bring jack home

All I can think of right now is Bitty with a big dog

That is a concept I thoroughly enjoy. Just Bitty at his home in Georgia, cuddling his best friend who is probably twice his size in his room or something. Or when he leaves for college, his dog running up to him and almost tackling him to the ground. Bitty bringing Jack home and having him meet this big, furry dog and Jack looking at Bitty like “how did you not get crushed”. Bitty and Jack getting a big dog of their own, spending their days off cuddling each other, and the dog laying right besides them in bed.

Work It Out

In which Eric Bittle officially comes out to his Mama. 

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It was only hours into Christmas vacation and the Bittle Family’s quaint, sunshine yellow kitchen was already overflowing with every kind of pie-like confection imaginable. Apple. Cherry. Rhubarb. You name it, and it was probably perched on one of the many crowded windowsills.

This increased state of pie productivity was due in part to the fact that the elder Bittle had missed her son/best friend/partner in sugary crime something fierce while he was away at college, but it was mostly just because Eric himself was more nervous than he’d ever been in his whole life.

Today was the day. Today was the day he would tell her about Jack.

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Imagine you and Chris bringing the baby home.

A/N: Epilogue time :D The end of Chapter 7, finally. What a long, long ride. So happy with the end though ❤️ You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series: ‘Perfect’ - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Fated’ - Masterlist; Chapter 7: ‘Baby Steps’: Part 1/Part 2/Part 3A/3B/Part 4A/4B/4C/4D/Part 5A/5B/5C/5D)

Saturday morning, Chris signed the papers releasing you and Jack from the hospital. You were both excited to bring Jack home for the first time, to introduce him to Dodger, and to take him around and familiarize him with where he was going to spend the next few years of his life. You and Chris hadn’t talked about moving to Boston since January, after that slight bout in the car. You were planning to bring it up again now that Jack was actually born; you had to because that was the home you wanted him to grow up in. But you’d decided you’d hold off on it until your son turned one, giving yourself a year; a year to gauge how overwhelming parenthood was going to be and whether or not you could handle it in a new environment miles away from your parents.

Speaking of your parents, they went back to your childhood home and invited Lisa to stay with them so you and Chris and the baby had some time to yourselves to settle in. They were coming back on Sunday, in the afternoon, to do the cooking so you and Chris didn’t have to. You were having a family get together so everyone could meet Jack, praying things wouldn’t be too overwhelming for your little boy. It had been expected that everyone was going to want to meet Jack as soon as possible because he was the son of Chris Evans; a man who had been wanting a child of his own for as long as anyone could remember. Hence why it came as no surprise to hear from his publicist that the birth of your son was already trending all over the internet.

You and Chris didn’t know how, but someone found out about Jack’s birth. That was the mysterious thing about the media, no matter how secretive you tried to be about something- they’d still find out. But you were lucky because that was all they found out, that Chris Evans and Y/N Y/L/N welcomed their first child. All the articles had no specifics because you and Chris had kept everything tightly sealed; there was no gender, or name, or possible hospital location- a huge relief. It was easier because Chris had been on hiatus, there was no chance for him to let any details slip in interviews. It was important for the both of you to keep him a secret for a while, protected from the eyes of the public. You knew you’d eventually have to introduce Jack to the world, but you wanted it to be on your terms. You hadn’t decided if you’d do what Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively did and bring your child into the eye of the public at an event, or do what Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris did and post a picture on Instagram. You both decided you’d worry about that later and just focus on your little family for now.

Other than Sunday dinner, plans were made to FaceTime Sebastian and Ava- who had placed themselves on a no fly list until their boy was born- so they could meet their godson. You and Chris still laughed every time you thought about the reactions of those around you when you announced Sebastian and Ava were going to be Jack’s godparents. Both the brothers, Donovan and Scott were pretty offended whereas Carly and Shanna graciously accepted the decision. And of course, Robert and Anthony kicked up, saying they were “hurt to hear that we didn’t make the cut.” But despite all the fuss, everyone had seen that decision coming. Since Chris got together with you, and Sebastian got together with Ava- the four of you had been closer than ever; your friendship had become one of those friendships you saw on ‘How I Met Your Mother’ or ‘The Big Bang Theory’, ‘The Office’, or ‘Parks and Recreation’. You and Chris explained to Sebastian and Ava that even though you’d given them the title of godparents, chances were that your families would still take care of Jack if anything were to happen to you and Chris. The reason for giving them the title was so that they knew, and Jack knew they were still going to play a significant part in his life.

There were a few beings who were going to play a significant part in his life, a handsome furry fella was one of them. You’d been away from him since Friday morning and you missed him. You knew he was probably worried and waiting at the door, and that he was going to be so excited to see the two of you that he’d pounce as soon as he did. A pounce would’ve been welcomed if you weren’t holding a baby, but you were which was why Chris was going inside first. He was going to talk to Dodger and let him know that a baby was coming in with you, his brother that he had to be gentle with and protect. The two of you had decided to steal that scene from ‘Marley and Me’, introducing Dodger to Jack like Marley was introduced to Patrick.

Chris’ car pulled up in the driveway and he turned to look at you and Jack in the back seat. “You ready for this?” He asked and you nodded, carefully unbuckling Jack from the car seat and lifting him into your arms. “Give me about five minutes,” he told you then got out of the car.

Dodger heard the keys in the door and immediately jumped up, tail wagging excitedly like he knew who was behind the door. He pounced like Chris had expected him to when Chris walked into the house, jumping then attacking Chris’ face with licks when Chris descended to his knees in front of Dodger to give him a scratch and a hug.

“I missed you too, pal,” Chris chuckled. “Now sit,” he commanded and Dodger quickly as he was told. “We’ve got some things to talk about before our girl comes inside, okay?” Dodger tilted his head then nudged his nose into Chris’ hand. “Alright, bud. You know how it’d been me and you for quite a while before it became me, you, and Y/N? Do you remember how much you liked her when you first met her? How quickly you fell in-love with her?”

Chris paused, giving Dodger a chance to respond in his own way. He smiled when Dodger pawed his thigh, giving his face another lick. “Yeah, me too.” He responded with a chuckle, scratching Dodger’s head. “Well, now we’ve got another little guy joining our clan and I’m going to need you to do the same with him. But the difference here is you can’t pounce on him, or attack him with your sweet kisses. Not for a while anyway because he is very small, so I’m going to need you to be extra gentle.”

Dodger licked Chris again and Chris smiled at him, unable to believe how much he’d grown; he was no longer a puppy, even though you called him ‘puppy’ all the time. “Look pal, I know this is going to be another big change. I just want you to know it’s okay if you’re nervous ‘cause Y/N and I are too, we’re petrified. But you know what?” He scratched Dodger’s head, smiling. “We’re going to do this together, okay? We’re a team, as always. And I know you’re going to do great because you’re a sweet and gentle soul who wouldn’t hurt a fly.” Chris heard movement behind the door as the handle jiggled, “that’s them now. Gentle, okay?” He kissed Dodger’s forehead then caught his collar as he rose to his feet, turning to face the door.

