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Y’all know my obsession with mer!Stiles but what about professional merman!Stiles and single dad!Derek whose little girl is obsessed with mermaids?

Derek understands it’s probably not healthy to try indulge all of his daughter’s impossible wishes, but she rarely asks for anything and if she wants a mermaid for her 6th birthday he’s going to find a way to make it happen.

Enter Stiles - professional merman. Derek isn’t exactly sure if a dude is quite what his daughter wants in a mermaid but between not wanting to ruin the surprise and the fact she pretty much squeals MERMAID!! MERMAID!! MERMAID!! when she sees anything that even slightly resembles a fish, he thinks a guy will be fine. 

Derek is expecting…well, he’s not actually sure what he’s expecting. Do professional mermaids grow up wanting to be professional mermaids or does the job just come with a particular…lifestyle, like surfers and lifeguards and people way too obsessed with Disney? Whoever Derek is expecting to show up at his door though, it certainly isn’t someone who greets him by saying, “holy shit, you’re gorgeous” followed by “wait, I mean…holy shit you’re gorgeous.” Derek hasn’t felt his cheeks turn red since he was fifteen, which is why he’s totally not to blame when all he manages to say in return is, “do you come with your own tail?”

“Why, you planning on supplying one for me, big guy? I do have my own tail but if kitting me out in a different one is something you’re into….” he winks, like he was fucking born to, and for a moment Derek is kind of terrified he’s accidentally hired a hooker who thinks Derek has a weird mermaid fetish. 

“Um…no….that’s….okay.” He swears he used to have better game than this. Not that he’s trying to flirt with Stiles. He hired him for his daughter’s birthday party, for fuck’s sake. There are rules. He’s almost certain. 

“Great, well, if you could just lead me to the pool….” Stiles squints. “You….do have a pool, right? Once someone hired me to sit in a bathtub all day and while you might think getting paid to sit around in bathtub all day is the world’s best job, believe me when I say it’s not.”

Half an hour later, Derek blushes again - this is really getting out of hand - when Stiles knocks on his back door, panting, “okay, so, I know my website says professional and please trust me when I say I am but…could you help me get my tail on? Usually I have my buddy Scott to help me set up but it’s his anniversary today and, well,” he shrugs. Derek doesn’t stop blushing for the rest of the day, in fact. Especially during lunch when the kids go inside to watch The Little Mermaid and Stiles flops up onto the pool side, the moles scattered all down his neck and chest doing funny things to Derek under the glare of the sun. Not even the way Stiles’ nose starts to burn puts him off. All it does is force Derek outside, awkwardly standing over Stiles, shyly holding out some sunscreen. 

It doesn’t help that Stiles is perfect with the kids, either. No question is too silly for him and he even manages to coax his daughter’s friend Isaac to the edge of the pool even though Isaac is frightened of mermaids and the only reason he came today is because his daughter promised to hold his hand all day and protect him (which Derek noted fondly Isaac couldn’t stop talking about all week, according to his older brother).

The real problem starts, however, when his daughter asks Stiles if he will fall in love with her daddy because her daddy deserves true love because he’s he bestest daddy in the whole world and mermaids always always make sure when they fall in love it’s the “big explody” kind of love, right? You’re not an evil mermaid, are you Stiles? You won’t try to drown my daddy if he kisses you, will you? 

No, sweetheart, I won’t drown your daddy if he tries to kiss me.” He looks over at Derek, waggling his eyebrows. Derek, god help him, has never been so endeared in his life. 

See, daddy,” his daughter yells, putting her hands on her hips. “I told you.”

Stiles bites down on a laugh and Derek crosses his arms, raises an eyebrow at her. “Lacy, what have I told you about trying to set daddy up with strangers?”

“But Stiles isn’t a stranger, daddy. He’s got a tail.” 

Derek sighs, leading Lacy into the house. “I’m sure Stiles already has a lovely mer…person waiting for him at home.”

“You won’t ever find love if you don’t take a chance, daddy,” Lacy pouts, sounding scarily like Erica whenever they get onto the topic of his love life (which is horribly frequent these days).

