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Fandom racism is still a thing. And whenever people of color try to bring up racism in fandom we always get shut down and it’s just such a painful parallel to real life. I can’t even begin to explain how terrible it is to come here to tumblr attempting to escape racism and I have to face it from white bloggers who claim to be all about “social justice and equality”. Nope, fandom racism is real and white bloggers are still on top exercising their privilege to stop us and idk if that’s gonna change if all they do is silence us.

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this might sound a little dumb but pls roll with me if the boys had tumblr, what would they blog about? and what would their blogs look like?

It’s not a dumb question nonny! It was hella cute. Sorry we took so long ;a; -Admin Oliver

Tumblr Blogging

Noctis: Room aesthetic. All that neat furniture you always wish you could have? He reblogs it. He also likes high fashion (runway shots, all the rage fashion etc.). Noctis’s layout is very fancy. He has the tiny cursor, 250px post sizes and all of his posts are set to monochrome.

Prompto: One of those humor blog that reblogs those posts that make no sense but are funny anyway. His blog layout is a total mess. He has like tons of links that are named but don’t lead anywhere. He’s the type to have the music player on autoplay because he doesn’t know how to turn it off.

Gladio: Social justice blogger. Gladio also likes to reblog a lot of reference information. For example:  “how to fix a faucet with ______ if you don’t have a wrench”. Hasn’t changed from the default layout.

Ignis: Ignis is the science side of tumblr. Please bring all ‘why does this do the thing’ questions to him. He also likes to reblog a lot of flora and accompanying camping pictures. His blog layout would be very clean and easy to follow. He hates the tiny cursor.  

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OMFG that Clizzy Youtubers AU was legit one of the cutest things I've ever read<3<3 Pleaseeeee tell me you have Malec Youtube AUs??<3 *Fingers crossed* BTW I love your blog :)

thank you!! and oh man, i have ALL the youtube au headcanons for malec

  • magnus being a fashion blogger, he does style hauls and makeup tutorials and even some tutorials on how to make your own clothes (he has lots of subscribers bc he’s v fabulous)
  • and obviously he’s passionate about human rights, so of course he’s subscribed to izzy, who’s a social justice vlogger and vlogs about current events and social topics
  • he’s watching one of izzy’s videos on lgbtq+ rights one day when she casually mentions that her brother who she loves very much is gay, so she’s especially passionate about these issues
  • in the video she just happens to bring out alec - not of his own free will of course - and he’s blushing and stuttering like a maniac when she winks at the camera and says “he’s single by the way, boys”
  • the video ends and magnus is frozen staring at his laptop, speechless bc he just saw the most gorgeous man in his life, so he immediately brings up twitter and tweets izzy, casually complimenting her videos while also sneaking in a cheeky comment about her cute brother
  • alec’s scrolling through twitter (he’s gained followers rapidly after that video with izzy) when he sees a couple people mentioning him in a tweet from a guy he vaguely remembers izzy mentioning as a big deal
  • he clicks on the tweet from magnus bane - “isabelle, darling! thought i would mention what a fan of your videos i am. especially that last one with your brother ;)” - alec doesn’t think much of it except when he clicks on the guys profile pic and holy shit that is the most attractive man he’s ever seen
  • izzy sees the tweet about 2 minutes after alec and screams before running into his room and claiming he’s definitely coming to the next youtube convention with her
  • he gets dragged to next convention, izzy fluffing his hair and straightening out his collar the entire time, and when he accidentally bumps into magnus and manages to spill coffee all over him, let’s just say that isn’t how he expected them to meet
  • magnus is nothing but smiles when he realizes it’s alec and they spend a little too long talking - so much so that magnus is late for his meet and greet - and magnus gets alec’s number :))))))
  • during the whole convention weekend alec and magnus don’t spend a day apart and their first kiss is on the balcony of magnus’ hotel room with the LA sunset behind them and alec would almost think it was a fairytale if he didn’t accidentally step on magnus’ foot as they stumbled back to the bed
  • things ;))) happen ;))) and after that alec mysteriously starts showing up in magnus’ videos

The Different Kinds of History Blogs* 

The Precious Bunny

Pastel colors, cute icon, loves history and loves cute stuff. Is very sweet. Too pure for this world. Has a little bit of a dark side that pops up from time to time but it’s the innocent kind of dark side where they reblog a picture of a soft kitten holding a knife. They could fight you and destroy you but usually choose not to because they have a big heart. Does not engage in drama or heated debates because they don’t want to engage in confrontation. 

