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  • demigods book 1: dont say names, they have power! dont say halfblood! its dangerous!

Here comes the rush before we touch, come a little closer

The doors are open, the wind is really blowing
The night sky is changing overhead

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Have you ever written/ would be interested in writing a fic where blue, Ronan, Adam, Gansey, Noah, and Henry join the foxes?

(a real live crossover, I’ve never done this in my life lmao!! btw I didn’t know how to write a ghostie into a PSU sports team so I’m afraid noah’s not in this one)

“That’s a bad omen if I’ve ever seen one,” Dan says mildly, shielding her eyes from the sun. Neil follows her squinting gaze to the border of the baking sidewalk.

There’s a raven watching them from the dust, glossy wings folded out a little like it’s preparing for flight. It’s pinprick eyes are black beads tossed into pitch fabric, near invisible.

The foxes watch it preen and hop towards them. Neil gets a sinking feeling that it isn’t wild, that its strut and challenging eyes must belong to some rotten nest.

They’re grouped at the entrance of the court: Dan installed at the edge of the parking lot with a hand on her hip, Allison splayed all over the wall wearing sleek white shorts to match the paint job, Andrew and Neil tipped back into the sun-sharp grate of their car. The others are dotted along the unruly grass and perched over cars, sweating through the wait for fresh teammates with fresh problems.

The raven cocks its head and paces closer. Nicky coos at it. Matt tells it to fuck off good-naturedly.

“How about you go ahead and fuck off first?”

Neil looks evenly over to the source of the voice, feeling trepidation slither down his neck like ice under the collar.

A boy walks towards them with an unfriendly mouth and a mangled cut-off t-shirt, tattoos and scars jostling for a place on his body. He looks like what Neil expected when he first heard of the foxes. He looks like the popped blade of a box-cutter that someone forgot to sheath. He has a vicious BMW at his heels like an afterthought.

“Dibs,” Nicky says, breathless.

“Oh, sorry, I was talking to the bird,” Matt explains.

“And I was talking to you,” the stranger replies, holding eye contact until it feels like a raw vein pinched between fingers. The foxes shuffle and kick up dust and exchange looks.

“You’ve gotta be one of our new recruits. No one but a fox is going to start shit over a raven,” Dan says, half smiling.

“He’s defending her honour,” someone says, and their attention all swivels again.

The newcomer walks up with his hands clutched in his pockets, smiling with a third of his mouth, eyes serious and deep-set in his tan face.

“Adam,” he introduces, expression jumping. “That’s Ronan. He likes to make bad first impressions. It’s his favourite sport after exy.”

Adam winds and locks into the space at Ronan’s side, and they bump fists in a way that’s more brushing knuckles than anything else.

“Parrish,” Ronan says thinly. “They already insulted Chainsaw. We have to drop out.”

Neil can feel Andrew watching their interaction with hooded eyes.

“She probably deserved it,” Adam says. “You usually do.”

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I’m Your Bias

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@stitch-xiu-up this is for you my pal. Bring on the drabble war. 

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gif or EXO (unfortunately)

The sun fell in pastel rays across the white bed sheets and gave the bedroom a warm glow. Waking up in the summer always felt so much more refreshing, or so you thought. Waking up beside Chanyeol with a golden sky and the scent of freshly brewing coffee and you know life can’t get any better.

You place a cream mug at his beside, then shuffle back to your side of the bed and place your own mug down, the disturbance causing him to rouse gently.

It’s enchanting to watch him in the mornings like this. ‘Gently’ isn’t a word that can commonly be used to describe Chanyeol. Not when he’s talking, or rapping, and especially not when he’s putting the bed to the synonymous meaning of sleep.

His hair, freshly dyed blood red falls in different directions, and you smile as his bare face peers upwards after being placed against the cushion. He looks tired, but there’s no blaming him for that. He’d been bust with the new comeback and a lot of his free time was spent seeing you in rushed passing motions or working. Finally, he had a break, and you were going to savour every second of it.

“Good morning.” You state, but he doesn’t have any words. Instead, his large, roughed up hands grab you by the waist and you fall beside him.

