bring on grad school

I just finished the first full draft of my dissertation about tumblr

some interesting facts:

  • it is 218 pages long.
  • 22 of those pages consist entirely of my works cited list.
  • the last word is “friends”.
  • it contains a bad photoshop of Hiccup Haddock and a pizza.
  • it also contains the phrase “none pizza with left beef” in an entirely unrelated section.
  • I do not actually explain the phrase “none pizza with left beef” anywhere. it’s just…there.
  • I am planning to wear a “technology is bad fire is scary and thomas edison was a witch” t-shirt to my defense.
  • 3/5 chapters contain passages insulting Donald Trump.
  • there is a Discourse Chef meme on page 176.
  • the “why do we even have that lever” gif appears on page 53.
  • there is a really solid pun that my advisors either have not noticed in previous drafts of that chapter or are afraid to bring up.
  • I had to explain what a Boggart is in a footnote.


Confirmed: Kirishima Bunbun Number 1 has a bun baking in the oven. Also she ate a hamburger bun and okay I really should just stop with trying to force bun puns

I have so many things to say about this.

1) The baby is conceived from a half-ghoul and a full-ghoul, which would make it a three-quarters ghoul. I would assume that it would have more ghoul traits than human traits, so I don’t understand why Touka has to eat human food to nourish it. I mean, Kaneki freaking found out about his ghoulification by not being able to eat human food anymore. So if that trait is dominant in him, and obviously in Touka, then shouldn’t the baby be able to take in nutrients from ghoul food aka human meat?

2) From a narrative standpoint, sure, there’s a lot of drama to be had by Touka suffering just so she can bear a healthy child, but wouldn’t it be just as dramatic if the main conflict of this subplot was Touka trying to find a way for her body not to absorb her child? That’s more plausible given what we know about ghoul biology, barring what I just said previously about it being more ghoul than human in any case.

unless of course it’s revealed that eating human food would make her less likely to absorb her child idk. But that plot thread’s way too implausible.

3) Also, from a nutrition standpoint, HAMBURGERS ARE NOT NUTRITIOUS, TOUKA. YOU HAD A CHEF FOR A BEST FRIEND. ALSO NISHIKI, YOU WERE FREAKIN’ STUDYING PHARMACY AT UNI, YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER. God. Tsukiyama will probably have an aneurysm, you uncultured swine.

4) Okay, how ‘bout the fact that this special type of pregnancy opens up a huge discussion in ghoul biology? Ishida has to explain a ton of things with regards to reproduction, intrauterine growth and development, genetics, and ohmygod my geek is showing.

5) Speaking of biology, I wonder if the fact that Touka initially wanted to study biology in Uni is going to be addressed? As I said, she’s involved in a very special type of pregnancy, she’s basically her own grad school thesis tbh.

6) BRINGING KIMI BACK TO THE STORY WOULD BE SUCH A BIG HELP RN??? She was heavily implied to be an integral part of that pro-ghoul human organization, which also specializes in ghoul health. She’s a medical student. Wouldn’t she be the best OBGYN for Touka? And Nishiki’s also helping Touka. I just want them to get back together already.

7) Also does this mean Touka’s going to be sidelined in the fighting again? I mean getting stabbed and healing from that is one thing, but it’s another thing if your uterus gets stabbed while your still developing child is inside. Unless one of the first things that develop in a ghoul fetus is the healing factor. Idk. Ghoul biology, guys.

Anyway, I feel like there are a lot of fixes for Touka’s little BUNdle of joy that’s the last bun pun I promise but Ishida’s playing it up because drama.

firelily-jade  asked:

I plan on going to grad school for physics, but I'm also a musician. From your experience, do you know if there are any opportunities to play music in grad school or do you think I'll have to find community ensembles instead?

Oh a lot of physics people play music! There is a group of grad students here that is a U2 coverband called “SU(2)” made up of like 4 grad students. Also our Dean of the College of Sciences (who is a physics professor) plays drums and there is a college of science band with other admin people. They play at some events on campus and at things like the Atlanta Science Festival and the March for Science.

I know my first year of grad school, people would bring in guitars and stuff and play around after working long hours on homework. My officemate was actually playing mandolin in our office the other day. 

You can probably find other students interested in playing music depending on what you play, but we also have a grad student currently in the marching band.

First year may be hard to do something professionally because of classes, but I don’t think it is something you have to give up at all!

Things Uttered At The Haus

(Based on my own grad school experiences/having very thin walls in my apartment building)

-*offended whisper* “Why don’t you look at me during?*
“What the fuck dude? Have you been watching Game Grumps again?”

-”It’s three am and I’m making pot brownies because what is life anymore even? Let’s just eat the chocolate and chill out until we die.”


-*slams a thermos of gin and tonic on the table* “So before we go through our writing group critique, I feel like we all need some of this.”
“Getting drunk at eleven in the morning? Now we’re real writers!” 

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I’ve been trying to get a 4.0 all semester because I really need to bring up my gpa so I can get into future grad school and final grades are in and I FUCKING GOT A 4.0 (which I only got my first semester of college) I’M SO PROUD OF MYSELF 😭


For the @gameofshipschallenges  “Countdown to Wintertown”

artist: bex-morealli
ship: Jon x Sansa

summary: The prospect of staying in her parents home for two weeks at Chirstmastime is something Sansa has been dreading for months now, especially since she couldn’t convince a single friend from NYU to join her. Instead she is planning on wallowing in self pity at their family home in Maine until she gets on her flight to Atlanta to meet up with Margaery for their road trip to Miami.  

That is until her brother Robb brings home his grad school buddy Jon Snow, who is much cuter than expected for a guy who wants to teach high school history.

Blame it on the lights, presents or cookies her mother bakes. 

Blame it on the snow, decorations or the Winter Jack Daniels Robb spikes her hot apple cider with.

Blame it on the mistletoe they get caught under after a few days of embarrassingly awkward encounters, red faced blushes and longing glances.

Whatever it is, it’s enough to cause Sansa to call Margaery with a change in plans, to cancel her flight and to stay in Maine until her semester starts at NYU. 

Maybe being home for the holidays isn’t such a dreadful thing after all. 

So my friend was in our school’s library this morning getting some coffee when he looked back to see the pope chilling in one of the aisles of the library.
As you can probably tell, this is not the real pope, but a cardboard cutout of the pope that my school has and brings to literally every school event (including my grad retreat, where they literally just propped him up at every meal, meeting, game, group photo, etc.). For Halloween, the principal moved him from the display case in the front of our school into his office and propped him up by the window so when you would walk by, all you saw was the pope staring at you through the blinds.
Last week the pope somehow went missing, but nobody really questioned it, we kinda just figured he was in some classroom somewhere. So this morning when my friend saw him in the library, staring at him from the shadows, he asked our principal why the pope was just chilling in the shadows in the library. Our principal looks at him and, without questioning the reason for the pope’s whereabouts, he says “Oh, I was actually looking for that.” He left the pope there all day and never spoke another word of it.

Quite frankly, I don’t even know why we have a cardboard cutout of Pope Francis in our school, we just do, and nobody really questions it.

It’s the first lab of the semester and they already know how I feel about reptiles.

I was talking about Mendelian genetics with a lab table and we were discussing how most traits don’t actually work with simple Mendelian genetics and I mentioned that one I knew of off the top of my head was certain genes that control for pattern and color in ball pythons and from across the dang room, all the way across the dang room, a tiny gasp. “I LOVE BALL PYTHONS” squeaks this itty bitty freshman. Tentatively, I have a new favorite. She stuck around after class to look at pictures of Harker. She wants me to bring him in sometime.