“Yeah,” Stiles call after them, “take a chance, daddy! I promise, we merfolk don’t bite.” He pauses. “Much.” He winks and Derek blushes for probably the 100th time that day.

He hates everything.

Except, he really doesn’t because after putting Lacy to bed, he comes back down stairs to find Stiles’ number on the envelope of cash he had left out for Stiles to take. 

We merfolk don’t have use for money but if you want to buy me dinner some time, we do like to eat.

P.S. Curly fries are optional but highly encouraged.

P.P.S. If you bring me this money instead of curly fries, this relationship is not going to work. 

(Spoiler alert: Derek doesn’t bring Stiles his money. Instead he puts it in a box, still inside the envelope, which neither of them touch until Stiles proposes five years later when they use it to buy celebratory engagement pizza and that fancy ice cream that Lacy loves so much - which she henceforth insists on calling “finally ice cream” because, well…..finally.)

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So at my university to fundraiser the sports teams will auction themselves off and people will bid on them to spend the day with them or dress them up in silly outfits or whatever. So picture soccer captain Sid being auctioned and Geno gets into a bidding war with a rival Frat who's trying to buy sid just to piss Geno off

“Everyone put money in hat,” Geno demands, pushing back to the Rhos at the Kick It Off! fundraiser. He’s holding out his Penguins cap. “Right now, immediately.”

“Why?” Jake says, even as he’s fishing out a twenty. “Didn’t we already donate at the front door?”

“They’re bidding on a date with Sid,” Flower says, passing the cap around. “If the Rhos don’t win against the football team, Geno’s forehead vein will burst.” He shouts, “Come on, boys. This is gonna be cheaper than paying for Geno’s impending ER trip. Pull up your Venmos if you don’t have cash on hand.” 

Olli nudges Jake and points at the football team, who’s passing a fucking bucket of cash around. The captain, this big, beefy guy who’s been leering at Sidney and Sidney’s Ass every five seconds, is giving Jake the creeps. 

“We’re gonna have to send Geno to the ER,” Conor moans, dragging his hands down his face. “They have a cash bucket. We have a dinky little money hat. Oh no, oh God, I can’t breathe–”

“It’s okay, it’s okay, don’t freak out,” Jake says. “We have to win. We will win.”


“Fifty!” a girl shouts. Her letters say that she’s from the Beta Sig sorority. Her sisters are all giggling and cheering her on.

“Fifty?” the announcer says. “We got a fifty! I think we can do a little better than that for our star player!”

Sidney shifts uncomfortably on the podium, but he waves a shy hello in the Rhos’ direction. Geno yells out, “Seventy-five!” Then, after shooting a death glare at the football captain, he adds, “I love you, Sid! You look amazing!” 

People are whistling, and the sororities are ‘aww-ing’ among themselves after this declaration. The football captain narrows his eyes. 

“One hundred and fifty,” he shouts, followed by more hollering from his team. He gives Sidney a self-satisfied once-over, and Sidney turns to Geno in a kind of helpless panic.

“How much do we have in here?” Jake whispers.

“Two hundred,” Conor says. “As long as Geno doesn’t get to that number too fast, we might be able to outlast them.”

Two hundred,” Geno screams.

“Fuck,” Olli says. 

“Two hundred from the Rho Ep boys,” the announcer crows. “Going once, going twice–”

“It’s okay, Hags went over to check out how much money they had,” Olli says. “Their bucket was full of fucking ones and quarters. They don’t have more than us.”

“Three hundred dollars!” the football captain shouts out, and Geno turns his head so fast Jake was afraid he’d get whiplash. “For a date with Sidney Patrick Crosby!” 

“They were using Venmo,” Conor cries, spiraling again as he scrolls through the public transactions. “We’re fucked.”

“Jesus Christ,” the announcer says. “Looks like you’re popular today, aren’t you, Sid?” 

Sidney says nothing, only a half-hearted shrug aimed mostly at Geno like, ‘Well, you tried your best.’ 

