bring it home baby!


“First, you said you would have a decision by today. Now you tell me you’re ‘too busy’ and you bring home an alien baby?” Bridgette’s shrill voice was spooky enough for Seneca, but being in Oasis Springs without his Dads was putting him on edge.

“’Scuse me, but it was your decision for me to decide, not mine. Don’t come and complain to me about your needs when I’ve got a family to take care of.” Ayla had gotten used to her grandfather’s “discussions” with his girlfriend. It was the purple boy that caught her off guard.

“A family who you think cares about you, but they’re all pissed because you brought me around your ex! Why is she even there?! Why do you care about her still?!”

“She’s my friend, plumbob! I’ve told you before! We’re - y’know what? Never mind! I’ve got two nooboos to take care of. Go inside, go home, I don’t care! I just don’t want to fight in front of the kids!”

I cant stop laughing at like the idea of Shiro’s parents bringing new born baby Keith home and all the adult are just hovering about the baby aweing and ooing about how cute he is. Shiro just being like 8 in the back ground glacing at him like “that red lump of fat has more wrinkles then Grandma’s bulldog? How is that cute? A gremlin is what he is”

thisredshrine  asked:

DA:I, companions and councillors reacting to the Inquisitor bringing home a crate fill of baby nugs, or mabaris, or your choice of small cutbaby animal. You guys do great work!


Cassandra: “We don’t have time to…” She stops and stares at the yapping and waggling puppies, some of which are trying to reach her for attention. Her eyes widen, slightly, and she gingerly pulls one out of the box. After holding it for a moment, she sighs. “Alright, we can take them back to Skyhold to be given to some of Cullen’s men. This once.”

Blackwall: He lets out a hearty laugh and insists on carrying the crate. He plays with the puppies a lot, and is sad when they’re given up for adoption to other Inquisition members.

Iron Bull: “Oh, look at the little guys!” He grins and sits down, allowing the puppies to amble up to him, crawling up on him. “Look at them! Gonna grow up fierce as dragons!”

Sera: “PUPPIES!” she cries as she picks up a wiggling puppy to give it a hug and a kiss. “Look at their smooshy little faces! Can I have one?”

Varric: He grins. “Well, would you look at that?” He strokes their heads and watches them for awhile.

Cole: He loves them, because they’re happy and they make almost everyone who sees them happy. “They’re so happy. Everyone should have puppies. Maybe demons wouldn’t be demons if they had puppies.”

Dorian: He instantly smiles at the sight of them. “Well, what do we have here, Inquisitor? New recruits?” The puppies like him, a lot, much to his surprise.

Solas: He can’t help but crack a smile at the puppies. He can be found sitting and watching them with great interest.

Vivienne: She acts like she’s not interested, but the Inquisitor sees her eyes flicking over to them and her lips curling upward as they yap and just be adorable in general.

Josephine: She squeals in delight at the sight of them. “Ohhh, they’re so CUTE!” she exclaims as she hurries to greet them.

Leliana: She wishes she could spend all day with them, but she has to work. Later on, though, a scout finds her at her desk with a snoozing puppy on her lap.

Cullen: He’s at their side instantly, offering to help however they need. Dog food? A kennel? Anything so the puppies can stay. They seem to lessen the effects of his headaches.

Silly fluff meme

Send one for your muse to…

🙈 - Jump out and wrap my muse in a blanket as their “hostage”

🍳 - Bring my muse breakfast in bed except it’s just cereal with whipped cream

👙- Wait for my muse to come home in a sexy outfit… that’s really ridiculous and silly

⚽️ - Get a soccer ball and call it their son, urging my muse to give it a name

🎹 - Write and perform a silly song about one specific aspect of my muse

🔦 - Tell me muse they lost something and need help finding it, just to kiss my muse and say “nevermind, found it!”

✉️ - Send letters to my muse in the mail… when they live together

📯 - Buy a trumpet and play the “when mom isn’t home” tune when your muse wants attention from my muse

🔓 - “accidentally” handcuff both our muses to the bed, forgot where they put the key five minutes later.

🖍 - Draw on the wall with crayon about how they feel about my muse… then spending eight hours scrubbing it all off

👼 - Literally just bring home a baby and saying “congrats”. Nobody knows where they got the baby

🐱 - Bringing home a kitten and naming if after my muse… losing the kitten and our muses search around for three hours to try and find it

👏 - Cheer over enthusiastically everytime my muse completes any task, even if it’s just them changing the channel on tv

Fo4companionsreactions Masterpost

Time for a masterpost :D. Order from the first to last.

