bring me presents


Dear Great Pumpkin,

I am looking forward to your arrival on Halloween night. I hope you will bring me lots of presents. You must get discouraged because more people believe in Santa Claus more than in you. Well, let’s face it… Santa Claus has had more publicity. But being number two, perhaps you try harder. Everyone tells me you are a fake, but I believe in you.

P.S. If you really are a fake, don’t tell me. I don’t want to know.

*Sc rEA m s*

Just look how cute and smol this is aaAAAAAAHHHH-


Lay taking care of his the NCT Chinese babies is my new aesthetic

stronger ❖ jongin (5)

❝Can I kiss you?❞
❝Why are you asking?❞

(gif not mine, cr to the owner)

fluff, angst, dad!jongin au, ceo!jonging, daddy tbh, smut (in future/next chapter), age gap, if you don’t like, don’t read | velvet


Two weeks had passed since you started working for Kim Jongin, the weather outside was getting colder and the Christmas vibe was starting to be more and more strong. All around Seoul people put their Christmas decorations, transforming the usually black and white city into a colorful flower. In your apartment building your neighbours hung their best lights, they even already did their Christmas tree and you started to pull out your decorations. Even the Kim’s Company adorned the building with beautiful red and white lights that looked very expensive.

We decorated a Christmas tree and❞ Taeoh jumped around you as you walked into the company building ❝and we saw a Christmas movie where Santa Claus, he put a gift under the tree

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black-rogue  asked:

Fic idea that won't leave me alone: Lance comes from a family that isn't healthy. Dad is an alcoholic. And when dad gets drunk he's emotionally abusive. So team gets back to earth and Lance is ecstatic to see his siblings and the team stays at the house for a while. But things are weird with lance and his dad, like lance is waiting for the shoe to drop. And that night the team takes siblings out, but when they come back dad is yelling at lance and he just takes it like 'Okay dad, you're right.'

Consider it done!