Going once!” the announcer says. “Going twice! And our one and only Croz goes to–”

Five hundred dollars!” a new voice says. Geno’s eyes look like they’re nearly about to pop out of his head as Ovi and the rest of the Kappa Alpha Pis step up. “Five hundred dollars from Kappas for the Rho Eps,” Ovi says, grinning. “Which makes it seven hundred dollars total. For Sidney Patrick Crosby.”

“Shit,” the football team groans.

“Well, damn. Sold,” the announcer says, also gaping.

Sidney makes a delighted, astonished noise, then rushes off the stage and into Geno’s arms, peppering his face with kisses. “You did it! You did it!” he yells. “Thank you, thank you–”

Tanger and Flower are clapping Ovi on the back. “Why’d you do it, man?”

“Was Nicky’s idea,” he says. “Found some leftover in our budget that we didn’t get to use for philanthropy event. Would have gone back to headquarters at year end, so might as well donate it to good cause.”

“Well,” Flower says, looking at Geno hoisting Sidney up and nosing at his boyfriend’s neck, “it went to something, alright. We owe you one.”

“I know,” Ovi says, smiling. “You think I do for charity?”

“I mean, that was kind of the point of this event,” Jake mutters, but he goes unheard as Geno’s cheering and the Rhos’ celebration drown him out. 

Herbal Powders

When making up herbal powders, you will need to grind the herbs as fine as possible in your mortar and pestle. While you are grinding, you must concentrate upon and visualize the goal for which you are making the powder. Both the act of grinding and the concentration strengthen the power of the herbs to fulfill your desire. Use the chant when mixing the herbs and oils together…

When using the powder, sprinkle it on the altar in a heart for love, a dollar sign for money and success, a circle for working with the psychic and divination, a pentagram for protection, a knot for binding, or an equal-arm cross for healing. You may choose other symbols if you wish. Just remember to keep their shapes simple. While you sprinkle the powder, chant the verse appropriate to the mixture and desire…

Empowering Chant for Mixing

Elements of Wind and Fire, bring to me my heart’s desire.

Water, Earth, my wish fulfill. Strong my magic, strong my will.

Within these Elements fourfold, the power grows and so will hold.

Business Success Powder:

Time: The waxing or Full Moon; or on a Wednesday or Sunday.

Herbs: ½ teaspoon cinnamon

           1 tablespoon sage

           5 tablespoons yellow dock (will stain)

           2 tablespoons squill

           2 tablesppins crumbled bay leaves

Oils:     5 drops honeysuckle oil

           4 drops violet oil

Instructions: Sprinkle this around your place of business, particularly at the door, the cash register, and the mailbox.

Chant: Tides of business, flow my way. Bring me money that will stay.

Exorcism Powder:

Time: The waning moon or New Moon; or on a Saturday

Herbs: 1 teaspoon bay

           1/8 cup cedar powder

           ½ cup frankincense powder

           pinch of black pepper

           ¼ cup rue

           ½ cup sandalwood powder

           1 tablespoon dragon’s blood

           ¼ cup vervain

Oils:     7 drops bay oil

           2 drops cedar oil

Instructions: Sprinkle this around a home or building that is troubled by negative spirits.

Chant: I call upon the psychic tide. That nothing evil here abide.

Love Powder:

Time: The waxing moon or Full moon; or on a Monday or Friday.

Herbs: ½ cup lavender

           ½ cup orris root

           1 cup rose petals

Oils:     4 drops gardenia oil

           3 drops jasmine oil

Instructions: Put some of this powder in a small bag and carry it with you.

Chant: I call into the mists of time to bring to me a love sublime.

Money Powder:

Time: The waxing moon or Full Moon; or on a Thursday or Sunday.

Herbs: ¼ teaspoon cinnamon

           ¼ cup cinquefoil

           1 cup oakmoss

Oils:    2 drops bayberry oil

           2 drops cinnamon oil

           1 drop mint oil

Instructions: The powder can be sprinkled lightly into your purse or wallet, as well as in your mailbox and near your main entry door You can also put some in a small bag and carry it with you.

