hughes Corp plans to turn Landmark mall into an outdoor walkable, mixed-used urban village will bring approximately 317,000 square feet of modern shops and restaurants along with up to 400 new residential units and an updated parking structure.

These are my images, taken by me, when a friend and I found a backdoor entrance to this place. We only left our footprints (and also leaving a small slim shady poster on top of a mall directory sign) 


2003 Suzuki Landbreeze     

Another example of Suzuki’s trademark fun and versatility is the LANDBREEZE compact SUV, created to enjoy and harmonize with nature.   Constructed of naturally recyclable materials and powered by a clean-running hybrid engine system, the LANDBREEZE brings that great outdoors feeling into daily life like a refreshing breeze. Measures to facilitate entry and exit give all passengers, even small children, smooth access to the wilderness. Inside the bright, spacious cabin, a dome-shaped monitor on the dashboard shows two different images, simultaneously offering navigation guidance for the driver and nature information for the passenger. 

Was looking for early 2000s cars for reference to draw and found this unreleased thing. Looks like freaking iMac G3. This can be Milky Mint’s car.

meispasttime  asked:

I recently got a job offer to work in the jungle in Hawaii. Thing is, I will actually be living in a campsite, graduating up to an a-frame structure, then finally housing. I have 3 cats - 2 are 7 and one is 14 - and they've always been indoor cats. Is there a cut off age to introduce them to the outdoors? I worry too that they won't have much of a transition - they'd be indoor cats, take a stressful journey + quarantine, then be living outdoors all the time. Would this be a bad move for them?

Definitely do not take your cats with you and let them live outdoors. Outdoor cats are a huge problem in Hawaii - because the islands have no native mammalian predators and introduced cats are decimating the wildlife - so it is absolutely not okay to bring cats over to release into the outdoors. This is especially true if you’re living away from civilization, because then you’re introducing invasive predators into an area that might have escaped the impact of predation previously. Most of the fauna in Hawaii are endangered birds, please do not facilitate them turning into rare cat toys. 

You’re much better off leaving your cats with a family member or a friend. Air travel is stressful for animals, and the flight to Hawaii is long. Not to mention that since there’s a required quarantine, you’d have to come back in from your campsite to pick your cats up after that period was over. They’d probably be fine in the outdoors - as fine as any outdoor cat would be - but it would be super irresponsible to put them through that process and then on top of it knowingly contribute to the extinction of endangered animals in an island ecosystem. 

Mac Ruaidh - Part Five

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four


Jamie raised his head as Willie repeated the syllable in various volumes as Sabrina approached the field where Jamie had one of the work horses harnessed to the drum that spread manure.

For a moment his heart lurched as the sun dipped behind a cloud and Sabrina’s hair darkened. In another world he would be doing this at Lallybroch and it would be Claire coming to check on him with their bairn in her arms––though Claire would be sure to have a wee basket over her arm for her herbs as well.

He coaxed the horse to a stop and let the creature rest as he watched the wet nurse carry a squirming Willie closer. He pulled off the pair of gloves he wore while working and tucked them into the back waistband of his breeks; they could make it trickier to maneuver with the stiff fingers of his hand but it was easier to use them than worry about how filthy he was whenever he found a chance moment to see Willie during the day.

The little legs kicked and straightened as Willie’s arms reached for Jamie. The lad had mastered the art of pulling himself up to stand but any steps still required the assistance of adult hands or something solid to hold onto for balance. Jamie caught him under the arms and lifted him high, both father and son smiling and laughing in their customary greeting. Then Jamie settled Willie in his arms and kissed his forehead. Willie smacked his lips together and made a kissing sound to himself as he’d taken to doing in response.

Jamie turned to Sabrina as Willie started to pick at the sweaty collar of his worn shirt. The woman smiled but exhaustion and exasperation were written over her face.

“She was there again,” Sabrina said quietly.

Jamie bit his cheek as he reflexively clenched his teeth.

“He was just waking from his nap and I’d gone to get him some food. She was free with her opinions on your choosing to wean him so soon.”

Jamie rolled his eyes and rubbed Willie’s back. “Da?” the little voice asked until he looked down at him. Willie pointed at Sabrina who smiled. “Beena.”

“Aye, mo chiusle,” Jamie nodded and smiled. “I’ll be finished wi’ this field in another ten minutes. If ye dinna mind fetching me something to eat, I’ll meet ye down by the stables and we can see how Willie here likes it.”

Sabrina nodded and reached to take Willie from Jamie. Willie clung to Jamie and started to fuss. “Nononononono, Daaaaa.”

