bring me he horizon

How To Ask A Band Obsessed Person Out

Don’t Panic but I think it is Common Courtesy to tell you how I Feel about you. My love for you is Sempiternal and The Drug In Me Is You. I would Stand Up And Scream your name until my voice would Collide With The Sky. You are Restoring Force of my love for you every time we talk because I hope our love will last until we go to The Other Side. If anyone is a Challenger to me, it will be a Wretched and Divine fight. Its my Best Intentions to treat you right. Will you be mine? 

If someone asked me out like this I would sob forever

You look at it and see the faults but others look at it and see the beauty.
—  My Grandad on about my art work.
But I think people should think of themselves like that. We all see our flaws where as someone else sees our beauty.

Just two kids stupid and fearless

Why I choose to not listen to BMTH from this point on

I honestly can not listen to bring me the horizon anymore because of how much Oli has hurt Hannah throughout their relationship and marriage.  I do agree that Hannah shouldn’t have cheated, but Oli has cheated multiple times with multiple strippers for no good reason.  Not to mention he has abused her mentally and physically and made her extremely insecure and depressed.  People who still defends Oli for his actions are out of their fucking minds.  Just know he has also cheated with the last girlfriend before Hannah, so he known for being unfaithful in the first place.  Tbh wouldn’t be surprised if he ended up cheating on his new girlfriend… she really doesn’t know what she is getting herself into.  I know that you should like a band for their music not their personal lives, but this is an exception and it’s impossible to listen to the voice from a man who has destroyed an individual to the point of wanting to harm themselves.  I feel absolutely disgusted.