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for you pt. 7 [m]

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Badboy!Taehyung, angst

Word Count: 5.3k

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Six Months Later

You walked down the hallway of the academic building slowly, the weight of the paper in your bag causing you to drag your feet. Each footstep bringing more and more uncertainty about the next chapter of your life. You noticed that the door to your professor’s office was locked, and a small sigh of relief escaped your lips.

You didn’t want to have to explain to him how all your interviews had turned to dead ends. You didn’t want to have to explain how you were still going to be stuck in this town. Stuck in the memories of the past year when all you wanted to do was move forward. There was nothing that you wanted more than leaving. If he could leave, so could you. But instead you had gotten hired at the coffee shop in which you first met him. Left to repeat the same memories over and over again.

And as you left the building for the last time, you didn’t feel any different. The emptiness that had filled your chest the day he left was still there. You held your phone up to your ear, the familiar number having been dialed like clockwork. “We are sorry, but the number you are trying to reach is no longer in service.” seared through your ears after the first dial tone.

You kicked at a rock while waiting to cross the street. There was no reason for you to continue to call that number. But there was still a large part of you that hoped he would come back. That when you called his voice would saying hello on the other end. But no one had heard from him. Not you. Not the boys. It was like he had erased himself from your universe.

Taehyung crept into your mind during your most vulnerable moments. Like when the sun hit your skin in the middle of the afternoon, reminding you of the hours you would spend sitting next to him in the front seat of his car. Driving the two of you around while blasting old music and singing along so out of tune that everyone else would stare at you from their cars.

You missed him when you couldn’t get a jar open, not because he was strong enough to open them. But because you would hunch over in fits of laughter as you watched him turn red in the face while trying to open it. He wasn’t much of a muscle pig, but you thought his effort was the cutest.

He was in the worn out t-shirt hidden in the back of your closet. A piece of clothing you didn’t know you had until your nose caught the smell of his cologne the first time Mina came over to your apartment to do your laundry since you hadn’t left your bed in weeks. You had her put it down, worried that if she held it for too long you would forget what he smelled like when he held you.

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The hero’s bond “Teamwork” Part-3

Part-4(chapter end) coming soon



The hero’s bond (original post)

I uploaded this one in groups of 3 panels rather than individual images, so hopefully mobile users can see the posts now. (you should see all 15 pictures, if not please let me know).

I hope to wrap this mini story soon so I can get to the other ideas I have for this comic series going.

This particular story was me trying my hand at action scene mixed with some mild interaction between to two Links. From what I can seen now, people tend to like the more talkative parts of this comic so I going to adjust accordingly and bring more dialogue into the next “chapter”.

See you in the next one!

Falling slowly

So, I definitely got more out of my second read through of Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts. 

One of the things that struck me is how Viktor thinks about Yuuri, and when he does it. We know that at the end of the chapter, at the age of 23, Viktor is ‘completely in love with Yuuri’. But the bit before he says this is very telling: 'Viktor had known for a long time where the path he was walking would eventually lead’. See that? He had known for a long time.  Perhaps he didn’t think it in the words he uses at the end of the chapter, but he knew he was falling all the same.  And when I read through the chapter I just saw so much evidence of Viktor falling. He’s been falling slowly for a long time, and we can see it happen through the chapter. 

(The rest below the cut)

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Pure - Chapter 6

Summary: I’m a survivor. At least that’s what someone once told me. He was probably right, which explains a lot about me. Survivors are selfish and despicable, although I think he meant it as a compliment. Problem is, what I’m surviving for is sometimes hard to tell anymore.

A what if Katniss had gone to Cray, alternate Panem story.

WARNINGS: RATED E (I’m not kidding about this one) for language, canon compliant mentions of child abuse, mentions of drug usage, prostitution, underage (17 years old with older partners), mentions of assault, and explicit sexual content. Buckle up. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

I’m not sure how long I’m out here when the door opens and Peeta’s heavy steps cross the patio before he sits down next to me. I immediately take his hand in mine and search his face for some kind of hurt.

“My brothers say you’re sharpening your battle axe. So who’s the enemy?”

I snort and shake my head. “Shouldn’t we talk about you?”

