bring out the girls

Prompt: “Let’s just pretend. Just for tonight.”

You weren’t really sure how it happened the first time; or the second or third time. All you knew was that you liked it, a lot. But you also hated it. You hated sleeping with your best friend, spending countless hours wrapped up in his fluffy white sheets. You hated knowing that he would go out the next night, party it up, and possibly bring a girl home. You hated knowing that Harry didn’t love you the way you loved him. You’d known him for years, him always being your go-to person for any and everything. Even a romp in the sheets. Your feelings for him developed quickly after a drunken hook-up on the night of your birthday. The drinks and Harrys beautiful green eyes clouded your thinking. He kissed your neck grabbed your hips and lead you to his bedroom. And thats when you fell for him. Watching Harry bring home girl after girl night after night got old. You were tired of having your heart broken over and over by the man who didn’t even know you loved him. And time and time again, he’d come back to you, telling you how much he’s missed you. No one knew. It was as if you were his dirty little secret. Of course it was no secret that you were the best of friends, but no one knew what you had been doing behind closed doors, and certainly no one knew you were madly in love with Harry. So you did the only thing you knew how - avoid Harry like you’d avoid the plague. You had always accused people who ran from their feelings of being stupid and delusional. But each and every time you laid eyes on Harrys tall frame and dimpled grin, you fell more and more in love with him. Avoiding him was the only option. But Harry soon figured out that you were actively ignoring him, making ignoring him even harder. He called you, texted you, e-mailed you, direct messaged you and else. And after about a week or so, you guess he gave up. He hadn’t tried to contact you, at all. And you were finally overcoming your feelings for him, until you opened the door for him, thinking he was the thai food you ordered. He didn’t look so good. His once tan skin was pale and his eyes puffy and wet with tears. You didn’t say anything, but moved aside to let him in. He sat on your couch, rocking back and fourth, looking at the ground.

“Tell me what I did.” 

“Its not what you did..its what you didn’t.” 

There was a silence in the room that could only be described as painful. You went over to him, sitting beside him and he looked over at you with a nervous face. 

“What…?” he asked you, taking his hands from his face. You didn’t know what to say to him. All you did was press your lips to his in a sweet kiss. 

“You didn’t realize that I love you. But thats not your fault.” you said to him, swinging a leg on the other side of his hip to straddle him. “So lets just pretend. Just for tonight that you love me the way I’ve loved you for so long.”  You began to kiss down his neck, but you were stopped in your tracks when he said,

“We don’t have to pretend. I’ve loved you for longer than I can even remember. I never said anything because i didn’t want to scare you off. You’ve said multiple times that you don’t ever see yourself in a serious relationship. So I kept it to myself. But all those nights we spent together…I was making love to you. It was the only chance I had to express how I felt for you without using words. All those other girls, they meant nothing to me. I was simply trying to take my mind off of you. But I’m here now. We love each other, and thats all we need.”  

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Marco is a Trans Girl - The Megapost 2.0

So you’ve likely seen my big post on the theory that Marco Diaz from Star vs The Forces of Evil is a Trans Girl. It was made back in July of 2016 when Season 2 was just starting, and since then a lot of things have changed and we now know a lot more about what’s going on behind the scenes.

This post is meant to be an updated explanation of Trans Girl Marco theory, but now more in line with how things are actually happening. The gist of it being that Marco Diaz is coded as a closeted transgender girl.  Expect less theorizing and more meta talk. I’ll be going over all the clues that indicate Marco is trans, as well as how the starcrew came to the desicion as Marco developed as a character.

I can’t give enough thanks to the members of the crew such as @arythusa and @hug-bees​, whom have both done as much as they possibly can to communicate with the show’s growing LGBT fanbase, and given us so much insight into what’s going on

Full post below the cut.

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Jamie: I have to ask
David Duchovny: Yeah.
Jamie: There is the rumours.
David: Yeah.
Jamie: Are we gonna get another reboot of The X-files?
David: If I was a betting person, I’d say yes. But I lost bets before. But if I was a better, I’d say yes.
Jamie: Okay, well we don’t wanna lose that one. Make it happen. Get on that, David!
David: I don’t wanna lose it either.

Q: Give your girl, Gillian a call! Get her on that.

David: Okay.

Whole interview here. Thank you @vavieddfan

When you only heard 30 seconds of a song and you are 100% positive you will love this band forever. 

Client is every kind of -ist. Boss isn't having it, gets one client fired, his replacement replaced.

This happened a few weeks ago, and I’m still in awe of my boss, who made it happen. I work as a private security officer for a small but well respected company. The higher-ups are masters at getting contracted for big-name clients and they treat us employees very well.

