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Alone... Or Not


pairing: lin manuel miranda x reader

word count: 2200

warnings: swearing, kissing, baking!!!, dumb games

a/n: lowkey this is dedicated to @literallylin because she loves lin and she helped me through some #toughstuff the other day and also shes my bff and i love her to death but this is also for everyone who is in love with lin and wants to kiss him! its not the best thing ive ever written and the ending is kind of fast but i am still recovering. either way, enjoy

Great. Alone on Valentine’s Day, you thought to yourself. 

There was a knock at your door. 

…Or not.

You opened it.

“Hey, I got you some chocolate.”

You stared at Lin for a few seconds before your gaze switched to the red, heart-shaped box he was holding in his mitten-clad hands.

“Oh, uh… thanks, Lin.”

He cleared his throat and bit his lip nervously. “I’m, uh, sorry for coming by so unexpectedly, I just…” His eyes glanced into the empty apartment behind you and stayed there. “…didn’t want you to be alone on Valentine’s Day.”

You raised your eyebrows, but gave him a smile in return. “Me neither,” you told him quietly. “Do you wanna…”

“Yeah,” he said quickly without letting you finish your thought. “I’d like that.”

You took the box from his hand and he followed you inside.

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❛ atlantis: the lost empire ❜ sentence starters
  • “It’s just a myth, isn’t it? Pure fantasy?”
  • “Well, this is it. I’m finally getting out of the dungeon.”
  • “They can’t do this to me!”
  • “Besides, we need you here. We depend on you.”
  • “You have a lot of potential, [ NAME ]. Don’t throw it all away chasing fairytales.”
  • “Maybe the cold water will clear your head!”
  • “Who – who are you? How did you get in here?”
  • “I came down the chimney. Ho, ho, ho.”
  • “Relax. He doesn’t bite… often.”
  • “They said if anything were to happen to them, I should give it to you when you were ready. Whatever that means.”
  • “I’ll show them, I will make them believe!”
  • “You hear that, [ NAME ]? I’m going to the afterlife with a clear conscience by thunder!”
  • “If I could bring back just one shred of proof, that’d be enough for me.”
  • “Our lives are remembered by the gifts we leave our children.”
  • “You will not regret this! Boy, I am so excited, I – I can’t even hold it in!”
  • “Carrots… Why is it always carrots, I didn’t even eat carrots…”
  • “Blondie, I got a bone to pick with you!”
  • “Hey, junior, if you’re looking for the pony rides, they’re back there.”
  • “Gunpowder, nitroglycerine, notepads, fuses, wicks, glue… and paper clips, big ones. You know, just office supplies.”
  • “Yes, this should be enriching for all of us.”
  • “Back, foul creature! Back to the pit from whence you came!”
  • “So I said to him, what’s wrong with my meatloaf, and he says to me – ”
  • “Geez, I used to take lunch money from guys like this.”
  • “Hard to believe he’s still single.”
  • “You wanna do my job? Be my guest.”
  • “Melt the butter and bring out the bibs, I want this monster served up on a silver platter!”
  • “We’re all gonna die.”
  • “Don’t move, don’t breathe, don’t do anything… except pray, maybe.”
  • “Yeah, yeah, thank you very much, shut up.”
  • “Two for flinching.”
  • “You’re so skinny if you turned sideways and stuck out your tongue, you’d look like a zipper.”
  • “I sleep in the nude.”
  • “Somebody’s gonna have to suck out the poison… Don’t everybody jump up at once.”
  • “They can smell fear just by looking at you, so keep quiet.”
  • “About time someone hit him, I’m just sorry it wasn’t me.”
  • “There were not supposed to be people down here. This changes everything.”
  • “You presume much to think you are welcome here.”
  • “Our weapons allow us to remove obstacles we may encounter.”
  • “Some obstacles may not be removed by a mere show of force.”
  • “A thousand years ago you would have slain them on sight.”
  • “We were once a great people, now we live in ruins!”
  • “What they have to teach us, we have already learned.”
  • “I have some questions for you, and I’m not leaving the city until they’re answered!”
  • “You are a scholar, are you not? Judging by your diminished physique and large forehead, you are suited for nothing else!”
  • “All I can remember is the sky going dark and people shouting and running…”
  • “Don’t forget to eat the head! That’s where all the nutrients are.”
  • “We are like a stone the ocean beats against. With each passing year, a little more of us is worn away.”
  • “Oh yeah, I swim pretty girl – Pretty good, pretty good! I swim pretty good…”
  • “Why don’t you lead the way, because… I have no idea where we’re going.”
  • “Hey guys, what’s going on…? What’s with all the guns…?”
  • “I mean, I would’ve told you sooner, but it was on a strictly need-to-know basis and, well… Now you know.”
  • “What’s to know? It’s big, it’s shiny, it’s gonna make us all rich.”
  • “For once, do the smart thing.”
  • “You will destroy yourselves!”
  • “I’d suggest you put a bandage on that bleeding heart of yours, it doesn’t suit a mercenary.”
  • “Well I know, why don’t you translate, and I’ll wave the gun around!”
  • “All will be well, [ NAME ]. Be not afraid.”
  • “Hold your horses, loverboy.”
  • “But that’s what it’s all about, right? Money.”
  • “It’s called natural selection! We’re just helping it along.”
  • “That was an order, not a suggestion!”
  • “This is wrong and you know it!”
  • “You pick now of all times to grow a conscience?”
  • “Nobody got hurt! Well… maybe somebody got hurt, but… Nobody we knew!”
  • “Internal bleeding. There’s nothing more I can do.”
  • “What a nightmare. And I brought it here.”
  • “My burden would have become theirs when the time was right. But now it falls to you.”
  • “I followed you in, and I’ll follow you out. It’s your decision.”
  • “Oh, my decision? Well I think we’ve seen how effective my decisions have been.”
  • “Of course, in my experience, if you hit bottom… the only place left to go is up.”
  • “I didn’t say it was the smart thing… But it is the right thing.”
  • “C’mon, we better make sure he doesn’t hurt himself.”
  • “We’re gonna come in low and fast and take them by surprise.”
  • “I’ve got news for you, [ NAME ] is never surprised and they’ve got a lot of guns!”
  • “Great, well do you have any suggestions?”
  • “Yeah! Don’t get shot!”
  • “Holy smokes! You told me he only had guns!”
  • “What I said was they’re never surprised!”
  • “Okay, now things are getting good.”
  • “Alright, this is it. Any last words? … Yeah, I really wish I had a better idea than this!”
  • “That’s it, unless someone wants to jump.”
  • “Well I have to hand it to you, you’re a bigger pain in the neck than I would’ve ever thought possible.”
  • “Nothing personal.”
  • “Tired? That’s a darned shame! I’m just getting warmed up!”
  • “Ah, I don’t think the world needs another hero.”
  • “Nervous breakdown. You could say he went all to pieces.”
  • “I’m gonna miss that kid. At least they’re in a better place now…”
  • “I hope this piece of proof is enough for you. It sure convinced me.”
and after the show it’s the afterparty (Oscars round-up)

[Yes, that is Salman Rushdie in the background.]