Chant: Coins and paper, silver and gold, give me all my life can hold.

Prosperity Powder:

Time: The waxing moon or Full Moon; or on a Sunday or Thursday.

Herbs: 1/8 cup sage

           ½ cup squill

           ½ cup oakmoss

           1/8 cup vetiver

           ½ cup chamomile

           1 teaspoon cinnamon

Oils:     2 drops honeysuckle oil

           2 drops jasmine oil

           7 drops styrax oil

           5 drops vanilla oil

Instructions: Use this in the same manner as you do the Money Powder. This powder, however, attracts not only money, but also good luck, good health, and positive opportunities.

Chant: Balance my life, and give to me the greatest, fullest prosperity.

Protection Powder:

Time: The waning moon or New Moon; or on a Tuesday or Saturday.

Herbs: 1 tablespoon dragon’s blood

           ¼ teaspoon anise seed

           ¼ cup marjoram

           ¼ cup betony

           ½ cup calamus root

           ½ cup patchouli

           1/8 cup wormwood

Oils:     6 drops carnation oil

           7 drops sandalwood oil

Instructions: Lightly sprinkle this powder in your vehicle as well as your home.

Chant: Keep me safe from evil and harm. I ask protection as I speak this

Sourced from “Wicca; The Complete Craft” by D.J. Conway

My Job Finding Spell Worked!

I just got hired at Tim Hortons exactly one month after I performed this spell! I performed it on the new moon and I got the job on the next new moon. I thought I’d share it with you all.


  • Small piece of paper
  • Small envelope
  • Pen with green ink
  • Green candle
  • Penny
  • Money attributed gemstone (I used Aventurine)


  • New moon


  1. Cleanse your space
  2. Write your goal on the piece of paper (ex. Divine goddess, holy god. Please help me to bring more money into my life)
  3. Draw a pentagram on the front of the envelope
  4. Seal the paper in the envelope with the green candle wax (I mean just smother it in wax).
  5. Press the penny into the envelope to make an image in the wax (make sure wax is still warm, use “tails” side of penny)
  6. Say a prayer over the envelope as you see fit
  7. Place the envelope wax side up on a windowsill with gemstone placed on top overnight under new moon. (Make sure the stone doesn’t melt into the wax in the sun)
  8. In the morning, place the envelope somewhere safe and your job will come to you 

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Magic without a Formula

This is a guide to help you transition off of relying on written-down magic all the time. Not for the very beginner, but if you’ve done a spell or two in your time you’re likely good to go.

Collecting written spells by others is one of my favorite things about Tumblr, but 90% of the time these days I just do magic as needed. Believe me, once you realize you can do this, it’s so empowering and freeing. 

What do I mean by “just do it as needed” though? What I mean in particular in this case is how to cast spells without sitting down and writing one in long beleaguered detail or spending forever leafing through or searching for the “right spell.” Just do the magic!

How would you do this? Well, first you have to…

Be Familiar with some the Following Magics:

- Sigils

- Poppets

- Jar Spells

- Candle Magic

- Writing chants/words

- Cursing (if you wanna)

- Binding

- Any other favorite form of magic you might have

Have Correspondence Tables to Figure Out:

- Herbs you can include

- Colors you can include

- Runes and sigils

- The moon phase/other timing if that’s your bag

- Symbology general

Have a general supply of:

- Useful herbs

- Useful oils

- Useful incense

- Candles

- Matches

- Paper

- Colored Pens and Pencils

- Fabric and Sewing supplies

- Any other supplies to do the kinds of magic you like to do

How to Do It

1) Come up with the purpose for your spell. Let’s say… money, for example.

2) Look at your supplies and see what kind of magic you can do at the moment. Let’s say my supplies are somewhat limited, so I’ll stick with a classic candle magic money spell. I gather a candle, paper, matches, and some money-related herbs, incense, and oils, that I have marked as safe to inhale.

