bring on the social justice idiots

Once again, Jim brings the truthsauce to Donald’s bbq.  Hi, folks, the man in the US Hotseat is not only lying to you, he thinks you’re stupid.

But we have to remember that while the Orange Puff is playing to the idiots in the bleachers, Congress is approving vile things being done to the country.

We have to pay attention to both, but most especially the things that can become law.  

And for those who want to dismiss my concerns as “social justice warrioring,” if being a SJW means not wanting to return to the days when the air was (grimily) visible and anyone who wasn’t a straight white male wasn’t, then hell yes, sign me up.


(for the record, I think it’s highly probable that the Orange Puff is being fed this crap as a diet and just regurgitating it.  He’s not an idiot within certain levels, but he is arrogant enough to think that being smart in a small portion of the world (manipulating people) means he’s smart enough to understand everything, and egocentric enough to have ‘forgotten’ the moment of panic he’s had whenever faced with the reality of his new job.)

100 Ways (Part 21)

A/N: Inspired by this.

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: Loosely connected drabble series chronicling your relationship with Bucky, from awkward teammates to friends, to… well, you know.

Word count: 304

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“What’s their situation?” Bucky gestures towards the TV screen with his head.

You fail to hide your smile. “Nothing, they’re just partners. They work together.”

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