At the Vanity Fair party:

There was no shortage of sightings appropriate for the hour. Back at the bar, nursing a beer, Chris Evans sidled up to a row of brunettes. “Oh oh oh!” he greeted them. “The most f–––ing beautiful women in the entire place.” James Marsden was spotted a few feet away, trying on another man’s watch. Josh Harnett waved to a waiter to bring over a platter of cream pie tarts for his date. Lin Manuel-Miranda looked incredibly happy to take a bite of his cheeseburger.

[Gratuitous Ignition reference courtesy of Lin himself.]

Voltron 84 & Beast King Golion

Just in case anyone is interested, I thought I would post which Beast King Golion episodes correspond to the Voltron 84 episodes that were just put up on Netflix.

A tiny bit of history in case anyone is confused. Golion is a Japanese anime that came out in 1981 done by Toei Animation. The rights were bought by World Events Productions (an American animation and distribution studio), who not only dubbed the anime, but sliced and diced the episodes to cut out some of the darker elements of Golion and significantly change some of the plot. This was released as Voltron: Defenders of the Universe in 1984.

So the 12 episodes that are currently on Netflix under the title Voltron 84 are selected episodes (in no particular order) of Voltron: Defenders of the Universe.

It’s fun to watch them together with their Golion counterparts and see just how much they changed. Personally, I like Golion better so far (I haven’t gotten through all the Voltron 84 episodes, although I have watched all of Golion). It is darker in a lot ways and quite violent at times, but I feel like the plots make more sense, and I like the feel of the characters better (also the voice acting is significantly better).

You can watch Golion here on

Voltron 84 / Beast King Golion

There are some very significant differences between Golion and Voltron, and in the hopes of helping people who don’t want to watch all of Golion not be confused, I’m putting them under the cut (in case anyone doesn’t want spoilers for an anime that came out in `81 - also some of these are dark, and there is some sexual content).

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I’ll Be There - Part 12

|Part 1| |Part 2| |Part 3| |Part 4| |Part 5| |Part 6| |Part 7| |Part 8| |Part 9| |Part 10| |Part 11| |Part 13| |Part 14| |Part 15| |Epilogue|

Member: Hoseok

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 3725

Summary: You and Hoseok are best friends and just like any story that starts like this, nothing good ever happens. One night when Hoseok is in his drunken state, he says some things that make you reconsider how much worth you actually have in his life.

A/N: Hello, hello! Part 12 c’est ici! I think I’m going to go for a strong 15 parts with this one. Part 12 is mainly fluff imo and it’s quite the change from the regular angsty stuff, so I hope you enjoy Xx 

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“Jin—Wait—ugh—No I said no sequins—Ah!”

When you agreed to let Jin and Namjoon take care of your outfit for the party, you didn’t think that you would be signing up for this. You weren’t even fully awake yet, but Jin, he called you at 6:30 in the morning, two days before the party. It didn’t even matter if you were ready to go out yet, he was already at your door with Namjoon waiting in the car. Completely giving up on the idea of looking presentable to the public, you chose to wear jeans and a large sweater; also because Jin just rummaged through your closet and threw the first articles of clothing he could find.

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How do you think Bellamy has changed in the 2 seasons we’ve had so far?

The Inquisition Cooks for You.

So you’re hungry and just showed up in Thedas. Fortunately, your fifteen best friends have your back.

Josephine learned to make one dish, though she regrets not learning more. She stirs up a risotto, rich arborio rice from Antiva cooked down into a thick and creamy stew. At the end she adds half its weight in shredded salty cheese and a handful of black pepper. She serves it with an apology. It is delicious, the kind of food you crave when sick or sad. And that’s when she makes it.

Blackwall knows his way around a kitchen, and how to feed himself. He can turn a skittering animal into a halfway decent roast with very little at his disposal, but his real specialty, the one he cooks up for his friends and people he loves? Sausages, sliced up and grilled until touches of black appear on the skins. He chops up a bunch of apples, onions and parsnips, cooks them all together and tops it with the grilled sausage. His sausages are perfect. They’re always seasoned well, cooked to retain their juices and he knows exactly how to get the proper amount of char on them.

Sera makes a mean breakfast, but don’t tell anyone. She’ll wake you up from her sofa, handing you a plate of pancakes that are somehow thick and light. She got some good syrup, and she ain’t telling you where its from. There’s too much butter on top. It’s wonderful.

Dorian teaches himself to cook, quickly tiring of burnt and underdone foods. His specialty is oxtail stew, a manly, hearty dish. He adds a variety of spicy Tevinter peppers, tiny ones the size of berries, large red ones that are mostly sweet and round orange ones that pack a lot of heat. Tomatoes and carrots and a fistful of fragrant herbs rounds it off. If you’re really special, he’ll shave curls of hard white cheese on top.

Cole doesn’t eat, and he can’t quite grok cooking. But he knows what people like to eat, what satisfies them when they need it. For some people that’s a thick slab of bread and butter, for others it’s stew and a bit of rice. But he has a bit of talent for finding ripe fruit, of picking the best plums, the sweetest apples. That’s his. He might bring you your mother’s curry, but he’ll put a soft and sweet peach on the side.

Varric laughs his ass off in the kitchen, an apron protecting his lush chest hair from the bits of flour that might land in it. He makes up a sticky wet yeast dough, stretches it thin and tops it with oil, salt, tiny fishes from the harbor, salty olives and sweet, thick slices of tomato. He roasts it hot, tossing it on the table for everyone to eat with their hands.

Solas doesn’t eat much, but he has an eye for refined foods. If you come to sit with him at night, he’ll present a plate of things to snack on. Deep fried wood grubs, pickles and olives, rich creamy cheeses, sharp bitter cheeses, paper thin crisps that exist as vehicles for the above. He has a private stash of berry wines that are thick and sweet, but they somehow go with all this salty and rich food, and he happy to share it with you.