3) This is where your background knowledge kicks in. Ideally you’ve read about or at least done some of this kind of magic at this point, so you know the drill. It’s helpful if you’ve read others spells before - for any purpose, really, you can adapt anything. For my money spell, what I decide to do is to take my green candle, create a sigil, inscribe it into the side of the candle, anoint the candle while whispering my purpose “Bring money to me!” repeatedly, light the candle, say my little sentence nine times or whatever, raise energy maybe by singing or whatever, release, and I let it burn out while I do the laundry.

Tips & Tricks

- Make sure you label your herbs, etc. beforehand so you’re not just burning junk willy nilly like you can’t get poisoned or some silly stuff like that.

- Don’t get too worried about the strict meanings and correspondences of things. Fudge it a bit, it’s fine.

- Don’t think it has to be complicated. Start with charms, even. Little itty bitty tiny spells for things like protection or something.

- Allow yourself to get creative from the things you have around you.

- Gather knowledge and experiment! Read the spells that others have written. Read books on magic! Having this info allows you to figure out what you’re gonna do.

- Once you can do magic like this, believe me, it is WORTH it not having to leaf through stuff.

- If you are still having a hard time letting go like this, step back and try it again in a few months.

- Yes, your spell is going to be just as effective, if not more. Once you get into the creative process, you’re tapping into you and what you are ready to do as far as magic goes at the moment. That’s powerful.

- Just because you’re making it up as you go along doesn’t mean you can’t record it for future verification.

Good luck!!

Prosperity Spell

This spell should be performed on a Sunday during the waxing moon. 

You will need? A Compass, A Silver Coin that you have blessed, 4 Large pinches of prosperity herbs, 1 Gold Candle, A square piece of Orange silk around 6 inches (13 cm), Orange Ribbon, Fresh spearmint leaves and a stick.


Starting on a Sunday, carry your coin around with you for 7 Days. During this time, do someone a favour or exert yourself in some way. Take a stick and draw an imaginary circle on the floor, moving widdershins (in a anti-clockwise direction) Stand in the circle, use your compass to find north, south, east and west, then sprinkle a little of the herbs on the edges of your circle in these four directions.

Stand in the middle of the four points and light your candle. Holding the candle in your right hand and the coin in your left, recite the following spell while passing the coin through the flame of the candle 6 times. 

“O Angel Michael, help me understand the nature abundance,that I may become wealthy in spirit as well as financially. Bring me the money I need in order to live comfortably. I ask for the right amount of prosperity for my needs and to allow me the energy to use my gifts to celebrate life and to help others.  Grant me this and I will remember to give as I have received.”

Thank the angel and place the coin in the silk square, along with some spearmint leaves, and tie up the lot with orange orange ribbon keep this either in your coin purse/ wallet or in a safe place. 

Moving widdershins (anti- clockwise), gather up the herbs while saying “Thank you” to the four directions, and when you are holding all four pieces in your hand, say “So mote it be” and visualise the spell being carried out int the universe. Put the herbs under a tree, preferably  nut tree or else an oak or maple.  

Notes on Prosperity Magick

Hey, all. I wanted to write up a quick Prosperity Magick 101 post. 

I’m not going to claim to be an expert. Instead, I’m a witch who has had success with prosperity spells, and I’ve studied them quite a bit. I’m quite in tune with earth energy, which is what prosperity is rooted in, so prosperity spells just really vibe with me. 

So, here are some important lessons I’ve learned about prosperity magick that I wanted to share with you today. 

1. Prosperity Magick Responds Best to Specific Needs

When casting a prosperity spell, be sure that you have a specific need or goal in mind. I also recommend ensuring that it is a sincere one. I’ve never had luck amplifying my income with a prosperity spell when I didn’t need to do so. However, during times that I sincerely needed more money, the energy came quickly and the spells were potent. 

For example, a few years back, I was working two jobs and going to school full-time, barely making ends meet. But, I wanted to study abroad. So, I prepared a money-drawing charm and focused my magick on being able to study abroad. The next time I went to the grocery store, I felt the overwhelming urge to buy a scratch off lottery ticket. It was a feeling I couldn’t sway, so I bought one for $1… and won $1000.

