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With Riley and Isadora on guitar, Lucas on bass, Zay on drums, and Maya on vocals, the John Adams Misfits have been dominating the billboard charts with their fresh, alternative rock sound. 

Maya Hart - Dubbed as the ‘rebellious lead singer’, this fiery blonde has eased her way into the heart’s of all media outlets and has certainly done her rounds in networking with other bands/artists.

Riley Matthews - As a die-hard Knicks fan, this bubbly brunette is always honored to play Madison Square Garden. She absolutely hypnotizes the crowd with her powerful guitar solos and is known for her bright stage presence, flower crowns, and shiny pink guitar.

Isadora Smackle - ‘The saucy genius with the mouth of a sailor’, is what Rolling Stones calls her. As the newest member of J.A.M, she still has a lot to prove, but as a musical composer, her art really speaks for itself.

Zay Babineaux - With titles such as, ‘Rock & Roll’s finest’ and ‘Newcomer of the Year’ it’s hard to play down Isaiah’s role in J.A.M. Not only is he the main composer, he’s the glue that holds the band together.

Lucas Friar - Although he is known as the heartthrob of the band, his expertise on the bass speaks volumes. This Texas-born rock star is bringing bass guitar back in style.

Farkle Minkus - He’s the man who made it all possible. Farkle has started his own record label under his father’s company to sign J.A.M, a talented group he’s proud to call his friends. As band/tour manager, he works to keep them at the top of their game.

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#9 roommate AU with minghao?

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Yay! Suggestions! Technically the AU doesn’t specify what kind of roommate so…I’ll do college/university roommate and do a part two where it’s only apartment roommate bc that’s what I do (My stories just get longer and longer lol)

  • When you first started college/uni you have a roommate (duh)

  • So ur 2 friends (You know what my OC’s are Nomi and Seungmin so they’re your friends) are in a dorm, putting you with a random person bc you don’t have one already

  • Hey, turns out some kid named Minghao exists

  • He’s asked by the school to join you bc he’s a transfer student, and you know Mandarin (Or Cantonese idk which Minghao speaks)

  • You schedule to meet before you sign up for classes

  • You find Minghao b-boying in an empty alley way on campus and dang he’s good

  • Eagerly trying to convince ur new roomie to take dance as his minor

  • Minghao choosing music despite your attempts

  • Cue cute Minghao asking you if he can bring his bass from the music room to the dorm

  • Also he plays really well so it’s like a lullaby every night

  • So classes and life in college/uni are pretty fun, and you and Minghao talk about your classes and hobbies, you know, the normal stuff

  • Minghao making you breakfast every morning bc he wants you to eat every important meal

  • Cooks for you whenever he feels like it

  • Your life carries on peacefully for another year

  • After 2nd year finals, you, Minghao, Nomi, and Seungmin decide to go to this party together (Nomi making sure everyone looks presentable bc she’s good with clothes)

  • Just realised Minghao would probably tag along when you guys went shopping bc he likes shopping too, so he gets dragged into stores by Nomi to get new clothes lol

  • You guys are just walking into the party when Songjin, a football jock tries to flirt with Nomi but she rejects him bc “he’s kind of a jerk”, but Songjin doesn’t allow himself to get rejected at the end of the year so he tries to convince Nomi and starts to drag her away from you guys

  • Minghao straight up wushu kicks him and everyone in the room either falls silent or cheers on a fight

  • Songjin actually goes into a fighting stance in front of innocent Minghao

  • You jump in front of Minghao to stop the fight (bc you’re protecting the poor bby)

  • Minghao standing down bc he doesn’t want you to get mad

  • Songjin not taking the hint and punching your arm

  • Dang now Minghao is really angry and uses martial arts to pin Songjin to the floor

  • Next day, everyone calls Minghao “The8” bc when he fought Songjin he wore a jersey w/ the number 8

  • Everyone bewares of The8, and turns out he practiced martial arts since he was 5

  • Next school year continuing as normal except Minghao is seen in a higher position to everyone (bc he’s more fierce)