Cassandra has no small skill in the kitchen, though she tends to curse a lot as she works, overreacting to fire that’s too hot or forgetting something in the oven for a minute too long. She stews up a Nevarran classic, spareribs in sauerkraut. Her mother showed her when she was very young to add whole caraway seeds, allspice berries and wedges of under ripe pear. She thunks it onto the table, telling you it’s nothing special. You both have second helpings.

Cullen makes a roast chicken. He roasts potatoes in butter and salt and serves the two together. The chicken is lean and slightly tough, but it’s roasted properly, golden crispy skin and sweet meat, just as it should be. He tells you later that he’ll cook something more suitable next time, more fitting your station, and you don’t know what that means. Next time, it’s the same chicken. And it was just as wonderful as the first.

The Iron Bull loves sweets and desserts and would happily serve you Par Vollen banana cake for dinner, but instead he cooks up a curry. It’s got large chunks of hard dry squash in it that suck up the spiced sauce. Cardamom, green peppercorns, coriander seeds and stems and roots, garlic and pungent fermented fish go in first. He fries them until the smell is in everything. He adds duck, chopped in irregular pieces, bones and all. Over it all he pours a thin broth, letting the whole thing simmer until thick and pungent. The squash goes in last, and then when it’s just about ready, he adds fresh herbs. It’s complex, spicy, makes your eyes water and leaves you wanting more.

Leliana knows how to make people talk and it doesn’t always involve a dagger to the neck. Sometimes all it takes is fried artichokes, dry Orlesian white wine, a plate of extremely fresh raw beef sliced paper thin, and some very expensive pate. Salt makes you thirsty, wine gets you tipsy, and before you know it, she’s got what she needs. Of course, often times what she needs is to share a fine meal with a friend, but that’s between us.

Dagna makes a beef soup that’s so spicy it’ll make you sweat and your eyes water. She laughs as the two of you blow your noses and cough. The beef is shredded in an oily red broth, lots of long thin deep mushrooms on top.  More for texture than anything, really. She cooks up a pot of rice to go with it, and serves it with pickles. You ask if this is Dwarven cuisine and she giggles a lot, but doesn’t actually answer your question. When the soup is gone, she takes the rest of the rice, dumps it in the bowl and pours hot tea over it. You’re full, but you drink it down anyway. It is delicious.

Harding loved cooking with her mother when she was growing up and compares everything she makes to her mother’s food. You’ve never had her mother’s food so it doesn’t mean anything to you. Her favorite thing to make is corned beef and cabbage. She cures the meat herself, not trusting anyone to do it properly, then simmers it for hours and hours. The cabbage goes in the water, and she pulls it out while it still has some texture to it. Carrots and potatoes, of course. She always cooks for a crowd, inviting others to join if there’s too much. Corned beef night becomes a monthly event, one everyone looks forward to.

Vivienne would like you to know that of course she can cook. The Free Marches are not known for their cuisine, but Orlais is. Madame de Fer found Orlesian specialties somewhat lacking in spirit and so she puts her own twist on them. Her masterpiece is mussels. She cooks them with spicy Antivan cured sausage and a generous portion of white wine. The mussels are pulled out of the pan and laid out on a platter. She brings the fire up with one hand, boiling the liquid rapidly and finishing with a lump of the finest butter. She pours the sauce over the mussels and serves with crackling crisp bread. She eats everything with her hands, and when you make a comment, she tells you only a fool uses a tool when what you’re born with will do the job better.

Krem isn’t much for kitchen work. But one night on the road, he catches a number of fish, and it brings up a memory of a rundown little inn in the Tevinter countryside. He still has a jar of salted lemons, sour and flavorful. He smears the lemon over the fish, wrapping it in leaves and roasting it over the fire. Potatoes, can’t forget the potatoes. Those he slices thin, along with some onions, salt and pepper. They get a wrapping of thick leaves and roasted next to the fish. Sour and salt, and fresh and brine and rich and buttery. Everything tastes better when you’re hungry, but really, Krem knows what he’s doing.


Jhin busied himself with cleaning a cleaver just as a dark splotch of shadows and blood-red runes festered its way into being– that being in the middle of his house’s foyer.

“Ah,” he said. Punctual as always.

He wrapped the blade in a towel for drying and left it aside. 

“I see that you entertained my invitation, then.” He reached for a platter. The porcelain cups and kettles were laid in gold and far more expensive than they were worth– but then, the ability to transmute even diamonds from coal made for an interesting subjectivity to the nature of expensive.

“Tonight,” he said, bringing the platter out and putting it flat on his foyer’s table, “oolong for you and macadamia for yours truly. If you’re interested, I’ll also be bringing out sushi. Please, sit.”

Jhin’s hair was done up in a high ponytail and the rest of him robed in maroon. He went back to the kitchen and retrieved the plate of sushi before he finally knelt at a seat across from Zed. In an instant his hands were preoccupied with tea.

“Now, Zed,” Jhin started, “what of my proposal? I don’t doubt that you find it– shall we say, tempting?

good enough - royal!calum fluff

for @artlukes and @classifiedluke royal!5sos blurb night!! 

word count: 1730

a/n: i had this saved in my drafts for ages and saw that there was a royal!5sos blurb night so i figured i’d post it. i hope you guys enjoy!

You could practically smell the judgement in the surrounding air. Girls traipsed around in glitzy gowns and skyscraper heels that tacked on years to their young ages, while the middle-aged women turned their noses up at the plate of hors devours that was clutched in your gloved hands. Their hair held pounds of hairspray, primped to perfection to match the makeup that disguised their inevitable wrinkles. The men were dressed to the nines as well, sporting crisp suits that displayed not a single crease as they strode through the ballroom.

Everyone looked fabulous, but it was all just for show; a facade to mask their internal conflict. You knew Prince Calum well enough to be acutely aware of this fact. Just because his mother - the nation’s infamous Joy Hood, the king’s beloved wife - was hosting a charity event, didn’t mean that the guests were making their appearances solely for their completely genuine desire to donate to a good cause. In their eyes, the evening ball was just another opportunity to look good, flaunt their money, and drive their corrupt families home in a sleek sports car.

It was a routine. Since you worked at the affluent city’s country club where the event was being held, you came across these types of people daily, although you were never truly associated with them. You only worked for them, served them their meals, cleaned up after their drunken messes left behind at dinners. You only earned your money while most of the families’ children were born with it. The thought of that alone left a bitter taste on your tongue, but the notion was erased whenever Prince Calum came around.

