bring me the llama

Porque en verdad, te digo que eres todo lo que necesito, te prometo que eres todo lo que veo y nunca me iré. Así que puedes arrastrarme a través del infierno, si eso significa que podré tomar tu mano. Te seguiré porque estoy bajo tu hechizo y puedes arrojarme a las llamas, igual te seguiré.
  • - Bring Me The Horizon.
Phil’s Livestream // 8.9.15

Couldn’t see or hear him for a bit

“I would love to get a dog but not right now. Maybe in the future.”

All proposals are a yes today

He’s had a really bad headache today

He’s wearing a plaid button up

“I don’t know what the b was. Brows? Bees? Butt? Hopefully not butt.”

“Could get a bit rowdy. Could start a bar fight.” once he unbuttoned his top button

“I am not your dad Bethany.”

His burn still isn’t healed

Talked about the app for a bit 

He played the app and showed us (do 5 animal impressions and name them)

His mum texted him asking when he was going to visit

She told him to drink water

Watched the 7sc video of the girl falling off her chair 

They’re working to get it on android 

“Why am I so shiny? Am I turning into a lizard or something?”

“Even though I birthed it we both worked together”

He won’t be able to just walk around at sitc because of security issues

They’re doing a meetup at sitc

His phone has disappeared so he’s currently using his old one which has no sim card

Cat’s coming over soon for sitc

“You can always rely on coconut swaggy.”

He’s scared it might have gone out with the garbage

He’s sad that he might not get back all the pictures on it

“When will my chat return from war?”

His hair is growing very quickly

Possibly collab with Cat on her channel?

Talked about asdf

He did the voice for us again

“It was very perfect for Dan to play himself.”

He wouldn’t wear a crop top because the world isn’t ready for his pale stomach

The important video was, in fact, the 7sc video (in case anyone wasn’t sure)

“Where is Dan? I do not know. Somewhere. Riding off into the sunset on the back of a unicorn.”

“I’m not a god, though I kind of am to Dil.”

He wants to play 5 nights 4 then sims then maybe shelter 2

“Here’s a hug. If you wanted a hug, sorry I should’ve asked first.”

Animal favoritism because there is no lion emoji

Talked about playing the circle of life

He has a mosquito bite on his foot

Talked about summer v fall

The next time they see TABINOF it’ll be a real book

PINOF and Spooky Week probably in October 

#Spon #Spoons

His favorite boy name is Thor and his favorite girl name is probably Emily

Started rating the alphabet again

Talked about synthesia 

“Patrick Stump has it. He’s cooler than me that’s why he has it.”

Cat reminds him of sushi

Talked about what months people go back to school

“I’ve got smash mouth in my head. DAMN YOU DANIEL.”

Dan #spon

Some people text really strange things into the radio

He gave us a boop on the nose

He would call a unicorn something like Kevin, Derek, or John

He did more 7 second challenges (hold your tongue and introduce yourself, make your lips into an s)

He’s doing a panel on creativity with sitc with Dan, Arden Rose, and Strawburry17

Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood is his favorite anime

He’s watching True Detective with Dan

He accidentally watched Hannibal in the wrong order

He feels like he should watch Supernatural because he met Felicia Day

“Bring me more gifts. I want a sheep, and a llama with a fringe, and a text that says bruh.”

He did doge impressions for us

Talked about his favorite Steven King stories

He loves when people watch Buffy and tweet him their episode reviews

“That’s my final message to you today. Go watch Buffy.”

“You’re allowed to be a dork.”

Phil’s high school life is in the book

He’s very grateful for the good reviews on the app

“It says gullible on all of your ceilings. You should go check.”

Cat is arriving soon so he had to go

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My Little Baby Llama - Part 2

This is the second part of “ My Little Baby Llama” series. This one is more Phan Fluff than Lizzie and Dan fluff, but I loved writing it as all. Hope you guys like it! And forgive me about the mistakes, English is not my first language, and its 4am right now.



Part 2: A weird night 

Dan’s POV

I have always been very lucky on the “new parent” department. First of all, Lizzie didn’t cry at night. She wouldn’t sleep until 3 am, but she wouldn’t cry either. For the first few months after she was born, I would sleep at Clary’s, to take care of her in the middle of the night, since I wouldn’t sleep early either. It was hard because of the fans, Phil and I had to pretend to be living together, but we weren’t for 90% of the time. I always thought that we were too lucky, that one day we would be sleeping at 4am and she would wake up screaming and wouldn’t stop until noon, but that was never the case. After she grew up, she never gave us hard time either. I moved to London when she was really small, so she was used to talk to me most of the time trough facetime and skype, and I would make sure to come home to her every few months and on Christmas. For her last two birthdays I wasn’t able to be here for her, because of radio show and live show, but we always made sure to celebrate it in a big way, and I was present online. She is fine with that. She is a really smart girl that understands the world around her, and that makes me one of the luckiest person in the world. Except for today.

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