  • One day Minghao fails to show up to a class and you get really worried because you saw him leave the dorm

  • And then right after class ends Seungmin literally sprints up to you from down the hall and drags you to the nurse’s office because The8 was fighting Songjin again and Nomi’s the only one keeping them from beating each other up in the office

  • Finally after a few minutes you guys are dismissed

  • Cue all you guys arguing in your dorm because 1.The8 got in a fight again 2.Nomi skipped class to confront Songjin who tried taking her away before class 3.Minghao skipped class to confront the both of them 4.Seungmin going against rules and taking her phone out to check on Nomi and 5.No one telling you that any of this happened until they all spilled it out during your argument

  • So everyone goes to their dorms crying their hearts out

  • Poor Minghao exposed to female hormones can’t help but cry too

  • Once your tears stop flowing you just stand face to face with Minghao for a few seconds before giving him a hug

  • Minghao kissing your head and just whispering “I’m sorry” over and over

  • And then you look up and give him a kiss

  • And you guys are enjoying this moment but decide, hey, it’s better to enjoy with friends

  • So you and Nomi and Seungmin talk it out and prove nothing will tear you apart

  • You end up dating Minghao after he asks you out that night

  • He left for 10 minutes that night and brought you flowers for god’s sake

  • Next year, graduation was a blast bc you had your best friends and boyfriend with you

  • Everyone graduating goes to a party after, but Minghao pulls you out to look at the sunset

“You know, if it wasn’t for this school I never would have met you”

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Very Specific Orchestra Problem 333

I’m a clarinet player and for every concert I have to bring 4 different clarinets (bass, E flat, B flat, and A) and 3 different mouthpieces for my b flat just because I’m the only competent player in my section smh and it becomes a life or death situation carrying over £19,000 worth of instruments… and then the cases. I die every week.

Did Mrs Bass steal the Baudelaire fortune?

Oft-mentioned, seldom used, the Baudelaire fortune is the subject of immense scrutiny. Olaf wants to steal it, the Baudelaire orphans plan on inheriting it, Arthur Poe tries to manage it… And yet the reader never sees a penny of it. Sunny even calls it a “McGuffin” in the final chapter of the last book: a meaningless distraction which drives the plot forward.

But the more obscure sub-plots of “The Penultimate Peril” tell another story: that of Mrs. Bass, an unlikely bank robber, and of Mr. Poe, who reappears at Hotel Denouement for a mysterious and dark purpose. Did something happen to the Baudelaire fortune after all?

If you ever wondered what would happen if a character from “A Series Of Unfortunate Events” actually read “A Series Of Unfortunate Events”, you’re in for a surprise. Find out more after the cut.

Note to readers: This theory builds up on several analyses written in the past about the plot of the series. We highly advise you read them before delving into this one:

  • What was Colette’s mission? (Link)
  • Who was the “real” J.S.? (Link)
  • Did Lemony stalk the Baudelaire orphans from his taxi? (Link)

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Orchestra Problem 332

When it’s Big Concert time and your orchestra has to travel by bus together somewhere and all the cellos fill up the bus storage space at the bottom so you get to bring an uncased school bass into the bus and watch it the whole ride

I got moar proof az 2 y 2DOC iz REEL!!

Disclaimer: I’m not being serious about this and I don’t even ship it (well, I low-key do, but not that hard). This is for fun and to give everyone a laugh. 


Okai, s0 eye was lookin at da commentary 4 fEeL GoOd iNc and evry1 was tlkin about da vid. Den I scrooled down and noticed Peppermint tea sayin dis and it shook meh! He then began 2 explain how Day L.A Soul was LOLing at them and then he sayz dat Murdonk is a POSER! Y bring da Sexc Demon Bass playa N2 this!? HE AIN’T DO NUTHIN RONG! 

“Look at the way he’s thrusting his G I B L E T !” hE says.