Chapter 6 is now posted on AO3 and

We’re just over halfway done with this story and I wanted to thank all of you who’ve taken a risk on this story, given the rather disturbing opening. Hopefully, I can bring it to a satisfying conclusion for you. Since the next three chapters are already drafted, and chapter 7 has already been through the beta process, updates should occur fairly regularly from here on out. Thanks as always to @peetabreadgirl for editing and keeping me on task…even though there’s that one story idea that we’re both just DYING to write/read. ;-)

Heaven’s a Heartbreak Away II

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Word count: 1.3k

 Everybody was going crazy over the marriage of the nation’s favorite actress, not only that, she was also marrying the most famous, the hottest, and most demanded music producer, and rapper of the country. They successfully shocked everybody, not only have they revealed their relationship, they also announced their engagement and they become the country’s hottest, and most envied couple. Every magazine, TV and radio show wanted a photo shoot or interview with them. Hence, the past few weeks I have spent running from photo shoots to interviews, from interviews to photo shoots. From one TV station to a radio station and the other way around.

 The beginning was hell, I always had to be around them, I also had to take care of his outfit, too, to match it with hers. Their outfits had to be in complete harmony to symbolize they were meant for each other. They made me hate my job, I hated to wake up, I despised every fashion and lifestyle magazine, every TV show in which they appeared. I tried avoiding interaction with them as much as I could; I especially avoided him. Whenever I had to put accessories on him, smooth out his shirt, or arrange a clothing item on him, I tried to do it without having to touch him for too long, or too many times. 

 He tried to coax me up, he cracked his lame jokes in hopes of making me smile, but it rather made me wanna cry. When he realized I wouldn’t be all smiles and happy, he tried to talk to me, but I avoided him, always finding an excuse to go off. It went like this for more than two months, he looked for me, in response I hid. I never spent more time around them than it was necessary. I couldn’t stand that he persisted talking to me. We had nothing to talk about.

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Don’t Fear the Reaper

Sam Winchester x Reader

1200 Words

Warnings: None

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Summary: You are a reaper, actually one of Death’s favorites.  You’ve been following the story of the Winchesters for a while, staying out of sight, never letting them see you. You slowly fall in love with Sam, even though he doesn’t know you exist. But that all changes one day. Set in Season 5

Chapter Summary: The beginning of your story, and the beginning of your association with the Winchesters

You were a Reaper. It wasn’t as mysterious or interesting as it sounded. Your life was spent following your fathers orders, taking poor unfortunate souls and helping them move on to the afterlife.

You had seen everything, Just as much as the Angels had. But while they stood watch, and guard over God’s creations, you stood and waited for them to die, much like a vulture watched over its prey. You watched as the humans grew and developed. Only dealing with them when you had to, when Death issued the order and you had to swoop down and guide them onto their next chapter in life.

It was a dull, lonely existence. Who would want to be friend a Reaper, a person who brought death with them wherever they went? Of course there were the other reapers, many of whom were older than you, and full of themselves. You were one of the last reapers Death had created, and you were looked down upon by many. Especially since Death seemed to favor you more so than others, giving you easier tasks, leaving the evil and dark souls to those of his more seasoned children.

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How I Ship Tauradonna

Soft and Sweet

Whispers of affection in the comfort of a tent. Rain pouring over their heads, pattering against the fabric walls as they wait for the morning. Slipping off gloves and nuzzling cheeks.

Swords off to the side, and lazy afternoons. Blake resting against Adam’s side, fingers touching the walls of the tent, tracing small circles as he reads reports and she gets to the next chapter in her book.

They bring each other comfort, even in the darkest morning.

Angry and Hurt

“You left me!” Is what he says, “What did I do?” is what he means. The hurt comes either way and the anger overwhelms and he can’t see straight. He throws her aside, fearful that he’ll push too hard but angry he hasn’t hit her hard enough.

The bullish nature that so many wretched humans have insulted him with time and time again proves true and all he can see is red.

He hurts her and hates himself and her and everything. He just wants it to stop.

Blake feels the same.

She watched him fall and she cries and can’t stay but she wants to. She wants to make it better, but she can’t and so she blocks his hits and strikes him back just as hard and tries not to remember what they had.

Mutual desire, love and longing lost in a haze of heartbreak and conflicting philosophy.

Tragic and Bittersweet

It had to be done. Red spilling over her fingers as she kisses his head goodnight for the last time. It’s her sword in his side, and his blood on her waist, but lives have been saved and Blake hates it.

Friends behind her; incapable of understanding.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” they both say.

One for changing. One for knowing she couldn’t have changed this outcome no matter how she wished it.

The eyes behind the mask are so tired and so sad, and Blake closes them before anyone else can see even has his last breath brings his fingers to touch her cheek.

Rough and Wrong

“You are never leaving me again,” says a hissed voice, in the ears on top of her head. He presses down, shoving her into the dirt, his knee in her back. Bow ripped away, he buries his face in her hair. “Never.”

