bring it on wales

As my last post took so long to put together, I went for something a bit more light hearted. Oh Janeway.. you do love your Coffee!

For further nerdy fan art fun, visit my blog. Keep coming back as this Humaan Feemale (insert Ferengi voice here) will be continueing to offer up Voyager based fan art! If you share this post and others, you win a Hi Five!!**

**please note to receive the Hi-Five you will need to travel to Wales, UK. 

**also, bring beer money!


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Alycia - An angel among zombies.

She joins the group of Australian actresses that succeed in Hollywood, her part in Fear the Waling Dead bring her international success…and her reign has just begun. Text: Gema Hospido.

Her beauty surprises, a lot. Alycia Debnam-Carey is one of those women that when you meet her live left you with your mouth open. Maybe because her characters, are normally dramatic, hide the vitality that emerges from every pore of her skin, that innate happiness of her that shines like flashes every time she laughs. And luckily she does it often, because if her physique is spectacular, her sense of humor and intelligence complement it. She’s 23 years old and about four years ago she left her hometown Sydney to try to make the chaotic L.A. her home. The motive: two series – and of cult- The 100 & Fear The Walking Dead. Precisely is the premiere of the new season of the last one, part B of the second season –yes, modern series seem like a hieroglyph of the Marx Brothers -, the one that brings her to the Madrid hotel Palace, where she welcome us in one of its aristocratic salons. Outside, on the street, fans gather at the doors of the emblematic building with the intention of getting an autograph, selfie or a pic with the actress. Amusing and loquacious, she instantly gets into the conversation with the comfort of a friend you haven’t seen in a while and catches up on you…

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The Scourge Of England!

Bernard Foley Rests Before Conquering Wales!

Bring It On, Baby!