bring the chaos

What do you do, when words fail to bring out the beauty of chaos in your soul? What else is left of you?

We need Dave Chappelle’s humor in Trump’s America now more than ever

Like any timeless comic, Dave Chappelle offers up a mirror into which America can look and witness its own absurdities. It shows truth to power. In today’s case, the “power” — i.e., the Trump’s administration — has proven especially sensitive to criticism. When Melissa McCarthy brilliantly portrayed a petulant White House spokesman Sean Spicer, Trump — always aware and controlling of public perception — was reportedly rankled in a way that far outweighed the criticism he’s gotten from Democrats so far. Chappelle’s humor has similar bite.

Comedy is one of culture’s fiercest and most effective tools in moments of political strife. It allows viewers to make sense of their realities. It brings levity in times of chaos and fear. And, most importantly and at its best, it shows us that the world we live in was made that way by people who make very concrete choices about power, about policy, about everyday interactions and who suffers from them.

Nobody does this better than Dave Chappelle. Read more (Opinion)

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I appreciate the fact that the Disney XD formula has been “confident, over-the-top chaos-bringing optimist + soberer, more rational companion who keeps the former somewhat grounded” (Mabel : Dipper, Wander : Sylvia, Star : Marco), and then you have Milo Murphy, who’s so next-level in terms of destructive influence that he requires Two of them. 


         The Prince of Order, Logic and Deduction, and has taken account of every detail of the world and of every action that has ever taken place on Mundusor Oblivion, long before they actually happen. As a result, he believes in certainty and determinism, and that the concept of individuality is an illusion. Jyggalag was at one time one of the most powerful of the Daedric Princes; he was so powerful that the other Princes began to fear him and his power. As a result, they cursed him to live in opposition of everything he stood for, to live the life of a madman and bring chaos and insanity rather than order and logic. Henceforth, Jyggalag became known as the Daedric Prince of Madness, Sheogorath.

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Andrew + cats headcanons

Andrew Minyard and cats will never not mean everything to me. Consider these concepts:

  • Consider: Andrew silently assigning the cats percentage points when he’s annoyed not that he’ll ever admit it out loud
  • Andrew Minyard telling the cats “I hate you” as often as he tells Neil.
  • Andrew Minyard then proceeding to feed them and allows the cats to gently headbutt his hands in appreciation
  • King Fluffkins coughing up a hairball and Andrew freezing up and cautiously staring at the cat because? what is he supposed to do??
  • Andrew keeps his reaction impassive, but he cleans up the hairball diligently anyways and make sure to keep the cat in his sight for the rest of the day
  • (If Neil catches on that he’s being nicer that day than he usually is, well, Neil knows when to keep his mouth shut)
  • Consider: one of the cats getting food poisoning and really sick 
  • Andrew literally dropping everything he’s doing to rush to the vet
  • Andrew Minyard walking in and dumping the poor cat on the alarmed receptionist’s desk
  • Andrew keeping his face neutral as always but for once he really is concerned. 
  • The vet asking for the cat’s name. 
  • Andrew deadpanning “Sir Fat Cat McCatterson” 
  • Andrew upping the cat’s percentage points to 275%
  • He’s also upping Neil’s percentage points for getting him into this damn mess
  • Consider: Andrew confiding Renee about what happened 
  • Renee knowing a surprising amount of knowledge about cats (she volunteered at an animal shelter a while back) and telling Andrew if he ever has any questions he could come to her. Andrew wishing he could glare at Renee over the phone
  • Renee being Helpful™ and gifting him a book the next time he sees her
  • Andrew Minyard browsing the Internet and library to find books like “The Cat Owner’s Manuel” in case anything happens again
  • Consider: Andrew lounging around his apartment reading the books 
  • Andrew bringing the books with him to practice or to out-of-state games
  • Andrew glaring at anyone who comments on them
  • Andrew does not murder Neil for smiling when he sees him with the books for the first time, but he does add +1% to his hate meter
  • Andrew Minyard reading the cat food ingredients carefully the next time he goes grocery shopping
  • Consider: Andrew and Neil finally coming home at last after a really tiring flight. Them curling up on the couch & the cats jumping up to greet them
  • Neil tiredly and softly whispering greetings and praises in Russian 
  • (Neil’s and Andrew’s Russian are very good by now. They use it a lot at home)
  • Consider: The cats learning to understand basic Russian commands
  • Consider: The cats being part of Andrew and Neil
  • Consider: Andrew growing to love hate them as fiercely as he loves hates Neil
  • Consider: The cats growing to be part of why Andrew lives through each day
  • …..
  • Now consider: One of the cats dying. 
  • Should we bury him?”  “I thought you were more in the habit of burning bodies.”  “Can you not be an asshole right now?
  • rip