TRIGGER WARNING!!!!! ***hints at abuse of alcohol and verbal abuse*****
When Allura told the team they were taking some time off to visit Earth, the team were ecstatic, especially Lance. “I’m afraid we won’t be able to stay too long, so we can only visit one place and stay there. But you will all have a chance to contact your families!” Lance rushed forward, excitement filling his eyes. “We can all stay at my home in Cuba! We have a tone of extra rooms where my older siblings moved or left for college!” Allura smiled and clapped her hands together. “Alright, team, it’s decided! Coran, set a course for Cuba!” Coran saluted her and gave Lance a wink. “Right away princess!” Lance was bubbling with excitement and relief. He was so happy to see his family and for his team to meet them. *My family…oh quiznak, I didn’t think.* Lance thought, frowning. *Maybe he’s changed since I’ve been gone..* Lance was lost in thought as the stars and planets passed them by, bringing them closer to home.
When the castle touched down on the soft sand, Lance bolted out of the door, arms wide as the smile on his face. “Come on, guys!! My house is just up that hill!” The chased after Lance as he ran up the hill, sand crunching underneath their feet. As the team continued to run, the house came into their view. It was a large, wooden house that had clearly been there for years. It appeared to be quite old, but it was very homey. Lance began to run faster, making the sand fly from underneath his feet. “Maria, Lucas, Teo, Marco, Selena, Tia, mama, guys!!! I’m home!!!” The team watched with wide eyes as a small mob came stumbling out of the house. “LANCE!!” Small children ran toward Lance, sprinting madly. I small sturdy woman with skin the same color as Lance’s leap from the door, tears flowing down her face. “Oh Lance! My sweet boy! Lance, oh Lance, you’re okay!” “Mama!!” Lance cried, running to her with his arms open wide. She picked him up in a bone-crushing hug as his siblings talked him to the ground. “Lance, where have you been?” “Is your hair longer?” “Did you lose weight?” “Did you bring me any presents?” His mother laughed, eyes sparkling from unshed tears. “Children! Give your hermano a chance to catch his breath! I’m sure he will tell us why he left with no explanation.” His mom said accusingly. Allura stepped forward and cleared her throat. “I believe that part is my fault. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Allura, Princess of Altea. It is a pleasure to meet you.” Allura bowed respectfully to Lance’s mom. “Mama, since you’ve already met Allura, meet the rest of my team and friends. This is Keith, Shiro, Coran (the gorgeous man), Pidge, and Hunk!” Lance introduced, gesturing to each one. “Guys, meet my mama, Marcia.” Marcia nodded at them. “Well, let’s not just stand out here in the heat! You all must be starving! Come on inside and I’ll get you-” “Marcia, what is all that noise out there?!” Came a grumbling voice from inside the home. The team noticed as Lance turned stiff and clenched his fists as the voice interrupted. They heard staggered footsteps as a tall figure walked out of the house. The man had a full mustache and his skin was a couple of shades darker than Lance’s and his mom’s. “Who are all these people?” Marcia cleared her throat. “Diego, these are Lance’s friends. Lance has come home, isn’t that wonderful?” Lance’s dad eyes him up and down, and grumbled. “Well, come here boy. Give your dad a hug then.” The team watched as Lance stiffly walked toward the man. As Lance gave him a short hug, his nose crinkled. *He reeks of alcohol. I guess somethings just never change.* A small voice spoke up. “Mama, can we pleeeeease take Lance’s friends down to the beach? Please please please please pleas-” “TEO!! Ahem, if they wish to then go right ahead.” Teo whooped and pounded his fist in the air. “Let’s go you guys! Mama, will you come with us?” “We’ll alright, let’s head that way!” The team began to head toward the beach when Lance’s dad’s voice rang out. “Lance, you stay here with me and help clean up. You’re mother just finished dinner.” Lance looked in between his father and the others. With a sigh, he nodded. “Okay. Guys I’ll catch up with you guys later. Welcome to Varadero beach!” Lance waved at them and followed his dad into their house.
The team had separated from Lance’s family, headed back toward the house exhausted from playing in the sand and water. Allura giggled. “Lance’s family is quite large.” “And energetic!” Coran added. The rest of the team laughed along when Pidge suddenly stopped, raising a finger to her lips. “Hey guys, shh. Do you hear that?” The team crept toward the window where they could hear voices. “…leaving the family like that was disrespectful. You’ve always been disrespectful. And I hear I thought some time away would fix that.” Diego’s voice rang out, speech slurred. “You’ve done nothing for this family, but bring us down. Honestly, you’re pathetic Lance. Always have and always will.” “Of course, papa. I’m sorry.” The team looked at each other in anger and shock. “Did he just say-” “Lance doesn’t really believe that does he?” “Surely he doesn’t really think that-” “Allura, where are you doing?!” Allura ignored them, rushing her way into the house. She burst through the door, fire in her eyes. Lance jumped at the noise and turned away from the dishes he was washing. “Allura? What are you doing? Is everything oka-” “Diego, sir. I’m sorry but you are wrong.” Diego lifted an eyebrow. “Excuse me?” Allura set her jaw. “You. Are. Wrong. Lance is one of the best Paladins I have ever come to know, and his talent and bravery has saved me and our team numerous times, which means he has saved the universe multiple times. You should be proud of all the things he has accomplished. He has been nothing but respectful and he has done your family proud.” The rest of the team joined her, crossing their arms and nodding. Allura raised her chin higher. “These things you say about Lance, about my Paladin, our friend couldn’t be farther from the truth.” Lance eyes began to water as he smiled softly. “G-guys..” Keith stepped forward. “And if you have a problem with Lance or any of us, you have a problem with me.” Lance’s dad eyed them and angrily huffed. “Whatever. Lance, finish cleaning. I’m going to bed. Tell your mother.” With that, he stumbled his way upstairs. Lance sat down the wash rag and wiped away the tears from his face. “T-thank you guys. For everything. He just gets like this sometimes, so-” Shiro cut him off. “That doesn’t excuse for the things he said.” The team nodded in agreement. Lance let out a wet chuckle. “I think we need a group hug now.” The team giggled and wrapped there arms around Lance. “Without our Blue Paladin, team Voltron wouldn’t be the same. You’re the heart and soul of this team, Lance. You hold us together. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.”