He was a paradox, an endless juxtapose. Although he belonged to the wealthiest family in the nation, he seemed to be anything but just another pretentious rich kid born into royalty. He drove past the neighborhood mansions in a second-rate, dented pickup truck that he purchased with the money he made himself while working for the local mechanic. He wore ripped jeans and oversized tee shirts all through the week until his mother forced him into a suit for the events that he was supposed to attend. His eyes gleamed and his smile shined and everything about him was real - authentic and unapologetically honest. The unadulterated truthfulness was what made you fall for him, especially when you were surrounded by people who lied for sport.

But you and Calum couldn’t be together - at least, not in public.

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Samurai Love Ballad Party: Communicating Through Touch (Maeda Toshiie/Inuchiyo)

It’s funny how knowing you mean the world to another person can change your perspective on things. The outside world seemed brighter, the grass seemed greener, and you could look directly up at the sun and not mind the tears streaming down your cheeks as you did so, because to you, that other person meant more than the sun and all the planets and their moons combined in your heart of hearts. Overdramatic, much? Maybe. But you didn’t mind it. No, you didn’t mind it at all.

8:04 A.M

“Are you daydreaming again?” You heard an annoyed voice sigh, snapping you out of your thoughts, “I’ve been calling your name for a few minutes now, have you gone deaf already?”

On a normal occasion, you’d retort right away, either calling him out on being mean, or pointing out that he wasn’t exactly excluded from being an airhead either, but instead you reached for his hand, so much bigger than yours and calloused from years and years of war, squeezing it tightly. His violet eyes enlarged immediately in shock, but softened once he saw the look in your eyes.

I love you.

He squeezed your hand back in return.

I love you too.

You and him had always had a special connection. Even when you both constantly bickered and fought, it was somehow comforting in a way. You two were so close that when you grew up, you eventually began to be able to communicate with a single glance and understand completely what the other was trying to say. Of course, if you ever told anybody this, they’d think you were nuts, but it didn’t matter. You didn’t need to tell anyone. It was a secret that only belonged to you and him. However, that’s not the only secret that came to light. After you confessed your feelings to one another, fast forward a few passionate kisses and heartfelt conversations, you discovered something new. You could communicate through touch. These discoveries were especially handy, since you both had trouble admitting things out loud without getting flustered.

12:41 P.M

You were carrying a platter full of desserts to bring to Lord Nobunaga, but when you walked into his quarters, you saw your lover speaking to him.

‘Should I come back later?’

Just as you were about to leave, Ranmaru ran into the room and confronted Lord Nobunaga.

“Milord! Lord Mitsuhide has something he’d like to discuss with you!”

“I swear, that man never lets me catch a break. I’ll be right back to continue our conversation, Toshiie,” Once he made eye contact with you, he smirked and turned his head back to Inuchiyo, “Your loyal little wife will keep you company while I’m away.”

“My whaaaa!?” He blushed furiously, “L-like hell!”

You knew he was just embarrassed, but your heart couldn’t help but sink. Did he genuinely not have any thoughts about marrying you?

“Hey, why do you look so disappointed? Your pouty face makes you look like you got all your baby fat back.”

“H-huh!? How dare you! God, you’re so rude, Inuchiyo!” You yelled at him, “And for your information, I’m upset at the fact that I’m the only one thinking about our future!”

“Wha—o-oh..” He avoided your gaze when he realized what you had meant. The room went silent for a few minutes before he spoke up again, a blush creeping onto his cheeks once more.

“Dammit..” He made his way over to you, huffing in frustration as he did so. When he was so close that your nose nearly pressed into his masculine chest, he brushed your bangs aside, and..

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.

Pecked your forehead. You weren’t expecting this, of course, and it made your heart swell. You nuzzled into his cheek affectionately.

I know.

One of his hands reached out to hold yours, stroking your ring finger softly.

I want to marry you.

His other one drifted from your shoulder to your belly, caressing it with his thumb.

I want to start a family with you.

Tears started coursing down your cheeks as you nodded and put your hands over his.

Me too.

His unspoken sweetness did not ever fail to make your heart race and your love for him grow even more by the day.  That was more than enough to make you forgive him, over and over again.

7:07 P.M  (See what I did there MM fans? (;)

As you were giving snacks to the other retainers while they were in the middle of their war council, you had received a compliment from one of them, which didn’t exactly happen often.

“Y/N, your food is always so delectable, you’d make a fantastic wife!” He grinned.

“I was thinking the exact same thing, so Y/N, how about it?” The retainer next to him winked at you.

“Hey! Hands off or I’ll knock all your teeth out so that you’ll never be able to taste her food ever again!” Inuchiyo growled.

“Would you like to tell me why you are all focusing on my little kitchen mouse and not the upcoming battle?” Lord Nobunaga gave the three a death glare, and motioned for you to get back to work.

You nodded and were about to leave, but a hand shot out and grabbed your wrist, quickly stopping you in your tracks. You jumped in surprise and turned around, and it was none other than Inuchiyo. You looked into his eyes, trying to find what he was trying to say, but all he did was squeeze your wrist and you knew.

The only one allowed to protect you and bring you happiness as your husband is me.

You smiled, pulling your arm from his grasp so you could wrap your own around his neck and give him a kiss on the cheek in response.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

9:59 P.M

Lord Nobunaga had held a feast after the war council was done and over with, and you could hear the banter and chattering of the drunk retainers in the main hall. You, however, weren’t a part of that crowd, thank goodness. You were sitting on the porch with your beloved, looking up at the bright shining stars. Eventually, the loud voices of the retainers became quieter and quieter until you knew all of them were passed out on the floor, hiccupping in their slumber. You would have laughed at the thought, but you knew whenever they did this, it meant the feast was pretty much over and you should have gone to bed by now as well. But as you looked over at Inuchiyo, struggling to keep his eyes open, you mentally decided against it, not wanting to waste a single second away from him. You two had been talking for hours, until your conversation had become limited to sleepy murmurs and going silent for at least ten minutes before speaking again. It was clear he’d fall over asleep any minute now, and you didn’t want him to suffer just to stay awake with you. You placed your head on his shoulder and nuzzled it lazily.

I’m tired, but I don’t want to wait till the next morning to see you again.

Whatever he was thinking woke him right up, as he flushed red and he scratched his head nervously in thought.

“Urgh..want to..go to sleep together?”

You didn’t know how he meant that statement, but you grew warm as you realized you didn’t care either way.


11:01 P.M

Inuchiyo’s bed was so, so warm. You weren’t sure if it was because of his body heat, or yours when you realized he was sleeping so close to you. Because of this fact, you couldn’t quite get to sleep as easily as he did. If you turned the other way, you could feel and hear his warm breath against your ear, making you shudder, and if you turned to face him, you couldn’t help but look at his unusually innocent face. Your hand seemed to move on its own, brushing his raven locks aside.