But because I don’t want to end on a sad note, here’s a bonus:

  • Imagine Kevin Day meeting the cats for the first time. 
  • Imagine Sir Fat Cat hating him. 
  • Sir hisses at him. Sir tries to scratch him. Sir snarls whenever Kevin gets too close
  • Kevin catches on pretty quickly he’s unwanted and takes great pains to avoid Sir Fat Cat whenever he goes to Andrew and Neil’s apartment 
  • Kevin tries to pet King Fluffkins next, but King Fluff just turns his head and walk away whenever Kevin approaches 
  • “I’m a dog person anyways,” Kevin moodily tries to justify to himself. This is a strike to his ego.
  • Andrew doesn’t comment on it, but the next time Sir tries to jump into Andrew’s lap he doesn’t push Sir Fat Cat off. 
  • In fact, he gives him a rare scratch behind his ear.
  • When Neil finds out he gives Sir Fat Cat and King Fluffkins a treat
  • They’re all Instigators at Heart
  • I love them

Anyways, I just want to say that Andrew + cats is a gift from the heavens and we should all treasure it for all of eternity

(Psst, feel free to add your headcanons too!!)

Valentine’s Headcanon

When two men with too much pride and tend to be competitive with each other, it tends to bring chaos when it comes gift giving. Especially for those caught in the crossfire.

Hanzo: “Jesse, I have brought you a gift.” He hands Jesse a small bouquet of flowers.

Jesse: “Why thanks darlin’, got you a little something too.” Hands Hanzo a bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolate.

Hanzo: “Thank you, Jesse. But that is not all I have for you.” He pulled out a whole cake from behind him. 

Jesse: “Thanks… darlin’. I think it’ll go great with this bottle of wine I bought for ya.”

Hanzo: “Well I’m sure it’ll be perfect for this candle lit table I set up for us.” He moved to the side and revealed said table.

Jesse: “Well this table will have the perfect view of the Valentine’s fireworks I had ordered.” He pulled open the curtains and showed the fireworks going off.

Hanzo: “How cute, those fireworks would serve as opening while I set off my Valentine’s cannons.”

Jesse: “That’s pretty cute too darlin’, Those little cannons will probably do good as a second opening to lead into my Valentine’s howitzer!”



Dva: “These gay idiots are going to kill us all.” She said when passed by their little romantic dinner.


  • free-spirited outcast 
  • clumsy and unable to follow rules
  • has a warm heart and wants nothing more than to uphold her family honor
  • often bringing chaos and embarrassment into her own life
  • was seen having difficulties with self-confidence, due to society’s mistreatment towards her
  • fierce, physically and mentally
  • self-reliant, impressionable and persistent
  • Ironwood: Disobeying the law only brings chaos.
  • Jaune: if the law itself brings chaos it must be disobeyed
  • Ironwood: The law is in place for a reason.
  • Ironwood: Popular uprisings almost invariably end in a military junta that exists purely for its own benefit.
  • Jaune: hypocritical, coming from a general all but in charge of a nation
  • Ironwood: As though you wouldn't support a strong military.
  • Jaune: i would prefer
  • Jaune: you know
  • Jaune: ensuring that all people can lead fulfilling lives
  • Winter: They've been at it for hours.
  • Pyrrha: I'm sorry for mine.
  • Winter: Don't be, mine finally has someone who will listen.
  • Winter: Now I don't have to.

w i t c h e s :    black magic 

with blood staining their fingers and ashes coating their hair, these daughters of darkness find pleasure in bringing chaos to those around them. like their ancestors before them they practice their magic by moonlight, dabbling in the devil’s work and sacrificing for their spells. the very opposite of white witches, they see no boundaries they cannot cross, and know not of the morals that bind their counterparts.


i was re-watching 3x05 very recently and this parallel makes my ventricles fill with pain to be honest. it’s probably one of the best call-backs to season 2.

