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When You Wear His Shirt

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Thomas would be surprised at first but would then grow accustomed to it. It would definitely bring a smile to his face. What better way to show the other gladers that you are his? He would walk up to you and gently peck your lips while stating “You know, you should wear my shirt more often.”


Newt would be a sweetheart and maybe even a bit protective due to his caring nature. He would slightly be on edge since he probably didn’t want the other gladers to see you since your legs looked way too stunning. No doubt seeing you like this would cause him to blush in the deepest shade of crimson. While you were working, he would slowly wrap his arms around your waist while nuzzling his face in your neck. He would gently kiss your cheeks while stating, “Damn love, why do have to tempt me like this?”



We all know that Minho would not keep his mouth shut as soon as he saw you in his shirt. He would straight away ask in his sassy tone, “Isn’t that mine? Who told you can wear that?” Despite that attitude of his, he secretly enjoyed watching your curves and long legs sway in the light blue button up shirt which was clearly too big for you due to Minho’s muscular build. When you least expect it, he would pull you into his toned arms. With the smirk he would respond, “Its ok, you look quite hot in it.”

Ooh I like this one! Angry SHINee is always fun! :) 

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Onew: *Confused* We were arguing and now there is crying….?

*once he has come back to his senses* Nooo Don’t cry I’m really sorry, look I’m not angry anymore. *acts like a dork to cheer you up*

Jonghyun: *still yelling sarcastically* 

*When he finally sees your tears* ‘Shit, babe I’m sorry! Will this make you happy?’ (stripper Jonghyun emerges) 

Key: *Sees you crying, but is still really angry* ‘Ooh look who’s bringing out the crocodile tears’  

*sees that you are actually crying* ‘AHHHHHH noooooooo I didn’t mean it! I love you, look at the love in my eyes!!’

Minho: *notices you crying, immediately proceeds with aeygo* ‘Look at me, look how cute I am, no more crying please!’

(Blonde Minho because I couldn’t resit)

Taemin: ‘Ooh God I’m a terrible boyfriend’ 

*Full on man crying….* ‘Please forgive me!’