When I was making $35,000 per year and had no financial needs, I tried to make another money draw charm even though I didn’t need anything. Even as I was making it, I could tell that the energy just wasn’t there.

2. Prosperity Is More Than Just Money

Sometimes, it’s tempting to make a prosperity spell that’s just “bring me more money.” 

Prosperity is multifaceted, and when you cast a spell seeking prosperity, you need to be open to whatever forms your prosperity may take in response. 

Let’s say you use a prosperity spell to ensure that you have enough money to cover rent. Keep your eyes open for more than just a sudden influx of cash. Maybe some groceries you always buy go on sale, or you get a decent coupon. Perhaps the weather is clear, and you can walk more and drive less, saving gas money. Situations such as this would give you an opportunity to save money. You may need to help the spell along by identifying these savings and using that money to meet your needs. 

3. Prosperity Spells Don’t Have to be Complex 

Prosperity spells can be incredibly simple. Have access to mint, basil, or sage plants? Just clip a leaf and place it in your wallet or wherever you keep your money. Trust that the plants power will draw money to you. 

One of my favorite prosperity spells is to take a few mint leaves and a few basil leaves, and stitch them up in a flat pouch (green or white cloth with green stitching, preferably). Charge the basil with an intention of banishing poverty, stress, and new debts. Charge the mint with attracting prosperity, comfort, and wealth. Place it in your wallet or wherever you keep your money. Boom. That’s a prosperity spell. 

4. Accept that there may be Some Give and Take

Prosperity doesn’t always look the way we expect it. Shortly after I won the $1000 prize on a scratch off, I was able to buy my plane ticket, but needed more money to ensure that I could eat while abroad. So, I cast another prosperity spell.

Surely enough, I got a job offer at a chain restaurant. It paid a dollar more per hour than the job I had at the independent, locally owned restaurant I already worked at. 

I had to make a trade off. I could have a job I loved that paid less, or a job I didn’t enjoy that paid more. Since it was only in the short term, I chose the job that paid more. If you’re looking at a long run situation, consider if the toll on your mental health and happiness is worth it. 

Off to the Races

- So I’ve had this idea for an imagine based off the lyrics from the song “Off to the races” by Lana del Rey. The idea was that Y/N is a relative of members of the Las Vegas MOB in 1920s who run illegal gambling dens so she is brought up around money and violence but also a really glamorous lifestyle and for some reason has to move to small Heath and begins a relationship with Tommy. She has her demons like Tommy, always drinking n obsessed with money but a great asset to the business, thank you!

- hellooo could I please request an imagine where the reader is a rival gang leaders daughter and she starts seeing Tommy in secret but she’s really head strong and powerful herself and a little bit good psycho and doesn’t just give in to Tommy easily haha thank you! 

(Edit: I tweaked the prompt a little bit so that it fits better with the time period. So rather than Las Vegas, they’re from New York)

Part One |

I don’t exactly know how I ended up in this situation; the sequence of events that led to me being shipped across the ocean all happening so quickly that I had no time to question them or fight against them. Which is probably why my brothers are staying in the May Fair in London, while I’ve ended up in the spare bedroom of a woman’s house that I’ve met once in my entire life. I’ve been assured by my father that she’s a “good family friend”, someone to be trusted, but I’m yet to sleep comfortably through the night without waking from nightmares that she’s going to attempt to steal my kidneys while I sleep.

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Bus Rides- Chapter 18

Chapter 1

Chapter 17 

Word Count: 1623 (wow that’s long for me okay)

Days turned to weeks and weeks to months. Soon, Phil was out of his wheelchair and completely the end of the school year was approaching. Kids were stressing over exams and anxiously awaiting the summer break. Dan and Phil, however, were savoring each last bit of the school year. When summer would roll around, they wouldn’t be seeing each other for months. 