He’s lying on his side, arms around your waist and pulling you into his chest. He’s warm, and his skin is smooth to touch, he’s stripped of any clothing except for a pair of boxers to conceal in intimate part of his body, though you wouldn’t be too bothered if he’d ridded of those too.

“I have things I need to do today Chanyeol, I don’t really have time to stay in bed.” You tell him, though you don’t make any attempt to unravel yourself from his arms, or from his leg that he has now draped over you.

“Five minutes.” He grumbles, his voice still hoarse from just waking up. It’s deep, and gravelly and you’re sure that the simple sound of it is enough to raise your heartbeat a few paces.

“I’m supposed to be meeting Minseok later, and I need to tidy before I go and see hi-”

“Fuck Minseok. You’re mine.” He pouted cutely, though it was a large contradiction to the words he had just spoken and the way they had been expressed.

Chanyeol isn’t the kind of person that gets jealous very quickly, in fact, he’s probably one of the more chilled out people that you know. But there’s something about the way that acts when you mention Minseok, it’s like he can see something that you can’t and it makes him strangely protective of you. He’ll always hug you a moment longer whenever Minseok is around, he’ll make sure that kiss lasts those crucial seconds more, and whenever you’re together around him he’ll hold your hand a little tighter.

“We’re literally going to get coffee.” You tell him, “I promise we’re not escaping the country together.”

Chanyeol grumbles, places a kiss against your forehead and then returns to pouting.

“I don’t see what your issue is with Minseok. You don’t care when I hang out with Baekhyun, or Kai.”

He mumbles something, and you barely catch it, so you tilt your head to show your confusion and he rolls his eyes, speaking up. “You used to bias Minseok, and I’m scared he’s starting to like you.”

“You’re so funny.” You grin, “As if he’d ever like me, and anyway, even if he did, I love you. You know I do, right? Nothing is going to change that.”

Chanyeol exhaled, then smiled, and relief flushed through you. He pulled you close, his toned chest brushing against you. His body played one game, and his lips another. They brushed against yours, nipping and teasing, leaving you only wanting more.

“Good morning! There’s no dance prac-TICE BUT JESUS WE NEED A TRIP TO CHURCH. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

You jumped out of your skin, though Chanyeol didn’t do so much as flinch. “Morning Suho.”

“What the hell is going on, Suho?” A faint voice came from outside the door, but Suho was fumbling to leave and cover his eyes.

“Oh nothing! Bible studies! They are both childrEN OF GOD! KUUMBAYA!”

“I can’t believe he thought we were being indecent with everyone in the dorm.” You scoffed, cuddling back up to Chanyeol beneath the blankets.

“Well since he thinks we are now, we shouldn’t disappoint right?”

You hit his chest, “I’ll bias Minseok again, don’t test me.”

“Try me baby, I’ll give you one hundred reasons why you shouldn’t even think of changing your bias.”

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The fact that this obviously wasnt Lena's first girls night so that means previous times it has been Maggie/Alex and kara/Lena just hanging. Having double dates with the Canon lesbian couple as gal pals

Lena specified not to bring tequila bc it ended Badly the last time she did body shots off of Kara’s abs

romeo and juliet, or something like that

steve harrington x reader

(spoilers for season 2.)


“theatre class,” steve repeated. “are you kiddin’ me?”

“i can’t ask mike or lucas,” dustin replied, crossing his arms defensively over his chest. “but my mom… you know, she wants me to bring someone, and i thought…”

“hey, we ain’t friends,” steve hurriedly said, stepping out onto his front step and closing the front door behind him. “not a chance.”

“okay, steve, it’s time for both of us to stop pretending that you don’t love playing video games with me on friday nights and that babysitting me isn’t the best thing that’s ever happened to you. we both know it.”

this fucking kid.

“if i see one person from school -” steve began, but dustin interrupted.

