bring it on m8 lets go

so since I identify with scanlan sf much and live for The Angst, I’ve finally realized what fix Imma write. real fic, not a character piece on his trauma from childhood, like the last one.

So, in the beginning, Scanlan was in love with his idea of Pike, we all know and can agree.

But somewhere down the line, his love became real, and so he knew to let her go. He didn’t think she could love him.

But now? He’s been practicing self preservation for the last year, emotionally and otherwise.

Pike loved (loves?) someone else? Okay, he can deal. Good for her. He’s learned to accept that.

But if what you’re all thinking is true and Pike lost her chance because the person she loved chose someone else-

So from Scanlan’s perspective, he thinks Pike’ s “just settling” for him?

Even before his love was real love, she had always been his first choice.

And he finds out he’s her second choice?

TKKS - IM transcript
  • Jack: Ianto?
  • Ianto: Captain
  • Jack: The others have gone. I thought you were coming up? :-)
  • Jack: God, did I just use a smiley? I really am going native.
  • Ianto: LOL. B wid u in 5mins, m8. Lking 4wrd 2 it.
  • Jack: Haha.
  • Jack: Ianto?
  • Ianto: Yes Captain?
  • Jack: How are you feeling?
  • Ianto: Fine. Any reason I shouldn't be?
  • Jack: The glove. It brought Suzie back.
  • Ianto: Yeah.
  • Jack: And?
  • Ianto: And?
  • Jack: And? you know we could have used it to on Lisa. Is that what you meant about there being a second glove?
  • Ianto: You think I've got the second glove?
  • Jack: No! No, I don't. But if you did?
  • Ianto: Would you let me bring her back?
  • Jack: You've not asked us to.
  • Ianto: You haven't offered.
  • Jack: You don't want us to?
  • Ianto: Lisa's dead, sir.
  • Jack: I know.
  • Ianto: And I miss her. Every day. But I don't want her back like that. Not like how she was in the end. Not like Suzie.
  • Jack: Good. See you in a minute?
  • Ianto: On my way.
  • Jack: Oh yeah, forgot to say. Loving you in that suit. The Cute Suit.
  • Ianto: Thank you sir but it's probably best if I do the rhymes.
  • [ conversation ends ]
  • (source: torchwood archives, the official torchwood website)

anonymous asked:

Mc is held for ransom and they meet up with her s/o in some isolated place to make the trade. the kidnapper seems big but has no weapon and is holding mc by the arm. Rfa+ Saeran

ayyyy thx for the request my m8! 


-is willing to give everything up for you

-does bring money, but probably also hired a sniper just in case

-he´d throw the money the distance

-if they wouldn´t immediately let go of mcs arm, he´d have the sniper shoot them in the leg

-he´d be so paranoid for a really long time after, and refuse to let mc be alone at any time 


-he´d be so angry, and so scared he´d immediately demand jumin to lend him money and go there straight away 

-zen has been in his fair share of fights so he can easlily tell when someone is bluffing 

-he´d casually waltz over and beat the crap out of the kidnapper

-would get them in jail in no time, and make sure everyone would be able to recognize the fuckers face anytime.


-the most nervous cinnamon roll ever 

-he´s a yandere type tho, he would go absolutely crazy when he sees the terrified look on your face

-would straight up stab your kidnapper and walk away like it was nothing

-takes the money with him as well 


-who are you kidding she´s a black belt in judo

-doesen´t  even bother to bring money ‘

-she´s just worried they´ve already laid their filthy hands on you 

-beats the crap out of them, before calling the police 


-he´d check in with the cameras to make sure you´re safe at all times

-he knows they´re amateurs just by the watching the footage 

- naturally he´ll make them release you by blackmailing them, he might even make them pay thb 

-he´ll use the blackmail against them after they´ve released you as well

-touch mc you´re dead 


-who tf is tupid enough to do this to someone saeran cares about?! 

-he won´t eve try to get the money, he can destroy them and he knows

-he´ll become full on manic when he gets there

-slowly pushing every finger back until the bones break, ravelling in their screams.

-you´d have to drag him away from your kidnapper to make him stop

-he will have an arm around your waist at all times, after that incident