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Just Pretend    *NSFW*

Summary: Reader wakes up from a dream about her ex; all hot and bothered.

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1470

Warnings: NSFW; Smut; Masturbation (male and female); Unprotected sex (just use a condom); some angst.

A/N: Okay, so I originally posted this on a side blog that I created (@bbuckmebarnes) but I decided that I will not be running it anymore as I don’t want to end up neglecting one and I focus more on this one anyways. SO. I’m moving the one piece that wasn’t so terrible here! Again, feedback would be great!

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“I’m making a ‘new Ace Attorney’.”

On a day three years after the production of our previous work “Professor Layton VS Ace Attorney”, while we were leisurely munching on ramune and enjoying the fresh air, Takumi said this to me.

Continuing after that, with his eyes sparkling, “Phoenix’s ancestor will appear in the Meiji era!” Furthermore, he said, quite proudly, “Sherlock Holmes will be there!!”

I have completely forgotten my reaction in response to that, whether it was “Se, se-se-seriously!?” or “H, huh… (already heard from the rumors in the wind)”. I must have responded with the same sparkling eyes, “I’ve been waiting for this! This is surely a worthwhile job!”

In the following two years from that day, TakumiD and the staff members set out to make a “completely new turnabout world”, and through a heap of challenges and trial-and-error, we all used up as much of our energy as possible. To make the world of “Dai Gyakuten Saiban” shine! To try to give life to the characters!

That process was truly one trial after another, and there were many times where my heart was about to break in half. But looking back at this crystallization of drafts, design art, and the many artworks along with the main story, thinking back to the “world” that I imagined with shimmering eyes two years ago, I am filled with thoughts of whether I was able to form it. To those who worked hard by my side without giving up, thank you, and thank you for your hard work.

I wasn’t able to introduce every single piece of art material, but I truly hope that this book could create more colorful memories for those people who played the game! It would also bring me joy if this book spurs those who haven’t played the game to go on an “adventure” in the world of Dai Gyakuten Saiban.

Finally, I give my heartfelt gratitude to you who purchased this book. Thank you so very much!

And so, I will see you later…

- Nuri Kazuya (2015, Winter)


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Member: Wonwoo
Genre: Fluff?
Word count: 1,279

based very loosely off of that one scene in New York, I Love You

Wonwoo was scared to write about you. Every time he had ever committed his thoughts to paper much like the pen he was writing with, the love bled out. The love bled out until it was an abstract ink blotch that reminded him of what a therapist would show him when he used to visit. He didn’t want you to become an abstract blotch so he kept the thoughts of you swirling around in his head even though they were unorganized and kept him up at night.

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anonymous asked:

Uhm I think some post concert sex would ensue, Harry's hot and sweaty and he just looks so hot. Ugh, the missus say "your such a rockstar baby" as she undoes his belt & he's literally gone lol

Anonymous said: Harry whisking her away backstage the second he’s done performing kiwi, all sweaty & he’s barely had a chance to catch his breath and he’s kissing you up and down and she’s telling how good he did and it’s just melting him and they’re just cuddling and he’s so proud of himself for having a good performance but also for making his girl feel so good

Anonymous said: Harry and the missus having a little fun in the dressing room backstage at one of his shows ❤️❤️❤️

I’m going to combine these three. A little bit sexy, a little bit sweet.

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Liam Kosta headcanons
  • Gets upset if Ryder falls asleep in the middle of the movie and wakes her up with “You’re missing the best part!” “Uhgn Liam everything’s the best part in your opinion, we gotta stop doing these movie marathons.”
  • Actually had a proposal all thought out but decided in the spur of the moment to bring up getting married after Ryder and the rest of the crew were gathered, and Ryder’s twin saved
  • Likes to tinker with tech whenever he gets the chance, Jaal is pleased that Liam adopted his ‘taking things apart to see how they work’ method
  • Jaal’s Liam’s best man in case of marriage, no doubt about it. And vice versa.
  • A somewhat decent cook, surprisingly. It was a family thing.
  • Gives Ryder advice on which guns etc. fit her style in the battlefield the most and teaches her how to use them.
  • Trains alongside Ryder, ends up with another kind of ‘training’ alltogether. 
  • Just wait until he finds out about the fertility project Jill has set up, he’s gonna sign up as soon as Ryder even mentions being remotely interested.
  • Really, really tries to be present in his child’s life, plays with them, teaches them things, …  a welcome change from the kind of father Ryder was used to herself.