  1. Companions react to sole bringing home a cat
  2. Hancock and Sole- sex while on Jet
  3. Companions reaction to hearing their favourite song
  4. Companions getting asked to dance
  5. Companions finding out they’re/Sole is pregnant
  6. Companions kinks
  7. Companions react to dark anime
  8. Sole replaced with a synth
  9. Companions flirting with Sole while in the vault suit
  10. Sole bringing home a baby Deathclaw (Gif set)
  11. Companions realising they have a crush on Sole
  12. Companions dying in Sole’s arms
  13. Companions instruments/ in a band
  14. Companions react to Sole belly dancing
  15. Companions react to Sole’s prewar cap stash
  16. Companions cumming on Sole’s face
  17. Sole having a pinup girl tattoo
  18. Maxson as a member of Carnivore
  19. Companions proposing to Sole
  20. Companions walking in on Sole masturbating
  21. Companions react to Nikolai, Dempsey, Takio and Richtofen from zombies
  22. What I like about the compaions
  23. Companions react to Sole being into necrophilia
  24. Maxson’s kinks
  25. Companions reacting to Sole being abusive to Synth Shaun
  26. MacCready kinks
  27. Companions find out Sole is a virgin
  28. Companions reacting to Sole having a foot fetish
  29. Sole becoming leader of the Raiders (Gif set)
  30. Companions in a damsel in distress situation
  31. Companions react to Sole’s cannibalism
  32. Sole and Piper getting engaged
  33. Sole coming back with burns and scars on their face
  34. Companions react to Sole’s tongue piercing
  35. Companions instruments 2
  36. Companions to Sole being a crybaby
  37. Piper kinks
  38. Companions react to Sole’s nipple piercing
  39. Companions Youtube channels
  40. Sole giving their companion a handjob under a table
  41. Deacon headcannon
  42. Companions waking up in 2077 (heartbreak)
  43. Companions as Dark Souls characters
  44. Preston, X6 and Deacon react to Medic’s famine (Gif set)
  45. Maxson and Danse Gif
  46. Anon prayer ft Papa Emeritus II
  47. Companions as emojis
  48. Sole getting pregnant, not knowing who the father is
  49. Companions and Sole as Pacific Rim pilots
  50. Sole addicted to holotape games
  51. Companions reacting to F!SS being submissive
  52. Dirty things companions whisper to sole
  53. Cait headcannon
  54. Curie headcannon
  55. Companions react to Sole’s robot/synth fetish
  56. Companions react to Fuxedo jellybean
  57. Companions playing Sims
  58. Curie meeting Dr Dala
  59. Maxson DNR from A-Z
  60. Kent Connolly ACJO
  61. Deacon MNRV
  62. Companions react to Sole being sexually assaulted/raped
  63. KNRT for MacCready
  64. Hancock BCMKYVU
  65. AUI for Danse
  66. CJKYZ Curie
  67. DLOUY Hancock
  68. ADEMS Glory
  69. Companions Zodiac signs
  70. Female companions having a miscarriage
  71. Companions and Sole mutfruit adventures
  72. Piper A-Z
  73. Companions and Sole anal sex
  74. Companions receiving oral from Sole for the first time
  75. Sole coming out as Asexual
  76. Companions react to mufasa’s death
  77. Hancock A-Z
  78. Danse A-Z
  79. Bat Synth
  80. Companions react to Sole being super ticklish
  81. Glory CDIK
  82. Companions’ plans for Valentines day
  83. Sole getting companions Valentines day goodies
  84. Companions “most likely” in a yearbook
  85. Companions react to blueberry cookies
  86. Companions as prodigy songs
  87. Companions tattoos
  88. Female companion underwear/lingerie
  89. Companions celebrate Sole turning 21
  90. Companions embarrassed (Gif)
  91. Companions react to Sole killing Kellogg
  92. Companions react to Sole’s jungle 1
  93. Companions react to Sole’s jungle 2
  94. Companions being called Master/Mistress
  95. Companions accidentelly upsetting Sole
  96. Companions favourite place to give Sole hickeys
  97. Companions walking in on Sole having sex (Gif)
  98. Companions as Kreeps songs
  99. Favourite Companion
  100. Companions seeing their name on Sole’s body
  101. How the companions kiss M!SS (Gif)
  102. how the companions kiss F!SS (Gif)
  103. Companions find out M!SS was raped/ sexually assaulted
  104. Companions react to Sole being a hugger while sleeping
  105. Companions as Depeche Mode songs
  106. Sole singing a romantic song to romanced companions
  107. Companions and arachnophobic Sole coming across a giant spider (Gif)
  108. Cait A-Z
  109. Companions and Sole taking cover from the rain
  110. Companions as dog breeds (Gif) 
  111. Companions as Rammstein songs
  112. Companions’ heights
  113. Companions as movies+ gifs
  114. Companions; PokemonGo teams
  115. A Day in The LIfe of Curie
  116. Companions, milk and then sugar bombs?
  117. Companions as Rammstein Gifs
  118. Companions react to Vader saying he is Luke’s father
  119. Companions as movies/tv characters V2
  120. Companions as Ghost songs
  121. Companions and F!SS having sex for the first time, SFW
  122. How Curie and Sole have sex GIF
  123. Companions and F!SS having sex NSFW
  124. Top 5 Female Characters in Video Games
  125. Top 5 Male characters in Video Games
  126. Companions as Simpsons Gifs
  127. Companions favorite Halloween Candy
  128. Companions Halloween Costumes SFW
  129. Companions Halloween Costumes NSFW
  130. Companions react to Sole throwing glitter on them
  131. Cait’s Parents
  132. Hilary or Trump?
  133. Companions as Red Dead Redemption Characters
  134. Companions as Irish/celtic songs
  135. Companions thoughts on the afterlife
  136. Sole asking the companions to marry them
  137. AU companions where the great war never happened
  138. Gage A-Z
  139. Companions hugging their lover
  140. Companions’ alignments
  141. MacCready A-Z
  142. Companions as 50′s and 60′s songs
  143. Companions having a powerful energy drink
  144. Companions as jontron gifs
  145. What the companions scream while having sex with Sole
  146. Curie A-Z
  147. Companions as Spongebob Gifs
  148. Companions as Disney’s Hercules Gifs
  149. Companions Favorite Holiday traditions
  150. What the Companions secretly want for Christmas
  151. Companions as Christmas films
  152. Companions as Christmas songs
  153. Top 5 females in movies/literature
  154. Companions Secret Santa
  155. Which companions peek at their presents?
  156. Who would play the companions in real life?

