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2nd is the best {Newt x Reader}

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Author: Joi A. Wade 

Requested: Yes @collinsftjohnson #3 and also #12, hope this satisfies you my friend❤️ 

Summary: Envy. An overused sin.

Warning: LOOOONGish

Everything in the glade was different after I came up the box. I bet you’re wondering why, huh? I’m a girl. Yeah, that’s right, a girl. Apparently the glade has never had a girl in the long run of them being trapped in the maze. I got a few off looks, many suggestive, a lot flirtatious. But, the only look I cared about getting was from the scrawny, second-in-command. Newt.

After a few months, Newt and I grew close. He showed me around the glade, was calm and professional with me, and made me feel comfortable. Soon enough I remembered my name. Y/n. 

“What a beautiful name, for a beautiful girl of course.” He would say. I was a sucker for him, and I knew it. So did the whole glade, then after a while Newt started to see it too. To make a long story short, neither of us had the guts to tell each other how we felt. But, good ole Minho helped us out.

“Just kiss already!” I remember him shouting the night of the bonfire for the new greenie. Thomas, I believe is his name. And with an awkward smile, Newt leaned in and I happily met him halfway. The best shucking night of my life. 

The love he showed to me made me feel special, and according to him he was glad that he was lucky enough to get his hands on the first ever girl. To say I was happy too was an understatement…because it made me wonder. 

What if a new girl came up? Be careful what you wish for. 

Teresa came up the box months after me. Everyone was more shocked, because…she was breathtaking. I never really got that kind of response when I came up. Sure, the guys found me attractive but…I never took their breath away. 

Her jet black locks, those crystal blue eyes, and her slim figure screamed: Attention. But the only one she seemed interested in talking to was Thomas…but that never really stopped anybody from trying to grab her attention. 

And it’s not even like she’s begging for it, they’re just giving it to her! And the worst part is, the gladers, even my friends barely pay attention to me. I know I’m better than to be comparing myself to another girl but…I started getting worried when she started catching Newt’s attention too.

We were all in the homestead, chilling out like any normal day. For some reason it was 20 question time with her, as everybody waited for their turn to ask Teresa millions of questions, which is irrelevant since we have no memory of our past lives, likes or dislikes, or passions. 

“So what’s it like being a girl?”

“Do you think you had any siblings?”

“How are your eyes so blue?”

Question after question, all stupid things to ask…and I think she sees that as well, but tried to answer as much as she could. I tried MY best to get my friends back, at least get them to talk to me again.

“Hey, Minho, you wanna race to the deadheads? I bet I could beat your sorry-excuse-of-a-runner butt,” I teased, but got no response from him. A little hurt, I shrugged it off, moving over to Fry. “Hey Frypan, do you maybe wanna-?”

“Sh!” He quickly shushed me, not even giving a side glance. Ouch.

Then I tried Clint and Jeff, then Winston, then Zart, even shucking Gally and not one of them gave me a time of day. Last, but not least, was Newt. I know he would never turn me down. I mean..sure he’s been distant for a while but, he’s my boyfriend. Me wanting his attention this badly should spark SOMETHING, especially for me not known for being clingy.

I tap his shoulder. Nada. Crouching down to his level, I lightly kissed behind his ear. I know that’s his one weak spot, but only to have him shrug me off.

“Y/n, would you cut it out, please? I’m trying to listen.” Newt said, not even looking at me. Tears brim my eyes, as I feel a pain in my chest. A guy behind me shook my shoulder, roughly, I might add.

“Y/n, can ya move?! I can’t see Teresa!” He basically growled in my ear, squeezing my shoulder tighter. I let out a yelp, stopping Teresa from talking, and all eyes were drawn on me.


“Could you be any louder?”

“What’s your problem?”

Everything was being shot at me at once. They were annoyed at me. My own shucking friends! My family…

Without a second thought, and before the tears fell, I quickly leave the scene, defeated and unwanted. I guess now it’s official.

I’m in second place.


I watched Y/n scramble up to her feet and run out of the homestead.  For a moment, everything was dead silent. 

“Who was that?” Teresa spoke, making us turn our heads back to her.

“You’ve never spoken with her before?” I asked, with a raised eyebrow.

“Only a couple of times. She seems very upset with me, so I figured she wanted nothing to do with me.”

“Don’t worry about it, Teresa. She’s nobody.” Gally waved off the topic, but I was quick to bring it back.

“What? How could you say that?” I raised my voice, “How bloody dare you?!” I stood, eyebrows furrowed.

“News flash, Newtie! Y/n is getting kinda boring and clingy! I mean, she came over to me asking if I would show her how to build something.” Gally crossed his arms.

“She asked me if I wanted to race her, like, could she not see that I was busy listening to Teresa’s story?” Minho jumped in.

“It wasn’t really a story, you all were asking me bogus questions that are impossible to answer. And besides I thought you all were her friends.” Teresa stood, “I’ve seen how you all treated that girl the past few days, and I’ve got to say I don’t like it one bit.”

“And aren’t you two dating?” Thomas pointed at me, and I only nod with a confused look.

“Yeah, so?”

“Not really boyfriend material, if you ask me.” Teresa crossed her arms, practically looking down upon me.

“What’s that suppose to mean?” I glared.

“Oh don’t act so surprised, she tried to be affectionate to you, and you just brushed her off like an annoying fly! ALL of you should be ashamed. Being new or not, she was here first, and should I be treated different from her adds more shame on your cold hearts.” Teresa spoke so calmly that it only added to the guilt building up inside of me. I had to find Y/n.

Who knows what she could be doing left alone. 

Three hours. Three shucking hours, and no one could find her. I was starting to have a panic attack, where the bloody hell is she?! I limped to the nearest glader, Chuck.

“Any luck?”

“No, but she’s good at hide and seek!” Chuck smiled brightly. Of course I couldn’t tell him that Y/n is missing! Especially since it’s all my fault she is.

“OW! SHUCK!” I heard a yell over towards the deadheads, making nearly half the glade rush at full speed to where the noise came from. 

Once we’ve arrived, we all see Minho holding his cheek with one hand, and holding a shoe in the other. And not just any shoe. It’s Y/n’s shoe! Minho was glaring at something in the trees, drawing all of our eyes to follow. And what do you know.

Y/n was perched perfectly between two thick branches. Huh. I guess she is good at hide and seek.

“She’s up there. I tried to get closer, but she threw her shucking shoe at my face!” Minho yelled up to Y/n, only to have another shoe thrown in his direction.

I hesitantly walked closer to the tree she was in, only to have a stick pelt my head.

“Ouch..! Y/n! Stop throwing things, I want to-!”

Another stick, then another, followed by some rocks. Why in the hell would she bring rocks up there with her anyway?!