“you won’t, steve.” dustin’s gaze was more serious than steve had ever seen it, and if this was about anything other than theatre classes, he’d probably be worried for his little pal. “come on. it’s bring-a-friend week. you wouldn’t let me go by myself, would you?”

steve stared down at dustin for a brief second before moving his hand up sharply to hit off his baseball hat - which landed on the front lawn - and ruffle his curly mop of hair.

“might wanna pick that up, kiddo!” steve chirped as he sprinted inside and shut the door before dustin could flip him off.

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Letters to Bucky (Part 10)

Welcome Back to the Story! If You’re Missing a Chapter, Catch Up HERE!
Just a Quick Note– I think it is fairly obvious that Tony doesn’t really cope with tragedy well, internalizing his feelings and trying to distract from them with work and alcohol. So this update is exactly that. It was hard to write, and even though I hope it’s not hard to read, I do hope his grief and grieving comes through in my writing.

Amazing art by @latelierderiot for this chapter HERE.
Week One

To: Bucky
–I’m going to pretend like I’m not freaking out over you being MIA because me panicking won’t solve anything. So I’m just going to talk about regular things, because writing to you makes me feel somewhat connected.
–re:super soldier program. I have been working on designing prosthetics for the program. The below knee leg prosthetic is actually showing great promise. Reinforcing it to be borderline lethal when kicked out has been an interesting experiment. The balance between heavy enough to hurt but not too heavy to move is a hard one to achieve. I’m worried that the metal limb will actually have to be wired into the nerves of the thigh to be anything more than a battering ram. Of course that involves messing with soldiers brains and I just don’t know how I feel about that. Working on an arm as well right now, and I know without even starting that I’d have to Hotwire a Brain to make sure the arm is fully functioning. Scary stuff. The idea that some scientist out there is working on something like this terrifies me.
–I have to attend another charity dinner this evening. I feel like the last one we attended together was so much better than this one will be, but that’s mostly because i knew i was getting laid later that night. Tonight not so much.
–show back up on base so steve and I will stop worrying
–miss you

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Image: 7831/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

On Monday, Amazon Studios announced it had acquired the rights to bring J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings to television. Naturally, our nerd-pal Glen Weldon has some thoughts:

1. The Tom Bombadil Mysteries

Everyone’s favorite immortal forest-spirit and his wife Goldberry caper through The Old Forest solving animal-on-animal crimes while singing tra-la-la-la!

It’s … it’s less annoying than it sounds, the singing.

2. Hangin’ With Mr. Bombadil

Everyone’s favorite immortal forest-spirit and his wife Goldberry kick it with some of Arthedain’s surliest, most hardened teens. They provide straight talk, and tough love … and singing. Lots of singing. So, so much singing.

3. CSI: Numenor

Join Nindamos’s brilliant but troubled medical examiner as he solves crimes and snippily dismisses his assistant’s concerns about rising sea levels.

You can find the rest of ‘em here – I swear to Ilúvatar they’re not all Tom Bombadil jokes! Well, mostly not.

– Petra

bad at love - part two

pairings - reddie

words - 1.3K

 warnings - none

It was quite easy to say that the car ride to the arcade was the most awkward situation either boy had been in since walking in on Richie’s parents getting it on, on Richie’s 16th birthday.

Eddie completely shut down once inside the beat-up piece of shit that Richie calls a car. Although none of the losers would give it up for the world, they’ve all been through too much in this car but it was still a piece of shit.

Eddie cringes at idea of the copious amount times Richie has been balls deep inside his girlfriend in this very seat. He tries not think about that too much not wanting to mentally scar himself even more than he already is.

“Eds,” Richie mumbles from the drives seat. “You-You don’t have to tell me what’s wrong but I’m here to listen.” He pauses to turn down the busy main street of Derry. “Like, if you want. Y'know?” Eddie doesn’t verbalise a response but sends a subtle nod in Richie’s direction hoping that was enough to get his message across.

He appreciates it. He really does, Richie’s never this quiet, especially when they are driving, he always feels the need to turn whatever loud repulsive song is playing on the radio, blasting it from the speakers while screaming at the top of his lungs. Eddie lets out an affectionate huff at the memory of Richie belting out the lyrics to Shaggy and looking utterly ridiculous while doing so.