“It’ll be fine, lad,” Jamie coaxed. “Ye’ll want to watch me wi’ the horses later, aye? I need to finish here first. Can ye tell me what a horse says?”

“Neeeee,” Willie droned baring six little teeth––two on the top and four on the bottom––nestled in his gums.

“Tha’s right,” Jamie encouraged.

“And what about the cows?” Sabrina took over, drawing Willie’s attention away from Jamie and starting to walk back to the house.

“Ooooooo,” Jamie heard as he slipped his gloves back on and returned to his work.

He would need to find the right way to have a word with Dunsany about his wife and the way she was interfering with Willie; the other servants were starting to talk about her attachment to the lad and her mourning for Geneva was losing its effectiveness as a means of explaining it away. It had been over a year and they thought it a shame hadn’t found more comfort in her remaining daughter who was becoming a young woman in her own right and could do with more attention and guidance from her mother.

Sabrina was the one to suggest getting William out of the house more.

“Out of sight, out of mind,” Jamie agreed. So Sabrina had taken to bringing William outdoors for walks when the weather permitted and to observe Jamie at work with the horses. As the boy grew and became more active, the question of who should watch him during the day began to grow as well.

“Lady Dunsany will want to provide you with a proper nursemaid for the boy,” Sabrina noted one evening. She had been corresponding with her sister in London who was expecting her fourth child and was trying to find a delicate way to ask for help.

“I’ll find a way,” Jamie frowned. “I dinna want to give her more influence on him if I can help it––not that I’m no grateful to her and Lord Dunsany both,” he added hastily, “but it willna do for Willie to grow accustomed to such things.”

“You mean to have him with you?” Sabrina’s question came slowly, the skepticism leaking from the pauses.

“I’ll find a way,” Jamie repeated with greater determination.

And as he went about his work in the following days, Jamie had examined his tasks and tried to think of ways he could have William about while he accomplished them. Jenny managed to run Lallybroch with only a little help and a flock of bairns about her; there had to be solutions that would work for him as well.

Having finished the field and brought the work horse back to the stable to rest and eat, Jamie slipped up to the loft where he’d stashed the pieces of his solution. He had them secured in place on a shaded patch of grass a short distance from the paddock fence where he’d be working with some of the younger horses during the afternoon.

Willie’s squeals drew Jamie over to help Sabrina as she struggled to carry both the child and a small basket of food.

Jamie deposited Willie into the small penned in area and then helped Sabrina spread out a blanket and the basket to see how Willie reacted to the constraints of his own paddock.

He crawled over to the small fence wall and peered through the gaps in the slats to see Jamie and Sabrina. Finding them, he giggled triumphantly and stuck his hand through to try and reach them. His senseless babbling got louder as he realized he couldn’t get to them. Jamie bit his lip nervously as Willie pulled himself up using the fencing until he stood and could peer over the top edge. “Da! Da-da,” he called, slapping the smooth wood with the flat of his hand. He became fascinated by the grain of the wood and started poking it with his finger, tracing the lines and following it to the corner where that first piece of low fencing joined to another.

Jamie watched the wall sway a little under Willie’s weight as he held to it for balance but the structure held and so far, Willie appeared to be safely contained.

“It works,” he declared quietly to Sabrina.

“Don’t speak too fast; it’s only a matter of time before he tries to climb it,” she warned then laughed at the look of fear and exasperation that crossed Jamie’s face at the thought.

“Beena, Beena, neeee!” Willie cried pointing to one of the horses that had come to investigate at the paddock fence.

Jamie got up and plucked a fistful of grass to bring over and offer the inquisitive mare. When he turned to look back at Willie, he noticed that the lad had bits of grass stuck to his lips and was pushing something around his mouth with his tongue.

“What do ye think ye’re doing, Willie?” Jamie asked. Willie stuck his tongue out and started spitting to rid himself of the blades of grass he’d attempted to eat. Unsatisfied with how long it was taking, he tried to claw them out with his dirty fingers and nearly gagged. Jamie picked him up and wiped the lad’s mouth with the cuff of his shirt. “It’s not so bad when ye’ve got the proper teeth for it but you’re prone to wind enough wi’out tryin’ to digest grass––and ye can trust me on that as I’ve personal experience.”

He kissed Willie on the head before setting him back down in the enclosure, listening for the little smack of Willie’s lips in reciprocation.

“She’s not going to like it,” Sabrina reiterated. “But… I think we can work on getting Willie to adjust. You’ll need a way to carry him with you that will leave you with your hands free.”

“My sister used to carry a bairn strapped to her chest while she went about her kitchen but tha’ was when they were wee things. Willie willna keep still enough I dinna think,” Jamie frowned.