“Y/n, please we’re sorry we ignored you!” Frypan yelled, getting a couple of rocks to his direction.

“Hey! Throw ONE more of those things-!” Before Gally could finish, he got a hammer barely missing his foot.

“She’s got tools up there?!” One guy yells, as next a knife was thrown.

“SHE’S GOT WEAPONS! Hit the dirt!” Clint yelled, everyone hiding behind trees or dropping to the ground, but not me. I stood my ground, I have to. And even if I get hurt, which I probably will, is what I deserve.

“Love, please don’t shoot! I only want to talk!” 

“OH now you wanna talk? Well how about I just ignore YOU then!” Y/n screamed, aiming another rock in my direction. 

“Y/n I am so sorry I made you feel like this, I promise I’ll make it up to you some how-OW!” She hit a bulls-eye, right in the center of my forehead. I rubbed the spot, but stood there.

“Just leave me alone!” she shouted, I could hear the pain in her voice. How much did I break her? “Why don’t you just hang with your new, and perfect girlfriend Teresa! Since she’s waay more important than me!”

“Don’t you see? I’m in love with YOU!” I screamed at the top of my lungs, I hear it echo across the whole entire glade. The only thing being heard was the sound of the maze moving about, and my heavy breathing. 

Y/n looks down at me, lowering the next rock she was about to throw at me.

“W-what?” She stuttered.

“That’s right. I love YOU, Y/n. No matter what thoughts you put in your head, or what awful things I say to you I don’t mean, I’m always going to come back to you.” I mean every word. I’m pretty sure the thing that surprised her the most was that I said I loved her for the first time. Never in our months of dating have we said these words to each other…it was now or never. 

“Newt but you…you said-”

“To hell with what I said, I love you! I LOVE Y/N, I LOVE Y/N, I LOVE Y/N! Do you hear me mates?! I love Y/n! DO YOU HEAR ME TERESA?! I LOVE Y/N! DO YOU HEAR ME GRIEVERS?! I. LOVE. Y/NNN!” I said with every breath I had in my body, every beat to my heart, getting a few weird stares from the gladers, but that didn’t matter.

Because when my attention was back towards Y/n, during my little performance she had time to climb down the tree, crushing me in the tightest hug she has even given me.

“I love you, too.”

 Music to my ears.

{A/N} Sooo this was long! But I hope you enjoyed! And hey, more requests on the way! If this feels all over the place, don’t be afraid to let me know, I’m open for feed back! Adios, my lovelies! ~Joi

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When You Wear His Shirt

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Thomas would be surprised at first but would then grow accustomed to it. It would definitely bring a smile to his face. What better way to show the other gladers that you are his? He would walk up to you and gently peck your lips while stating “You know, you should wear my shirt more often.”


Newt would be a sweetheart and maybe even a bit protective due to his caring nature. He would slightly be on edge since he probably didn’t want the other gladers to see you since your legs looked way too stunning. No doubt seeing you like this would cause him to blush in the deepest shade of crimson. While you were working, he would slowly wrap his arms around your waist while nuzzling his face in your neck. He would gently kiss your cheeks while stating, “Damn love, why do have to tempt me like this?”



We all know that Minho would not keep his mouth shut as soon as he saw you in his shirt. He would straight away ask in his sassy tone, “Isn’t that mine? Who told you can wear that?” Despite that attitude of his, he secretly enjoyed watching your curves and long legs sway in the light blue button up shirt which was clearly too big for you due to Minho’s muscular build. When you least expect it, he would pull you into his toned arms. With the smirk he would respond, “Its ok, you look quite hot in it.”

Hot For Teacher

Authors note:It’s another long one *smut*

Finally, the best lesson of the day. Well, only because of your teacher, Mr Choi Minho. He taught physical education in your school and you were blessed enough to have it three times a week. Sometimes, if you were really lucky, you’d catch a glimpse of the waist band of his boxers or his abs whilst he was moving; he was sex on legs and all the girls were head over heels for him, including you.

It was hard to run during cross country as Mr Minho made your legs feel like jelly, wobbly and unstable. Enthusiastically, he was jumping up and down, cheering everyone on and encouraging them to keep running. It was embarrassing, seeing as you weren’t the most athletic in the group. You were sure that out of all the girls in the class, he wouldn’t fancy you but he seemed to like you, always giving you a warm smile and a pat on the back, his stunning warm eyes glistening as he praised you on your hard work. No matter what, you always tried to do your best and he could see that.

As you were running, you were thinking that maybe it would impress him if you tried to get more fit. Not that you thought you needed to be skinnier as you were happy at the size you were but you had to admit you could be a tad healthier. Mr Minho always said that anyone was welcome to come to him if they had a problem or a question. When it came to fitness, you had no clue where to start and perhaps, if you came to his office, he could help you. Perhaps he’d praise you on your willingness to do extra work and so, after running, you took a big drink of water for hydration and headed to Mr Minho’s office.

Confidently, you strutted in to his office; too confidently. He was peeling off his wet shirt, revealing his stunning, athletic body; your jaw dropped to the floor. You knew you should have knocked. 

“Oh. I’m sorry Mr Minho. I..I’ll come back later..”

 You stumbled on your words, not being able to take your eyes him; they were stuck to him like super glue. 

“No no, it’s okay. Please, take a seat.”

 He gestured to the chair across from his desk in a casual manor. Awkwardly, you took a seat and waited for your P.E teacher to finish patting himself down with a towel. He looked stunning, like a god. You forgot what you even wanted to say to him as he made your brain cells go all blurry. With that charming smile, he sat down across you and rested his muscular arms on the wooden desk. 

“What can I do for you (Y/N)?” 

He questioned kindly, like he sincerely wanted to listen to you. 

“Well um..I um…I was interested in wanting to get fitter but I don’t know where to start..what to work on first..” 

You tried to explain properly but you just couldn’t. Every time you looked in to his eyes, you lost all trail of thought. 


 He chuckled, making your heart race and your palms get sweatier by the minute. 

“Well, what do you feel you need work on?”

 He asked as he got up and sat on the desk, closer to you. His sensual presence made it difficult to breathe.

 “Um..maybe my stomach?”

 Mr Minho frowned at your statement. 

“I think you have a beautiful body (Y/N).”

 ‘Oh no’ you thought as you felt your face heat up like a fire with your cheeks turning bright red no doubt.

 “Thank you but, I wish I had a body like yours, Sir.”

 It was brave of you to say but it was true; he was so fit that it hurt. Surprisingly, he hopped off the table, showing you his full body again.

 “Like this?”

 He questioned. Accidentally biting your lip in lust, you nodded. Gently, he took your hand in his and began to run your hand down his built frame. Your knees began to feel weak, your mouth went dry as a desert and you even had to squeeze your legs closed from the excitement you felt between them.

