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How To Ask A Band Obsessed Person Out

Don’t Panic but I think it is Common Courtesy to tell you how I Feel about you. My love for you is Sempiternal and The Drug In Me Is You. I would Stand Up And Scream your name until my voice would Collide With The Sky. You are Restoring Force of my love for you every time we talk because I hope our love will last until we go to The Other Side. If anyone is a Challenger to me, it will be a Wretched and Divine fight. Its my Best Intentions to treat you right. Will you be mine? 

If someone asked me out like this I would sob forever


Sempiternal video stats as of 13th November 2016 [ i n s p ]

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13 - ROTC/new-to-the-Air-Force Rhodey and/or CW/post-CW Rhodey

Flying like a cannonball, falling to the earth/Heavy as a feather when you hit the dirt


The first thing Jim remembers is flying.

If he was honest, that would be a lie. His first memory is something mundane like his mother singing to him or watching TV with his father. But what he remembers most, brightest, strongest is this: standing on the ledge of his family’s second-story apartment balcony, gazing down at the little section of the tiny backyard Mrs. Turner has used for her garden (bushes grown up high, hopefully high enough) taking a breath, closing his eyes and leaping.

He remembers flying. 

That glorious moment of weightlessness fighting gravity, when he was moving faster than light, faster than sound, the fastest thing on this planet. He was invincible.

He doesn’t remember hitting the ground, but he remembers rolling off his broken arm to stare up at the blue blue sky and thinking someday it would be his. Someday he’d never have to land.

(”He fell,” his little sister Jeanette insists with a pout when his mother comes home and panics at not finding Jim where he should be. He can hear them through the window. “He fell, Mama.”

His mama looks over the balcony and screeches, going back inside. Jeanette stares at Jim through the bars of the railing. “I didn’t fall,” he tries to say, but he’s six and the pain is finally catching up to him. He can’t feel his arm. He cries when his mother picks him up.)

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You look at it and see the faults but others look at it and see the beauty.
—  My Grandad on about my art work.
But I think people should think of themselves like that. We all see our flaws where as someone else sees our beauty.

A/N: Hi, so I’ve decided since I won’t be continuing the story I’m allowing and encouraging everyone else to do it. So this will be one 1/3 of the writing prompts I’ve written in long word counts, feel free to write your own interpretation and please do tag me so I can check them out! :-) x

Pairing: Y/N/Gang!Luke

Rating: NC-17 (Trigger: Strong language, violence, read on risk)

Request: No

Words: 2.500+

Summary: Wanting revenge after the rival gang shot Michael in the arm, Ashton plans to kidnap another member from their rival gang. But plans change when they realize they kidnapped Y/N, the little precious sister of leader Andrew in disguise. And little did Luke know that he had been chrushing on her in his early days of high school.

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