Neighbours - Tommy Shelby

Could you do an imagine with Tommy teaching his little boy about horses, when they see you getting thrown off of one, and take you back to the house to help you. 

The Accident 

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five |  Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine | Part Ten | Part Eleven | Part Twelve | Part Thirteen | Part Fourteen Part FifteenPart Sixteen | Part Seventeen (the first bit) Part Seventeen (the second bit)Part EighteenPart NineteenPart TwentyPart Twenty-One Part Twenty-Two | Part Twenty-Three - The Final Chapter | 

Tomorrow Charlie would turn six years old and the entire Shelby family would descend on their home to celebrate, and as such Tommy had decided that today would be a day spent with just him and his son, a morning of eating and playing whatever Charlie wanted, and an afternoon spent with the horses. That’s where they were now, brushing Grace’s Secret and mucking out her stable with Tommy explaining to Charlie the finer details of horse behaviour, the little twitches to watch out for to give an insight in their minds, as always Charlie was enraptured, already besotted with the creatures he’d grown up with.

That’s when they heard it, the telltale neigh and scream of a rider being thrown from their horse.

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DEEP (TOG College AU) Part i

Nesryn’s life was supposed to be all laid out in front of her. Get through college, continue on her gymnastics career, and eventually get into the Olympics. Easy, right? But after a terrible accident, she’s been scared to step foot anywhere near a tumbl trak. Plus, she’s got her ex-bf to worry about, friends that have equal problems of their own and him. The guy that starts with an ‘S’ and ends in trouble-town. [Part 1/3]

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No, Don’t Kiss! (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

Requested: YES!

Plot: Reader and Seb had been together for years, until they go their separate ways, however, the reader’s nephews miss Seb and help get them back together

A/N: Sorry for the wait, but please enjoy and feel free to request! I also got super carried away so it’s a little long

Originally posted by fandomnationwhore

It was your sister’s son’s birthday party, he was turning the big 13, he was a teen now, great. 

“Hey big guy, happy birthday! I got you this gift, and I promise to take you out later, somewhere fun, but don’t tell your mom.” You told your nephew.

He shook the box, “Is this a game? You know I’ve been wanting this game and mom won’t buy it for me, if you got it, I will love you forever!” He exclaimed.

“I mean, I guess you just have to wait until you open your gifts.” You winked, giving him a hug before making your way around to say hi to relatives and family friends.

“(YN)! I missed you!” Your younger nephew called out.

“There you are! You’ve gotten so big, if you keep growing one day I won’t be able to pick you up!” You laughed.

“No, you always pick me up, you can’t just stop out of nowhere!” He laughed.

“Ok, but then I’m going to get old and you’re going to be so much bigger and stronger than me.” You replied.

“Well when you get old, Seb can pick me up! Where is he? He always brings me presents.” He laughed.

“Um, Seb has work, so he won’t be coming today, plus, it’s your brother’s birthday, not yours silly.” You smiled.

He groaned, jumping from you arms and running away. Leaving you standing there awkwardly, catching the eyes of your sister, who was sending you a sad smile.

“My kids, they’re like us, they have no filter. How are you doing?” She smiled, leading you to the kitchen. 

You went on to tell her you had your good days and bad days, but you really did miss him, you just couldn’t blame him for working and living his dreams.

Weeks passed after the party, now months that you hadn’t seen Sebastian, or even received a text from him, which was odd, three years together and five years of friendship made the break up hurt even more. 

