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Osmosis Jones (2001) Sentence Starters. Pt 2.
  • "Don't touch my radio!"
  • "So, where're you from?"
  • "You ever try to blow-dry your hair with a fart?"
  • "Please, you're going to make me vomit."
  • "Excuse me while I wipe my eyes."
  • "You're new, so follow my lead, alright?"
  • "Start redirecting traffic over there."
  • "That's pretty unusual."
  • "Not my suedes!"
  • "What the dilly...?"
  • "Whoa, whoa, talk English, man. We ain't on Telemundo here."
  • "Excuse me! What do you think you're doing?"
  • "This is a crime scene."
  • "I'm so psyched for this long weekend."
  • "Send him a message."
  • "Hey, you lost, pal?"
  • "Sounds like a gas, baby. Bring it on."
  • "What are you, a sissy mary?"
  • "You ain't so tough! That was nothing!"
  • "I was thinking I might take a rain check."
  • "I have something special up my sleeve."
  • "Have you ever seen a rattlesnake swallow a football?"
  • "Why are we wasting time here?"
  • "What is that, some kind of taco sauce?"
  • "We got cops here!"
  • "I think you missed a spot!"
  • "I'm standing right here. Can you use a tissue?"
  • "Use your imagination."
  • "If it wasn't for you, none of this would've ever happened!"
  • "Excuse me sir, but we have a problem."
  • "That's it! I can't work with him/her!"
  • "You can't work with ME? I can't work with YOU!"
  • "You know, you didn't have to do that. The last thing I need is your sympathy."
  • "You did something terrible, didn't you?"
  • "Sometimes being too careful is all it takes."
  • "You got yourself a sale."
  • "Oh my god, I got the giggles!"
  • "There was no time to ask questions. So I did what I had to do."
  • "I never thought you'd be on my side."
  • "I never thought you'd be right."

Here comes the rush before we touch, come a little closer

The doors are open, the wind is really blowing
The night sky is changing overhead

  • Confused patient: *moans and groans*
  • Me: Are you having pain?
  • CP: No. *looks at me incredulously, then gasps and stiffens*
  • Me: What's wrong?
  • CP: My leg hurts.
  • Me: You just said you didn't have pain.
  • CP: I don't. My leg hurts.
  • Me: Do you want some pain medicine?
  • CP: I need water. Give me water. I can't swallow.

so okay au time

imagine: bucky still falls off the train, and steve into the arctic, but instead of bucky being found with the russians he had fallen into the river and went under the same thing cap did and so when 2012 rolls around and cap’s been found and some bloke (probably coulson) with too much money and sentimentality goes “wait, what iF” and starts a search for bucky’s body, because if the captain was found, what about his ol’ pal bucky?

and lo and behold, they find the body. it’d taken a long time, but they found it. and, due to zola experimenting on bucky, he wakes up just like steve

and like, really just like steve, since he panics and freaks out and throws two people through the door even with just one arm, but eventually he calms down enough to listen to what’s going on (probably to natasha). he’s briefed on the way back to the states where someone had pulled steve from a mission and they were gonna surprise him

and natasha warns him, “he’s not gonna believe it’s you you’re gonna have to convince him,” and bucky just goes “oh, he’ll know it’s me alright” which sounds kind of ominous to natasha

and he walks into the room with steve and the other avengers and the first thing he says “did you get a new uniform? i hate it”


“yeah it’s me,” bucky says as he walks up to steve, who is understandably in a lot of shock and confusion.

then bucky just punches steve in the face.



“YOU FUCKING STUPID PUNK I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS. were you just like “my impulse control fell outta the train with bucky” and thought crashing the plane and not giving your coordinates was a good idea?! and i thought that time in brussels was bad but you’ve really outdone yourself this time! anD DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THE ALIENS JFC STEVE ten fucking days outta the ice and do you do the logical thing like, go on a vacation or figure out what you’ve missed? nO”

and continues to just rip into him, to the bewilderment of everyone in the room. then when bucky tires himself out and stops yelling the other avengers think steve’s gonna rip HIM a new one but he just goes “bucky” and clings to him

“yeah it’s me you stupid punk you don’t have to blubber all over me” he says though he’s crying too.

and the rest of the avengers are like ????? because they were expecting a lot of things but not this

badass Juvia is the ultimate representation of her character. don’t @ me.

okay pretty shots of juvi are great. you know it. i know it. cute couple shots of her adoring gray give me the warm fuzzies. but “i’m not afraid of you” juvia is my EVERYTHING. i live for the idea of a girl who loves like crazy, but is brave as fuck. when have you EVER seen juvia hide or cower? i’ll answer that for you. never. homegirl is always ready to fight for her pals and for her man. even if she knows it may mean her death. comedy juvia is fun, but the reason we love juvia is because while her screen time is all gray, her character is all devotion. devotion to fairy tail. devotion to gray. devotion to living for love after being denied it for so many years. 

if you’ve ever wondered, why do people even like juvia?