 “So you want your stomach to feel like this?” 

His question just seemed like a faint mumble as all you could concentrate on was the feel of his six pack. Gulping, you nodded your head, staring at his stomach.

 “Stand up (Y/N).”

 He instructed before going over to the office door and locking it. The sound of it locking echoed in your ears, bringing the déjà vu of your dreams. You couldn’t believe what was happening even though you wanted something to happen so desperately. Standing up, you allowed him to examine your figure from head to toe. His eyes on you felt incredible, like he was touching you without even moving.

 “Can I take a look?” 

He questioned, his hands holding the bottom of your gym shirt. Your heart was pounding faster than it was while you were running. 


 You replied, even though you were nervous as hell to show him your body but you lifted up your arms and allowed him to slowly remove your top.

Before him, you stood in your bra and let him trace the outline the curves of your breasts and hips. It felt so good; it was beyond anything you’d felt before. 

“(Y/N), your body is perfect. I don’t know why you’d want to change it.”

 His words felt like heaven to your ears; you felt like a princess.

 “I wanted to change for you Sir, so you’d like me.” 

You uttered, going shy. 


He said softly, tilting your chin up so you looked in to his chocolate eyes. 

“I like you just the way you are (Y/N). You’re the prettiest girl in the school.”

 “I am?” 

You questioned in absolute amazement. Mr Minho nodded and let out a seductive chuckle. Your heart thumped against your chest as the two of you moved in to kiss. His plump lips were the best you’d ever had, smooth like silk. On the teacher’s chair, he sat back and allowed you straddle his lap. Feeling like a diva, you grinded against his hard on, kissing him roughly and let the sexual frustration you’d felt since forever go out of the window. You were glad he was already topless as you enjoyed feeling his pecks he kissed your neck, making you breathless. 

“Oh Sir! That feels so good.”

 You groaned against his shoulder. Minho’s lips made their way down to your bare chest then on top of your bra. Making every second last longer, he took his time un-clipping each hook on your bra. It was like it fell down on to the floor and released your breasts in slow motion. Instantly, his hot lips were kissing, biting and sucking your sensitive nipples. You had to bite down on your bottom lip to refrain from moaning so loud. 

“Your breasts are perfect too. Is there anything on you that isn’t flawless (Y/N)?”

 He asked between your breasts. It was impossible to stop whimpering in pleasure as he rolled his wet tongue around your nipples like they tasted of cherries.  

“Stand up baby and show me that butt.”

 Smirking, you climbed off him and turned around. Teasing him, you took your sweet time pulling down your shorts and panties, revealing your behind. “Wow.” You heard him whisper.

Suddenly, you felt a harsh slap against your butt cheek. At first it hurt, but, to your surprise, the pain began to melt in to pleasure. The next thing you knew, you were bent over the table with your butt in the air and Minho’s tongue in your pussy.

 “Oh my god!”

 You cried out. Minho’s tongue licked up every drop of juice in and around your pussy and he was hungry like an animal for more. 

“You taste amazing (Y/N). I could diet on this.”

 You were limp; a moaning and whimpering mess. He was driving you crazy and the only thing that could satisfy the sex demon living within you was Mr Minho’s cock. Going out of your mind, you got on your knees before the delicious teacher and yanked his grey sweat pants and black Calvin Klein boxers down to his feet. The sex god’s cock stood up, erect in the air in front of you and you eyed it like a tiger stalking its prey. Hot for teacher, you took his manhood in your mouth. Firstly, you warmed him up by just sucking on the end, then, with your eyes on his face, you took him further and further in until he hit the back of your throat. The sound of his deep, husky groans were so hot that it only encouraged you to do more. As you sucked him, you played with his balls; that drove him wild like a lion in the jungle. 

“Yes baby. Just like that.” 

He panted, his hands grabbing chunks of your hair. The tension was white hot. The room was murky with the invisible steam the two of you were creating.

Mr Choi Minho grabbed your waist and pulled you up to your feet. Dominantly, he grabbed your neck and crushed his lips on yours, claiming your mouth as his.

 “What do you want (Y/N)?”

 He growled, his eyes burning with lust.

 “Fuck me, please.” 

You begged; you meant it. With the sexiest smirk to exist, he pushed down on to the desk and yanked your legs apart.

 “How bad do you want it?”

 He teased more. Your body was so full of adrenaline; you felt like you could erupt like a volcano.

 “Just fuck me already!”

 You cried, throwing your head back in frustration. He chuckled at how horny you were and in one harsh thrust, he entered your incredibly wet pussy. The both of you moaned in sync. You’d waited for that moment all of your school days.

 “Show me what physical education is Sir.”

 You panted as he fucked you like a porn star. He knew what he was doing and he was doing it well. Minho bit his lip, letting his hips do the work. So excited, you met his movements. Minho went so deep; he was stretching you to the extremes. 

“Tell me how you want it baby.”

 The teacher had always been so keen to help you to the finish line.


 You cried, not caring if the whole school heard you. The desk began to creak as he began to pound you mercilessly with the biggest, most beautiful cock you’d ever laid your eyes on. Your body felt empty when he pulled out of you. Minho sat back down on the teacher’s chair and beckoned you to come to him. Thirsty for more of him, you eased yourself down on his manhood and took him as deep as you could, moaning as he entered your body once more. Losing all self-consciousness, you rode him like a cowgirl; you were so glad you came in to his office.

 “Please don’t stop.”

 You begged as you were coming closer to your orgasm. The juices from your pussy began to leak down on to Minho’s balls, bringing him on the brink of exploding too. With your sharp nails, you dug in to Minho’s shoulders as the energy that had been building up finally burst like a balloon.

 “Fuck! Oh my god! I’m coming Sir!” 

You screeched with pleasure, throwing your head back. Minho squeezed your ass with his strong hands. “That’s right babe, cum for me!” He roared. When your orgasm finished, he bent you over the desk for the last time and fucked you hard, making your tight pussy squeeze around his length.

 “Oh my god (Y/N)! I need to..”

 Quickly, he pulled out of your pussy and released his warm, sticky seed on your butt.


 He panted heavily, his toned chest rising and falling as his lungs began to work double time. Minho sat on the desk to get his breath back. You didn’t know how to feel but you certainly felt fitter. You squeaked when he lifted you up and placed you his lap but you soon felt comfortable there, nuzzling your head between the crook of his neck and his shoulder. His body was cosy and warm like a blanket.

 “Feel better about yourself?”

 He asked sweetly.

 “Uh huh.”

 You replied, nodding your head. 

“Good because you always impress me. You’re beautiful and will be at any size.” 

Cuddling him, you wondered if you’d ever do it again. 

“Is this just a one-time thing?”

 You questioned curiously, softly running your fingers over his impressive torso. Minho chuckled, sending the butterflies in your stomach in to a frenzy. “Monday. Meet me in here.” Monday; the next time you had physical education. 