“Earth to Eddie Spaghetti,” Richie says obnoxiously waving a hand in front of his face. Breaking Eddie from his thoughts, he realised he’d been staring off into space for the past few minutes. Eddie pushes Richie’s hand away from his face.

“Ugh, get your hand away from me.”

Richie lets out a loud laugh before leaning into Eddie, “That’s not what you’ll be saying later tonight, baby boy.” Eddie rolls his eyes, before shoving the car door open and heading toward the arcade, he walks off on Richie half heartedly listening to him proclaim sex noise from the top of his lungs across the carpark. Heavy footsteps echo on the bitumen behind him, Eddie can hear the boys aspirated voice faded as he entered the building. The amount of kids running around always seems to overwhelm him.

Eddie feels Richie put his hand on his shoulder, immediately calming his senses. The taller boy guides him toward the booth in the back. The loud laughs from their pals brings a small smile to Eddie’s face.

“Eddie! Richie! We we’re starting to worry.” Mike says with a big smile as he shuffles over to make room for the pair.

“Yeah. You guys are late.” Stan added, brushing the single curl from in front of his eye behind his ear.

“Sorry guys, Eddie was trying to get into my pants. I needed to remind him that I have prior engagements.” Eddie slapped Richie across the chest before leaning his head back against the booth, repressing the urge to wipe everything down with antibacterial wipes. Ben snorted loudly at the pair.

“Speaking of girlfriend!” Bev exclaimed. “How are you guys?” Eddie listened intently to Richie’s answer, noticing a slight hesitation. He cracked opened one of his eyes to see the taller boy staring at his face.

“We, um” He paused. “It’s good, great even.” Eddie groaned internally, supressing a sigh. “For her. I think. I’m trying really hard to just love her but I can’t.”

“W-W-w-hat?” Bill stutters. His stutter extremely worsened due to the heavy surprise of Richie’s statement. It had gotten better since they were thirteen, all the Losers were incredibly proud of Bill’s effort to improve his speech patterns.

“You didn’t mention this in the car Rich?” Eddie questions, slightly more intrigued than necessary. He’s still his best friend regardless of what he feels for the other. Richie glances around the table and lands his focus on Eddie.

“She told me, she’s in love with me.”

“What’s the matter with that? You guys say that all the time?” Ben said. Richie paused looking down at his hands placed upon the table. Eddie was feeling more excited than deemed acceptable but the look on Richie’s face was telling him it wasn’t all that important.

“I love her like I love Eddie’s Mom.”

 “It’s enough, but not enough. No offense Ed.” Eddie snorted and waved his hand.

“So, what are you gonna do?” Eddie asked nibbling on his lower lip.

“Yeah, you can’t just leave her hanging.” Mike added after taking a sip from what Eddie could only imagine too be Mike’s all-time favourite strawberry milkshake.  

“If you were in the same position you wouldn’t appreciate it.” Stan said in-between bites of his fruit salad.  The poor boy could only ever eat the food his Mother prepared for him, he always had to bring food with him whenever they all go out.

“If you don’t love her at all, you need to break up with her. The sooner the better.” Bev said with a raise of her eyebrows.

Richie sighed before saying, “That’s not even the worst part.”

“W-w-what could b-be w-worse than that?” Bill asked. Richie leaned back into the red booth, back relaxing against the worn vinyl.

He lifted his arm and settled it on the back of the chair behind Eddie’s back. “I’m in love with someone else.” Eddie’s whole entire world seemed to simultaneous brighten and dull all at once.

Moments past by when suddenly Eddie is pulled from his thoughts by a slap on his back followed by Richie’s departure. Eddie shook his head and faced the group. All five other members seemed to have targeted their attention toward him. “What just happened? Where’d Rich go?”

“You weren’t listening?”  Ben said. “He’s going to break up with Jane.” The table went silent all the remaining members of the Loser’s attention focus’ on Eddie.

“What?” Eddie said with a shake of his head glancing around at the Loser’s.