The more time you spent moping around, the sadder you got, looking at the pictures of you two together, even with your family. A whole new wave of tears, your family loved him, your nephews adored him, it had been months, close to a year, since they had seen Sebastian. 

At every single function your nephews would ask about Sebastian, your heart breaking a little bit more every time their eyes filled with tears when you told them Sebastian wasn’t going to show up.

“The boys want you to come over.” Your sister stated over the phone.

“What for? I saw them last weekend, I’m cool, but not that cool.” You replied.

“To…” you heard whispering, “to come eat dinner.” 

“It’s 2 in the afternoon.”

More whispering, “To come play the games you bought them and make dessert with them, you are their favorite.” 

“Something weird is going on, you sound like a robot.” You replied.

“JUST COME, SEE YOU IN 30 MINUTES!” Your nephews yelled into the phone.

So 30 minutes, later you were standing on the doorstep of your sister’s house with cookie dough and frosting. 

The door opened, revealing your sister and loud laughter from your nephews, “Come in.”

“What’s up with you? You were acting weird over the phone.” You asked, setting your things down and heading to the kitchen.

“Just go, they started without you, and sorry.” She said before zooming up the stairs.

“Hey guys, your mom is letting you bake with no adu- Sebastian, what are you doing here?” You gasped.

“(Y/N), I- Hi.” Sebastian smiled.

“I thought you were filming in Canada, at least that’s what I remember your calendar saying.” You mumbled.

“Yeah, um, I got a break for a few weeks, then the boys invited me, and I really missed them so I came.” He explained.

“Yeah, they do miss you.” You whispered with a sad smile.

“Go talk, we haven’t started anything yet. Go, get out of here.” Your oldest nephew rambled.

As soon, as the both of you were in the living room, he began talking. You talked for hours and hours, apologizing and forgiving with tears. 

“Now kiss!”

“No, don’t kiss! That’s gross.” 

“Just get back together, so we can make our cookies and cupcakes.”

Sebastian placed his hands on your cheeks, pulling you in for a kiss that fixed everything. 

“Let’s go work on those cookies.” He smiled. 


Dear Great Pumpkin,

I am looking forward to your arrival on Halloween night. I hope you will bring me lots of presents. You must get discouraged because more people believe in Santa Claus more than in you. Well, let’s face it… Santa Claus has had more publicity. But being number two, perhaps you try harder. Everyone tells me you are a fake, but I believe in you.

P.S. If you really are a fake, don’t tell me. I don’t want to know.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1966)


Watching the movie for the cough coughth time last night… I totally teared up at this scene and think I will every time now.

Patrick wanting to pick up the folder, but he simply can’t. Lucien seeing that the man can’t even ties his shoes, and me thinking how sad it is that he won’t ask someone to help him with that. Or he feels he has no one to ask. Such a sadness to the otherwise strong man in this scene, who’s on the brink. Subtly played to perfection by John Wood.

Love is... a concerto in A Major - K622

By: @thegirlfromoverthepond

My deepest thanks to @titaniasfics for her help in betaing this story :) thank you so much, lady :)

the awesome art is done by the so gifted @akai-echo.

She comes every Friday afternoon, taking the girl with curly hair to her flute lesson.

Every Friday I watch as she passes before the windows of my class, talking to her daughter, laughing.

One day in September, I heard her laughter through the now-open windows, and I swear, i’ve never heard music so pure.

I know it’s pitiful. I know that i shouldn’t be completely infatuated with the mother of one of the kids we teach to, but I can’t help it.

Her husband is the luckiest man alive.

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“Offline” (Chapter Eight)

We get to meet Sherlock and Mycroft and John in this chapter! Bond gives zero f*cks about the Holmes lol 

(PSA I know nothing about Dartmoor but for the sake of this story, where Bond is staying has very little cell service)


Enjoy :)


“James.” Eve smiled up at him and turned her cheek for a kiss. “How are you? Are you heading off on holiday?”

