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You're sucked into Lavellan's body pre-Conclave. You can only take one thing with you from Earth...what is it?

This sleeping bag. It’s the only way I’d survive the Hinterlands  

And then have the craftspeople learn how to reverse engineer the zipper and bring in the new zipper revolution of Thedas

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the reasons zoro can never get married are as follows: a) he loves his swords too much and b) he'd get lost on the way down the aisle

you are CORRECT !! at this point we’re gonna need a sanji laugh track to go with all of these asks so far. iconic

zoro tucks his swords in every night and no one can tell me otherwise. someone says “it’s me or the swords”. guess which option zoro chooses

LMAOOOOO WAIT A SECOND ok hear me out: somehow zoro is getting married. he miraculously makes the journey down the aisle. the time comes where he’s gotta lift the veil. everyone thinks there’s a person under there, but no. fools. zoro knows what waits for him. he lifts the veil and all 3 of his swords are there. get pranked


On this day in music history: June 22, 1981 - “In The Pocket”, the ninth studio album by the Commodores is released. Produced by James Anthony Carmichael and the Commodores, it is recorded at Web IV Recording Studios in Atlanta, GA and A&M Studios in Hollywood, CA from Late 1980 - Mid 1981. By late 1980, and after nearly fourteen years together, the writing is on the wall that Lionel Richie is about leave The Commodores for a solo career. With major pop crossover ballads like “Three Times A Lady” and “Still” becoming huge successes for the band, it is a double edged sword for the rest of the Commodores. The other band members feel that those stray far from their R&B and funk roots, along with Lionel becoming the sole focus of public attention also creating tension. Richie’s decision to leave the band is sealed when he scores a major hit outside the band after he writes and produces the chart topping single “Lady” for country music superstar Kenny Rogers. The song had originally been intended for the Commodores, but is rejected by the other members, not wanting to do “another ballad”. The band begin work on their final album with Richie in Fall of 1980, recording mostly in Atlanta, recording overdubs and mixing the record in Los Angeles. It spins off three singles including “Lady (You Bring Me Up)” (#5 R&B, #8 Pop), “Oh No” (#5 R&B, #4 Pop), and “Why You Wanna Try Me?” (#42 R&B, #66 Pop). “In The Pocket” peaks at number four on the Billboard R&B album chart, number thirteen on the Top 200, and is certified Platinum in the US by the RIAA.

The da2 companions are a family

….a really shitty family. The kind of family you make excuses to not visit around Thanksgiving.

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you seem to be focused on your taemin han au which is fabulous because i love this doggo son he's adorable. but omg i would DIE for your mint eye flipped au where the only 'good' characters are mc, rika and saeran that would be AMAZING.

yeah but … do u really wanna see that level of angst :D

((thank you so much btw)) ♥

Nábrók- The name given to a style of Icelandic pants found by historians, believed to be from the 17th century. The name literally translates to “Necropants” for a very creepy reason; They are made from human skin. Sorcerers and witches would wear the trousers all day and night under their clothes as a sort of underwear in order to bring them wealth.

Politely being asked by your sorcerer friend to be used in a pair of Necropants after your death was a great honour in 17th century Iceland, but making an authentic pair of Nábrók was a difficult practice for the witch. They would only bring prosperity if the maker/wearer stole a coin from a widow and placed it in the scrotum of the garment. When the wearer died, if they did not pass the Nábrók down to their children they would be infected with lice as soon as they passed away, but if the trousers were passed on, they could bring wealth to future wearers. Above is the only surviving pair of Necropants, and is on display at the Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft in Holmavik, Iceland.

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In the recent “Welcome to the Madness” manga, Yuri references the fact that he bought his WttM outfit while he and Otabek were shopping in Barcelona together. this is a short, fluffy, comic about that time.

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