Dodger saw you come through the door and rushed forward, only to be held back by Chris. He barked once then quieted down when you carefully descended to your knees, revealing Jack to him. Chris lowered himself to his knees too, one arm wrapped around Dodger’s body as he curiously eyed Jack. “This is your brother, Dodge. His name is Jack,” you told Dodger, smiling. “You can say hello, bud.” You said and Dodger took a step closer, sniffing Jack. “Look how good he is,” you told Chris, feeling your eyes well with tears at how gentle Dodger was being with his approach. You leaned over and kissed Dodger’s head, whispering, “you’re going to be best buds with him, aren’t you?” Chris patted Dodger’s side as the pup gently placed his paw on Jack, you shared a smile with Chris. “Yeah, definitely the best of buds.”

“But don’t you forget who your original best bud is,” Chris playfully warned him and you laughed as you rose to your feet. “I’m going to go get the rest of the stuff, you take it easy.” He told you and you nodded, making your way over to the couch with Dodger padding alongside you while he headed out to the car.

“Welcome home, sweetheart,” you kissed Jack’s forehead. His eyes looked around, curiously examining the place as Dodger had curiously examined him. He was so perfect, so worth all the pain and discomfort you’d endured over the last nine months. “This is where you’re going to spend the first few years of your life, or until your daddy allows us to move. He’s a little worried moving now will be too much for me, which I understand. I panicked a lot because of you, buddy,” you told him, chuckling. “But that’s not your fault, I’m just a chronic over thinker.”

Chris reentered the house and smiled when he saw you talking to Jack. He didn’t understand what you were so afraid of, you were so good with him. He lowered the bags onto the floor and walked over quietly, not wanting to pull your attention away from your son and ruin the moment. He leaned against the nearest wall and watched the two of you from a distance, chewing on his middle finger.

“You should see the house we have waiting for us in Boston, Jack Jack.” You told your son, smiling. “It is so beautiful and you are going to love it. Don’t get me wrong, this house is beautiful too and I know you’re going to love it here but- I think you’re going to love it more in Boston because that’s where Daddy grew up.” Chris smiled, lowering his hand to his side as he pushed his weight off the wall and onto his feet. “Your grandma Lisa raised him in Boston and he turned out to be an amazing human being, so I’m going to do that with you too.” Chris felt his vision blur when he heard you say that, then stifled his laughter when he heard what came out of your mouth next. “And when you become a Bostonian, Daddy will tell you all about The Patriots and the Boston Red Soxs and- who knows what other teams he supports. I’m not a sports fan, if you can’t already tell.”

“Of course he can tell, you’re wearing a Yankees cap.” Chris quipped as he walked over, and you rolled your eyes as you giggled. “Oh God,” he sighed dramatically as he sat down next to you. You turned to him with furrowed brows when he buried his face in his hands, groaning. “Why must you do this to me?” He murmured into his hands.

“Do what?”

“Make me fall deeper in-love with you,” he turned to you with a smile and you laughed. “No, seriously. That little conversation you just had with our son- I mean, you just reminded me of why I took a chance with you, why I went against every instinct and fell in-love with a fan.” Your eyes narrowed and a curious smile surfaced. “When I first-”

“Wait,” you chuckled. “What did you just say?” You asked and he raised his brows, unsure of what you were calling him out for until you said- “Did you just admit to having doubts about dating me because I’m a fan?” He opened his mouth and scrunched his face, trying to feign confusion and innocence. “So all those times when I voiced concerns about being a fan girlfriend and you shot me down, you were actually worried about having a fan girlfriend?”

“What, no,” he blurted and you rolled your eyes, knowing the answer was the opposite. “Y/N, I-” He winced then relaxed slightly when he heard a soft laugh from you. “Look, I’m sorry. It’s just an actor’s instinct, y’know?” He quizzed and you nodded understandingly. “Like I knew you were genuine and you liked me for me, it was pretty obvious in the story you didn’t care about the fame or fortune. But that’s a story and- it was just instinct to question your intentions. If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t question it for long.”

“If I’m being honest, I don’t feel bad about it at all.” You told him then giggled when he laughed. “I just asked because that is the first I’ve heard you say you were concerned about that. I mean- that night we got together, you told me a lot and that didn’t come up once.” You reminded him and he nodded with pursed lips. “Even in your letter, you said you were worried you were in-love with me because of the story, and that you didn’t want to start anything until you were sure you could finish it, but that fan thing- I’ve never heard before.”

“That’s ‘cause I didn’t question for long,” he repeated his earlier statement. “Like it was something I got over before I wrote that letter. We were friends first and it was pretty obvious what your intentions were, so I didn’t tell you because I didn’t see the point. It was irrelevant by the time we started dating. Even more so now that we’re married with a kid,” he chuckled, reaching over to play with Jack’s hand. “I just didn’t want to upset you, I knew you’d pick at it if I told you. You’re a over thinker, even if nothing’s wrong- you’d think something’s wrong.”

“Very true,” you nodded in agreement and he smiled. “Oh well, like you said it’s irrelevant.” You said and he nodded, taking Jack from you. “I’m so happy things worked out the way it did.” You leaned your head against his shoulder; both of you smiled at Jack then Dodger who was looking up at the three of you. “If I could go back in time,” you patted Dodger’s head, playing with his ears. “I’d do the exact same thing.”

“I wouldn’t,” Chris laughed, “I’d speed up the process.”

“As long as we end up here,” you kissed Chris’ cheek, “I’m good.”

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Imagine; the Baker family before finding Evelyn and Mia, before their property regressed, before the mold took hold.

Jack Baker, father of two, driving into town on a weekly basis; helping the homeless and disenfranchised people the best he can. Sometimes, he offers them a dinner and a bed for the night - bringing them the home where Marguerite is happy to make a semi-special dinner in front of their guest - scolding Jack in the next room. “Stop bringing home guests, Jack.”

“They needed help, Marguerite.”

And the visitor stays the night; they stay in a guest room. They never see Zoe - she rather sleep in her trailer - and Lucas Baker never seems to be around. Jack and Marguerite like having guests, they planned to someday rent out their home as a Bed & Breakfast - that’s why they bought the house on the edge of the bayou.

In the morning, the visitor sees the half-deconstructed yard, with chopped log and stumps scattered around the front yard. Work tools left off to the side, it’s still a big work-in-progress. Stuff here and there, but the passion is there, and only in certain light does it look a bit creepy.