“Okay Sir.”

shinee world iv: the fourth stage
00 / intro: shinee world
(another response by sjw can be found here)

q. as a person who has known shinee for over ten years, please tell us the members’ strengths.

shim jae won (choreographer / director): jonghyun is a great vocalist. he’s not a singer who’s been made up; he is proving his value as a true artist. i think that this friend’s value was proved also through “excuse me miss”. he himself feels a great pride in singing. one of the flaws of an artist is that they tend to not listen to people around them, but jonghyun is different. jonghyun listens seriously to other people’s advice. i feel thankful. i wonder how much further he will grow as an artist. there’s been a lot of fun in watching him grow.

onew looks fragile, but he’s actually very strong inside. he has a lot of tears and smiles too, but he accomplishes things that he decides to do no matter what. onew actually couldn’t dance well (when i first met him). this friend was someone who had never danced, but he practiced and practiced and, eventually, he adjusted to the balance within the team shinee. whether it be dance or singing, shinee is a very well-balanced team. no one is incapable of doing something. onew proved his value on his own and achieved recognition. the process of his transformation was a really proud one.

key is the life of the party, and a friend who creates the color of shinee. key puts a lot of color sense to shinee. he is also very good at harmonizing the opinions within the team and, above all, he thinks more about shinee than anyone else. he continously thinks about the direction that shinee needs to pursue. he sends me sudden text messages saying (things like): “hyung, how about this for our next concert?” he’s a lovely guy. the value of singers are proved on concert stages and he’s a friend who always worries about that.

minho is a friend who always says (things like): “hyung, it’s a "go” no matter what!“ he’s a friend who says: ”i will go (tn: yes) to all the things you say so, please, bring something amazing to shinee.“ i’m actually embarrassed to introduce myself as a director. i’m just a hyung and sunbae to the shinee members. what i learned when i was young was: ”don’t disappoint trust“. if someone trusts me unconditionally like minho, it yeilds feelings. i cannot not love him.

taemin is a friend who doesn’t know limits. most of the time, when i give one hundred (to do something) people usually just do one hundred but taemin always asks questions. he asks questions like: ”is there anything that could be better?“, and ”hyung, what would be the best way to do this performance?“ to gain advice. i once told taemin: ”when you are doing something, don’t anticipate on people’s reaction or results“, and that ”the task you must do from now on is to prove what kind of identity you have“ - because that’s what you call an artist. to become an artist who shines the brightest on stage, you need to continously think over, try, research and study. i trust that all his strenuous process will eventually make taemin into a great artist. (source: thatcoolcatmeow)

For You (Ch. 1)

Genre: Angst/Smut. Partly from a personal experience. Get ready for a roller coasta riiide.
Pairing: Reader x Yoongi
Warnings: N/A.
Summary: You were madly in love with your boyfriend, Minho until he cheated. Lost and broken, your best friend Yoongi was your only sense of comfort and security blanket now.

(Prologue(Ch. 1) (Ch.2)

(A/N: Previous readers, please read the continuation after the page break in the prologue; it has been updated. I forgot to paste the remainder of what I wrote when I pasted it from my notes and didn’t realize as I was linking it here.)

The next two days were torture. You saw Minho in each of your classes and every time he tried to approach you, you made sure it was obvious that you didn’t want to deal with him. You also never picked up his phone calls that rang in the middle of the night. Yoongi wound up sleeping on your couch and stayed over the last few nights because he was really worried that you would do something stupid like run back to Minho’s apartment and try to get back with him.

On your way back to the parking lot after your last class, you heard a familiar voice call out to you.

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Reply 1994 : Overall Review [Spoiler Alert]

So after 31.5 hours the journey came to an end, with us having to say goodbye to the characters we grew to love in Reply 1994. While I understand many people are somewhat unhappy with who ended up being Kim Jae Joon, I believe we should be focusing not on who got the girl but more on what the drama did beautifully in giving us and really deserves to be one of the best dramas of 2013.

Growth of Sung Na Jung

Love triangles aside, Reply 1994 executed one of the best character developments for its heroine in K-dramaland ever. We are not talking about any typical oh I thought I loved him but it is not so, or bad girl gone good or the other way round - We are talking about actually growing up as a person.

The drama started off with Na Jung as the crazy wild young girl, chasing hot collegiate basketball seniors, joining clubs and living the campus life. Unlike Siwon in Reply 1997, her wild side is not controlled at all. She is actually truly immature in many ways, like her dancing like a crazy woman to music shows and beating up anyone who disagrees with her.

Hence, watching Na Jung discovering her love for Oppa, panicing over how to confess, becoming a sweet and caring girlfriend to later choosing career over love in the 1997 economic crisis and learning more about what love is and what it means to her, was a breathe for fresh air for the world of clueless drama heroines.

I also like the tiny little details the director and crew also took into consideration when showing the growth - from Na Jung’s outrageous and bombastic fashion in the beginning to a mature and sophisticated working woman later on.

Of course, also a huge round of applause for Go Ara’s amazing portrayal of the lead in this coming of age series. I never thought she was a horrible actress as many said but she was also never THIS GOOD. Her expressions and even just her stares and glances were perfect in showing the growth and change in Na Jung.  I literally cracked up at her “This is mum. Go do your homework” mode at the end when her kids were too busy watching M! Countdown. 


Friendship Wins All

While I am also keen to discuss the great details in describing different types of love in the drama, I must talk about the great portrayal of friendship. Often forgotten by dramas in the mist of love, revenge and angst with usually friends already being friends without much explaining, this drama allowed us to watch these strangers evolve into the closest buddies ever.

I nearly bursted into tears during the scene of the final breakfast in the boarding house, as it was so different compared to the first one with everyone in the gang in Ep 2. Back then Samcheonpo and Haitai would be bickering while Yoojin spoke nothing and Na Jung stuffs herself as her parents tries to find her a husband from the group.

By the last ep, everyone had this unspoken understanding of each other, trying hard to ignore the fact this would probably be the last time they eat in such a family like way ever.

What made it all the more amazing was the fact they all wore the Support Korea T-shirts from watching the World Cup. They were not just united by country, they were now a true family and everyone has grown thanks to one another.

What Goes Wrong In The World of Love

What I also greatly admired in this series was its discussions of various aspects in relationships. Unlike the horrible handling of relationships in many series that ended up being unrealistic, we actually can nod and agree with many of them here. I have categorized them in a few categories:

1. I Don’t Want You To Get Hurt

When Na Jung explained to Oppa and the audience why they broke up, I felt bad for Oppa but could not help agreeing. Oppa wanted to protect Na Jung, causing him to never really fully trust her - never sharing his problems, his pains or his feelings. Love is not just about being sweet and romantic to each other, but also being able to lean on each other during times of need. I felt like this is rarely touched on in K-dramas full of people being selfless to the point of fools and being loved for it so a massive kudos for the director for bringing it up as well as Oppa for following up and opening up more to Na Jung.