You immediately regretted this decision, when one of his striking amethyst eyes slowly popped open.

“Ah, I’m sorry Inuchiyo..”

You looked down, avoiding his gaze.

“What are you doing still up? Can’t sleep?”


“You really are a pain, you know that?”

“Hey, that’s so not fair-!”

Your words were cut off when his strong arms wrapped around you, crushing you to his chest. You don’t know if being in a tired state brought out his forwardness, but nevertheless, you were left speechless.

“Quit being so damn stubborn and go to sleep.”

You were in no position to refuse considering that you didn’t want to, and that you were too flustered to think properly. Feeling his skin against yours, his heartbeat against your own, his hair rubbing against your forehead, it was too much. However, you decided to curl up into his arms after a while, trying to stop your pounding heartbeat as you cuddled into him.


“Mmn..what now..”

“I love you.”

It was his turn to be flustered as your legs wrapped around his and your arms squeezed his torso.

“ come you can say things like this so easily at night..”

“What do you mean?”

“If you say those things to me, I..”

He looked up at you.

“I can’t control myself.”

“I don’t mind.”


“I won’t stop you..if you want to do those types of things to me..”

“You..shouldn’t be so defenseless..”

“I’m not. It’s only natural that I’d want to be as close to you as possible, right?”


After looking everywhere but your eyes for a few minutes, his hand came to rest upon your cheek.

Are you sure?

When you nodded, he leaned in, your noses touching..and kissed you. His kisses were always so very passionate and loving. Once he gave you one, you wanted him to give you at least a hundred more, that’s just how addictive his lips were to you. He must have been thinking the same thing, because next thing you knew, you felt his tongue on your lips, asking for your permission to go inside of your mouth, which of course you granted. The taste of him was intoxicating, and you couldn’t help but let out a moan inside of his mouth, which only egged on his movements. As you two exchanged saliva, his hand ran across your body.

I want to touch all of you.

Your tongue caressed his own.

Go ahead.

And you guided his hand to untie your obi.

Make me yours.

7:55 A.M

Your eyes fluttered open, wincing at the blinding sunlight peering in from the windows. You looked away from it, wanting to sleep a little longer, but then you saw how you looked in the reflection of the mirror in front of the bed. You had purple marks on your neck, not to mention your messy hair and your lack of clothes. When you remembered what had happened last night, you blushed deeply. You looked at your lover sleeping next to you, his arms embracing you tightly. You smiled, and kissed his lips lightly so that he wouldn’t wake up.

I’ll stay with you a little bit longer.

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16. Brand new neighbors au for yoonjinkook! I am weak for that ot3 and haven't seen much for it. Please and thank you ❤️

“This is stupid,” Yoongi whines as a last-ditch effort to get out of doing the thing.

The thing, as it were, currently consists of joining Jin as he heads down the block to the new neighbor’s house. For one, it’s hot, and that’s a lot of steps to take, and it’s hot. For another, he doesn’t know a single person in their age range who brings new neighbors baked goods as a welcome gift. That’s a thing people do on TV. That’s a thing people did in 1956. This isn’t 1956. This is stupid.

Whining does nothing to deter Jin, nor has it ever. He flashes Yoongi a straighten up and act right look, which makes Yoongi internalize the rest of his complaints. It’s so hot out, though. The cake Jin made is probably baking all over again.

New neighbor still has boxes in the driveway. The front door is wide open and some American artist Yoongi only barely recognizes croons her way through an existential crisis over a breakup. Yoongi wants to just leave. It’s just seconds after they walk closer that barking becomes louder and louder, until they both notice a gigantic dog, some kind of Frankenstein mix of a boxer and…maybe a collie? It’s a weird dog. And it’s huge. It stops halfway across the lawn and opts to bark in place rather than charge them, and rather quickly following, new neighbor emerges and

crap. He’s hot.

He’s sweaty, thanks to the insurmountable heat, and his white scoopneck t-shirt clings in a way that Yoongi can’t really help but notice abs. He genuinely doesn’t want to notice abs. So he turns his attention to the boxes in the driveway, ignoring new neighbor trying to wrangle the dog.

“Sorry,” new neighbor pants and crap his voice is hot too.

“No, no, it’s fine!” Jin says. How can he possibly sound so composed? This guy is right up Jin’s alley. Yoongi looks up to him and smiles a little to himself once he notices Jin isn’t totally composed; he definitely has his this is being committed to memory for later use face on. “What a good dog, protecting property already.”

“I think she just likes being loud.” New neighbor’s laugh is quiet and kind of shy and Yoongi just wants to protect him forever. He does not appreciate that. “Sorry. Um. She didn’t–”

“No, she stopped there,” Jin says. “What’s her name?”

“Jungkook,” new neighbor says, then after a beat, “wait sorry, you said her name. Um. It’s Sasha. I’m Jungkook.”

“Nice to meet you, Jungkook,” Jin says as he steps closer, hand extended as he balances the cake platter in his other hand. “I’m Jin. That’s Yoongi. He speaks sometimes.”

“Hi,” Jungkook says, staring at Yoongi. His mouth’s hitched up in a half-smile that is probably trouble. No, definitely trouble. Yoongi just nods in response.

“So, we brought you a welcome cake,” Jin says as he thrusts the cake into Jungkook’s hands. “It’s vanilla. Everyone likes vanilla but if you tell me your favorite, I can make that for you.”

“Oh, are you a baker?” Jungkook asks.

“Not for profit. I just like doing it,” Jin says. “Especially for cute new people.”

Jungkook’s entire attempt at a cool facade crumbles at that and he fumbles with about twenty different responses before simply laughing awkwardly.

“So, anyway, we live sort of diagonal from you…” Jin turns to point at their house–the smallish one with the tire swing. “If you ever wanted to stop by. He works from home so he’ll be around.”

“Oh…that’s cool,” Jungkook says. “What…do–”

“He’s a musician,” Jin says proudly. “A writer and composer.”

“Whoa…anything I’ve heard?” Jungkook looks to Yoongi again, eyes wide.

“Uh…I dunno, I guess, if you have a radio,” Yoongi says. “Not to brag. Just…I write a lot of stuff and a lot of it’s on the radio.”


“You know what, you’re too skinny,” Jin says. “I’m officially revoking the soft invitation and giving you a mandatory dinner attendance date. You’re going to come over Saturday. Is that cool?”

“Uhh…s-sure, I guess. Saturday’s…cool.”

“Great! You can bring my cake platter back when you come.”

Jin smiles, then pats Yoongi on the shoulder before turning to walk back toward their house. Yoongi glances over his shoulder to see Jungkook still standing on his lawn, watching them.