The visitor leaves in Jack’s truck that morning; Jack’s truck is known locally to give people a ride or a home for a night. People suggest those without a place to stay to look for Jack’s truck.

And after going out Jack returns home, resuming his work on fixing up the property. Marguerite helps too, so does Zoe. The three of them ask Lucas to help out when he’s not locked up with his next project. He doesn’t know what to do, but he tries to do his best. They have their laughs, they have leftovers for dinner, and go to bed.

That’s how the days go for the Bakers.

Jack and Marguerite work on their dream Bed & Breakfast business. Zoe and Lucas are working up to their own ambitions. They’re isolated from the nearby town - not many people come visit them. Cut off from the rest of the world except for a lone road and the nearby river.

One night, there’s a series of thumps. They sleep through it, except for Lucas - working on another one of his projects late into the night. He brings it up the next morning, Jack plans to drive out down the river later that day.

After trying to dig out a stump for most of the day, he goes out on a boat.

And he finds the wreck of the tanker; horrified but what he finds, still clinging to some hope there is someone alive. He continues to search with the light on his boat, searching the dark waters with a plastic PVC pipe - finding odd growths here and there on the rubble. He finds a young woman and a conscious child on a pile of wreckage and - as he’s always done - takes them home. Give them a bed and a meal.

Jack and Marguerite ask the young girl, Evelyn, if she knows what happens. She claims no, and she’s afraid of losing her mommy too. There’s tears, Jack and Marguerite try to cheer her up; reassuring Evelyn her mommy could just be fine - she just might be out for a couple days.

Evelyn is happy; she has a family.

Then Jack wants to go into town for supplies; tools and food to fill the fridge. Evelyn tags along; strangely, she doesn’t want to bring up the tanker, nor is she keen on looking to have Jack tell anyone about it. And when they get back Marguerite tells Jack that … Evelyn never left.

She’s been in her mother’s room for the entire time.

Slowly, things start getting weirder. Marguerite starts finding grey mold in the cracks of fresh floorboards. Grazed by nicks here and there from fixing the house just seem to vanish - no welt, no marks. She must’ve imagined them.

At dinner Evelyn doesn’t want to stay at the table; Jack and Marguerite try and get her to stay, but she leaves anyway. Lucas and Zoe are spending less time at the table, in the house. Lucas tells Marguerite on his way to eat leftovers the next morning the little girl creeps him out. Zoe says nothing.

Over time, things just keep getting weirder. Jack finds himself being able to uproot stumps easier, some of his tools are more worn. He shows off the Marguerite - that his strength when he was younger has come back. Marguerite finds more strange mold in the crooks of the house, Jack suggests that he could get some specialized things in town.

And Evelyn is always just … there. By his side, saying nothing. Watching.

He doesn’t talk with other residents anymore, doesn’t invite anyone to his family’s home even if they plead. It just wouldn’t feel right to him. Eventually, he doesn’t show up in town anymore.

Rumors grow that something has gone wrong at the Bakers, but no one goes to check on them - not many people know them well enough to just swing by.

Lucas put up signs for visitors to stay out on the front gates.

Behind the front gates, the family is suffering.

Marguerite’s joy of cooking starts failing her, finding herself more and more often giving out under-cooked food to Jack and occasionally Lucas or Zoe. She starts craving for odd things - the bugs swarming the boat house, a bird that died in a tree above the property. It disturbs her when she has time to think about it. But after being cut off from the outside world … she’s gotten used to it.

Jack has endured intrusive thoughts about taking people he wants to help home to make them a part of the ‘family’. Evelyn keeps trying to persuade him, no matter where he tries to cut himself off, she’s always there, telling him, yelling at him. One night, he digs out the gun he got Marguerite back when he was working. He makes a note for Marguerite, makes sure the gun is loaded, and pulls the trigger.

Marguerite finds him soon after, half stunned and half relieved, Jack tried to commit suicide, and it succeeded … and failed. He’s still alive; he’s distraught, Marguerite is distraught, Evenlyn is distraught … and angry.

Evelyn’s demands get more stringent; and her mother wakes up and becomes her muscle.

I’m 100% here for bisexual bad bob zimmermann but guys 


Richard Bittle didn’t know being bisexual was a thing growing up. he grew up thinking he was a pervert and was glad he fell in love with a woman. He knew what happened to guys like him in locker rooms and he wouldn’t ever wish that on anyone. 

he watched Jr grow up and was worried about him. maybe he was just feminine but  that didn’t stop Dick from worrying and then Jr is playing hockey and well that’s better than Figure skating but playing football didn’t mean he wasn’t gay [i imagine Richard Bittle would use the f-slur to talk about his attraction to other men] 

and then Jr goes to college and Richard remembers college, he remembers the boy who was on the cheer squad he was older, said he would help Richard. Richard only really remembers the fear of his football team finding out. he hopes Jr has someone better than that. 

when Jr brings Jack home Richard almost forgets to be polite at first. Jack is older Jr older than the cheerleader was. but then he sees the way Jack and Jr look at each other. and he knows that Jack would never let Jr worry about that fear like he had. 

Richard Bittle is sitting in front of a computer, and looking at his son who is visibly terrified. it doesn’t feel like he is here when Jr starts talking. about him being gay, the hockey team knows, he has a boyfriend, do they want to meet him. and all of a sudden Jack Zimmermann is squeezing in to the picture with Jr. and he’s not looking at Richard and Suzanne he’s looking down at Jr. pulling him close. it’s not until Suzanne nudges him that he realizes his son is crying. 

“ ‘course we love you son, no matter what. you don’t forget to invite Jack down for Christmas” and Richard watches as Jack leans down to whisper something to Jr and then Suzanne takes over the conversation. 

Jr. Spends Christmas with Jack and Richard misses his son more than he ever thought he would. Jack comes down for the Fourth again. Richard sizes him up and nods when he hands him a beer. “be good to my son.” “I plan on it sir” and that’s all. 

Richard watches his son tell the world he is in love with Jack Zimmermann. he watches the world be kind to his son but he watches the world be cruel to his son as well. he’s met Robert Zimmermann before but asking him for advice now felt like the first time. 

“it’s hard when your son is in the spotlight, but you have to let him know he’s got a safe place to come back to”  and Richard takes that to heart. he takes safe space training enough that he’s given a sign for outside his office “ Safe space” it declared  with a rainbow over it. he learned about all sorts of different orientations and genders He learned he was bisexual, and  most of all he learned that he just needed to love his son.

just bisexual Richard Bittle 

@scriptorsapiens and I have been chatting about a hijack mermaid!AU and it’s been so much fun. 