1. i think we can all agree that bob really manages to bring out the chaos in bellamy’s head through his acting. it’s such a strong moment, one that sticks so hard, because you can’t do anything but revel in the wild side of him. i honestly love how he draws you into his orbit and shares his feelings with you. sure, in many ways you just wanna gulp the entire sequence down as fast as possible because it hurts, but since the emotions are so real and unavoidable they get stuck in your throat instead, and make you see the truth.

2. look at what MW did to bellamy. i wasnt fucking ready to get acquainted with this vortex of terror, even though i knew how much he struggled with it ever since 3x01 (feelings that kept building up until this moment btw, as its not about just one thing), because it is so different from every other emotional breakdown we’ve seen so far. this one harkens back to his experiences in season 2 so intensely that you end up getting slapped with the grafted meaning of it all, with the most terrific focus on his personal trauma, since he is pouring out everything - feelings he’s been keeping locked up for 3 months.

like i dont know yall, but this scene is so bewildering, i love it.

Laura Barton tho.

Laura “Clint please stop the home renovations” Barton.

Laura “I know you work for SHIELD Clint, stop giving me that guilty school boy look and just go on your secret mission already” Barton.

Laura “Clint I will tolerate most of your shit but if you so much as think of giving Lila sugar before asking me Nick’s gonna have to look for a new secret agent” Barton.

Laura “get your ass down here Maria, I haven’t seen you ages” Barton.

Laura “you are not allowed to tell Lila and Cooper mission stories, jfc Maria you should know better, even Natasha doesn’t do that” Barton.

Laura “kids uncle Nick cannot play with your because he’s going to be busy explaining why he hasn’t come around for dinner in four months, and he better have a good excuse” Barton

Laura “Clint, please honey no more home renovations, go play on the farm” Barton.

Laura “you’re family too Nick so come back alive to us all right” Barton.

Laura “Natasha I realised you were part cat years ago, don’t bother about it put your head down” Barton.

Laura “Nick please send my husband on a secret mission, he’s got out the tool box, NICK PLEASE” Barton.

Laura “Nat this kid is going to be named after you shut up and get me some good celebratory vodka when you’re done with this mission” Barton.

Laura “Clint those cookies are for Melinda and Nick, Nat you can’t eat them either” Barton.

Laura “come on guys don’t you think you’ve all had enough maybe we should call it a — WAIT DID THOSE AGENTS REALLY SAY THAT ABOUT NICK WHAT FUCKING ASSMUNCHING SHITBAG MOTHERFUCKING BASTARDS” Barton.

Laura “and you call yourselves secret agents, you can’t even get out from under the blankets while hungover, what am I going to do with you bunch” Barton.



Corvo, your sweet Emily is having nightmares again.  Dark dreams of blood, and rats and fire.  Your imposing figure in that mask haunts every shadow in her mind’s eye.  As you reign terror down on the hearts of Dunwall, what of the little Empress?  

Have you seen what she’s been drawing lately?

Oh look, it’s daddy dearest.

I wonder who this is about to drown…

Hmm whatever shall we do with such works of art, Corvo?

We must display them proudly on your refrigerator of course!

~Happy High Chaos Week! 

Confession:  So I work retail, at a children’s clothing store to be precise. So I’m sure you can imagine how messy and chaotic it can get there sometimes. On particularly chaotic days, I like to think to think I’m the inquisitor, bringing order to the chaos, with each table/rack a different area in the game. Working cash though, that’s like dealing with the nobles of orlais.