2. I Want You, Always

In many K-dramas, while the main lead is super hot (hello Lee Minho), I was at times annoyed by how clingy they are. Like if you were not that hot, seriously girls will be creeped out by you creating all these opportunities for alone time and doing all the cheesy “Stay with me, please” sorta things. While I was #teamchilbong, I was glad that the drama did show that his actions were selfish. When Chilbong came to realise he was thinking more for himself than what was good for Na Jung, I thought that was a massive character growth and something very true in our world. It’s cute to tell your girlfriend to stay with you forever but when the person is not even your girlfriend yet it may be best to let go for her to decide for herself.

3. I Thought That Was Love

Haitai’s loveline is actually just as great as the main one. While it did not have triangles or possible squares and pentagons, it showed us the struggle of a youth on his definition of “love”. When the drama began, Haitai would mail his girlfriend Ae Jung the latest Seoul goodies without considering that buying her expensive gifts is not love at all.

However, he continued to have difficulties working it out, as seen with him not getting the wall painting metaphor from Yoojin. He did not understand why “Are you ok?” is the answer to the question and continued pursuing all these girls (his club sunbae, the Yonsei Jun Jihyun and Uhm Jung Hwa aka Rainbow’s Jaekyung and Woori) before realising how much he still misses Ae Jung, who was the only one who truly understood him and will actually be the one who will know if he is “ok”. It is the mutual understanding and care of even the tiniest things that builds the foundations to a strong relationship.

4. I Am Not Sure What This Is

Binggeure brought about another side of love very suiting for his character. He took two years to work out if he wanted to do med-school so I was not surprised he was equally confused about love. As Baro, the actor of Binggeure said in Ep 0, he was also confused at that age about what he wants to do and who isn’t?

While some fans were really disappointed that Binggeure did not end up being gay, but was only confused about his feelings for Oppa, I thought this was very realistic. For someone who never dated before, admiration could easily be mistaken as love, even if it is someone of the same gender you are admiring.

Especially since Oppa was also his first kiss, it would be even harder to work things out as first kisses and first loves always have some place special in our hearts. Hence, his need to confirm his feelings for Die-Die Sunbaenim, the first girl to ever show any interest in him was cute and relatable.

5. Simple Things & Crazy Deeds

Reply 1994 also showed us what things start a relationship and keeps it going. For example, Samcheonpo and Yoojin began as enemies but bonded due to their little actions for each other’s parents be it sharing precious iced coffee to drinking coffee when you can’t take caffeine. Love also gets us to do things we never expected to, with Yoojin going to social functions she disliked for him and Samcheonpo stealing Seo Taiji’s toilet for Yoojin.

The same can be mirrored in Mum and Dad, with Dad buying and cooking things for Mum even if it pisses him off at times to Mum joining Dad in some of his crazy investments at times.

Of course, these simple little actions and crazy things can also be seen littered throughout our main love triangle. Oppa would be the giver of milk and biscuits and marshmallows, things that seem insignificant but are all meaningful to Na Jung. Their relationship is also full of such aww-moments and also the crazy times when Na Jung cleans his trashy house because she loves him even though it disgusts her.

Chilbong’s love for Na Jung also stem from the little things she do. From her genuine nature to him even though he is a star to crying for him during the shopping mall collapse. He was always neglected by his family and the fact someone unrelated to him cared so much for his being meant the world to him.

Through comedy, tragedy and love, Reply 1994 has reminded us all of these little moments in life that made us laugh, made us cry, made us bond but also made us grow into who we are today. Whether we were true 90’s kids or older or younger, we can all watch this drama and look back to our decade with a knowing smile.

Personal Rating: 4.8/5

-0.2 for slightly dragging out some bits and not really tying up Chilbong’s love line. Otherwise :D

What did you think of Reply 1994? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!

[For those wondering why we say this on Tumblr is because K-POP TIMEOUTHAS a commenting section. Why? Because we are cool like that]

DIBIDIBIDIS MY NAME IS MINHO ANTHONY! just about everyone is getting tired of seeing that name coming upon the dash, i know i know. but yes, it is i, here with a child. he’s the man, the myth, the legend; the rap beast, dork, choi jongin, better know simply as just jongin! i’m not gonna keep you long and ramble on and on about random shit like i normally do. so, i’m just gonna get right on to it! 

under the cut will bring up topics of abuse, so please be advised! 

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Ooh I like this one! Angry SHINee is always fun! :) 

Gifs not mine, credit to all the wonderful gif makers!!!

Onew: *Confused* We were arguing and now there is crying….?

*once he has come back to his senses* Nooo Don’t cry I’m really sorry, look I’m not angry anymore. *acts like a dork to cheer you up*

Jonghyun: *still yelling sarcastically* 

*When he finally sees your tears* ‘Shit, babe I’m sorry! Will this make you happy?’ (stripper Jonghyun emerges) 

Key: *Sees you crying, but is still really angry* ‘Ooh look who’s bringing out the crocodile tears’  

*sees that you are actually crying* ‘AHHHHHH noooooooo I didn’t mean it! I love you, look at the love in my eyes!!’

Minho: *notices you crying, immediately proceeds with aeygo* ‘Look at me, look how cute I am, no more crying please!’

(Blonde Minho because I couldn’t resit)

Taemin: ‘Ooh God I’m a terrible boyfriend’ 

*Full on man crying….* ‘Please forgive me!’

anonymous asked:

Can you please do a sequel to your 2min story where taemin has autism? Maybe have Minho meet jongin and taemin's parents and friends that would be awesome I love your writing so much thank you for going us all of these wonderful stories :) <3

Lights! Lights! = Taemin’s family was really grateful for Minho; and Minho was grateful in return.
» 2min. fluff. +before

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(MAXMOVIE) 161011 derailed movie premiere at the 21st biff interview

minho: hello, max movie readers, i’m choi minho. happy to meet with everyone.

question: how does it feel to stand on the biff’s red carpet?
minho: this was the first time being officially invited to the film festival. this probably has always been the red carpet of my dreams. i even felt that the air in the surrounding was different.

(the youth with a dream of being an actor)

question: when did you start having actor’s dreams?
minho: when i was watching movies during my 1st year in middle school, i had such dream of “i want to be a movie actor.” they were such irrelevant thoughts, but after i debuted the uneasiness of “am i able to do it?” gradually occurred. i have heard of this advice from seniors “when you are young film as many movies as you can so you will not regret it later.” so with this thought “don’t be afraid, i must bravely accumulate experiences.” i started taking up challenges.