THIS IS WHY! look at her ‘bring it bitch’ face:

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standing by her pals, ready to FUCK you up

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okay? are we good on this? heart-eyes juvia is a fun silly way to show her love for gray and her new life. but these moments always speak way louder to me. if you threaten her friends, her man, her world, get ready for her wrath.

ID #13808

Name: Jasmin
Age: 15
Country: Germany

I’m into all kind of art stuff. (writing, drawing, photography) I also like music. “Bring Me The Horizon” or “Crown The Empire” for example. I lovelovelove anime and manga.

To be honest…that’s it actually. I’m not really an interesting person. But I talk a lot….so.

13 - 18 would be nice. And maybe someone, who shares my interests. c:

You Should Know Better Pt. 10

(Part One) (Part Two) (Part Three) (Part Four) (Part Five) (Part Six) (Part Seven) (Part Eight) (Part Nine) (Part Ten) (Part Eleven) (Part Twelve)  (Part Thirteen) (Part Fourteen)

Summary: Last class before Spring Break and someone decides to get handsy.
POV: Joe
Characters: Joe Merriweather, Natalie, Ryan
Word Count: 2200ish
Author’s Note: This is more of a filler chapter. I had bigger plans for this chapter, but I ended it prematurely. 
Quote: “Maybe that’s the point of my so-called ‘shitty punishments’ – make you want more.” 



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I know someone who has a thick streak of white hair in roughly the same place as Shiros and she got that white hair when she was in her twenties and the door to the boot of her car hit her on the top of her head and cracked her skull there. It's basically a scar - I've always figured that's what Shiros white has is about too and that he has a scar under it/must have experience some kind of head injury.

Great point! I was just reading yesterday that anything that causes melanocytes (the cells that produce hair color) to die in that area, the hair will turn white. Not immediately, of course, but really fast compared to aging or what have you.
From what I’ve read this seems to happen fairly frequently as a result of injury, so it’s entirely possible Shiro could have gotten a head wound! Maybe he has a scar under his hair somewhere too. Thanks for bringing this up!


s i x d a y s
the weather is so so so nice today!! im spending a lot of time outside which is lovely. later today im going to walk to a grocery store and get some ingredients to make snacks so i can bring them on a picnic at the beach with my pals this weekend :D i had a rough start this morning, i woke up super late and had to rush to not be late for my first class but everything else is going well😌have an awesome day!!

Tact and feeling your tinies

One thing I noticed that hardly ever gets mentioned is how important tact is/can be in a G/t relationship, specially the ones with a larger size gap. I’m not taking about “tact” as being sensitive and stuff (that’s important in every relationship) it’s about one of the five senses, that makes you feel what’s too small to see, and brings a G so much closer to their little pal.

Tinies, please, be patient with your Lorge if they’re too touchy. I know it’s inconvenient and if they like grabbing you too much you have to ask them to stop.

But sometimes, they just want to feel you. The tiny tiny fingers that hold onto our clothes, the fragile bones of our precious friends, the brave little hearts beating under your skin, pushing the tips of our fingers ever so slightly. The texture of your skin, the fluffiness of your hair, the softness of your tiny kisses! It’s such a bliss! You valiantly climbing and walking over us, exploring the landscape of our body and the burrows in our clothes. The value of these touches! Don’t ever think you’re too small to give us a massage, mess with our hair, pet us and caress us. It’s all a matter of tact.

Our eyes betray us when we look at you, and we miss the fine details our fingers always find when we feel the shape of our friends. It may look like you’re a mile away from our chest, but sometimes only when holding you we feel actually close. We may not be able to give the most convincing hugs on your minuscule frame, but we can feel your warm embrace in our fingers just fine. 

Sometimes it feel like we live in two completely different worlds, but when we touch your little things, and (try to) help you with everyday things like taking your clothes off, or combing your hair, we get such a better feel of how all of this feel to you.