“Holiday.” Bond grimaced. “Forced rest and relaxation.” he held the door to Q Branch open for her. “I am here to surrender my gear and then I am off.”

“Hullo, Q.” She waved and Q looked up from his computers, green gaze flicking over where Bond’s arm rested around her waist. “Aren’t you up for holiday soon as well?”

“God forbid.” Q said dryly. “As if Q Branch would survive without me. All of MI6 would come to a halt without me at the computers.”

“So modest this one.” Eve elbowed Bond lightly. “Where are you going, then?”

“If I told you where to find me, it wouldn’t be holiday, would it?” Bond said mildly, emptying his pockets of all Q Branch issued tech and scattering it about on the table. “But if you must know, there is a hunting lodge in Dartmoor I enjoy. Misty mornings, quiet days, cold nights, all of that.”

“Creepy moors, tales of monsters, hardly any cell service.” Eve added, ticking it off on her fingers. “Sounds lovely.”

“Indeed.” Bond smiled faintly. “There are so few places to disconnect and be offline these days–” Q perked up a little and Bonds smile grew. “–it will be nice to have ten days to myself I suppose.”

“You mean yourself and whichever barmaid you convince to share your bed.” Eve rolled her eyes and Bond feigned a hurt look.

“Eve. I can assure you my taste runs far more sophisticated than bar maids.”

She snorted, apparently unconvinced and Bond signed the form for the last of his tech. “That’s it, then. Don’t let the world burn down while I’m gone. I will see you in a few weeks.”

“Bye James!”

“Safe travels, 007.”


Q– Dartmoor area has notoriously terrible cell service, but will you at least let me know when you arrive?

B– Of course. I wish we had had time for a kiss goodbye.

Q– As long as you bring me a present, I’m sure I’ll have a kiss waiting for you when you return.

B– Q, darling, do you only kiss me because I bring you trinkets?

Q– Yes

B– I am hurt and horrified.

Q– You are neither of those things

B– I could be.

Q– You could be, but you aren’t.

Q– Do hurry back, James. I believe I already miss you.


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olltii ig update with woo wonjae:
olltii: you don’t have to bring back presents for me. it’ll make me feel burdened;
woo wonjae: okie!!!
olltii: fuck i’m screwed
woo wonjae: ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

caption: wonjae, you’re vacationing in japan right now and you got 1st place on the charts for your new song and you will get tons of money from being so high up in the charts but really i’m okay

I’ll Scare the Dark Away

A/N: Simon makes a confession, and Baz is overprotective. Based on a conversation I had with my crush. She said the first three lines of this to me, and this fic just appeared. I didn’t even get this checked or drafted. Just rough, awful content. RIP me.


I get so jumpy at night.

I’m afraid of the dark.

I’m afraid of weird noises.

I’m afraid of pretty much everything at night.

Merlin. I’m the bloody Chosen One. By day I’m expected to be fearless and invincible, but I when the lights go out, I somehow become… well, human.


Snow is scared of the dark.

He thinks I don’t notice, but I do. I notice everything about him: the way he moves, the slight twitch of his upper lip when he scowls, the way his hair falls over his forehead in a rippling bronze wave. I see everything about him.

Sometimes I wish I didn’t notice. I wish I could stop dwelling on it.

But Simon Snow is always there–just like the sun. You can’t ignore him, and you can’t deny how bright and beautiful he is, no matter what time of the day. He’s unconquerable. He’s a magickal supernova. And he’s afraid of the dark.

I let my eyes wander to the other side of the room, where Snow is curled up beneath his sheets. He’s pulled them around his ears and over half his face. Only his eyes are peering out above the waves of white. They’re blue. A flat color blue–like the sky on a hazy summer afternoon. I could let myself sink in the shade of them until I lose my own soul.

