bring me down

I don’t understand why I get hate on this website. I constantly try my best to be kind and respectful to everyone I interact with. I don’t call people out or drag people for their mistakes. If literally your only gripe with me is that I reblog my own posts once a day, that’s fine, but that’s not even close to a legitimate justification for sending me rude or disrespectful messages. A lot of bloggers say that hate doesn’t phase them at all, but I can’t say the same for myself. Every hate message I get really does bring me down and it honestly adds up pretty hard and fast. Maybe I’m more sensitive than most people or maybe I’m not “cut out” for tumblr. Regardless of the reason, it really sucks that I’m afraid to even post this bc I think people are gonna talk crap about me being my back. That all being said, I still really enjoy (almost) all of the content on tumblr and I appreciate each and every one of you who have made this a safe place for me. Idk where I was going with this but I feel like I should be able to share how I feel on my own personal blog without fear of judgment or hate. Hopefully I’m right.

hey briana ur depression is getting really bad why don’t you go to the hospital and get help from people that actually don’t give a shit about you and stayed locked in there on suicide watch because you’re clearly not strong enough to handle it yourself because you haven’t done it before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


is this what you want, anon. is it


band members + clothing lines

tony perry (pierce the veil) → love before glory

oliver sykes (bring me the horizon) drop dead

josh franceschi (you me at six) down but not out

kellin quinn (sleeping with sirens) → anthem made

alex gaskarth (all time low) → glamour kills

zacky vengeance (avenged sevenfold) → vengeance university