Goddamit Lance why are you so pretty  (ง'̀-‘́)ง

So I’ve gotten back into digital drawing again and of course the first thing I did was Altean!Lance BC i’m in love with the idea (And in love with him, stupid nerd)

I might write something to accompany this in the spare time between writing the other Voltron fic i’m planning ;P

I put some (A frick ton, i’m so sorry xD) of the idea’s I had for this below the cut if anyone’s interested, and if anyone writes/draw’s anything for it pls tell me, that would be so cool 

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Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones

When another male protagonist kisses the female character who is basically written to exist as the love interest: wow what a surprise, he finally got the girl. im in such suspense. he must feel so accomplished that he finally got the girl. look at how desirable the female character is yet again, in order to catch his attention. she still has to work so hard and be more than she already is to deserve his interest in her

I rather watch a slice of cheese slowly mold on a warm pavement than see another mediocre male lead get the girl 

When Jughead brings the courage to kiss Betty in a spur of a quiet moment: TO JUGHEAD THERE WERE ONLY 3 PEOPLE IN THAT BOOTH. A BLOND GIRL, A RAVEN-HAIRED GIRL, AND THE LUCKIEST RED-HEADED BOY IN THE UNIVERSE. Jughead was not that lucky red-headed boy. He was just Jughead. He was perfectly fine with being an outsider who stood on the sidelines to watch the world pass by. Probably even write about it on his laptop. BUT HERE HE IS KISSING BETTY LIKE HE IS FIRST TIME JUST DISCOVERING THE FEELING OF SUNLIGHT. LIKE HE HAS NEVER HAD ANYTHING NICE BEFORE

Jughead just relieved Betty’s tension by saying “We’re all crazy” and “We’re not our parents, Betty” but he’s exhaling after their moment like she holds all the power over him in his universe

To Reveal a Traitor by Misfortune

Find dandelion root, burdock spurs, elm bark, hawthorn thorns, and yarrow flower. Obtain the tongue of a cow as well. 

Cut the dandelion root into slices, shred the elm bark, and crush the dried yarrow flowers. Leave the spurs whole. 
Bring a pot of water to a boil (one that you don’t use for cooking). 
Add those things to the water.
“Root of Air-like virtue true, 
 Flower of ill that protects from the like, 
 Bark of the tree that will tell me who,
 Spur of Burdock to deliver the strike.” 
Let it boil until the ingredients become well shriveled, discolored, or fall apart. 

Take the tongue. Pierce it with the hawthorn thorns. 
“Let this traitor be transfixed.
 Let them suffer the white thorn bite. 
 Let them feel the cursed pricks
 and no rest be found day or night.” 

Place the thorn pierced tongue in a jar. Pour the hot concoction over it, cap it, and set it in a sunny place. 
Watch closely for someone in your life to suffer a lot of misfortune. When they do, you’ll know who the traitor is. 

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Re the title of the single - could it be a call back to Kanye's claim in his track referring to her that "He Made that B*tch Famous"? Todrick told ET that Taylor's saying "LWYMMD, you made me break records. As in, you tried to bring me down in 2009/2016 but it just spurred me to work harder, make more music that was critically acclaimed & loved by fans & sold huge numbers & become more successful? So basically saying you didn't make me famous, but you (& media, etc.) made me work harder/better?

hmm so some thoughts based on your post, and i agree with your concepts.

(1) There is a double entendre in the meaning in the songs title. 

The wording of the title and that lyric is interesting because i think a regular person at first glance is like “’look what you made me do?’ sheesh cant she take responsibility and not act like a victim again omg she’s so ott.”

 it’s a very direct line with specific wording - “you” “made me”. you is a direct and made me is a specific action. 

But of course we know that taylor alison swift does not do anything against her own free will sooooo it’s specifically ironic because the title and the lyric is playing off that exact perception of her, her reputation if you will … 

(she’s so smart)

(2) In the context of the song: look what you made me do. Look what you all made me [choose to] do, you made me expose you for your ridiculousness, you made me stop playing nice and polite and quiet, you made me write this song and express my discontent. You led me here and now i’m just gonna tell you all how i feel. 

(3) The Kw situation is a microcosm for her career as a whole and the song is talking about the bigger picture

The underlying implication from him from the get go has been that she wasnt “worthy” of the success she had and it wasnt deserved.  Which in a man’s world is a common notion to be projected on a woman… & it goes back to the Fearless criticism that she couldn’t possibly be writing all the songs, etc etc

And what did that make her do?

It made her “focus on the work”  without letting “those people sidetrack [her].” And now, she is inarguably one of the most talented singer-songwriters of the century. 

and that [must be] the greatest feeling in the world.

bl00dalchemist  asked:

1-Tetsukiri? :3c

Kiss Prompt

1. breaking the kiss to say something, staying so close that they’re murmuring into each other’s mouths

Kirishima hadn’t been to sure how he had ended up in this situation, pressed up against Tetsutetsu kissing him with such passion he wasn’t sure if he could pull away. He wanted to to ask what they were doing but he just couldn’t bring himself to pull away, not now when the kiss was only spurring on his confirmation about his feelings for his silver haired friend.