There’s a LOT going on in this AU… But BASICALLY..  
Pitch hunts mermaids and he is hell bent on proving their existence to the world, he catches Jack from the Arctic and brings him home. Jack manages to escape and suddenly he finds himself lost in some part of the ocean he’s never seen before.
That’s when he meets Hiccup and Toothless. While bonding there’s an attack from a boat above and Toothless is taken by Pitch.
Any sea creature that isn’t a mermaid is worthless to Pitch so he sells them to his partner in crime Drago. Who owns Seaworld.
So now Hiccup and Jack have to break into Seaworld without being seen to save Toothless who has been put on display there.

Mistake Part 2

Title: Mistake Part 2
Pairing: Aaron Hotchner/reader
Fandom:Criminal Minds

Part 1

You open your eyes and you realise you must have fallen asleep. Sitting up you rub your eyes before swinging your feet onto the floor. Picking up your cell and see there is a text from Aaron.

“I’m sorry. I’ll be home when I can and I’ll explain then.”

You snort and shake your head, not quite believing the text. Normally you would forgive him straight away, understanding that he can’t help it. Last night was different though, you had been planning it for weeks and he had promised you he would be home.

Standing up, you head to the kitchen and make yourself some coffee. You check the time, 9:30. You had arranged with Jessica to bring Jack home about 12. As your stir your coffee you wonder if to ring her and ask her to keep Jack for a bit longer.

You sit down in the living room sipping your hot coffee and you can’t help but look at the pictures of yourself and Aaron on the fireplace. You look so happy and the smiles on your faces are huge. He has his arms around you, his head pressed against yours.

You don’t know how long you’ve been staring at the picture but your coffee’s cold when you hear the front door open. Placing your coffee on the coffee table, you try and calm your suddenly fast beating heart.

“Y/F/N?” Aaron calls. You wait a moment before replying, your thoughts feel like their scattered all over the living room floor.

“In here.” Your surprised how calm your voice sounds.

You hear Aaron’s footsteps coming into the living room and you look at him as he stands at the end of the couch.

The silence is deafening and it’s making your hair stand on end.

“I’m sorry,” Aaron says. “I should have text sooner.”

“You should have been here,” you tell him. He bows his head before looking at you again.

“I know, something came up.”

“Something came up that was so much more important than coming home?”

You watch as he runs his hand through his hair. “Beth rang me.”

You stare at him in shock, your racking your brain trying to find the words.

“Beth? As in your ex girlfriend Beth?”

“Yes.” Aaron confirms. “Her brother had been arrested.”

You stand up and stare at him. “You’re telling me, that instead of coming home to your girlfriend for your second year anniversary. You spent the evening and night, getting your ex girlfriends brother out of trouble. Is that what your telling me?”

You know your sound irate but you don’t actually care. He’s staring at you with wide eyes.


“And no one else could help? No one else could have done it?”

“I just didn’t think.”

“No Aaron you didn’t.”

You walk past him and into the kitchen. You need a drink and as you open the fridge door you stare at the wine bottles. You know you can’t and with a loud sigh you grab some soda and kick the door shut. When you turn round Aaron is stood watching you. You open the can with a crack and take a mouthful.

“I am really sorry.” Aaron tells you.

“Sorry isn’t going to cut it this time.” You tell him. You place your hand on your stomach you think about how last night should have gone. Your eyes fill with tears and you put your can on the side after taking another mouthful. Your mouth feels so dry and you close your eyes telling yourself not to start crying.

“Y/F/N.” he says softly. You look at him and he looks clueless. You’ve never seen him look so helpless but you don’t care.

“I’m going out,” you say before you’ve even fully decided what your doing. You walk purposefully into the bedroom and pull a jumper over your head.

“Can we talk about this?”

You spin around and stare at him. You shake your head and grab a hairbrush. Pulling it through your hair, you look back at him.

“We should have been talking last night. Instead you decided to talk to your ex more than me.” You tell him. You put your hair in a quick ponytail and grab your purse. You walk past him and into the living room, grabbing your keys from the bowl.

“Jack will be home at twelve,” you tell him, knowing he’s following you. You turn to look at him and he nods in acknowledgment.

“Be safe,” he tells you as you get to the door. You stop for a moment, wondering if leaving is the best thing to do. As the anger curls in your stomach as you think about last night, you open the door and shut it with a bang. Yes, your doing the right thing.


Please let me know what you think. ❤

anonymous asked:

In Omegaverse, does Gabriel ever get to bring his beloved Jack to his family? How does it go? I mean... I can imagine jack being a lil bit uncertain about this (and oh /boy/ does Jack not want to deal with his teeny tiiiiny ass town bullcrap back home, tho he does miss his parents from time to time...)

Yes, Gabriel brings Jack home to meet his family, and its goes exactly how you would imagine it would. 

  • You have Jack who is freaking out because oh my fucking god this is GABRIEL’S FAMILY. 
  • You have Gabriel freaking out that Jack is going to meet his family. 
  • (The Family is just plain excited to get to see Gabriel and meet Jack. Finally. They can only listen to Gabriel be a love sick teenager (Even though he’s like 23, but I digress.) over Jack for so long before they need to meet him to see if he’s really what Gabriel makes him out to be. (He is, and more. Also he’s so awkward it’s adorable.) 
  • The night before Gabriel is excited as he can be, and I mean bouncing off the walls sugar high excited. (Which OMG no. Never again. That resulted in a day that Jack will never be able to forget and is not willing to loose more of his life. Once is enough.)
  • While on the flip side Jack is slightly nauseous because he’s never met anyones family, before. Being an Omega in a small town wasn’t exactly a prime for dating and such. So theres some hesitation and such because growing up leaves it’s mark. 
  • The day goes by a blur of traveling and everything, which then BOOM. They’re almost in front of Gabriel’s house. In the cab. About to turn down the street. Then they’re there. In front of the house. Got their bags and everything. Walking up to the door. Kill Jack now because this is too stressful. Gabriel sent him ahead while he paid the cab. 
  • Then there at the door, and just as Jack’s about to knock on the door, it opens straight in his face and he’s met with a woman who is half his size that he’s only seen through a video screen when Gabriel called home. Mama Reyes. 
  • What Jack wasn’t expecting was a loud sound that sounded like a scream but it was so high pitched that Jack couldn’t hear for a second and oh my god she’s strong. WTF how is this tiny woman so strong? What the fuck?!
  • From there its a whirl wind of meeting everyone in the family because of course they’d all want to meet Jack at once and Gabriel is a dirty bastard who is going to get his ass kicked once Jack get’s out of this circle of at least 15 people asking him questions and trying to feed him. 

anonymous asked:

jack wilder

(I love this gif -PJ)