We had been subcontracted by a larger security firm to run event security for a certain tech company’s event during a certain famous film festival. Some serious money was being thrown around to make this event happen, I was told $75k per day just to rent out the venue, $6 Million worth of equipment, the list goes on. It was a big deal. Our client’s representative, who we’ll call Paulie, was a New York native with a thick Brooklyn accent and wouldn’t have been out of place on the set of The Sopranos. He’d been flown in from his base of operations just to oversee this event. It soon became clear that he was going to cause problems. First off, the agreement between my firm and our client was to provide asset protection, meaning we were to make sure that none of the expensive, yet highly portable electronic equipment went missing. Yet as soon as we got there, Paulie decided to ignore all that and had us working the doors as glorified bouncers. All our previous instructions were to be ignored and Paulie was God. This pissed us off a bit, as we had picked our people with unobtrusive asset protection in mind, but whatever, we’re professionals and we’ll roll with it. Second, Paulie was an a**hole. Everything we did was wrong somehow, even when we did exactly what he wanted us to, we were doing it wrong. He’d berate the poor officer right in front of everyone. He’d change our instructions on a whim and get mad at us for not complying with the new instructions before everyone had a chance to be informed. Third, and arguably worst, Paulie was an -ist of every type. Racist, ageist, sexist, he was the worst. We brought in female officers and he’d inevitably stick them in the most out-of-the-way posts he could to make sure they didn’t have to interact with the tech people. Same went for every officer Paulie thought was over 35. Since we were working 12 hour shifts, we tried to rotate everybody through every post, but he’d take over the rotation and stick the “old” and female officers out of sight. It got to the point where we were seriously considering quitting the contract and we NEVER do that.

Enter my boss. Let’s call him Rick. Rick is ex military and his thing is he Gets Shit Done. Rick, like several of us, is a licensed Private Investigator as well as a Security Officer. Rick is borderline OCD when it comes to keeping records. Rick has hidden cameras. Rick wore a wire and recorded a lot of Paulie’s shit. That shit then hit the fan when Rick passed off supervision of the site to me for the day and went to a meeting with the higher-ups from my company and a conference call with the higher-ups from Paulie’s company, let’s call them D*cks and A**holes Inc, or D&A. The next afternoon, the A in D&A showed up and took Paulie into one of the rooms the tech people had been using for demos earlier that day and spent over an hour yelling at him. One of our people, a female officer with 15 years of experience, who had worked security at the freaking PENTAGON, and who had been shoved in a corner nevertheless heard the whole thing go down, as she was posted outside the door. According to her, Paulie said several stupid things, but the one that stuck out was, “These guys are weak! They’re bringing in freaking GIRLS…!” before being told to shut the hell up. Paulie was fired right there and escorted off the property. The next day, those of us who hadn’t been there to see it were told the whole story and we reveled in the fact that we wouldn’t have to deal with Paulie anymore. Morale, which had been at historically low levels, shot through the roof.

This would be a good place to stop the story, but as the infomercials say, “Wait! There’s more!”

A took over. Remember him? The A**hole in D*cks & A**holes, Inc? He was worse, in different ways. He was just as bad as Paulie, but he was much, much more subtle about it. And, I can’t stress this enough, he was an A**HOLE.

He tried to get me fired for talking to the client, the tech company’s people. The event was winding down by this point, and I had asked the guy in charge of the tech people a question about continuing security needs. Turns out, the tech company was taking their stuff out of the demo rooms and therefore wouldn’t need those rooms secured anymore, so we didn’t need an officer for that post anymore. A was livid that I had spoken to the client without his say-so and that I had “cost us THOUSANDS!” by so doing, which was total bullshit. A went to Rick and yelled at him about it, too. Rick, however, had my back and just shrugged the whole thing off.

This is going long, so I’ll sum up. Rick was eventually forced to employ the same tactics he had used against Paulie and another conference call was made. Turns out, D&A had been bought out by another company, and since A was a founder, he didn’t get fired, but he did get sent home and yet another guy from the bigger company was flown out to oversee the last few days. That guy was pretty cool and we had no further problems.

The icing on the cake is that the tech company had seen all the bullshit my people had been put through and had been impressed with us. We’ve been asked to provide security services for their next event.


Archie Andrews imagine request for anon

You remembered snippets.

You could remember arriving to the party with Archie at your side and you remembered the first shot of that cheap spiced rum that Reggie had at the makeshift bar in his parent’s basement – but besides that all you had were snippets.

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When you’ve a bad day and you listen one of your favourite band on the radio

She’s the girl that keeps you awake at 2 AM because you can’t stop thinking about her, she’s the girl that you want to bring home to your parents and show off to your friends, she’s the girl that you want to make happy and would do anything in the world to see her beautiful smile that brings out her eyes and dimples, she’s the girl that you want to make memories and go on adventures with, she’s the girl that you want by your side as you roll over in the morning and pull her closer to you to make you feel more at home, she’s the girl that you want to laugh with and then slow dance with in the kitchen at 1 in the morning, she’s the girl you want to have a future with, she’s the girl that can make your day go from bad to amazing with just one simple action or word, she’s the girl that makes you realise that waiting was the best thing to do, she’s the girl you want to take out and spoil her with her favourite clothes or food and many more, she’s the girl that you want to argue with over the silliest things but then make up after 5 minutes because you can’t help but see how perfect she is, she’s the girl you want to spend in bed with all day watching your favourite movies or Tv shows with and then order a takeaway and not have any cares in the world, she’s the girl you want to tell everything to including the most embarrassing stories from when you were young. She’s not just any ordinary girl, oh no, she’s my girl.

A Message to Society 

(and the internet world)

Tearing down one while building up the other is not exactly how you promote “equality”, people. Its not. One gender cannot survive without its counterpart. (and for more than one reason) Men and women are both needed.

Don’t let some bad personal experiences make you blind to the good that there is in the world. 

Abelas. The Ryan Gosling of the Dragon Age universe. And he’s here to support you, girl. All the way through the Solavellan hellspiral and straight into the surprisingly sweet bromance to romance that is Abellan.