The Artist

You can see their icons floating around on Tumblr. Usually belongs to one particular history fandom and draws a lot for that group but is also accommodating to other fandoms and does artwork for them from time to time. Blogs doodles a lot of the time. Makes comics too. Tries to make everyone happy with artwork both silly and serious. If they sew, they also make extremely incredible historical costumes that you wish you could buy but don’t have the money for. 

The Sage 

Usually one of the older bloggers. Very wise. Has seen a lot. Usually has a lot of advice. Usually takes the middle road. Doesn’t take sides very often and watches from a distance when drama happens but has some things to say when it hits close to them. Blogs history from a very academic position and sometimes throws some history jokes into the mix. Engages with professional discourse and debates with other historians about schools of thought, theories about historical figures and their motives, etc. 

The Mama Hen

Is the founder or one of the leaders of a historical fandom on Tumblr or the academic expert in a fandom. Everyone looks to them for answers. Makes a lot of posts about the subject, reblogs posts from their babies, is very proud of the newbies who join the fandom they started from the ground up. Answers every question people have about that subject. Their word is usually final in any debate because they have been studying the subject for an incredibly long time and know the ins and outs of it. 

The Obscure Academic

This is usually one person with a small group of bloggers. They blog about history only a small group of people are into on Tumblr. This might be obscure history like the history of a dynasty, the ancient world, economics, etc. Their blogs are extremely informative and you usually learn about things you never would have been taught unless you specified in that area of study. 

The All History is Cool History Blogger

Blogs about almost every type of history there is. Reblogs a lot of history jokes, memes, etc. Has no theme. Appreciates every kind of history there is. Will skip around with historical subjects on a day to day basis. Usually a history major or a history teacher. Knows a lot of stuff. Has a great sense of humor and will make you laugh. Doesn’t get involved in discourse or debates, but might reblog discourse or debates because they find that they can learn a lot from it. 

The One Subject

Has one specific area of study. Blogs about it most of time. Sometimes reblogs things which they find cool. It’s their personal blog, they usually keep it simple. They study subjects such as Economics of Antebellum America and make very informative posts about it. You will learn A TON from their blogs if you read their subject area posts. 

The Intimidating Intellectual (Also known as The Professor)

Is so smart you are afraid to approach them with questions but you learn a lot from them. No nonsense. They never make typos and their grammar is perfect. Their blog posts could be compared to thesis papers and they have a WIDE range of vocabulary. They include footnotes in their posts. They destroy foolish arguments with ease and come out of nowhere like ninjas. They never say anything without backing it up with a footnote. They are the gods of history tumblr. 

The Jokester

They are very laid back. They blog about history jokes and make memes. They are fun and are blogging about humor because we all need a laugh. They bring a smile to our faces. Their blogs usually cover every historical subject and they have thousands of followers. They keep things light and airy. 

The Social Justice Historian

Blogs about modern social justice issues and history. Gets involved in a lot of discourse and debates. Does not like problematic historical figures. Blogs about the injustices of history. Informative, no nonsense, usually extremely bold, have no fears about diving right into a fight with a hardcore hate blog.  

The AU RP-er

An RP blog. The blogger is blogging as a historical figure or a person living back in time. Or if they are an AU RP-er, they are blogging as a historical figure or civilian in a modern AU. 

The Whimsical

Makes or reblogs beautiful history aesthetics and mood boards. Usually has either a pastel blog or a black and grey blog. Doesn’t always blog historical things. Sometimes reblogs things like flower crowns or runway fashion. You’ll also see beautiful slow motion gif edits of historical shows with music lyrics or poetry laid over them. Also loves theater, dance, and the arts. Their blogs are visually stimulating and well coordinated.  

The Edgy 

Don’t let their pastel blog fool you (If they have a pastel blog.) Their tumblr layouts are minimalistic and well coordinated. But, they are straight up hardcore. They will stab you with a beautiful knife. Will usually reblog dark gif edits, deep poetic lyrics, or sad, emotional gif edits. They reblog soft, dark, and beautiful posts. They also aren’t afraid to throw salt if they engage in discourse or debates. Will sometimes even start debates. 

The “My Fave is Extremely Problematic, I know, I know… Please stop.”

Loves a historical figure who is problematic. They know this. They still patiently answer the anons who want to point it out. They struggle with coming to terms with the problematic issues and they accept that their historical figure was a jerk but there is something about that fave that keeps drawing them back in. They don’t agree with their historical faves problematic thoughts or actions, and usually know a lot about the historical social problems surrounding these issues. 

The Jaded

Is just tired. Has seen a lot. Is kind of distancing themselves from fandoms but still blogging about history from time to time. Doesn’t update their blog as much anymore. Avoids the drama or just blogs about how tired they are of it. Might make some people angry because they vague blogged about something they’re fed up with and it felt like a very personal attack. Usually can be summed up with this: (งツ)ว.