They each muddled through their standardized tests and found themselves in the last week of school: exam week. As they’d each only missed a few days of school and gotten decent grades, they were both exempt from their exams. Basically, for Dan and Phil, school was over. However, they still came in every day simply to soak up every second together they had left. 

“Hey, Dan. You wanna skip class today?” Phil asked as they ate breakfast Friday morning. They had been sitting through busywork for the last four days and were quite frankly sick of it.

“We can do that?” 

“Yeah. They stopped counting absences Tuesday. And it is the last day of school, after all.” 

Dan rolled his eyes. “Do they even expect us to be here? Let’s go.” They finished their breakfast and hopped in Phil’s car. A thought suddenly hit Dan. “Phil?” 


“Where are we going?” 

Phil thought on this for a moment before smirking. “How much money do you have on you?” 

Dan was confused. “None? Why would I bring money with me to school?” 

Phil checked his wallet. “I’ve got about 150 dollars. Do you have around 75 dollars at home?” 

Confused, Dan responded slowly. “Yeah… Why?” 

“You can pay me back later. We’re going to Thrillpark.” Thrillpark was an amusement park a few hours away. As the name stated, there were over a dozen thrill rides. “Tell your mom we’re hanging out tonight and I’ll drop you off at your house around 7. Then we’ll have about 6 hours at the park.” 

Dan checked his calculations and agreed, texting his mom. “Let’s go!”

After paying admission and entering the park, they reached a fork in the path. “Where are we going first?” 

Phil glanced around, realizing neither of them had grabbed a park map. “We can go on that.” He pointed at a slowly spinning tower that overlooked the whole park. “Then we’ll be able to see the rest of the park and know what we should ride.” Dan agreed and they headed to the tower. When they reached the top, they looked out over the park and the mountains surrounding it. Smiling, Dan took Phil’s hand as they admired the view. 

“Look at that one!” Dan pointed to the drop tower, where people fell from as high up as they were.

“And look at that one!” Phil pointed at the tallest coaster in the park. It was even higher up than they were.

“Look over there!” As the tower began its descent, they saw a roller coaster right near them. Its riders were suspended on their backs, so they were experiencing the rush of flying backwards. “I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to fly.” Dan looked at Phil, suggesting simply with his stare that they should ride it. 

The tower reached the ground and its doors opened. “Okay…” 

Dan raced over to the coaster, Phil far behind him. Phil stopped in front of the coaster, staring at a group of riders whizzing through a loop. “Phil?” He turns his head to see Dan looking at him with a concerned expression. “Are you okay?” 

“Yeah… I’ve just never been on this one before.” 

“Don’t tell me you’re scared.” 

“No, no…” Phil blushed. “Let’s go.” The park was just opening as they arrived, so there wasn’t a line for the ride. They hopped on the front cart, buckling in. Phil looked at Dan nervously. Dan extended him a hand, which he took and squeezed harder than Dan thought necessary. 

“Don’t worry. It’ll be fun.” Dan smiled, and with that, they were off. They rotated over onto their harnesses, and Dan reached his free hand out into the sky. He screamed as the wind blew through his curly hair. “Woohoo! I’m flying! Phil, we’re flying!” As his head was locked into place, he couldn’t look at Phil. All he knew was Phil was grasping his hand for dear life. 

Dan beamed through the rest of the ride, cheering every time they hit a loop. As the ride came to a stop, Dan unbuckled his harness and climbed out, his hair tousled from the wind. Phil emerged with his hair blown back into a charming ebony quiff. “See, that wasn’t too bad, was it?” Dan kissed Phil for only a second before he pulled back, leaning over a trash can and vomiting. Dan frowned. “Okay, maybe it was.” 

“Can’t do coasters lying down.” Phil stood up, making his way to a bench and sitting down.

Dan took a seat beside him. “I’ll let you rest awhile. Do you want some water?” 

“Yeah, that would be nice.” Phil handed Dan a five dollar bill and Dan left for a few minutes, returning with a bottled water. 

“Better drink it all. The thing cost four dollars.” 

