bring me the microwave

Sentence Prompts - Funny
  • “Get the Twinkies. This is war.”
  • Why do you have an ice cream cone taped to your forehead?
  • “Never let go, Jack! Wait… shiz, oh gosh.”
  • “I’M TOO HOT!!” “It’s -13 degrees out.”
  • Horse masks, check.
  • “You look like a beautiful rainbow!” “I don’t wanna be a rainbow!”
  • “I’m blue da ba de da ba I-really-wanna-die”
  • Choo choo mother truckers.
  • Being silly is just… silly.
  • What do you mean you don’t sell 143 pillows??
  • I swear if you put one more Peep in the microwave….
  • Bring me Kinder Eggs or you die.
  • You did NOT just graffiti that!!
  • I look like a unicorn barfed up glitter. -_-
  • Well you’re a nErDD