“I think you broke him,” Yoongi says.

“I think he broke you. I’m doing you a favor.”

Nicole and Waverly always buy their refreshments at the movie theater. Waverly, because she likes to support local businesses. Nicole, because she respects the law. 

(Occasionally Nicole WILL sneak in a healthy snack like raisins for her and Waves when they’re on a health kick, but only because the movie theater only sells junk food. Waverly thinks the whole ordeal is more stress than it’s worth.)

Wynonna will bring an entire dinner platter in with her. Barely covered with tin foil. The kid that works there learned the hard way that it is easier to just let her do it.

One Direction Preferences #10 Royalty AU



NOTE: Unfortunately due to the high-stress levels that I’m currently facing with revision for my upcoming exams. I’m unsure if I’ll be able to post an imagine or something before/during the exam time slots that I have. I’m sorry but hopefully, I’ll be able to put up something during those two weeks for you guys xx. 

Harry: It was a bright afternoon, the sun gleamed down on the gardens below where butlers and garden workers were busy preparing for the afternoon tea party that the Royals had prepared. You stood quietly on a balcony that allowed you to watch the scene unfold: maids bringing out countless platters of sweet delights and a large cake was placed in the centre of the table. A sigh escaped your lips as you watched, your taste-buds melting at the idea of warm chocolate in your stomach. 

You were stuck in a new formal dress that your handmaidens had picked out for you, a lavender gown with pink flowers sewn across the waist – where the dress began to flare out forming a slight trail behind you as you walked gracefully across the concrete floors of the castle. You were only a guest for the Royal party this evening, a princess of the neighbouring land that was sent to this party to help keep the young prince company. 

That was when you spotted him sitting further away from the hustle of castle workers. He sat alone, in his own thoughts underneath the flower gazebo which seemed to be the only place to get some quiet alone time out in the gardens at this time of day. He seemed lonely yet comfortable in the silence that embraced him, a smile on his face as he leant against the sturdy wooden structure of the gazebo and breathed in the summer scent of the blossomed flowers. 

“He’s a little confusing. I can never really understand what he finds so pleasant about sitting in that old thing.” The Queen spoke as she joined you out on the balcony – she too was already dressed in the royal colours of her kingdom: gold and red. She looked beautiful, catching you off guard as you immediately curtsied once you realised she was now standing beside you. 

“I believe my Queen that he finds such comfort in being alone from time to time and taking in the sights around him.” You replied with the utmost respect for Harry’s mother who smiled gently at you. It pleased you to know that she enjoyed having you spend time with her family in the presence of her palace. You’ve always had an urge to stay with the prince, finding it hard to watch him be in the presence of other princesses or young ladies of upper-class families. You were the only one who knew how he really way, watching him grow up in the shadow of his father who ruled over the great kingdom. The man that helped create the alliance of peace between his kingdom and your father’s, it was the reason why the two of you grew so close – an option that the two king’s had to keep the peace, to help reunite the kingdoms as one through their own children. 

“(Y/N) why don’t you go and talk to him. It might be best for you two to spend some time together before the guests start to arrive.” The Queen requested as you lifted your head from your hands, a delighted expression on your glowing face. She knew that there was growing feelings for the two of you and that the future of the two kingdoms was to soon be handed down to the pair of you anyways. She’d rather have you and Harry be rulers of this and your own kingdom one day than have another young lady join the family from begging self-absorbed rich people.

“It would be my pleasure, your highness.” You curtsied before her then began making your way out to the gardens to find Harry who was now waiting patiently for your arrival. The Queen watched on with a smile on her face as Harry quickly stood up to grab your waist and twirl you in the air, smiles on both your faces as she witnessed first hand what the future rulers of the two kingdoms would look like side-by-side. 

Niall: You could feel the warm embrace of the moonlight as you stood beside your parents dressed in a white dress that had been passed down through generations of your kingdom’s princess’. It still had the same look of grace as it did back when it was first created – a picture in the castle that had portraits of each member of the royal family: past and present. Tonight the dress had a slight lavender undertone from the light of the moon when it glistened on the fabric, your hands rested against the front of your dress as you watched the guests of the ball start dancing to celebrate your crowning as the princess to the kingdom. 

“Your majesty, may I present Prince Niall of the North.” One of the royal guards spoke from the base of the stairs that sat the throne of the royal couple. Your father bowed his head and allowed the prince to walk up to meet them, your eyes following him as he stood tall whilst walking up the stairs in before your parents. Niall smiled at you sweetly as you blushed profoundly whilst waiting for the reason for his introduction to your father.

“King, I ask for permission to dance with your daughter this evening.” Niall requested, bowing his head to show his respect and placement in the royal hierarchy of your kingdom. The King looked over at you with a smile on his face before placing a hand on Niall’s shoulder, helping the prince to stand before reaching out for you hand for him to place in Niall’s. You curtsied at your father before allowing Niall to guide you down the stairs and through the sea of people that had gathered around the now empty dance floor. 

Niall bowed at you whilst you curtsied in reply, the echoing sound of the orchestra starting to perform a new tune in the background. He placed one hand in your left whilst the other on your waist, your other hand rested on top of his shoulder as he began to lead the ballroom dance that you had grown so accustomed to. Your eyes never leaving one another’s as you let the music take control of your bodies. 

“You have a beautiful dress.” Niall complimented as you both steadily danced around the room, ignoring the gazes of each guest who had come to witness your coronation. You thanked him as you kept your poise and put into practice what your handmaidens have been teaching you for so long, “It perfectly captures the colours of the moons glimmer.”

“It’s been passed down through generations. Everything has been altered to fit my shape but the original design - and everything on it is from the first princess’ time of coronation.” You replied a smile on your face as Niall raise his arm to twirl you, your dress in response began to fan out resulting with an awe from the crowd. Niall pulled you closer to his body this time but you didn’t mind, it was fun for you to put into practice what you had been taught. And you knew what your parents had been planning for you ever since you became a teenager – an arranged marriage. 

“Just so you know Princess, I think that you look beautiful and one day you’ll make an amazing Queen. Whether that be by my side is entitled to your father and my own.” Niall spoke releasing his hold on your body and pressing a kiss to the back of your hand once the song had ceased, and everyone in the room began to applaud at your showcase of beauty and grace when dancing with the young prince. “Until next time my love.”