  • who hogs the duvet You
  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going Both
  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts Jack
  • who gets up first in the morning You
  • who suggests new things in bed Jack *smirks*
  • who cries at movies you
  • who gives unprompted massages both
  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick you
  • who gets jealous Both
  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music You
  • who collects something unusual Jack
  • who takes the longest to get ready You
  • who is the most tidy and organised You
  • who gets most excited about the holidays Jack
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon You are the little spoon, and he’s the big spoon
  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports You
  • who starts the most arguments Jack
  • who suggests that they buy a pet Jack
  • what couple traditions they have: You two always grab dinner after a good day of attracting crowds with magic
  • what tv shows they watch together: Doctor who, Sherlock, Merlin, basically BBC shows 
  • what other couple they hang out with: no one really, you two lead a private life due to the Eye and the horsemen 
  • who made the first move: You
  • who brings flowers home: Both, Jack loves flowers and you guys have a competition to bring home the bigger bouquet every week
  • who is the best cook: neither 

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crunchie-morris  asked:

Concept: Crutchie bringing Jack home from a date and giving him a good-bye kiss that quickly turns into full-on making out, and they make out for a good few minutes until they hear Medda's voice from nowhere - "Y'all gonna breathe anytime soon?" Because she loves embarrassing her son and his boyfriend.

Top Notch Medda Content Sami
Also consider other fun Medda quotes:
“This is my son, he thinks he’s a paintbrush.” When somebody comments on the paint in Jack’s hair.
“My son likes dirt. Likes to eat it sometimes.” One time she walked in on Jack eating Oreos but they were completely crushed bc they’d been in his backpack in a ziplock for weeks and she never misses an opportunity to make fun of him for it.
“Jack stayed up all night once. I heard him taking to the color blue. No, not about, to.” Just….3 am Jack is a Mess.

  • hermione always makes sure to bake ron chocolate chip cookies sunday afternoon
  • hermione and ron always playing chess in front of the fireplace, hermione drinking earl grey tea, while ron drinks butterbeer
  • ron always leaves short love/motivational letters on the refridgerator; ‘i cleaned the dishes for you, you don’t have to do all the work alone,’ ‘i love you; you’ll do great today’ 'don’t let the purebloods bring you down’
  • ron always sleeps on the left side of the bed with one pillow, while hermione sleeps on the right side with two pillows
  • hermione is always awake by six o'clock, and has taken her shower and gotten dressed in her lounge clothes for the day, while ron doesn’t wake up until near nine, and stays in his boxers until 10:30 unless he has to be somewhere
  • hermione and ron always going on double dates with harry and ginny, rolf and luna, or neville and hannah at the leaky cauldron
  • ron and hermione /never/ go to sleep angry at each other. aggravated, maybe. exaspharated, definitely. angry? never.
  • for their tenth anniversary, ron got hermione an otter stuffy.
  • when rose was five, and hugo three, hermione surprised everyone by bringing home a jack russel terrior one day from work.
  • ron and hermione’s house has an entire floor that has been turned into a library; there is an entire section about chess and quidditch, per ron’s request (not that hermione minded; she found it quite adorable and had to refrain from pinching her husband’s cheek)
  • hermione still has ron’s dress robes from the triwizard tournament. they’re in a keepsake box up in the attic; ron doesn’t know.
  • ron proposed to hermione in front of the eiffel tower, because he knew that although she verbally bashed romance novels, she always secretly thought that being proposed to in front of the eiffel tower was the most romantic thing ever
  • hermione always making sure that ron knows how loved and valuable he is, and how much she appreciates him
  • ron always making sure to let her know that she is wanted and isn’t annoying and is lovable and valuable
  • hugo and rose being disgusted with how in love their parents are with each other
  • ron still wears that first s.p.e.w. badge from when they were in their fourth year, when he goes to her speeches about equality in the magical and muggle communities, for muggles, wizards, squibs, and magical creatures alike.
  • she hits him over the head with the nearest book whenever he wears it
  • she hits him again when he calls it 'spew’
  • hermione has 'who run the world? girls’ as her ringtone (yes she has a cellphone for when she is in the muggle world)
  • (rose is extremely embarrassed)
  • (hugo thinks it’s hilarious)
  • (ron doesn’t even know what the bloody hell a 'beyonce’ is)
  • (hermione hit him again with a book when he told her that)
  • (once again, rose was embarrassed - hugo thought it was hilarious)
  • hermione has an entire window filled with plants. her friendship with neville definitely inspired her to own some house plants, and she has named every one of them.
  • hermione loves painting - it’s one of the best ways for her to unwind and relax, when she has headaches and doesn’t want to take anything for it.
  • ron recently took up yoga, to help him 'get his figure back’
  • it’s not working, but hermione does have a lot of footage on her mobile of him trying to do poses
  • once again, rose is embarrassed, hugo thinks it’s hilarious
  • ron loves listening to indie music; surprising, really, but he does. rose got him hooked on alt-j, and he sings 'every other freckle’ to hermione when he wants her to smile (it always works)
  • ron and hermione who love each other unconditonally and /work/ and /are right for each other/ and are /happy/ and /loved/

Daniel Atlas x Reader


A/N: I wrote this on a sudden burst of inspiration and everyone is super OC so i’m really sorry. I just really love this song and wanted to write something from it. so i mean i didn’t check grammar or punctuation so i’m sorry. 

Please come and tell me what you think! 

Inspiration and lyric credit- Satisfied by Hamilton Cast 

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Where Sombra was once “Gabe’s little shadow” adopted when Gabe fell in love with her while doing some PR trips down in Mexico. She followed him around for weeks, never saying anything. She had access to all the best computers because Gabe was a doting father, and Jack’s wallet could afford it, okay?

Then, when she’s 11, Jack brings home Baby Hana. And Sombra is not having any of that Princess nonsense. Her little sister is a total Diva, so much better than a stupid princess. She builds all the best stuff for her kid sister including a little mech just like Papa Jack let her see at Overwatch’s secret research labs. They’re a happy little family.

But then shit happens. Papa is dead. People are saying Dad killed him. Foster Brother McCree is nowhere to be found, and somebody takes Hana away because of government red tape.

Sombra starts her serious hacking to try to find out what the government did with her little sister and discovers that her Dad isn’t dead after all. But something is wrong with him. Like, seriously wrong.

By the time Hana resurfaces, with her birth family’s last name to boot, Sombra is well entrenched in Talon. With her skills, it was easy to create a history with Los Muertos. She’s going to discover who is behind brainwashing Amelie, figure out what has happened to her family’s memories, and she’s going to take down the powerful figure engineering it all.

(Of course old man dads get back together in the end, and Sombra is all, “I slammed a door on Dad’s face and it was hilarious!”)

sflor018  asked:

Sprace, but if you're not a sprace shipper, which is totally fine, javid

I am a Sprace shipper, so you get both :)


  • who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter

Race is a wolf and Spot’s the hunter.