He brought his hands up to rest against Tetsutetsu’s forearms, the feel of his arms wrapped tight around his waist to bring him closer had him pressing in for more. It feels like ages since he last took a breath of air the urge to pull away nagging at the back of his head telling him he needed to breath.

The two of them are breathing harshly through their noses and finally Tetsutetsu pulls away but he can still feel his lips just barely touching his own when he finally speaks up. “Kirishima..” His lips are so close to Kirishima’s own parted ones that he’s practically speaking into his mouth.

Their panting softly for a breath, Kirishima wanting to dive back in for another kiss but Tetsutetsu looks like he wants to say something so he stays quiet minus the panting, listening closely to his words. “Kirishima..I um..I really like you.” He mumbled against his lips earning a quiet laugh from the redhead.

Kirishima brings his arms up to wrap around Tetsutetsu’s neck leaning up a little to press another kiss to his lips starting up another session of their sudden passionate kiss but it doesn’t last long, Kirishima is the one pulling back this time to give Tetsutetsu a toothy grin. “I really like you too Tetsu!” He laughed quietly resting his forehead against his. Tetsutetsu returning the smile and little press of his lips to Kirishima’s nose.


Today’s newspaper noir….

(1956, RKO, 100 min., scr. Casey Robinson, dir. Fritz Lang)
Ethics go out the window when a newspaper publisher offers a promotion to the staffer who catches the comic-book-crazed rapist-killer terrorizing the city. An all-star cast (Dana Andrews, Ida Lupino, George Sanders, Howard Duff, Rhonda Fleming, Vincent Price, and many more) brings to (boozy) life former San Francisco newspaperman Charles Einstein’s novel The Bloody Spur. 

Emily Ellsworth, whose jobs have included answering phones in the district offices of two Republican representatives from Utah — Jason Chaffetz, from 2009 to 2012; and Chris Stewart from 2013 to 2014 — said the way your points reach a lawmaker depends on how many calls the office is getting at the time and how you present your story.

In some cases, it’s a simple process. When a caller offered an opinion, staff members would write the comments down in a spreadsheet, compile them each month and present reports to top officials, she said. If the lawmaker had already put out a statement on the issue, the staff member would read it to the caller, she said.

But a large volume of calls on an issue could bring an office to a halt, sometimes spurring the legislator to put out a statement on his or her position, Ms. Ellsworth said. She recommended the tactic in a series of tweets shared thousands of times.

“It brings a legislative issue right to the top of the mind of a member,” she said. “It makes it impossible to ignore for the whole staff. You don’t get a whole lot else done.”

—  Here’s Why You Should Call, Not Email, Your Legislators by Daniel Victor
Kissing Regina Mills - misscanteloupe - Once Upon a Time (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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“The name is just for show. It’s supposed to bring out some of your deeper desires. Spurs you to act on them,” Regina explains, even though Emma stopped paying attention several words ago.

Their eyes lock, and Emma feels that same prickling sensation on the back of her neck.

“Is there… anything you want to do?” Regina asks finally.

It’s like a flick of a switch.

(It’s a late night in the vault and Emma accidentally kisses Regina Mills)

SasuSaku Month - Day 12: Lights Out, Words Gone || [Fanfic] Storm (Part II)

Title: Storm (Part II)

Rating: K+/PG

Notes: Sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience. As I told you yesterday, things came up in RL and could not write to my heart’s content. Furthermore, this chapter has given me quite a few problems and I had to rewrite some parts once and again till I was satisfied.

As always, if you find something strange, please, tell me ^^ I hope you enjoy this second part :)

Words: 6257



They arrived at Sasuke’s house more than half an hour later due to the heavy traffic that filled the streets and some detours they had to take when the police officers asked them to. Sakura could perceive he was clearly annoyed by the situation and did not know how to feel about it. If it had not been for her, maybe he would have arrived earlier. By that time he could have been comfortably watching television at home. Or sleeping, as Naruto had said.

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So even though I’ve been very confident about reylo being canon, I’ve tried to be “realistic” about the pacing of it. My old expectation was that Kylo would defect at the end of TLJ, but not get the chance to earn Rey’s trust until Ep 9, and that there would be no overt romance until the very end (a kiss right before or after the final showdown with Snoke was my guess)

but this implication that they will “be on the same side” by the end of TLJ opens up so much more space for their relationship in Ep 9,and my mind is all over the place trying to make new predictions.

What will be the circumstances of their first kiss, or declaration of affection? What would bring it on? Would it be all serious and intentional, or a spur-of-the-moment thing done without thought? 

Headcanons, anyone?