*Some bloggers fall into two or three of these categories. None of these are referencing specific people. This is just what I have seen in all my years. This is not meant to upset anyone, insult anyone, or cause anger. I think all the variety in this community is needed and speaks to the diversity of personalities and human life. You’re all cuties. 

You know why I’m super sick of seeing all these police shooting statistics? Not because I’m racist and don’t give a fuck about your “black lives matter” movement. It’s awesome. Speak the fuck up, by all means.


2 years ago this September, my best friend was murdered by 6 police officers. He was unarmed. He was white. He was 22. He was shot at 32 times. 15 entry wounds. 9 exit wounds. Shot through his car like Bonnie and fucking Clyde. Nearly every bullet to enter his body went through his back.

All 6 cops are still employed by Port Orange Police Department. All 6 cops got paid leave. Not a single one of them had any kind of repercussions.

POPD paraded through the parking lot of the church where his funeral was held the entire service.

I had the privilege of sitting in the back of one of the police cruisers that was involved and when I asked if he felt bad for killing my best friend, he replied with “another day on the job, another thug off the streets”.

My own fucking family was telling me he deserved it because they found marijuana in his system during the autopsy.

So by all means, black lives DO matter just as ANY lives matter and the media is fuckt. But I don’t wanna hear shit about “it would be all over the news if he was white and all cops involved would be publicly executed” or “they’re only trying to make him out to be a criminal or a thug because he’s black,” because that’s the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever fucking heard and actually really fucking hurtful for those of us that have been through the same goddamn situation but NEVER had anywhere NEAR as much support simply because it didn’t scream hate crime. He was made out to look like a piece of shit just like everyone else the police murder on the streets.

I’m aware this is tumblr and every person to read this is going to find some reason to get offended so kindly fuck off and do not bring your bullshit to my inbox because none of you will be acknowledged. Until you live through this shit, you’ll never fucking understand it completely and fuck every single social justice blogger that’s going to say I’m a racist piece of shit for being upset over the fact that my best friend didn’t get a single shred of justice and only a handful of angry protesters while there are millions of strangers fighting for justice for someone they never fucking knew and know NOTHING about what actually happened. You fucks aren’t solving anything.

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Disney fans get angry because SJ bloggers try to poison something that brings them joy. They're needlessly vindictive about it, too. They can't just let it be, they have to prod and poke and try to hurt people for no damn reason. They lack empathy, they're cruel, vicious little people who can't allow anyone even the tiniest glimmer of positivity in their lives. They are intentionally trying to hurt others. That's why Disney fans hate them.

I didn’t know that individuals pointing out the racism and other problems in Disney movies were cruel or that it made those individuals social justice bloggers.

Disney stans ain’t got no shit about them. Got the damn nerve to post a picture of blurry images and talk about representation for people of color


Why Liam Payne Must Be Held Accountable

Yesterday: 1D fans across the globe were shocked by a tweet that Liam Payne sent to Duck Dynasty star, Willie Robertson. In the now infamous tweet, Payne claimed to have “respect for…the family values you still all [the Robertson family] behold.” To decode that for everyone, Liam Payne said in the public forum that he supports homophobic, racist and anti-equality dialogue. Then, as if to add insult to injury, he went on an incoherent tirade against social justice bloggers who, according to Payne, had the audacity to bring the star’s words into question.

Now, I will be the first to say that I am an avid 1D fan and that Liam was one of my favorite members since their formation. But, that unwavering support of these talented boys is now in jeopardy, at least in my eyes. And, I will tell you why.

It is an audacious claim to support a family that is notorious for its anti-LGBT views, along with blatant and disgusting racism. What is even more audacious is to say that you are entitled to share an aggressively public opinion and then claim that your first amendment rights (which, by the way, do not apply to Liam Payne seeing as how he is not a citizen of the United States) have been violated by people who are critical of that support.

Since when does being a public figure mean that you are not to be held accountable for the claims that you make? I’ll give you the answer: since never. And, yes, giving support to the Robertson family is giving support to EVERY belief that they hold. By supporting their “family values” you are supporting the idea that one particular familial structure is inherently better than any other. That is the propagation of homophobia. That is the furthering of the conservative agenda and what’s worse is that Payne doesn’t understand that simple fact. He must be held accountable by his fans, gay and straight alike, for being an insensitive, entitled prat that is completely disconnected from the reality that association is alignment. 

I am beyond disappointed with Liam Payne and beyond disappointed in those that are supporting him. He is not entitled to any opinion that degrades people. He is not entitled to say that he is the victim of social injustice. No. He is not a victim. He and his support of the Robertson family are the problem.