Choked sobs and angry words. Blake has drawn blood; Adam took it back. Desperation and a changed man meet a brave and broken woman. Everything hurts. Every touch, every whisper, every mood change.

It’s torture for them both. One suffering, and the other so lost he can’t stop even as he hates himself.

But the alternative isn’t an option. He’d rather be a monster than alone.

She can’t leave him again.

Hopeful and Patient

Years pass. Of talk and heartbreak and change. Time apart does wonder for them both; for their growth. He finds new life in old comrades, and Blake finds it in new ones.

They split angry and hurt, but they meet again changed and wiser.

One’s learned to stand proud, and to fight head on. The other has learned to relent; to compromise.

Forgiveness is a hard path, but they both manage it.

Hands meet and hold tight; foreheads meet and whispers of “I missed you” and “I’m sorry” come from them both. The kisses are soft and and glad. They sit overlooking a new generation, both armed with new relationships and affection. No matter how much time has passed, they can still only see each other.

And for the first time, their vision is clear. They saw what they missed the first time, and they are better for it.

Adam and Blake

“Did you ever thing it would be like this?” Adam asks, face in her neck and arms around her waist.

Blake brushes her fingers through his hair. So many scenarios, and so much time. You never knew what would come next. “Sometimes.”

(´∀`)♡ H-H-H-HOi~!❤❤❤

Working hard to bring you guys the next chappy! Chapter 28 will be up in maybe 3 or 4 hours! :D (Sorry for the recent delays these past few weeks, the nature of the homework I get involves a lot of time spent. And unfortunately, I’ve gotta give school priority. Thanks for understanding in advance~!) 😳😳😳


Happy White Day. Whatever that is. I drew Juvia eating Gray’s ice heart because I’m pretty sure guys are supposed to give chocolate on white day. Not friggin ice hearts made at the spur of the moment.

Anyways just to say sorry for being radio silent. I’ve been really busy as of late but that brings me to my next point.

I will not be able to post my next chapter react 

Since I’ve been doing this from May 22, 2014, I’ve never missed a chapter. Unfortunately due to poor life decisions made on my part I can’t post a chapter reaction today or tomorrow. I do plan on posting one but it’s going to be super late.

Thank you for understanding.

Falling Out, Falling In (Ch. 3) | Zen/Hyun Ryu x Reader

Rating: Teen
Genre: Angst | Drama | Healing | Friendship
Summary: You catch Zen cheating on you.


V has no idea just what it is that Jumin needs to discuss with him; however, from the tone of his voice from that one phone call, the photographer could tell that it was a very important and serious matter. The man walked up to the penthouse, finding the bodyguards that helped guide him unnecessary as he already knew where to go. Nevertheless, he appreciated their efforts, offering kind smiles and received them in return, especially from the more familiar faces. As soon as V walked through the door, he had no idea what to think.

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A Mere Reflection (Ch. 84 spoilers)

A/N: I’ve been away for a while–months, and I finally brought myself to catch up on the manga and read the chapters I missed. It was such a long ride of emotions, really, and the latest chapter was probably the hardest on the fandom, yet. I loved it so much, and it encouraged me to type a few thousands of words. I had a strong mixture of feelings in my heart while I read that chapter. I felt bad for every single character, no exception, but I also accepted their fate. I’m excited to see what the next chapter brings us, and as we wait for it, here’s a little something of what I hope to see. Not the actual events that I wrote, necessarily, but the message behind them, most importantly.

I would also like to apologize for any false information I could’ve possibly implied. As I stated, having left the fandom for a while, I  needed to refresh my memory on some facts, and some might have slipped my mind, so excuse that. Feel free to correct me, as long as it’s in a nice, respectful way.

I also apologize for any typos whatsoever. I did revise it, but I’m sure I missed some words that needed fixing.

Spoilers ahead, obviously, so read at your own risk.

Title: A Mere Reflection

Rate: T (for some curse words thrown here and there.)

Pairing: RivaMika, and implications of other platonic relationships.

Word Count: 3k+

“…I see.” Levi mumbled the words tiredly, empty of any and all emotion. Hanji had announced it; Erwin was dead. His dream to see the basement and learn the truth about this world would never come true, not to him, at least.

He’d devoted his heart to fight for humanity, because Erwin had asked him to. Erwin was now gone. He wouldn’t be there to witness the victory, if there would be one. That was the world they lived in, always had been. So cruel, always taking lives, lives of those who mattered, lives of his comrades.

But he chose to save Armin. He made that decision, because if he truly wanted to save Erwin, it would be by letting him go, he realized, and yet… Why did he feel so empty?

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