  • who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman

Spot and Race are always their movie actors in my head and movie Spot is the only one pretty enough to be a mermaid tbh. Except I’m picturing him as like a 90s surfer dude mermaid. And Race runs some sort of boat rental or something? Someone make a Disney channel original movie type aesthetic for this.

  • who’s the witch and who’s the familiar

please consider that gossipy busybodies Spot and Race are both witches and have monthly stitch and bitch sessions that include swapping potions recipes

  • who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict

They are warring baristas from rival coffee shops. Literally no one else cares about this rivalry.

  • who’s the professor and who’s the TA

Spot is tutoring Race in secret in exchange for Race teaching him card tricks.

  • who’s the knight and who’s the prince(ss)

Spot’s our prince obviously, which makes Race a very reluctant knight.

  • who’s the teacher and who’s the single parent

Race is the teacher. Spot kind of accidentally adopted multiple children.

  • who’s the writer and who’s the editor

Race writes trashy romance novels bye


  • who’s the werewolf and who’s the hunter

Jack’s the one who has a thing about the moon so he’s the werewolf. David’s preconceived notions about supernatural creatures are put to the test.

  • who’s the mermaid and who’s the fisherman

David is sent to live with his grandparents for reasons and he meets a mermaid who shows him a whole new world as the plot of every human-mermaid romance ever written plays out except this time it’s gay.

  • who’s the witch and who’s the familiar

tbh I’m still not sure what this one means given that this is supposed to be a ship meme and familiars are usually animals so anyway you get Hogwarts AU instead. Slytherin Davey and Hufflepuff Jack defying house stereotypes and crashing the Yule Ball together.

  • who’s the barista and who’s the coffee addict

David’s the barista and Jack keeps trying to order off the secret menu.

  • who’s the professor and who’s the TA

Transfer student David was definitely not expecting his annoying new roommate to be the TA of his history class. Jack really wishes he wasn’t so attuned to the feeling of David staring at him for the entire class.

  • who’s the knight and who’s the prince(ss)

Turns out Jack’s real parents are the king and queen of a small country. They’ve finally tracked him down and want to bring him home. Jack insists on bringing David of course.

  • who’s the teacher and who’s the single parent

Davey’s the legal guardian of his much younger brother Les. Jack is Les’ middle school art teacher.

  • who’s the writer and who’s the editor

Davey writes, Jack edits.

Bringing Joe Home

Joe felt as if he was going to throw up.
Not because he was sick; no, he was perfectly healthy. It was from nerves. And every inch the car moved, it was bringing him closer and closer to the source of his nerves.

Not that the other two in the vehicle noticed.

Jack and Conor were talking and laughing in the front seat, occasionally singing along to whatever song popped up. But Joe sat in the back, his stomach twisting with nerves, his palms sweating.

He was absolutely terrified.

The only good part was that he seemed to be doing a pretty good job at hiding it. Because he couldn’t let the other two know, since it wasn’t a huge deal.

It was just Joe meeting his boyfriends parents and sister for the first time.

Right, no big deal.

“Joe?” He jumped, eyes darting to meet Jack’s.


“You alright?” Jack frowned at him, his body turned in the passenger seat to look at Joe.

“Fine.” Joe offered him a small smile, moving his gaze to look out the front window. Because if Jack looked at him long enough, he’d figure out that Joe was actually not fine. And that wouldn’t do. Because Jack had asked Joe hundreds of times if he was sure about this. They could put it off longer, his parents wouldn’t mind. But Joe was ready.

Or, as ready as he could be.

“Nearly there!” Conor announced cheerily from behind the wheel, and Joe thought his heart stopped for a minute.

“Hey,” There was a gentle hand on his knee, and Joe nearly jumped again, but Jack’s calm smile stopped him. “It’s just my parents and Anna.”

“I know. I’m fine.”

“Right.” Jack sighed, turning back around in his seat, but his eyes kept meeting Joe’s in the review mirror for the remainder of the trip.

By the time they pulled up to the Maynard household, Joe felt as if he was entering full blown panic mode.

Jack and Conor were both quick to jump out of the car as a teenage girl came out of the house, smiling broadly. Joe knew it was Anna, he had seen her in the Maynard brother’s videos before. But now she was outside the car. And Joe would have to talk to her.

But first, he had to get out of the car. At least move his body. Yet he couldn’t. He was frozen to his seat.

The siblings exchanged some words, and Jack glanced at the car before the other two disappeared into the house, while he walked to the back door. He opened it and slid in beside Joe, the sunlight streaming in through the still open door.

“We can turn around and go back to London.” Jack said casually, his fingers lacing through Joe’s. “You don’t have to do this.”

“Yes, I do.”

“They’ll understand. It’s nerve wracking.”

“I want to, Jack.” Joe looked at his boyfriend in the eyes, sincerity shining in his. “I’m just, well I’m a little scared.”

“I noticed.” Jack smirked. “It’s pretty hard to get you to be that quiet, and you barely spoke the entire way here.”


“Sorry I’m forcing you into this.”

“You aren’t!” Joe gave the younger man’s hand a squeeze, “I’m just a wimp.”

“I’ll be there the entire time. And they are all really excited to meet you.”

“Alright. Let’s do this.”

“You sure?” Jack asked, but the smile was taking over his face, and Joe couldn’t help but laugh at his boyfriend’s excitement.

“Let’s go before I chicken out again!” That was enough for Jack, and he slid out of the car, tugging Joe along behind him towards the front door.

You can do this, Sugg. Joe thought to himself as he entered the house.

“There you are!” An older woman beamed at the two boys, moving forward to hug Jack tightly. “Oh, I missed you, dear.”

“Hi, mum.” Jack released Joe’s hand to hug his mother back, offering a wave to his father. “Hi, dad.”

“Hello, Jack.”

Then Joe felt three unfamiliar sets of eyes, and two familiar ones, shift onto his body. And the nerves returned full force.

“Mum, dad.” Jack’s hand found Joe’s, helping to calm the smaller boy a bit. “This is my boyfriend, Joe.”

It didn’t matter that he had heard it a million times already, Joe loved hearing Jack say that. It left a warm feeling in his heart, and he couldn’t help but glance over at the younger man briefly, sharing a small smile, before he returned his gaze to the others in front of him.

“Hello, darling.” Jack’s mother greeted him. “I’m Helen. And that’s my husband, Gary. And I’m sure you already know who Anna is.”

“Hello.” Joe offered a small wave with his free hand.

“Afraid I’m a hugger.” Helen laughed softly, pulling Joe in for a quick hug. “It is so lovely to finally meet you.” She said as she pulled back, hands on his shoulders. “Jack has told us so much about you.”

“He has?”