“Ah, the wonders of amusement park food.” Phil downed half the bottle, regaining his composure and standing up. “Why don’t we try something easier?” 

They ended up at the typical “hop in this cart and shoot things to win points and beat your friends” ride. The uncoordinated Dan quickly found that Phil had regained enough balance to obliterate him at the game. “You win this round, Lester. But I’ll strike back at the carnival.” 

And so they ate lunch, then maneuvered over to the carnival-themed section of the park. Finding a balloon-popping game, Phil pulled Dan over. “Oh, come on!” Dan whined. “You know I have no coordination. We’ve already been over this. There’s no way I can aim at and hit a balloon.” 

“Try anyway!” Phil gave the carny two dollars and he gave each of the boys three darts. Dan hit one baloon, and Phil hit three. The carny gave Dan a glow stick, and Phil a huge teddy bear. Dan moped towards the bumper cars, but he was stopped by Phil. “Maybe I have more coordination than you do, but you’re the real prize.” He handed Dan the gigantic bear, and Dan’s frown immediately turned upside down. “Happy now, Bear?” 


“Take that!” Dan rammed into the side of Phil’s bumper car, laughing. 

“You know I find this very traumatic!” Phil yelled, getting jolted around the track. 

“Oh gosh, now I do too! Thanks a lot!” Both their faces turned to dread for a moment, but then Phil bumped Dan with his car. 


“Oh, get back here, you little…” Dan sped towards Phil, the front of his car but a few inches from Phil’s. The ride suddenly stopped, Phil laughing evilly. “I’ve really run out of chances to get you, haven’t I?” 

Phil nodded, checking his phone. “Especially since we have to leave in half an hour.” 

“Really? This has been so great.” 

“Yeah. One last ride?”  

“Totally. Which one?” 

Phil looked up at the tallest coaster in the park. “That one.” 

“You sure you’ll be okay?” 

“Yeah.” Phil smiled as they waited in line for the only coaster they’d ride all day other than the one that made Phil sick. But hours had passed and Phil was convinced he’d be fine. Dan decided to trust him simply because he wanted to go on the roller coaster. This time they were seated near the middle of the train, and Dan took Phil’s hand again. “We’re sitting down safely in a cart now. I’ll be fine.” 

The car jolted to a start, pushing them up the first hill. as they reached the top, the train just stopped. “It’s like Final Destination 3!” someone screamed. Dan and Phil clutched each other’s hands, holding on as if they were keeping each other together. Because they were. 

An announcement came over the coaster’s loudspeaker. “The ride has obviously shut down, but workers will arrive to get you off the train as soon as possible.” 

Dan looked at Phil, still gripping his hand. “Are we okay?”

“You’re okay. We’re okay.” 

After about ten minutes, workers appeared on a platform near the front of the train. “We’ll be unlocking your harnesses momentarily. Then, you’ll need to climb to the front of the cart and get out onto this platform.” 

Phil looked at the frightened, pale Dan. “You’ll be okay.” 

The loudspeaker spoke again. “Remain in your seats. The ride may be restarting at any moment.” It was the same announcement that had been repeated a few times for the last ten minutes. However, it was mildly unsettling when the harnesses were released right after. 

Dan and Phil rose, not letting go of each other’s hands. They carefully made their way over the seats, hearts beating. They made it onto the platform and cautiously climbed down the steps. As soon as they hit the ground, they took each other in their arms and held on. “You’re okay.” Phil whispered. 

They regained their cheerful states on the car ride home while listening to Taylor Swift and scream-singing. When they arrived back at Dan’s house, they kissed for a moment before putting their hands together. “Band camp is next month, right?” 

Dan nodded. “I don’t know how I’m going to make it a month without you.” 

“Don’t worry, you will. And we can text. You’ll be okay.”

“Thanks. Until next month…” Dan smiled weakly, slowly sliding his hands away from Phil’s. 

Phil returned to his car, closing the door and peering his head out the window. “You’ll be okay.” And with that, he drove away, out of Dan’s life for the next month.