(idol singer and actor)

question: are you not tired of having idol activities at the same time?
minho: in the physical aspects it is definitely exhausting. as compared to tiredness there are much more enjoyable moments. when i am at the filming locations i feel that i’m alive.

question: what is the difference between singer and acting?
minho: when standing on the stage with the fans right before me having worked really hard in preparation before going on stage, dripping with sweat, but once i stand on stage “zan!”, the emotions will burst forth during the opening time. as for movies & tv dramas, when they are released on tv & the big screen the response from people around me, this emotions may seem similar but are slightly different.

question: how did you overcome the prejudice against idol turned actor?
minho: it seems that the label became my gain of opportunities. so many people are watching, looking earnestly with this thought “let’s look at how he does” this time will probably be much better. i am more of an optimistic type.

(starring opportunity in “derailed” (two men))

question: tell us about the opportunity for starring in the movie “derailed” (two men)
minho: my acting teacher said “there is such a script, take a look” after reading it i felt i wanted to play it it seemed like a pity to pass it up. i thought my agency would not approve because the character and my usual image are totally different. if anything were to go wrong i might lose everything i’ve worked so far for, but fortunately the agency agreed saying it was great and approved for me to film it.

(the character jinil in “derailed”)

question: what is the charm of acting this character, jinil?
minho: everyone will have the thought of wanting to derail. I feel that he is not the kind who associates on the derailment boundaries but a kid who has already passed over that boundary. Firstly, I was attracted by this point. I have not done anything too outrageous since I was young till now, I was able to enrich myself.

question: the efforts done in order to fill the character?
minho: from the few months before filming started I lived as if I was jinil. I learned how to smoke for this movie. I have never ever smoked before. This was my first time learning. This is one of those kind derailments, too. I also thought of it as part of my acting to help my acting.

(collaborating with ma dong seok in “derailed”)

question: how was ma dong seok while filming?
minho: there were many acting scenes during the cold weather, in the physical aspects, it was really tough but he did not show it. Instead, he was worried about me, I was really really thankful. He is really an expert, looking from the camera angle, he would tell me in advance at which side to avoid. It was really comfortable filming with ma dong seok sunbaenim. My lips were slightly injured during the collar grab scene; actually, I was not really hit at all.  If I was really hit, I wouldn’t be sitting here right now.

(the next movie “marital harmony”)

question: please introduce the next upcoming movie “marital harmony”
minho: marital harmony is period film. I played the role of a younger brother of the main lead (lee seung gi). It is a character with a disability I had to act like I was not able to see what’s in front of me. I had never done this before so I was attracted to take up the challenge. I felt that this could also be a project which shows more possibilities.

(the determination of actor choi minho)

minho: during the activities as shinee I’m really very thankful for receiving so much love. I feel that for acting wise I will not be impatient, if I got slowly I can bring resonance to many people. If I go too fast, I might out a lot. Putting all these many experiences in my pocket, I wish to become an actor who is able to portray with understanding.
minho: it is my first time starring as the main lead through the movie “derailed” please watch many time and anticipate it a lot. I hope that my name, choi minho, can be newly carved in everyone’s heart & minho. Thank you.

translation credit: @tWeeTy_jAc

Playing House | Newt Imagine #1 (Long)

Request: “imagine where you’re raising a little boy with Newt and every glader loves the little kid and they play with him and take care of him and cute stuff, but one day the little boy walks into the maze and Newt finds him just on time but has struggles with his leg so you risk your life and run into the maze. please?

Dear Anon, I’m sorry that you had to wait so long for your request, but as I already said, I’ve been really stressed out lately. And apart from that I thought about your request pretty long to make the best I could out of it, so I hope it turned out as you wanted it to! <3

(Pic by me. In case you’re wondering, I drew the drawing left handed to achieve the “child look”. :D)

“Why am I looking so sad?”

“Hey, Izzy, what’ up, shank! Wanna come to the map room with me? Draw a little picture?” Minho shouted over to Newt who was carrying Isaac in his arms. Isaac was just picking a flower into little pieces, as he recognized Minho and started jumping up and down in Newt’s arms excitedly. He pointed at the approaching Minho with his little chubby hand, squealing: “Meeno!” Izzy was so happy to see Minho coming out of the maze, every day anew.

You joined the three boys, after watching Newt and Izzy from farther away, taking a walk and picking flowers. “Hey, Minho, how was your run?” You consciously avoided the word maze, although Isaac was too young to understand your whole situation in here anyways. You felt more comfortable keeping all the bad things away from him as long as possible.

Minho stood in front of Newt, joking around with the toddler. “Hey, Y/N! Yeah, the run was ok…” Minho was distracted by the little brown haired bundle of joy in front him which everyone here embosomed from day one. “Can I draw with Minho, Y/N? Please, please, please!” With a little smile you took Isaac and handed him to Minho. “Have fun with uncle Minho, Izzy!” Then you turned to the smirking Minho. “Just bring him in time for dinner, alright?” “Sure!” he said, already turning away from you and Newt.

As the two boys headed towards the map room, Newt pulled you close. “How has your day been, babe?” You give him a peck on the lips laying your head against his chest. When Isaac came up in the box, at about three years old, a huge argument broke out about who needed to take care of him. Newt and you were the only ones, who were willing to give up your jobs in the fields to raise the little boy. Now you two rotate between working in the fields and taking care of Isaac. Today it was your turn to work with Zart and the others.

“It was alright… I couldn’t keep Zart from singing all day long and the Greenie fell into a hella big pile of dung… But I’d rather be staying with you and Isaac…” you muttered with pouty lips. Newt chuckled into your hair, then pulling you to the woods by your hands. “Come on, love, let’s have a break together. As long as Minho’s looking after the little one…”

You sat at the table with Newt, Alby, Frypan and Gally as Minho joined the group, placing Isaac in his high chair which Gally had built as a present, then sitting down next to Newt. “Look what I made, Alby!” Isaac waved a notebook in front of Alby’s face. Alby took it and placed it on the table. “Oh, look, that’s me!” Alby said to Izzy. “And there’s you and Y/N and Minho and Newt!” Newt leaned over the table to look at the drawing as well. He knitted his brow as he spotted himself. “Izzy, why am I looking so sad?” Isaac looked up to Newt, smiling: “Cause that’s what you look like!” Your heart cramped, as he said that. Newt was always trying to play the happy shank in front of everyone, especially Isaac, since he wanted him growing up happy and worriless. You reached for Newt’s hand under the table, squeezing it comfortingly. After a short moment of awkward silence Frypan stood up, walking around the table to Isaac’s chair, picking him up. “Let’s get something to eat for the hungry little man! I made mashed potatoes and carrots for you.” Fry’s deep voice faded as he went over to the kitchen tent with Isaac. “Looks like he sussed me…” Newt joked bitterly.