It’s all a matter of tact.

your problematic favs on christmas:

NAT: the drunk af aunt who spills gov secrets and her drink but still looks classy af

VISION: awkward uncle who stands under the mistletoe in an ugly christmas sweater mumbling about symbolic foliage and its origins, wants to kiss Mysterious fam friend

TONY: wasted cousin from out of town who invited himself, spikes the eggnog with asgards strongest booze and trips over his own feet as he slurs and butchers Oh Holy Night

PEPPER: Wasted cousins wine drunk gf, rearranges vegetable platters to be symmetrical, smells good, only eats organic food

CLINT: second cousin twice removed, sneaks bites from the food before it’s time to eat, disappears into the woods for half a day with nothing but a bow and three arrows

WANDA: mysterious fam friend who carries a knife and tarot cards, speaks in metaphor, lives on spicy food

PIETRO: Mysterious fam friends twin, volunteers to do the shopping, finishes within less than 10min, uses a whole roll of tape to wrap a single present, buys expensive gifts, flirts with Hyped up espresso girl, won the olympics //track// for 3yrs in a row before quitting

BRUCE: acts like a 86 year old grandpa, comes in from out of town just to rage over the thermostat being touched and silently observe everyone, hogs the tv remote

THOR: super spiritual hot guy from out of town, invited by a cousin, unnatural height, broke a cup just by holding it, talks about the universe while downing alcohol like it’s water, never seems to get drunk

JANE: tries to explain physics to a group of children, it ends with them throwing shoes into the fireplace bc “she says it could be a portal” “i said no such thing”

DARCY: makes out with the santa impersonator, hyped up on espresso, talks too fast, friend of Physics (see: jane)

BUCKY: the hot grandpa who still looks 23, appears homicidal in fam pictures, sneaks off with his childhood pal during prayers, has kissed him under the mistletoe 6x and honestly he’s just rubbing it in the single relatives faces now, never married, may or may not have killed a man in 1943, dresses like he’s going to a funeral, listens to johnny cash

STEVE: hot grandpa’s pal, also looks creepily young, tells you to Watch your fucking language, claims he could kill a man with nothing more than a garbage can lid, prob isn’t lying, wears suspenders, still goes to the gym, owns a working record player

LOKI: that one snooty relative everyone avoids, makes babies cry by smiling at them, tells the kids santa isn’t real, insults hot spiritual man in another language, cops are called to break it up

SHARON: repackages store bought pies, pretends theyre homemade, watches It’s A Wonderful Life every year, dresses like she’s going to an office meeting, brings a gun to christmas dinner, small but deadly, leaves early with Gov secrets aunt

SAM: answers everything sarcastically, ex military, irons his clothes, swears a lot, argues about how to properly cook a turkey before taking over altogether, smells like soap and the outdoors, tells Wasted cousin to back the fuck off, leaves mid dinner bc he thought he saw a very rare bird, brings his pal riley who is also his secret bf but everyone knows

RHODEY: neighbor who tells the same stories every year but changes minor details, has too much spiked eggnog and knocks over the tree, butchers christmas songs with Wasted cousin, bonds with Ex Military Sarcastic relative over the future of aviation, no one knows his real name

SCOTT: fresh out of prison, spends the entire time oogling Hot grandpa’s pal, makes you look at a seemingly endless stream of pictures of his daughter, hates baskin robbins, has an ant farm, overly physically affectionate

WADE: tries to kiss his sisters boyfriend under the mistletoe, wears crocs with socks, brings a bag of chimichanga’s that he refuses to share, his plus one is his blind elderly roommate, blasts rap music at one in the morning, has a witty retort on the ready, shamelessly wears a lewd christmas sweater, winks at your mom, seductively eats candy canes while maintaining eye contact

PETER: 16yo nephew who collects comic books, designated amateur photographer, watches star wars religiously, climbs things he shouldn’t, thinks the 90’s are vintage, actually a danger noodle

((if you have a request lmk and I’ll make one for that character. this was fun))

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Okay can you please tell a little bit more about 1:31am and the chair????? I'm kinda new and a little lost

t…the…chair? you want me to talk about the chair?? alright pal, let me bring you back to April 2016 aka the month my life has never been the same.

 it was a few days before got7′s first ever concert in South Korea…and you know news that jaebum hurt his back was released and everyone was so worried. then it was announced that he won’t participate in the concert due his back recovers…and everyone was even more worried. then on the day of the concert and the boys left a space for jaebum and kept chanting his name…if that doesn’t hurt you enough.

 it was revealed that they have unit stages and 2jae was suppose to do one together but jaebum couldn’t be there so the stage appeared and youngjae was alone with his piano and an empty chair…where jaebum is suppose to be…then the saddest but a grammy award winning song played aka 1:31am and youngjae was so emotional…then jaebum’s recorded voice played over the speakers…that moment youngjae cried, i cried and tHE SCREEN KEEPS SHOWING THE CHAIR. and at the end of the concert jaebum appeared and one of the very first things he said was “did youngjae did well? i think he did well!!!!” and in the moment everyone and their parents cried because of 2jae. 

so all in all april 2016 was a truly life changing moment and i can never forget the chair.


Paring: Bucky Barnes/Reader

Tags: female reader, punk!Bucky Barnes, rlly I mean punk, amputee Bucky Barnes, amputation humour, dark humour, College AU, punks, alcohol, reader is a dancer, angst, cutesy, fluff, Bucky feels, POV Bucky Barnes.

