bring me my axe

Thank you for letting me make so many new friends, Shuka ;__;
The Goddess of Thunder #4

‘i have bled enough to fill oceans’
‘i have died’
‘for more years than there are stars, i have walked these many realms, facing horrors that could drive even a god to utter madness’
‘this may be the worst week of my life’
‘where the hell is my arm?’
‘after your foolish little stunt you are lucky there is anything left of you, boy’
‘what has happened to the earth?’
‘i should have baked you into a pie’
‘someone… bring me my axe’
‘i thought you might say that’
‘you’ve come at a dark hour, my friend. i’m afraid this is no time for mead’
‘i must go and find my goats’
‘you heard me, woman’
‘what have you done with my mother?’
‘your mother?’
‘perhaps you should all go to hell’
‘i will deal with you in a moment’
‘we should deal with him now’
‘i will hear no more words from you, pretender, while you still hold what is rightfully mine’
‘i am not your enemy’
‘then what are you?’
‘i am still trying to discern that myself’
‘i just know that this is not the fight you want’
‘fight? did you just say you wanted a fight?’
‘calm thyself down’
‘i say thee nay’
‘you are unarmed!’
‘do i seem unarmed to you, girl?’
‘angry little worms, aren’t they? if we stay out of the way, maybe they’ll kill each other’
‘where’s the fun in that?’

[And a Lil’ Positive Note]

You know how you sit back and go ‘man, I really don’t spend enough time not being a bitter person’ and you think what makes you smile?

Welcome to a short list of what makes me want to be a better person, because being bitter, holding grudges, grinding my axes - it doesn’t bring me joy all it does it keep that alive.  

Dorian, my dearly departed fluffball that was the second dog I ever owned and the one who was My Dog in every sense of the word.  Your cat-like habits cemented my love for you, and your neurosis sort of spoiled me for anything but a cat.

My family - there’s bits and pieces that aren’t good, sure.  Sometimes those bits and pieces are huge, large things that feel like they’re crushing and other times it’s camaraderie and laughter.  

My friends.  My amazing, wonderful friends.  The ones who I sometimes see every once in a while and poke, the ones I try to chat with and tell them they’re amazing, the ones I talk to all the time.  The folks I hang and share crazy weird shit with (Critical Role, anime, costuming, historical debates, character ideas, art inspirations, and so much more I can’t even put it all into words) and who listen when I break and fracture a bit, and who make the world so bright, so amazing, so wonderful.

Sometimes (a lot) I get down, and I feel like crap.  And then I look at my discord, my facebook, my skype, my enjin, my tumblr, my DA, my everything, and I smile seeing those names, those faces, those people.  I’m bad about talking to everyone, a lot - but you all mean so damn much to me.  You make the world infinitely more amazing, and touch my life with joy, and remind me that there’s so much wonderful to see, experience, and yet find.


Hand in Hand

Requested by @greek-geek481: “Could you do a rick x reader based off the new episode, where the reader isn’t afraid of negan because she used to the abuse, so negan take her with rick on the RV and has to get the axe with rick.”

Word Count: 941

Warning(s): talks about abuse, cussing, blood, violence 


You had just witnessed not one, but two of your members of your apocalypse family get murdered. Negan, the man, who did it, acted like he was some big bad guy, but you’re used to it. From last abusive relationships you knew that men like that were afraid of something and all you had to do was figure out what.

Negan was talking to Rick, your boyfriend, about the axe he had. Rick had said he was going to kill Negan, not today, not tomorrow, but he will kill him.

You could hear Negan laugh as Simon gave him Rick’s axe. Negan started to drag Rick to the RV and that’s when you decided to stand up.

“Don’t take him, take me. You can do whatever you want.” You were surprised by your actions, but this is something you needed to do.

Negan dropped Rick by his side and turned to look at you. “Well, well what do we have here? Seems to me this little lovey dove couple wants to lose a hand together.” He laughed and stepped away from Rick to get to you. Negan grabbed you by your hair and pulled you to the RV just like he had did to Rick.


You are sat beside Rick and Negan was driving to somewhere, hitting walkers along the way. Rick seemed to think you were scared so he pulled you close. You looked at him reassuringly. You weren’t scared and you think deep down he know that, he just wanted to protect you from anything he could.

The RV came to a sharp stop and that’s when Negan got up from his seat and made his was to the both of you.

“Ya know, we could all be friends. You just have to do what I ask and no one else has to get hurt, it’s that simple.” Negan said has he slammed the axe into the little table. You jumped from the noise and it made him chuckle.

Negan pulled Rick up from beside of you and opened the RV door only for you to see a dozen of walkers. He noticed how Rick seemed a frightened and laughed has he threw the axe at the door.

“Go find the axe Rick.” That’s when Negan pushed Rick out the door and shut it quickly.

You could hear Rick yell and try to fight off the walkers that were coming near him. Jumping up, you tried to bolt for the door only to have Negan push you down the the ground.

Negan laughed as he looked down your body. “You’re a fucking feisty one, aren’t ya? I like that in a girl. What’s you name?”

When you didn’t answer you could see his jaw clenched. “You speak when you spoken to. I asked what your damn name was.”

You were getting annoyed so you decided to take matters into your own hands and spit in his face. It seemed like a bad idea, but you had to show this man you weren’t afraid of him, nor will you ever be.

Negan decided to give up on you and go back to Rick. “Dammit, Rick. Bring me my fucking axe.” He started shooting at the roof of the RV as he heard Rick’s footsteps against it.


Once Rick brought the axe back, Negan sat in front of you two. “Rick, is your little lover here a fucking righty or lefty.”

Rick was confused at first, but realized what Negan was doing when he sat the knife in front of you.

“Either you fucking tell me, or its her head.” Negan said, getting annoyed at how Rick was acting like he had no idea what was being said to him.

You made eye contact Negan and decided to answer him for yourself. “I can speak for my own self and I’m a righty.”

Negan laughed and pointed the axe to Rick. “Damn, Rick. You should grow some balls like this girl.”

Negan began to roll the left sleeve and Rick was try to protest, but Negan was having it. Your arm was getting cold from the air that was hitting it, but you didn’t flinch, trying to seem as strong as possible. You know what was going to happen, but stopping it seemed to far out of question.

As the axe was being raised, Rick’s protests were getting louder. “Please, no. Take my hand, it’s my hand you want not hers.” Rick’s voice was cracking from all the yelled he was doing, but was it doing him any good? No.

“Oh don’t worry, Rick. You’re getting this fucking axe too.” Negan said right before it came down, cutting your hand from your arm. You screamed out from all the pain. It was too unbearable. It was like it was on fire, and the blood was pouring from your new wound.

Behind your tears, you noticed Rick fighting Negan away from his arm. Rick didn’t want this, but both knew you couldn’t win this.

The sound of the axe being brought against Rick’s hand made you sick to your stomach. Rick was yelling and yelling about how he was going to kill Negan and the only thing Negan could do was laugh.

As the pain was starting to go numb and you were beginning to get lightheaded from the among of blood loss, you knew what you had to do. You and the group had to take revenge and make Negan and his saviors suffer, just like all of you had.