“Oh be quiet dear.” Helen shushed her youngest son, while Conor and Anna snickered beside them. “All good things, Joe.” She winked at him, and Joe began to wonder what exactly Jack had said.

“Nice to have Jack finally bring someone home to meet us.” Gary stepped forward as Helen moved to the side, his hand outstretched. Joe slipped his hand from Jack’s to shake the older man’s hand.

“I’m sorry?”

“Oh gods.” Jack groaned from beside him.

“Jack’s never brought a girlfriend or boyfriend home.” Anna supplied, popping over beside her father. “Hi. I’m Anna!”

“Hello.” Joe smiled at her before turning to face Jack, who was looking at the ceiling, his cheeks tinged red. “Really?”

“Piss off.” Jack mumbled.

“Must mean something good!” Gary laughed. “Now, who’s hungry?”

The rest of the day flew by, and Joe found himself relaxed and comfortable around the Maynard family. Jack complained about them asking too many questions, but Joe had reassured them that it was fine.

True to his word, Jack was never far from Joe’s side, checking in from time to time to ensure that his boyfriend was not panicking any longer.

Just before everyone disappeared for bed, Helen stopped Joe in the kitchen, having a moment alone.

“I just wanted to say thank you.” She told him, smiling.

“For what?” Joe blinked in surprise. He hadn’t done anything too extravagant, just helped with cooking and cleaning for dinner.

“I’ve never seen Jack so happy. And I think it’s because of you.”

“Oh.” He felt his cheeks warm as the older woman laughed softly.

“You seem happy with him too, Joe. I know, I only just met you today. But I can tell.” And then she winked at him before walking out of the kitchen, leaving Joe unsure of what just happened.

When he walked into Jack’s old room, where they would be staying for the weekend, the younger man gave him a confused look.

“You alright? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“Your mum.”

“What about her?” Jack asked, shuffling over on the bed as Joe sat heavily beside him, their backs to the wall.

“She just…she knows too much stuff.”

Jack laughed, pulling Joe closer. “She’s a mum, it’s her job, love.”

The two sat there for a moment, their fingers dancing together, until Joe turned his head, looking at Jack.

“Have you really never brought any one home before?”

“No one was worth bringing home before.” Jack shrugged, but he looked embarrassed. Joe thought it was adorable.

“Thank you.” He told him, leaning in to kiss Jack softly.

“For giving you a panic attack earlier?”

“For thinking I’m worth it.”

“You are, Joe.” Jack replied, pulling Joe in for another kiss.

Reaper 76 DAD!AU Edition

Gabriel drags Jesse McCree kicking and screaming to the light. It’s only after the background check comes through that it turns out Jesse is a minor. No court on Earth is going to emancipate a known criminal without slapping him in prison.

So Gabriel brings Jesse home to Jack when it was supposed to be date night. He’s not concerned though. Jack is way too much of a boy scout to be mad about Gabriel saving a stupid teenager’s hide.

He’s right, but he’s also wrong because it’s like having a minor in the house turns Jack into a total and utter Dad. Not the socks with sandals, bad jokes kind of Dad either. (Jack’s sense of humor has always made him sound like he’s 70, and he wanders around barefoot during the summer because apparently living on a farm kills the nerve endings in your feet.)

But there’s suddenly a chore list on the refrigerator, and Gabriel’s PS10,000 has parental controls on it that Jack refuses to give him the password for because, “We have to be good examples, Gabriel.” (GABRIEL! It’s not even, ‘Gabe’ anymore because Jack doesn’t want to ‘set a bad example’ by calling Gabriel a nickname that hasn’t bothered them since the first time Jack moaned it in his ear while they were fucking.)

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Before it’s too late Part 2

You guys asked for it and here it is. I would love to hear what you all think about this series so far, it’s my first Derek series and I want to do it justice. Also a special thanks to everyone who reads, comments, and likes/reblogs it, it means so much to me and makes me want to write more.

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Song: Dust To Dust by The Civil Wars (one of my personal favorites)

Derek x Reader  

Description: It was Will and JJ’s wedding. You had been working with the B.A.U for a couple years now slowly developing a crush on the one and only Derek Morgan. But despite your flirting he never showed any interest. At least he hadn’t before tonight. But devastation strikes the very heart of the B.A.U making everything stop before it ever really begins.

Previous parts:  Part 1

WARNINGS: Cursing, talk about death, and kidnapping

Originally posted by toyboxboy

After you and Derek got the phone call about Jack you headed straight to the office your previous moment forgotten. The B.A.U was completely deserted except for the chaos that was happening in the conference room. In the midst of it all sat Hotch with a lost look on his face.

“Okay what happened?” Derek said when you both entered the room still in your formal clothes just like everyone else. Even JJ was there still in her wedding dress.

It was Spencer who answered. Well from the little bits and pieces we’ve gathered from Hotch, Jack was on the dance floor dancing with everyone. He looked away for a second to congratulate JJ but when he looked back Jack was gone. But that’s not the reason we know someone took him. There was a note left at the bar for Hotch.” Spencer said looking worriedly at Hotch as he handed Derek the letter.

You read over his shoulder

Hello Agent Hotchner. I know you’ll remember me. I was the one that killed your ex-wife. I took Jack as some leverage. I need him so you’ll do what I say if you don’t comply I will be forced to kill him just like I killed her. This is what you’ll half to do. Bring me a gun, you know my type, file number R11516, 50,000 dollars cash, and last but not least a car. Of course you’ll half to come alone. I’ll know if you don’t. You wouldn’t risk the life of your son would you? Yeah I don’t think so either. Meet me in 36 hours at these coordinates. 40N 77W. Make sure you follow the rules. Nothing good will happen if you don’t. 

Sincerely The Reaper.

“What the hell is this? George Foyet is dead. Hotch killed him.” You said taking the letter from Derek’s hands and reading the page over again in disbelief.

“How is this even possible?” Morgan asked moving to sit next to Hotch at the table.

Spencer spoke up. I don’t know. My best guess is that he was dead until he was in the ambulance and they resuscitated him.  After he was alive he was somehow able to slow down his heartbeat until they were done with him and he was sent to morgue. After that he maybe broke out and found a body to put in his place. I honestly don’t know.”

You listened to him all the while your eyes flickering to Hotch. He looked so scared and confused and lost. You had never seen him look like that before. Your once proud strong leader was barely hanging on which made you angry.

You began to pace. “What’s in file R11516?” You asked.

“Nothing really, It just has a list of names. Apparently the people died in some kind of fire 20 years ago.” Penelope answered hitting the keys on her laptop.

You scrunched your eyebrows thinking. “This doesn’t make any sense. Why would he want a list of people that died 20 years ago? What could he possibly gain?” You asked quietly to yourself still pacing the conference room floor.