I’ve already lost my soul. I think.

Simon shifts under the covers. The ripples in the sheets shift and expose a section of his chest. (He sleeps shirtless.) (Yet another “fuck you, Baz,” from the universe.) It’s smooth, except for the scattering of moles across his shoulders. I shiver.

He drags the pillow out from under his head and pulls it over his face, obscuring my perfect view.

“Can’t you stop moving?” I hiss. “I’m trying to sleep.”

Snow makes a muffled, undecipherable sound from under his pillow.


It’s gotten worse tonight.

I can’t help the way the darkness makes me feel. It’s stifling and horrifying. It creeps up my neck and face like a pair of hands. I can’t breathe.

Hiding my face in a pillow–away from the dark, away from everything that could be lurking in it–seems to be the only thing that will keep me from running helter-skelter down Mummer’s Tower and sleeping the rest of the night in the well-lit hallway.

What I wouldn’t give for just one flicker of light.



He’s shaking. I can see it.

“Fuck off, Baz.”

“Can’t. I’m always here.”

I sit up in bed, swinging my legs off the side of the mattress and onto the floor. Snow startles visibly at the noise.

“Merlin, don’t do that.”

I sneer. “What’s wrong? Don’t like things that go bump in the night, do we, oh mighty hero Snow?”

He yanks the pillow down and glares at me, his lower lip twisted and trembling. “Fuck off.”

My heart drops into my stomach when I see his face.

It’s a picture of desolation. His eyes are desperate, confused, wanting…

Wanting what?

“I’m afraid of the dark, Baz.”

Snow’s voice brings me back to the present. He drags the words out of the air. They’re clawing at his throat, and he pulls them into the open one by one. Painfully. Haltingly.

For a moment, I don’t believe he’s just made that confession. To me, of all people. The Chosen one. The all-powerful Mage’s Heir, come to save us from the Insidious Humdrum and the dark creatures… is afraid of the dark?

“It’s not bad,” I hear myself say, “when you’re used to it.”

My tone must catch him off-guard, because his eyebrows twitch and his face relaxes just a little.

I stare at him. He swallows, and his adam’s apple catches. I feel blood rush to my cheeks.

“When I was younger, I used to imagine the dark was like… a fog. And I’d pretend I carried a sword, sort of like yours. But made of light and glass and everything good I could possibly think of. I’d imagine swinging it, and a gash of light would open through the dark. It helped me remember…”

“Remember what?” He’s interested. I can see the fear begin to melt, like ice in the springtime, away from the wintry blue of his eyes.

“Even when you can’t see any light around you,” I say. “You can make your own light. You’ll always be powerful enough to carry the flame in your heart like a guiding torch.”

Suddenly, I throw my own caution and fear aside. I stand up and walk towards Snow. He sits bolt upright, a defensive mask sweeping across his face.

I shush him, sitting down on the mattress beside him and pressing my finger to his lips. “I’m not here to hurt you. I’m here to scare the dark away.”

His lips fall open, and his eyes get round. “Baz, wha–”

I push him back–gently, I don’t want to hurt him, I never did, I never will–and kiss him. Hard. He gasps and lets his hands drop. After a horrible second of being unsure whether or not he would shove me away, Snow weaves his fingers through my hair and kisses me back.

I draw away, just an inch.

“I’ll scare the dark away,” I repeat, stupidly. He laughs and forces my head down again, straining up to reach my lips.

It’s almost dreamlike. But I let myself believe it’s real–because I’m weak. Because Simon Snow is here, with his piercing eyes and tousled bedtime hair, kissing me gently, like I’m an angel sent to guard him from the elusive demons of the dark. Because I’m in love with him.


I wake up the next morning with a strong arm draped over my chest. Baz is softly breathing on my neck, stirring my hair and sending a warm shiver down my spine.

There’s sunlight pouring through the window. It bathes us both in light.

I can finally breathe again.