bring me pizza to drown my sorrows


With all of the duplicate monologues through this episode (Roger/Geillis, Bree/Jamie and so on) this little one passed me by, and as I was re-watching this weekend it hit me square in the feels. 

I’ve heard that desperate speech somewhere before; I cried out, luckily to myself. Different situations, of course, but the same distinct urgency underpinning Claire’s need for Jamie not to send her away. The anguish and distress that colour her expressions through both of these scenes just slay me. She can’t leave him, and he never leaves her (even though they are technically apart). The line delivered in S2 just solidifies the fact. 

Now, i’m off to drown my S2 sorrows into cider and pizza. Bring on S3, I need that ‘Print Shop’ scene more than air. 

*MEGA THANKS always and forever to @suhailauniverse for making the two GIF’s for me, I am a technological n00b. But Suh, you are a L-E-G-E-N-D.*


Kim Jung gi is a monster.