Louis: Every summer, your family would host a Polo match against the neighbouring country in order to raise money for charity. From other members of rich families, to those in the higher classes as well as royals who had children that could potentially lead to marriage between yourself and their sons. However this year was different, you had already been matched with Louis from the prestigious kingdom that was only across the water from your own. He had insisted on playing this year against your own father, saying that it was nothing but to commemorate the respect that he had for both your father and your kingdom. 

“Beautiful day, isn’t it milady?” One of your maidens spoke, putting down a glass of champagne on your table as you turned to look at her from beneath your headpiece. You smiled gracefully at her before turning your attention back to the multiple players from around the country who were going to play alongside your father for the polo game. You couldn’t see either Louis or your father so you assumed that they were still getting ready with their horses, but your gaze turned to your mother who was sitting beside you with a strong demeanour that showed off her pride of her kingdom and husband – sitting beside her was your fiancé’s parents, who were beaming with joy much like the summer sun. 

“Pardon me your highness, but Prince Louis has asked for your presence before the game begins.” Another maid asked as she bent down to whisper the comment. You nodded and excused yourself from your mother before following behind the maid who led you towards the stables, there you could see Louis dressed in a red polo shirt with his royal emblem sewed into the front and his horse being groomed down beside him. 

“There you are, my love!” Louis called out, quickly walking over to you and pulling you into his arms. You smiled warmly at him as he led you towards his horse, trying to keep up with him in your dress and heels. You had spent time with Louis grooming his horse before as well as watching him compete in many competitions and the outcome was always in his favour. “I just wanted to spend some time with you before the match started.”

“It’s nice to know that I’m being thought of, although I do hope that you aren’t going to embarrass my father too terribly.” You replied with honesty, it was making you nervous if Louis ended up beating your father and made him seem almost unworthy for the leader of the kingdom’s polo team. Louis kissed your cheek in a way to ease your nerves, you leaned closer towards him as he assured you that he wouldn’t dare try to embarrass your king and his kingdom. 

“Don’t be prepared for the match to be won easily, Louis.” Your father called out as he walked out of the stables with his horse standing grandly by his side being held onto by one of the stableboy’s. You turned your head towards your father as Louis bowed deeply in respect of his higher nobleman. “My dear (Y/N), I hope you aren’t torn over who’s side to root for. But I’ve never been more proud for your betrothed, I hope that you two will be able to combine all of these lands with peace and unity. Your engagement marks a turn in history for all of us.” 

You both thanked your father as he carried on walking towards the field, warming up his horse for the long day ahead of them. You turned back to Louis who pecked your lips quickly, encouraging you to go back to the tent so that you’d be able to watch the game. “I promise if I win this, it’ll all be because of you.” He quickly got onto his horse whilst his stableboy led you back to your seat where you’d be able to watch the game with the best seats and also the warm feeling in your heart knowing how much you two truly loved one another. 

Liam: Whenever you could, you would always be there for the people of your country that was how things were supposed to be. You were seen as the ‘people’s princess’. Today was much like every other day when you had to do your duties but instead, you were going to be visiting orphaned children and not by yourself for once – with your boyfriend, Prince Liam. He had told you countless of times that he wanted to go along with you for charity work just to be able to cherish the moments that he had beside you.

You waved to the masses of people who were waiting outside of the orphanage for the arrival of yourself and Prince Liam who stood tall beside you, holding tightly to your hand as he guided you up the stairs being careful of the obstacles that could harm you in any way. When you had reached the top you instantly crouched down to greet the younger children who made your heart ache from how gracious they were for being alone during the Christmas season. Liam greeted the owner of the orphanage as well as a few workers and some of the children, he stopped to wave and avoided looking towards the cameras where he knew people were trying to encourage him to take the centre spotlight away from the orphanage. 

“We shall give you a tour of the place and from there hope that you are able to encourage the children’s happiness during these harder times.” The owner of the orphanage said, walking alongside you and Liam as she led you into the large building. You greeted children as you walked past them and asked multiple questions as to how old they were and some of their backstories, as you mourned for their sadness when they were unable to spend Christmas with happy families. 

“Excuse me?” A little boy asked grabbing your attention immediately as he stood before the three of you. He handed you a picture from what you could only assume was drawn by himself, Liam bent down to give the boy a hug and held out his hand for the little one to take if he wanted to escort you around the orphanage with the little knowledge that he had on everything else from his past family and what he wanted for the future. “Someday, I’m going to be with a happy family and I want to grow up to become an astronaut.”

“Well look at you, already have your life planned out for you. Is there anything that you would like for Christmas from Santa?” Liam asked as he sat next to the little boy who had grown fond of Liam as you carried on talking to the older orphans who lived in the home. The little boy was quiet for a little while before shaking his head, a wide smile on his face as he looked between you and Liam.

“I’m happy already with the both of you visiting us.” Your heart leaped as you looked over at Liam who also had a look of happiness on his face with tears building in his eyes. Even after all that the little boy had been through, just from the charity work that you do it always brought a feeling of happiness over you when you realise how doing something small was able to change the lives of those less fortunate around you. 

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Top 10 hottest Harry pictures 😊

You asked for it 😁










This is my absolute favorite photo of Harry because nothing is sexier than happiness. He looks like he is truly loving life in this photo, and dammit, its gorgeous.

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Reaction to you telling them to be quiet

Ian: yaou doant noat tell me whote to do, yew moartal… me, edupes… try againe, leetle gurl *does the weird SCREEEEE/HISSSS thing he does. is not silenced. you cannot silence a D E M O N*

Joji: He immediately shushes, his eyes piercing you with curiosity. He tries to mouth, “what?” But he is not met with an answer. He assumes you sensed danger, but he did not sense any - this part of the Omniverse was empty. He watches you closely, but upon sensing nothing to be worried about, he whispers, “what was it?” You spin around and glare at him, “nothing, you’re just annoying as hell.”
He gasps, taking several steps back. He does not become angered, however - he lowers his gaze, knowing he must be at fault. He nods solemnly, and warps himself into the Shadow Realm once again. This place has begun to feel like a second home to him, if he ever had a home to begin with. His allies, however, are absent this time. He searches for many chromosomes, but he finds nothing, just a dark, cold world. He sighs deeply, looking down at his palms. Such power they held, and yet he was still vulnerable to you. He clenches his fists. No, he mutters to himself. He will fix this. He projects himself into Earth’s atmosphere, observing the broken planet below. He floats down, personally delivering an entire rotisserie chicken to a family in Africa. They thank him. He then brings a cheese platter to a pack of stray cats. And then, a big fat wad of hundreds to a homeless child. His heart warms. Maybe he wasn’t a monster. Or, he thinks, is this just an act to make himself feel better? He shakes his head in eternal agony. He does not know.