Hotch must have heard you because his head snapped up to you and he immediately stood up from his chair. “It doesn’t matter why he wants it, we half to give it to him. We half to give him everything he wants. This is Jack we’re talking about, the main focus should be about getting Jack back. No price is too high. I’ll give him the damn money, and the gun, and the file. Anything he wants so I can get my son back. Do you understand that y/n?” He asked walking over and yelling in your face.

You cringed away scared. Hotch had never yelled at you like this before. You kept your head down while your eyes filled with tears “Yes sir” You managed to say and then ran from the room.

Derek’s immediate response was to run after you and make sure you were okay but there were things that needed to be said.

Morgan stood up and faced Hotch. “I know that you’re angry. I’m angry to. We all love Jack and we don’t anything bad to happen to him. That being said you can’t take your anger out on her. She loves jack just like everyone else. She was trying to work the case. Figure out if there was anything else that could be done like we always do. She was just the first one to say anything. If there was no other option of course she would have gone along with the letter.”

He walked closer and then reached out and squeezed Hotch’s shoulder. I know you want to hit something and I know you want to break down and get angry but you can’t because that’s what he wants. He wants you mad at us and vulnerable so you’ll make mistakes. He’s counting on that. So you half to be strong, you half to keep the team unified like you always do. You half to stay strong for us and you need to be strong for Jack. And I know that’s not fair. But it’s what needs to be done to bring Jack home.

And with that Morgan left the room in search for you. After a while he found you in the bathroom huddled in a corner with your head in your hands. As he got closer he saw your shaking shoulders and heard your soft sobs. They broke his heart. He immediately sank to his knees and pulled you into his arms.

You froze for a second and then buried your head in his shoulder weeping openly accepting the comfort his strong arms provided.

Once your tears dried you sat up and wiped at your eyes suddenly self-conscious knowing that your make up was smudged. “I’m sorry. I don’t what happened to me. I don’t usually act like this. I’m not the emotional type, especially for something as stupid as being yelled at by Hotch.”  You said standing up from the floor and away from his arms that were still holding you.

You looked into the mirror and harshly started to wipe away the rest of your eyeliner that made you look like a raccoon. You hated when people saw you cry. It made you feel weak and exposed. You want to be the strong woman that everyone goes to when they need help, not this unkempt fragile girl that cry’s when being yelled at.

Derek stood up and watched you as you finished up. When you were done you turned and looked at him. You tried to move towards the exit but he was blocking the way out. You tried to go around him but he moved and blocked that way. You tried again to no prevail.

You let out a frustrated grunt “What are you doing Derek we need to get back to work.” You said looking up into his dark brown eyes for the first time since the moment you shared on the dance floor.

What you saw made you pause and take a step back. You couldn’t read it but it was intense, a mixture of so many emotions that his eyes appeared too blazed like a fire.

“I’m going to let you go this time y/n. But remember this. You don’t half to be strong for me, or with me for that matter. I can see how much of what Hotch said hurt you and I know you’re bottling it up inside of you trying to appear strong but I can see right through it. I can see all that sadness and fear and self-doubt built up from years and years of keeping it in. Its one of the reasons why you’re so beautiful on the inside, but it’s also your greatest weakness.” He said walking towards you.

You walked backwards scared of the intensity in his eyes until your back hit a wall. He leaned forward and bent down continuing on whispering in your ear “I can see through those walls you have in place but I can’t break them if you insist on adding more pain to fortify them. I know you y/n. And I know by that defiant gleam in your eyes that you’re not going to change this pattern anytime soon. and that’s okay. I’ve gone through this too. We will deal with it when you’re ready. And when I say we, I do mean we, because when that damn breaks, and it will break, you’re not going to go through it alone. I promise. Now I’m going to kiss you and then we are going to find Jack and bring your walls down together okay?”

You stood there in complete wonder of his words while his hands ran up your arms tangled in your hair and then cupped your face between his hands angling your head to kiss you. Your eyes drifted close and you tilted your head back waiting for that first brush of his lips against yours.

He leaned down and his lips ghosted over yours when there was a loud knock at the door followed by the squeaky sound of it opening and Spencer walking into the room. You jumped and pushed Derek’s chest hard. He reluctantly pulled away from you and spun to face Spencer.

“You guys half to come quick we found something” He said obviously not noticing he was interrupting something.

You quickly made your way towards the door following Spencer as he walked back to the conference room leaving Morgan and that weird energy between the two of you behind. It was time to focus on Jack and making sure he made it home.

Derek watched you leave with a mixture of confusion, sadness, and regret. He was confused by what had caused him to act that way, almost like the way you two were at the wedding. He was sad because He saw how deep your sorrow ran for the first time tonight. And finally he regretted not kissing you when he had the chance. But he pushed it all to the back of his mind focusing on the important thing which was getting Jack back.


He pushes open the gate, heart rate just starting to return to its baseline. Bitty’s kneeling in the dirt, tending to his vegetable patch. He wipes his sweaty face with his shirt as Bits says, “Hey, honey.” Bitty stands, jeans slightly muddy, and crosses his arms. “Jack.” Jack looks at him expectantly. He rolls his eyes and points with the trowel behind Jack. Jack spins and find a tiny muddy puppy at his heels.


“Hon, we’ll have to check missing pets,” Bitty warns. But he’s smiling, knowing Jack’s got a horrible habit of taking in strays. Jack’s already got the puppy cradled to his chest, cooing some nonsense at it. “And you’re not letting that dog run around in my clean house until you rinse him off.”

Jack grins at him, knowing Bitty’s caved already. Besides, what’s one more animal in the menagerie?

He strides to Bits and kisses him properly. “I’ll get the dog bathed while you think of what to name him.”

“Just once, I don’t let you name a guinea pig and now I’m the official name picker?”


“Jack, you need a shower.” Bitty pecks a kiss on Jack’s cheek and then pushes him towards the house.

“You gonna join me?”

“I don’t think my knees can do that anymore, sweetheart,” Bitty says regretfully, “but if you make it quick with the puppy, I’ll be in the bedroom.”

“Deal.” Jack kisses Bitty one more time and then jogs off to scrub down a wriggly puppy. From the way Jack’s talking to it, Bitty suspects it’ll be a while. That’s okay though. Since Jack retired, they’ve got all the time in the world to spend together.




This is a Masterlist of all of the Newsies fan fics I have written between February 2014 and February 2015.

For fics written prior to February 2014 look here:

Fics written about the musical are labeled “Musical ‘verse”. The others are all for the movie.

I’m always accepting prompts (even if I don’t always get to them quickly), and I’m always willing to discuss headcanons and prompts pertaining to Newsies. I think it goes without saying that if you like any of these stories (or even dislike a couple) and give me feedback, I’ll be super happy about it.

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