First of all, y r u lookin at dat man shaking and thrusting his glorious GIBLETS?! Aren’t u supposed 2 b looking elswhere, STUART?! MR. TUSSPOT?!?! Off all the people in the band, he had to mention MurMur atleast twice.And then, 2Thicc4Meh was eyeballing Murdink’s booteh when he was shaking it all up in his face!! He ain’t right either!

Eye mean, Poodle is in her twentiez now, so why isn’t 2Dizzle asking her to thrust her giblets in his face? Or thrust his giblets in hers? So, is he jealous dat Murding-a-ling has more trunk than he does? Or does he want dat bastad bass playa to thrust his giblet in his…nevr mind.

He didn’t notice Roosel playin his drooms and he didn’t notice Ramen Beef Doodle on her flying cliff with her box with strings, but he noticed that MurSex was thrusting his pelvis in to his bass’s booteh hole. He was probably jealous of that bass. Notice how Murdoc doesn’t have it anymoar and remember that live version of FGI, when Pickle was literally trying to have relations with a musical instrument, licking the neck and all that, Stuart Percocets was trying to pretend like he was on his phone. It fell in the toilet, yeah right. He was probably texting Doodle Bop liek, “OoOoH GUUURL DO U SEE HOW HE MAEKIN LUV 2 HIS BASS?!!? I WANT HIM 2 HAKUNA MY TATAS!!” and he ain’t even got no tatas!! And Noodle was probably like, “Ewww, boi, whatchu talkin bout?! Shut cho mouth!11! You nasteh!!”

Now, look at this photo

See? He looks pretty happy right here. Thinking about last night, hmm? *winky face x100000!* Wait…y iz his hair so long?! Maybe it’s becuz of the wind. Eye’ll let that pass. He needs to get that fixed before he pokes sum1 in there eye.

Now, look at this one:

WHAT. HAPPENED? Why iz he mad? Did something happen between the blur segments that we didn’t see? Or is he jealous of the Geep because Murdoc’s riding it? *le gasps* NOW I KNOW WHY HE SOLD IT!! He probably wanted Murdoc to ride him instead!! Because why was he mad in that short length of time?! Explain that 2 meh!! Well…he does look kinda smexy with that line over his eye, but that isn’t the point! I’m telling you, he wants to get Murbooty drunk so he can get dominant and he wants him 2 RIDE HIM!!! That or he wants to ride Murdoc like a bike, idk, maybe he’s submissive.  

Yeaaaaaaaah boi, don’t try to look innocent now, 2D. We know your plan! And that song 12D3 (no, seriously, I like that song, all jokes aside)? Yeah, I decoded that too. It was actually a night between 2Dizzle and Pickleman! ‘Cause see, Motorola was pleasing the blue Teletubbie with his P I C K L E and Peppermint Tea was too overwhelmed to form proper words. Just look at the lyrics:

 I’m 2D (MMMMH)

Won’t you buy me (MMMMH)

Piano cord (MMMMH)

Dictionary (MMMMMH!!!!)

And Murdoc stole 2D’s shirt.

That should be enough proof to prove there’s something going on between these two. 2Doc is officially reel.

And the Snakes Start to Sing (Lucas McCaffrey Remix)
Bring Me the Horizon
And the Snakes Start to Sing (Lucas McCaffrey Remix)

I’m sorry I post a lot remixes on here. I made something sort of similar to my CYFMH one, but I wasn’t able to do as much with this one and this has a bit more dnb influence. It’s still pretty ambient and chill though

if they really do have a s12 episode about the thule attempting to bring back hitler please also bring back aaron bass so sam can snarkily introduce him to cas as dean’s “gay thing” and then the camera immediately cuts to cas’ face with the worst look of betrayal ever while dean bumbles and stutters like “wh–wh–no, he isn’t–it wasn’t like that. he was just flirting with me ‘cause–wait, no, it wasn’t *real* flirting–not that, y'know, it wasn’t appreciated–not that–not that i thought he was actually being *serious*–why–why would i think it’s serious–i mean yeah okay we’re a couple of good looking guys but–we didn’t–it’s not–it didn’t mean nothin’ all right jesus fucking chRIST WHERE DID THAT WALL COME FROM”