Title: Untrue

Word Count: 1,452 words

Genre: Angst/Fluff *Slight Trigger Warning*

Summary: Namjoon shows you that all those imperfections are nothing but untrue

It wouldn’t stop.

It just wouldn’t stop.

Every time you thought the hateful comments would cease, they never failed to pop up repeatedly, not only hurting you but also triggering the remnants of your past - sure, they were mere remnants, but that didn’t mean that you wouldn’t slip back into the dark side of your mind when provoked.

“Noona! We’re hungry!” A deep voice followed by a giggle echoed from the dining room, and you recognized the voice to belong to Taehyung. More footsteps clumped along the polished floor of the apartment you shared with Namjoon, and you hastily slid your phone into the back pocket of your denim shorts before bringing out the large platters of food.

“This is no time to feel moody,” you warned yourself, and spread a smile across your face as you came face to face with the six other boys, besides your boyfriend, who were all already seated at the table. It was the last day of work for them before their short winter break, and Namjoon had suggested to celebrate it by inviting the rest of his members over for dinner - courtesy of you. Being the hostess, you couldn’t afford to show that you were upset, not even if you had been bombarded on social media with hate comments by certain fans who were still sore over the fact that you were Rap Monster’s other half.

Not even if they had been utterly mean by saying, “You’re too fat for him to love, you’ll break his bones by just sitting on his lap.”

“(Y/N)-noona’s cooking is the best!” Jungkook exclaimed as he helped himself to a generous scoop of your japchae, eyes closing and face forming into an expression of bliss and contentment as the first spoonful went in.

The boys were full of chatter tonight, and you waited for them to help themselves to the food first before taking your own.

“Ah - that’s too much Namjoon. Lesser, please,” you urged as Namjoon had decided to serve you.

“That’s less than half a scoop of noodles, (Y/N). Are you sure you’re not gonna be hungry?” He hesitated, eyeing you carefully.

This was not the first time you had tried to get out of eating with Namjoon, and you decided to avoid eye contact with him so that he wouldn’t be able to tell that you were eating lesser on purpose. “I had a heavy lunch, so I don’t feel that hungry,” was your excuse. Giving you the benefit of the doubt, he put down the serving ladle, and thankfully let you be.

Seconds and minutes passed, and you were still poking at your noodles with your chopsticks and swirling them around. The boys had finished all three plates of japchae, the bulgogi beef, as well as the salad. You, on the other hand, had barely consumed a mouthful. It hadn’t helped that Jimin was on the topic of his new diet and workout plan to get his abs back into shape, and that Seokjin was discussing on his new Christmas cake recipes. All the talk about food, dieting, and exercise just made you sick. You tried to force your noodles down, but all that went through your messy mind was: “Look at your thighs, put down the food.”

You kept quiet for the whole meal, and felt more than relieved when the boys were done and you could finally get away from the dreaded dining table. Tiptoeing into your room, you stood in front of the mirror and started pinching at your sides and your thighs, loathing your reflection - just like how you used to as a teenager in high school. That was when your eating disorders had started, when you had been bullied and made a joke of because of your size. You managed to lose weight the unhealthy way, and you were only rescued from your hell once you met Namjoon, who brought you back to your senses and helped you into the process of recovering. But then again you hadn’t fully recovered, and the comments those fans made when they found out you both were dating, and still continued to make till now, only slowed down your progress.

“Jagiya! What are you doing?” His baritone voice sounded and you jumped in surprise, not daring to turn around. You had promised him before that you would try your best not to take heed of the criticism, and now you felt guilty for doing the opposite again.

You glumly stood rooted to your spot, not wanting to say a word. Not until you felt his strong, muscular arms wrap around your body and his lanky build press against you from the back, did your lips start to quiver, and as much as you had tried to hold them back, the tears still trickled down your cheeks without your control. Namjoon held you tighter, the heat of his body warming your cold one. He waited for your weeps to calm before gently wiping them away with his thumb. Turning you around, he tilted your chin up so that you could face him, but your downcast eyes only flickered across his for a moment, stubbornly refusing to look him in the eyes.

“Look at me, babygirl,” He softly yet sternly whispered in an authoritative manner. “You can’t hide this from me, you know. What happened this time?”

You tried to push him away but his grasp held you in place. Moving his hands up to your shoulders to firmly rub circles on them, he coaxed you into telling him what was wrong.

“They…they said I’m too fat for you to love and…” You noticed his gaze turn into one of anger when he heard what the sour fans had said.

“And?” He questioned for you to continue.

“That I’d break you…just by sitting on your lap alone.” You mumbled, the tears threatening to spill once again. “And then Jimin was going on about his diet and Seokjin-”

Namjoon pressed his finger to your lips to stop you from continuing. He felt angry - he always did, whenever you getting hurt was concerned. But the pain he felt was stronger than the anger, he couldn’t bear for you to get hurt all the time, and then watch you harm yourself even more. He released a heavy sigh after all you had told him had finally sunken in.

“You know that all the bullshit the haters say isn’t true, right, babygirl?” He placed his palm against your cheek and caressed it soothingly.

You stared back at him with uncertainty in your eyes. “Do I?”

He took you by the hand and lead you over to the bed, where he sat down before gripping your waist and placing you down on his lap.

“Did I break, jagiya?” He asked, a smile almost forming on his lips.

You held back a giggle as you shook your head, how he showed you so literally that the comments were bullshit was kind of humorous.

Taking you by surprise, a yelp escaped your lips as he engulfed you in his arms once again and threw you over his back before standing up.

“Yah, Namjoonie! Put me down!” You cried out, thumping on his toned back with your fists. Obviously refusing, he held you using his left arm while the other moved to tickle you at your waist - where you were the most ticklish.

Unable to escape, you burst into peals of laughter as he mercilessly tickled you, and only when you had laughed till you were breathless did he finally put you down.
“See (Y/N). What they say isn’t true, and never will be. And you should have enough trust in me to know that I’ll love you no matter what, okay?” He said calmly while rubbing your back.

You giggled a little and nodded shyly, wisps of hair from your ponytail that had come undone while he had you swung over his back falling into your face. He bent down a little to reach your height, and reaching for the nape of your neck with his hand he eased your face closer to his, before pulling you into a soft, yet deep kiss.

“You’re beautiful just as you are, inside and outside and you are worth so much more than I can ever make you feel. You got that jagiya?” He said once he pulled his lips away from yours, his wide grin now cheering you up as his sweet words lifted your spirits.

You sat the tip of your finger into his cheek where his dimple creased and chuckled. “I think we had better get back to the boys now, before they start looking for us.”

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