As much as all the Gladers loved to play and spend time with Isaac, when it came to getting him to sleep they were nowhere to be seen. And so the regular evening fight went on. You put Isaac into his hammock next to your bed. “Come on, Izzy, aren’t you tired? I am really tired…” You said, jawning and pretending to fall asleep. “No, no, no!” he shouted while shaking his head eagerly. Newt took another approach. “But didn’t you say, Gally promised to play Hide n’ Seek with you tomorrow? You can’t play with him if you don’t go sleeping soon! You’d be waaaay too tired for that!” Newt pulled a funny face to make Izzy laugh. It worked, but didn’t change his mind. “But I don’t wanna go to bed, yet!” This was already going on for half an hour now, and you were really exhausted from the day. You sighed and pulled Newt onto the bed, closing your eyes. “Alright, Isaac, then don’t sleep, but Newt and I will.” Then you and Newt pretended to have fallen asleep. First Izzy smirked triumphantly, but then realized he was bored without you anyways. “Oookay, I’m sleeping, but you have to sing, Y/N!” Not only Isaac, but Newt as well fell asleep after a few minutes of you singing, so you stopped, laying down in Newt’s arms.

You woke before Newt. “Good morning, babe… Wake up!” you whispered into his ear. Newt opened his eyes and looked at you with a placid smile. “Good morning, darling.” You placed your head on his chest. “Isn’t it weird that Izzy didn’t wake us up today?” you asked with closed eyes. Newt just grunted: “I told you, he must’ve been very tired.” But you had a weird feeling about it, so you reluctantly stood up. “Izzy, wake up, sleepyhead!” You pulled away his blanket just to find an empty hammock. Panic flushed through your body, as you turned towards your bed rapidly. “He’s not there, Newt.”

“Isaac? Isaac!” “Where are you, buddy?” “IZZY!” “Isaac!” From everywhere on the Glade voices yelled after Isaac, trying to find him. “ISAAC?”

You couldn’t stop walking up and down in front of the Homestead, being really upset as forty shanks searched for the little boy. Newt came back from the forest, pulling you near to him. “We’ll find him, Y/N, I’m sure of it…” “Yeah, but what if-” “I will find him, love, I promise.”

As you and Newt had rushed out of your room the wall was opened and the runners were on their way through the maze already, so Newt knew what you feared to have happened. Now it was afternoon already and Isaac was nowhere to be seen. Although you tried to think it didn’t happen, you knew: Isaac walked into the maze.

Alby called everyone to the Homestead to have a meeting. “Has anyone found something yet?” He shouted over the nervously muttering Gladers. No one answered, so you shouted: “We can’t wait any longer, Alby! I will go into the maze to search for him!” Now Newt interrupted. “No! I won’t let you go out there! That’s not happening, Y/N.” Then Alby said: “He’s right, Y/N. We cannot risk losing anyone else. We will have to wait until the runners come back. Maybe they found Isaac.” You left the Homestead, even more upset. The doors will be closing within the next hours.

“Y/N, love, wait.” Newt grabbed your shoulders from behind, gently turning you around. He wiped away the tears on your cheeks with his thumbs, as he went on. “Look, I don’t want you to go into the maze, because I wouldn’t take it if you get harmed out there.” He paused for a moment, looking into your eyes urgently. “I’ll go.” Your eyes widened and you took his hands from your face. “No, Newt, you can’t, what about your leg?” “I can. And I will go. Don’t worry I’ll be back before the doors close.” “You better be.” You sobbed as Newt briefly kissed your forehead and ran out into the maze before any of the others who just left the Homestead could stop him. As Alby found out what happened, he was furious at you and Newt, but you could tell the sheer panic arising in him. His best friend was out in the maze.

In the next hour you couldn’t find rest so you aimlessly strayed around at the doors to the maze. When you saw Minho coming out of the maze alone, you broke into tears. He hurried towards you, breathing heavily and asking: “Y/N? What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” An arm was laid around your shoulders, Alby’s arm. “Come on, Minho, I’m gonna tell you, but let’s leave Y/N some space.” You tried to contradict to that, because you actually didn’t want to be alone at all, but the lump in your throat impeded you from doing so. Time went by hauntingly fast, the doors would be closing in less than fifteen minutes. Damped grinding was coming from deep inside the maze and with every passing second your heart rate seemed to gain speed. More and more people now gathered around the doors, looking out for Newt and Isaac. Then the doors started moving.

And right in this moment Newt came around the corner, bathed in sweat, carrying Isaac tightly pressed against his torso. He was running towards the Glade fast, but you recognized his limp being heavier than usual. The Glade broke out into yelling and shouting. Everyone shouted at Newt to run faster, but Newt stopped running. “COME ON, SHANK! RUN!” “What are you doing?! GO, slinthead!” “NEWT, HURRY!” Newt placed Isaac on the ground and told him to run as fast as he can, and so Izzy ran, Newt limping after him. You understood what Newt was doing. He thought he couldn’t save Isaac so he sacrificed himself, thinking Isaac would be faster without him. “Run, Newt, please!” you screamed, but you knew he wouldn’t make it on his own. Isaac was several feet away from the entrance now, and without any hesitation Minho and you started running simultaneously. As you two reached the little boy, you gave Minho a sign to take care of Isaac, so he swept the little kid off his feet and ran back to the Glade, and you ran past the two, towards Newt. Newt shouted at you. “Y/N, go back, we won’t make it together!” “I’m not leaving you here, slinthead!” you shouted, laying Newt’s right arm around your shoulder. He was heavier than he looked, but a load of adrenalin flushed through your veins, causing you to rush forward fast. The gap between the approaching walls wasn’t broad enough to run through next each other, so you pulled Newt after you, lengthways. When you were near enough to the Gladers, several hands grabbed you, pulling you and Newt out of the maze, just in time.

You landed in Gally’s arms, but Newt hit the ground behind you harshly. Immediately you dropped down to your knees embracing Newt tightly. Newt coughed and mumbled into your chest: “Y/N, Y/N love, I can’t breathe…” You loosened your hug to kiss him, impeding his breathing once more. “Never scare me like that again, I dare you, Newt!” you sobbed, as Isaac and Minho walked up to you, holding hands. ”I’m sorry, love.” Newt whispered. “I’m sorry, too.” Isaac mumbled, his big green eyes pointing to the ground, obviously feeling guilty. “I just wanted to see where Meeno is going every day. Please, don’t cry.” You couldn’t help yourself but pull Isaac into hug with Newt. “You two are so important to me, guys. You’re the most precious things I have in this shuck place, you understand?” Isaac put his short arms around Newt’s chest, who was giving you a long and passionate kiss.

anonymous asked:

Drabble with Minho!!!


“Yes, jaigya?”

