bring sal back

anonymous asked:

I'm new to the Mogeko fandom, so could you give me a summary on what life is like in this so called "Pit of hell"?

Oh, hello! My poor unfortunate soul… I hope you will make yourself feel like home. To answer your question, let me meme and describe the fandom in the form of Mogeko gothic: 

  • everybody talks about a new update. You can’t find it. Is it in the sunahama? On the main page? On twitter? Maybe it doesn’t exist. Maybe nothing does
  • a new project appears on the list. Was it here before? Nobody knows 
  • Mogeko draws a character. Some claims it’s a new character. Others see similarities between them and a character drawn one hundreds years earlier. You still can’t find the update. You never will. 
  • Ivlis appears. He’s always somewhere there. 
  • somebody offended you. You don’t know this person. Do they know you? 
  • you see a violent update and just close your eyes. The world is empty. There is nothing but pain 
  • people are offended because of said violence. You can’t understand it… Didn’t Mogeko draw something similar two days ago? Why are everybody still angry? Only you seem to remember that update. In the abnormal fandom the only sane person feels insane, too… 
  •  it’s all Fumus and Satanick’s fault. You feel it
  • Mogeko drops a hint. Or is it not a hint? Fandom is never sure
  • somebody brings back the Sal drama. It’s never going to end. You’re in the circle. The true drama never disappears. 
  • there was a war. In TGG there was a war. In WatGBS there was a war. In Obsolete Dream there was a war. Is it the same war? 
  • Mogeko says they are sick. You wonder if they will survive until all projects are finished
  • Mogeko says they want to upload Obsolete Dream. You wait. And wait. How long have you been waiting? You forgot

(and now totally seriously, I hope you will enjoy your stay. Sometimes you will see an irritating person, sometimes it’s gonna be an update you may not like. But there are fantastic people here, some great theories and interesting characters. If you feel like asking about any detail, don’t worry and come to me ^^)