“Whose gonna tell him?” Eddie looks over to Mike, an unreadable expression etched onto his face.

“Y-you know he loves y-you right?” Bill says, eyes widened as he glances across the round table at Eddie. Eddie shakes his head.

“He’s been spending a lot of time with Roxanne lately.” Eddie trailed off, glancing around the room at anything but his friends. The old worn out red seats that loitered the walls, the dark carpet covered in a multitude of questionable stains, the walls lined with pinball machines and the area slowly filling with children all rushing around, hoping to get a spot in line in front of their favourite game. The arcade was always busy on Friday nights, the absence of Riche was unnerving. Eddie knowing the only reason he still comes here is for boy. He mentally wished the boy luck in whatever course he was taking with Jane.

“Eddie,” Bev said. “It’s you. It always has been.”  

“Well-Well, I- Maybe I don’t like him back, did you ever think of that huh? What makes you think that I Eddie Kaspbrak would ever feel anything for Trashmouth Richie Tozier? Have you seen that boy? Have You? There are no redeeming qualities about him whatsoever.  Not even his soft curls or-or his dark eyes that make you feel warm all over or the number of freckles that always seem to multiply across his nose every other week. Or-or even that small smile that plays on his lips when he sleeps and that fact his literally as blind as a bat without those ugly ass glasses. Don’t even get me started on those stupid Mom jokes he’s always making or-or his annoying habit to give everyone and everything a fucking nickname. I don’t have any feelings for Richie Tozier. Ugly! Everything is just ugly.” Eddie sucked in a hard breath from previously exhausting all his oxygen from prior events. He was met by five faces which he was all too familiar with, all sporting the same amused expression.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and before he had any time to reaction, the pale faced curly headed boy he knew all to well was leaning over him. If Eddie were to turn his face slightly to the left there would be no avoiding the beautiful face of Richie Tozier. Eddie swallowed down a lump in his throat. “Wow Ed’s, you’ve wounded me. Didn’t know you had it in ya.”

A/N sike guys theres gonna a part three because i’m wayyyy to invested in this story. I hope you guys enjoy! Let me know what you think! I had a lot of problems posting this so I hope it posted the right one lmao

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so okay au time

imagine: bucky still falls off the train, and steve into the arctic, but instead of bucky being found with the russians he had fallen into the river and went under the same thing cap did and so when 2012 rolls around and cap’s been found and some bloke (probably coulson) with too much money and sentimentality goes “wait, what iF” and starts a search for bucky’s body, because if the captain was found, what about his ol’ pal bucky?

and lo and behold, they find the body. it’d taken a long time, but they found it. and, due to zola experimenting on bucky, he wakes up just like steve

and like, really just like steve, since he panics and freaks out and throws two people through the door even with just one arm, but eventually he calms down enough to listen to what’s going on (probably to natasha). he’s briefed on the way back to the states where someone had pulled steve from a mission and they were gonna surprise him

and natasha warns him, “he’s not gonna believe it’s you you’re gonna have to convince him,” and bucky just goes “oh, he’ll know it’s me alright” which sounds kind of ominous to natasha

and he walks into the room with steve and the other avengers and the first thing he says “did you get a new uniform? i hate it”


“yeah it’s me,” bucky says as he walks up to steve, who is understandably in a lot of shock and confusion.

then bucky just punches steve in the face.



“YOU FUCKING STUPID PUNK I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS. were you just like “my impulse control fell outta the train with bucky” and thought crashing the plane and not giving your coordinates was a good idea?! and i thought that time in brussels was bad but you’ve really outdone yourself this time! anD DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THE ALIENS JFC STEVE ten fucking days outta the ice and do you do the logical thing like, go on a vacation or figure out what you’ve missed? nO”

and continues to just rip into him, to the bewilderment of everyone in the room. then when bucky tires himself out and stops yelling the other avengers think steve’s gonna rip HIM a new one but he just goes “bucky” and clings to him

“yeah it’s me you stupid punk you don’t have to blubber all over me” he says though he’s crying too.

and the rest of the avengers are like ????? because they were expecting a lot of things but not this