“Do it, please,”

“No, I already did it twice.”

“Third time is the charm!”


“But it motivates me to do my homework!”

“Fine, alright. This is the last time.”

“Yay!” you cry, turning around in your seat to see your boyfriend sitting on your bed. He brings his hands to his face, forms them into fists, and rubs his cheeks.

“Buing, buing.” You burst out laughing, wiping the tears from your face.

“Thanks!” you cry, turning back to your homework. You did wish you could pay more attention to him than your stupid homework, but the professor sprung it on you and your classmates in the last minute of class.

“I don’t get why aegyo motivates you to do homework,” he sighs.

“Well, I just need a constant reminder that my supportive boyfriend is here and will be there after I’m done.”

“I know that, but I could just come back later when you’re finished.” He says. “I’ve already read all your magazines, books, and diary…” You turn around to face him.

“You read my diary?!” you ask, face fully red. He laughs as he shakes his head.

“So, you have one then?” he asks. You huff and turn back to your work.

“Of course not…that was just a test.” You mutter, glad that it was still safe in your desk drawer. You jump when you feel his arms wrap around you and sense him bending down.

“Jaiyga~” he whispers in your ear before kissing your cheek.

“Yes, Minho-ssi,” you ask, trying to remain focus on your homework.

“Where is it?” he asks, kissing your neck.

“Where what is at?”

“Your diary?” a kiss on your shoulder.

“Top desk d—I thought I told you I didn’t have it!” you say, quickly snapping out of it. He laughs and you turn your head away from his. A drawer opens and closes. You look back and see it in his hand

“Give that back!” you cry, getting up and trying to snatch it back from him.

“Just a few pages!”


“Why not?”

“It’s embarrassing!”

“Just one page?” You shake your head.

“A paragraph?” You shake it again.

“A sentence?” You sigh.

“Fine, but I pick.” You add and he hands it back to you. You flip through the pages before you find the one. “Top of the left page,” you say and he nods. You timidly hand it back to him and he clears his throat.

“Minho distracts me so much, but in a good way.”

“Good, now hand it—”

“He’s so handsome, perfect, and his abs are so drool-worthy…”

“Minho! That was two!”

“However, I love my perfect, handsome distraction,” he says as you blink.

“Did I write that?”

“No, but it would make a great addition to it.”

“Yeah,” you say, smiling.

“Don’t worry, jaigya. You are my perfect, beautiful distraction, too.”

“Yeah, I know. Key-ssi told me when you wrote that in your journal.”


Okay people, we have a problem: There are not enough Maze Runner fics out there! That is not okay! Hopefully there will be more now that the movie is out. Bring on the angst, the fluff, the crack, the pairings, the drabbles, the 250k+ long ass fics, please, there needs to be more I can’t TAKE IT!

This has been a Public Service Announcement, sorry for wasting you time, have a good day.

Suburban Dad Au Part 17/??

Well look what it is ^^ I have a new chapter of the dad au!! I hope you read my little christmas poem~ But please read that if you haven’t read it because this is directly after that ^^ Anyway thank you @keybangs​  and @bat-nerut​ I’m happy to say that there is art with this chapter!! Okay, anyway~ Have fun ^^

part 1-part 2-part 3-part 4-part 5-part 6-part 7-part 8-part 9-part 10-part 11-part 12-part 13-part 14-part 15-part 16-christmas-part 17-part 18

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Suburban Dad Au Part 16/??

Okay everyone, here’s a new chapter ^^ I’d like to thank @keybangs and @lockandminkey for helping me out with this part!! I took extra time to review this one, so I hope you like it! And really special thanks and shout out to @bat-nerut, with the holidays she’s been too busy to do the art, but it’s totally cool ^^ I’m hoping you all have a wonderful holiday! 

part 1-part 2-part 3-part 4-part 5-part 6-part 7-part 8-part 9-part 10-part 11-part 12-part 13-part 14-part 15-part 16-christmas-part 17-part 18

Minho awoke to the sound of his phone going off early Monday morning. He groaned, stretching and rolling over, ignoring the incoming call. Taemin poked Minho’s side, “Daddy, your phone.”

Minho groaned, “I know.”

He sat up noticing he had one missed call from Kibum, and groaned even louder. “What does he want this early in the morning?” He asked Taemin who was yawning.

Almost on cue, Minho received a text message.

Kibum♥: Do you still have abs?

Upon reading the message, Minho rolled his eyes before laughing to himself.

Kibum♥: I know you read it Choi.

He sighed, typing his response.

Minho: I’m a soccer player preparing for the next season. I’m still fit, if that’s what you’re asking.

Kibum♥: Yeah, whatever. We need someone to model today, can you pretty please do it?

Minho looked at the message, remembering how Kibum had signed him up for something without his permission. It took far too long to calm the presses as they prepared for Minho to make his model debut which never came. Now, here was Kibum, asking Minho to bring up the same problems he had tried to quell before.

“Kibum,” He sighed, “Kibum, Kibum, Kibum, you know I don’t want to do this.”

Taemin cocked his head to the side, curious as to what, or who, his father was talking too.

Minho wrapped his arms around Taemin, squeezing him close, “How’s my little Taeminnie?”

Being smothered by his father, he scrambled to get out of his grasp. “I’m hungry,” he admitted when he was finally free.

“Then let’s get some breakfast,” He smiled, leaving his phone behind.

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Happy 8th anniversay, S8INee! 

 There are no words to describe how much I love these 5 dorks. I haven’t been with them since the beginning but for sure I’m going to be till the end. I only can thank to them for these amazing years, for bringing me moments of laugh, moments of crying, moments of excitement and specially for bringing me so much hapiness. They have been there for me through their music when I had so many bad moments to bring me hope and help me to forget all the bad things of life. 

SHINee totally makes my life brighter. 

 I hope everyone can appreciate their talent, their amazing music and the beautiful people that they are and I only wish that we can enjoy of them, at least, 8 years more. Please, don’t change and keep being such a lovely group and of course keep bringing us such an amazing music as group or soloist. We will keep working hard for you, no matter what people say, we’ll be always with you.


Happy 22nd Birthday Song Minho! #HappyMINODay #140330

Over 2 years ago, I fell in love with your voice, your lyrics and your passion. Your personality shines through your mixtapes. You have so much confidence in your ability, be it composition or performance (or your aegyo…). You were determined and you never gave up. You underwent many hardships but you are versatile and your talent has finally been recognised. I’m so proud of you for enduring all these and finally achieving what you’ve worked so hard and long for. I can’t wait to finally see you more often in the future. Show the world what you’re capable of and shock the rest of the industry with your talents. Thank you for being an inspiration to me and bringing laughter to my life! Please always stay happy and smile! Happy 22nd birthday, love! ヽ(^▽^)ノ