bring on michigan

my fave weird habit i have developed:
referring to clothes/accessories that function specific to certain body parts as those body parts
Have you seen my eyeballs? (glasses)
Hold on, I need feet. (socks and/or shoes)
Wait wait, I can’t believe I almost didn’t bring my tits to Michigan. (bras)

MISSING FROM MOUNT PLEASANT, MICHIGAN: Orange and white tabby cat, his name is Curtis. He went missing at about 5am on 6/30 (today).

He’s 3 years old and weighs about 10-12lbs. He has an orange spot on one side of his face. He has no front claws, and isn’t wearing a collar.

Last seen around Mt. Pleasant High School. If found, he’s very friendly and can be picked up with no problem. If he’s hiding under something, he loves lunch meat and that should draw him out.

PLEASE reblog this, my cat is the best little companion and I would be heartbroken if I don’t find him.

Ugh … A bunch of bills are going through state legislature to make it easier to obtain concealed pistols as passing “no-carry zone” exemptions. I know I will fight with my NRA followers, but after Newtown I wish there was one gun control bill that made our kids safer instead finding loop holes for people to bring hand guns into schools.


It’s beginning to look and feel and smell a lot like Christmas!! :)

This is our second year purchasing a live Christmas tree and our second time getting it from Pine Lake Christmas Tree Farm. Last year we chose our tree from the field and they cut it down for us. But this time as we wandered through the trees, we were a little let down by the choices. They were already so picked over! I imagine that a lot of people took advantage of the gorgeous weather we had on Friday and Saturday. *picturing people swarming in Biblical proportions and leaving behind nothing but branches and needles.* The few beauties we did find were already claimed by bags of spider eggs and there was nowayonearth I was bringing that into my house.

Just when we thought all hope was lost, Jeremy walked back up to the main building to throw away our empty cups and he found the most gorgeous tree leaning there against the wall. It was a Fraser Fir, one of the trees that they bring in from Michigan because they won’t grow in Kansas. It was love at first sight! The branches were sturdy but soft, it smelled AMAZING and was picture perfect on every single side. We inquired about the price and were surprised to find that it was just as affordable as the ones cut right there on the lot. So I stood guard with our new tree while Jeremy went to pay for it. No way was I letting someone steal it out from under us! ;)

When we arrived home, Jeremy and I rebelled against our gender roles: I put the lights on while he got snacks ready for us. hehe Then we decorated together! This tree is a little smaller than ones we’ve had in the past (it’s just as tall but a little slimmer) so some ornaments didn’t make the cut. But we are both so happy with our beautiful tree!

And now I feel ready for Christmas! :D

Do you blog about these bands? If so...

Hey guys it’s me again. I know I do this a lot, but I really dig music and love going to shows. I just got back from The New Kings Tour Sunday night. Got to meet Ice Nine Kills and Myka Relocate. Pretty sweet. Ice Nine Kills drummer Conor Sullivan told me after I bought their cd that he’d see me at Warped Tour. I was like yeah man awesome, then I was like… wait. You haven’t been announced yet…. WHAT. He said yeah I’ve been telling fans I’ve met on this tour we are playing the full tour of Vans Warped Tour this summer. So yeah. Even more stoked about Warped 2014.

Anyways… Looking to follow people that blog/reblog any of the bands below. Just like/reblog/follow me whatever and I’ll check out your blog and probably follow you back. 

  • We Came As Romans
  • The Color Morale
  • Ice Nine Kills
  • Parkway Drive
  • Silverstein
  • A Day To Remember 
  • Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
  • Myka Relocate
  • I See Stars
  • The Amity Affliction
  • Issues
  • Close To Home
  • Bring Me The Horizon
  • A Skylit Drive
  • Dangerkids

Really stoked for a show I’m going to in 10 days in Michigan. Bring Me The Horizon, We Came As Romans, Of Mice & Men, Attila, Issues and Wilson… Anyone on here going to that?