bring the boys to my yard


My new bedroom wall in my new flat :D I think I will add some cards on the left an right walls for a little fading effect (but this alone took about four hours with the help of a friend, so I just haven’t got it done today). My bed will be in front of that wall, that’s why I didn’t put cards all the way down to the ground.
Well, I love it :D And it’s way cooler than paint the wall white.

The Types as Milkshakes

Thiccc milkshake: ESTJ, ISFP, INFJ, INTP
Tasty milkshake: ISTJ, ISFJ, ESTP, ENFP
Brings all the boys to the yard milkshake: ESFP, INFP, ENFJ, ENTP
Chocolate milkshake: INTJ, ESFJ, ISTP, ENTJ

food truck au 1/??

(inspired by my earlier post)

Anyone who knew Jack Zimmermann would laugh at the idea of him even being able to remember the login for his Twitter account.

No one, not even his parents, would ever suspect that he checked his feed every single morning.

Jack didn’t care much for social media; he was too private a person to ever want the world to know where he was or what he was eating at any given moment. In fact, he only followed three accounts: his mother’s, the official Falconers’, and that of Li’l Dicky’s Southern Comforts. The latter was the only one he actually cared about.

See, Jack Zimmermann had a deep, dark secret – he was in love with the mini apple pies that were sold daily at Li’l Dicky’s. It was the only dessert he ever indulged in on a regular basis, and said indulgences were a secret he would take to his grave.

Every morning, Li’l Dicky’s posted their location for the day. Jack knew the general schedule by heart at this point, but some days the truck switched things up, due to weather or construction or event catering, and Twitter was the only way for Jack to know if he would be able to get his apple pie fix.

It didn’t hurt that Eric Bittle, the owner of Li’l Dicky’s, smiled at Jack like the sun shined out of his ass every time he came by. But really, it was the pies Jack couldn’t enough of. Mostly. Probably.

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Classical Musician AUs that i want to see more of
  • ‘oh no my new stand partner is really hot’ au
  • Chair Test Day au 
  • Romeo & Juliet a la Band & Orchestra au
  • ‘when my friend recommended this repair shop to me they didn’t mention how attractive the owner was’ au
  • stuck in the pit au
  • grabbed the wrong folder and have a series of unlikely adventures trying to get it all sorted out au
  • ‘i was complaining about a composer to my friend and you overheard and immediately jumped to their defense’ au
  • met leaving the practice rooms at 2 am au
  • ‘i just came to this senior recital for the food i don’t really know the player that well but goddamn their best friend is house manager tonight and is really hot when they’re stressed’ au
  • making faces at each other from across the room during rehearsals for weeks before finally speaking to each other au
  • last minute substitute for a chamber group au

feel free to add your own

Picture this 

 Yoongi thinking he’s alone for the day so he’s walking around the house in your fluffy pink bathrobe, a matching fluffy headband to hold back his tiny head hairs, shaking and singing, 

“my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard” and 

 "whatcha gone do with all that junk? All that junk inside your trunk? Imma get get get get you drunk. Get you love drunk off my humps" at the top of his tiny rapper lungs 

 Homeboy backing it up and dropping it all up the hallway, into the kitchen . Doing his little shimmy with a glass of milk in hand waiting for the toast to pop up. 

 Poor baby would be so into he wouldn’t even hear you walking through the front door, baby on hip and toddler at hand closely followed by your parent-in-laws, until it’s too late. 

Yoongi: * looking like a deer caught in the headlights *



 Toddler: Mommy, why is daddy dancing crazy like that?

Yoongi: This isn’t what it looks like 

Yoongi:* runs to the bedroom like- *

-Admin Easel