SummaryEvery Wednesday, without fail, there was a girl who’d run through the conjoined classrooms in E Block. She’d always have her satchel bursting at the seams, and be wearing the same thing. Black leotard with ruched shoulders, tights. Hair falling out of a scrappy bun. Worn out military boots.

Bucky Barnes got out of the military, but not after his arm decided to leave him first. Now, in university, he’s trying to make something of himself, but that’s all fine and well but he can’t help but notice the girl who’d interrupt his advanced physics class…

Notes: Inspired by one of my favourite tumblr artists’ rendition of Punk Bucky. Shout out to @illustratedkate for being so darn talented!

Word Count: 3,035

Posting Date:  2017-05-29

Current Date: 2017-06-15

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Connor McDavid - Ice Time (Requested)

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A/N: Here ya go ladies and gents! Hope you enjoy this one, I know it’s not exactly what was requested but I had a little bit of a hard time with it. 

Warnings: None

Word Count: 807

Request: Can you do a Connor mcdavid imagine where you take your 3 kids go under ice rink and he teaches your kids how to skate and when you guys get home your kids are fast asleep and you bring them to bed and you end up cuddling on the couch

“Can you tie Juliette’s skates please; she says I don’t know how to do it like Daddy does” you asked Connor as you were trying to pull your youngest son’s Oiler’s jersey over his squirming head. 

“Daddy does it better mommy,” you little girl said as she came strutting into the locker room with her skates in her hands. She climbed into her dad’s stall and waited for him to come over to help her with her skates.  You laughed at your daughter’s sassiness but you knew she was right. 

“Where’s Charlie?” you said looking around the locker-room for your eldest. 

“He’s already on the ice with Leon” Connor answered just as he finished lacing up Juliette’s skates which were pink replicas of her father’s. “Do you want me to tie your skates up too?” Connor said with a smile as he came to lean in front of you. Even after all these years together Connor still managed to make you feel like you had a million butterflies in your stomach, his smile still managed to make your heart skip a beat.  

“Yes please” you answered shyly as you sat down with your infant son finally in his jersey and fast asleep in your arms. Connor was careful as he removed your shoes and slipped your skates on. It was quiet besides the occasion look from him asking you if they felt okay or if they needed to be tighter, Juliette had already gone through the tunnel to meet up with her brother. Once you were all set up Connor sat next to you and got himself ready. You headed to the ice together to join some of the guys who had stayed after practice. Juliette was skating around with Leon which was her current crush at the moment and Charlie was taking a couple shots on Cam. 

“Watch yourself McDavid cause your sons getting better than you”, Cam said from the ice. 

Connor laughed and offered to take Sam from your hands before climbing onto the ice. You were still a little wobbly on skates so you were happy to hand him over to the safety of his dad’s arms and as always Connor the gentlemen extended his hand to you from the ice to help you on. 

“Thank you babe,” you said with a smile. Connor didn’t answer but instead gave you a small kiss on the cheek before he pulled you along with him, skating at an easy pace. That didn’t last long and soon he was skating in circles with your son giggling in his arms. You joined Juliette and Leon who were now just passing the puck back and forth. 

“Mini-McDavid do you want to play hockey when you’re older?” you overheard Leon ask and you got closer. 

“No I want to be a ballerina” Juliette answered and demonstrated a little twirl. She overthrew herself a little fell down to the ice, she wasn’t hurt but you saw her cheeks turn red in embarrassment. You were about to say something when you saw Leon fall down to the ice on purpose.

“Don’t worry ballerina, hockey players fall down sometimes too” he said with a big grin. You decided not to interrupt on their little moment and continued skating around, occasionally going to see one child and then the others. 

You guys spent and good two hours on the ice with the kids and it’s only after a lot of arguing and the promise of ice cream on the way home that you guys managed to get the kids off the ice and into the car. 

“I had fun today daddy, thank you for bringing us” Charlie yawned from the backseat. 

“Anytime pal, ” Connor said and smiled at him through the rear-view mirror before backing out and driving towards home.

The kids were exhausted when you guys got home and so were you. It didn’t take long to get them tucked away in bed and soon you joined Connor who was watching some highlights on the couch. He lifted the blanket so you could cuddle into his side and draped it over your shoulders once you were comfortable. 

“Did I tell you today how much I love you” you said with a yawn. 

“No but there’s still time in the day” he answered as he placed his hand on your head and started to twirl a piece of your hair between his fingers. 

“I love you so much Mr. McDavid, thank you for today it was really fun and nice to spend time together.”

“Anytime Mrs. McDavid I had a lot of fun and the kids gave some of the guys a run for their money” he answered with a laugh “and for the record, I love you very much”

You guys laid there in silence for a while, Connor playing with your hair and you tracing small circles on his arms until you guys fell asleep.