bring peter parker back

“Y’know… early in my career, I got trashed by Doctor Octopus. I was ready to hang up my webs forever. But you came to my high school to give a talk, and your lecture was so inspiring it turned my life around.” (Fantastic Four #342)


love this song with Tony.


the leaks for Homecoming make me so happy mostly because of Tony. I really hope to see a weird uncle Tony Stark trying to protect his little nerd potato ;A; Tony needs good things to happen to him for a change. After finding out who killed his parents, getting psychological broken after a fight against his friends, having to handle the guilt of watching his best friend becoming paraplegic and breaking up with the love of his life, I’m pretty sure the presence of actual ray of sunshine Peter Parker will bring a little warmth back to him =´)


A comiXologist recommends:
Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #1

by: Jonah Chuang

Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows is pretty great. It brings back the Peter Parker: Spider-Man that many of us grew up with and still love. For veteran fans, reading this book is a lot like you grew up with a favorite restaurant, then one year they tore it down and you were sad but the new restaurant they put up in its place was pretty good so you kept going, then one day you walk in and find that the original restaurant is there again!

One of the most appealing things for me about Spider-Man is the Average Joe aspect of his characterization. The pre-Brand New Day Peter Parker was married to MJ and swung around New York fighting bad guys and had marital and career problems. He was very relatable. This book plops Peter and MJ back in that setting again, but changes the world around them into a crazy, dangerous, and exciting alternate society. Even if you’re not a Spidey veteran reading this book for nostalgia’s sake, this book has got crazy fights, great art, and pretty good character development.

It opens with a classic fight about Peter juggling home life and Spider-Man-ing, then ramps up into a mystery surrounding dead and missing New York super-heroes. Without giving too much away, Peter is faced with having to choose between helping with an omega-level threat to the city and dealing with a danger to his family, and his choice has some real serious consequences.

ASM: Renew Your Vows was the book that I was most excited about in this Secret War event, and it did not disappoint. It’s a very well executed return to the amazing Spider-Man of yesteryear, and I can’t wait to see what impact this has on Peter for the stories to come.

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Jonah Chuang is a Production Coordinator Assistant at Comixology. He has always considered Peter and MJ to be the ideal couple (unless it’s the cinematic ASM, because there it’s Peter and Gwen for sure).

AU: Of Ships and Sirens

A/N: so, a while back I posted an au called “in the heart of the sea” because someone requested more Peter Parker and I promised mermaids. But this fic was too sad, and too long and took a lot of time and i wanted to deliver quickly. And then I remembered that my first story was over 4k, i published Selfish, and honestly, I wasn’t proud of other story. It wasn’t good enough. 

So I got it together and finished this, an AU worthy of my standards and worthy of Peter Parker’s name. 

Summary: When the million dollar USS Carter goes MIA, a team is assembled to bring them back to the fleet, but as Peter Parker will learn, not all men are honest, and not everything is what it seems. 

Word Count: 6,399

Warnings: Blood, guns, mentions of death.

There was a ringing in everyone’s ears, and for a moment, the ships deck was perfectly still. Even the hull itself seemed planted in its spot against the waves of the Atlantic.

“Commander Stark?” the cabin boy turned his head to face the tall brunette standing far across the ship. He was rooted there with his hands on his hips, nobly looking out from the bow as if his destiny lay there.

“Sirens,” he said, eyes widening in excitement. He crossed the length of the ship to clasp a hand on the boy’s shoulder, a manic look crossing his face. “Ever came across such creatures, Parker?”

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