Sabrina’s brow furrowed. “Once he starts walking he’ll be able to help you with small tasks. As long as you’re mindful to his being there, the boy should do fine and not be too much underfoot. He’ll learn his place from you well enough, I imagine… You’re good with him and he responds to you.”

Jamie felt himself flush and ducked his head, fishing in the basket Sabrina brought for some bread and bringing it over for Willie to gnaw on instead of the wooden slats of his pen.

“Even if what ye say is true… I remember how much grief I gave my father wi’ gettin’ into trouble. Well-intentioned or no, I expect you––my wee man––to be the same.”

Aware he was being talked about, Willie grinned broadly holding tight to the crust of his bread.

Looking down into the face of his smiling son, Jamie’s heart clenched with that bittersweet mix of joy and sorrow. The child Claire had carried would be so much older than Willie by now, and yet, once… once he––or she––had been this small, had smiled at Claire this way and held the promise of so much mischief in his––or her––eyes. 

“What would Claire make of ye?” Jamie whispered as he reached out and brushed the brown locks from Willie’s forehead. As Willie held out the crust of bread for Jamie to share, he hoped that she would have loved the lad for his sake, for the comfort it gave Jamie every night to have the love of the lad close at hand.

“We’ll have it all figured out by the time ye’re needin’ to go to yer sister’s,” Jamie promised Sabrina. “And there’s naught Lady Dunsany can do to change my mind. I followed my da around to learn the business of a farm; Willie’s goin’ to do the same. What do ye say, mo chiusle? Do ye want to ken all there is to know about horses?”


Looking Back

Wishing my absolutely adored @sugarplum-senpai the happiest of birthdays - again ;D I happen to actually be RIIIIGHT on time in my timezone, somehow. Thank you for being so loving, kind and inspiring everyday. This is for you~ 

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This was ridiculous.

The sun shone brightly above them, its light glistening across the dark waters crashing against the shores down below, and the air had absolutely no business being this cold.

The wind had been less aggressive back at the settlement. Seeing the clear skies so early in the morning, he’d thought – naively, in hindsight – that the temperatures would climb as they’d ride to the northern coast. Waiting under the sun should have been… Possibly not comfortable, but certainly not this ridiculously unbearable.

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BTS reaction: their s/o being the indoor type

I’ve done quite a few “trigger warning” kinda posts lately, so this is a nice change. Thank you for requesting, and sorry that it took me this long! xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin: 

He probably wouldn’t mind that much. if the two of you hang out inside, at least you won’t be in the public eye, and he can have you all to himself without fans interrupting. And being inside and taking it easy would probably be a nice change from his hectic schedule as well. As long as he can take you out on dates every now and then, he’s happy.

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Suga/Min Yoongi: 

If he isn’t the definition of “indoors type” then idk. I’m pretty sure you being an indoors kinda person is one of the reasons why he gets along well with you, as I can’t see him with someone who wants to go hiking every weekend and such. So he would absolutely love it, and spend most of your time together indoors. He would probably think of something fun to do outdoors for special occasions though.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok: 

I don’t think he really minds that much. But, I do feel like he is the kinda person who wants to go out and do something on dates. It might not be an outside activity, but you’ll probably leave the house at least. I don’t think he thinks of staying at home as a proper date. But, as long as you’re fine with that, he won’t mind being inside with you at other times.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon: 

I think he is a bit of a mix of Jin and Hobi tbh. Like, he doesn’t mind, and being inside is nice since fans don’t follow him everywhere. But, he probably has a bit of Hobi’s mindset that if you don’t go out, it’s not a date. So he’d try to make you leave the house for dates. But, if you ask him to come to your place for a movie date or something, he won’t say no.

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Jimin/Park Jimin: 

He’s just like Jin. The more time he can spend with you without fans following, the better. Every now and then he’d want to go out for dates and stuff, and he’d love it if you visited him at work sometimes when you could, but other than that he would have absolutely 0 problems with staying inside.

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V/Kim Taehyung: 

I honestly don’t know about him. I’m sure he doesn’t mind it, but when it comes to him he could go both ways. On one hand, I can see him having a similar mindset as Hoseok, and would prefer to take you out on dates to have more fun. But on the other, I can totally see him wanting to chill inside at all times, just watching movies and playing video games. So idk. He won’t mind though.

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Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk: 

He strikes me as a more outdoors kinda person. I mean, he probably wouldn’t have the time to bring you on too many outdoor adventures anyways, but he would definitely want to when he can. I’m sure he doesn’t mind, but he would try to make you go outdoors more.

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Just ignore Tae. Or don’t