“I done told y'all about talking to me when you see I’m on the phone”

“Sleep over who’s house? Have I met they parents?”

“You better be wrapping it up! Don’t bring home no baby, cause I ain’t raising no more kids!”

“Do you have McDonald’s money?”

“Why y'all keep screaming in my house!?”

“Child I know you see me watching this show…whatchu want now!?”

“So why am I getting calls from your teacher while I’m at work…go get me a switch…”

Lol add more if y'all think of any!

Imagine an AU where...

Volstagg, being much older than most of Thor’s friends, is a very young man – just into adulthood, really – during the war with the Frost Giants. He serves in Odin’s army, and Volstagg finds the baby in the temple of Jotunheim instead of Odin. 

So of course, he brings the baby home – he and his fiancé have been talking about having all kinds of kids anyway once they get married after the war – and the two of them raise Loki as Loki Volstaggson, along with his many many younger siblings that follow. 

Loki grows up with no expectation to be a prince. No scrutiny. No inheritance, beyond the expectation he might run the farm someday, though any of his siblings could do as much if he chose otherwise. He’s the eldest sibling, saddled with a lot of practical responsibility for wrangling and caring for all the little ones, but is surrounded by warmth and affection all the time. When he shows an aptitude for magic, it’s a bit of a surprise, but Volstagg works hard and pleads with the court to score him some lessons – if only so he doesn’t set the chicken coop on fire again. And Loki learns illusion spells that he uses to tease and delight all his little sisters, illustrating their bedtime stories with floating images of warriors and dragons made of light. 

He has no reason to compare himself to the crown prince Thor. Though he’s honored when his father brings him along to join the warriors three and Thor and Sif on an adventure, and over time, as Volstagg gets older, Loki spends more time questing in his place (though Volstagg does pull Thor aside and is like, “I love you man, but if you get him killed…“ embarrassing the shit out of Loki in the process).

But yeah. Imagine Loki Volstaggson. With the big loving family and all the big ginger!dad hugs and no rivalry and just… being happy. 

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: It doesn’t make any sense that after all we’d been led to understand about his character, Joxer wouldn’t have insisted on taking Xena’s baby. This is a character who only has 2 modes: utter nincompoop and stubbornly loyal friend. Whether or not he believed Xena and Gabrielle were dead. Whether or not Octavius offered to take Eve and give her an education, Joxer never would have let that baby be taken away from its FAMILY. Because that’s what Joxer considered himself, and that’s what he was. Joxer took XENA’S HORSE and gave it a home. He married a woman who looked just like Xena and made his tavern a shrine to his fallen friends. 25 years after Xena and Gabrielle’s disappearance, he spent his savings on a scroll of Gabrielle’s so that he could read his children the story of the beautiful warrior princess and her kind-hearted companion. His best friends. His family. AND YOU’RE TELLING ME that this man wouldn’t bring Xena and Gabby’s baby into his home and his heart and raise her to be a kind, funny, maybe slightly clumsy warrior?
If Joxer had taken Eve, she would never have grown to be cruel and never would have massacred hundreds of people. She would never have gotten involved with Ares. Xena never would have had to fight her.
If Joxer had taken Eve, he would have lived.

Isak and Sana’s friendship - throughout the years

The last one gets really really long because I couldn’t stop - I kinda have so many more of these so remind me to do a part 2 sometime <3 if you like of course :)

when Isak and Sana have to prepare for their final exams in third year, Even helps Isak plan a big study session at their apartment. 

  • there are colourful cushions all over the floor with books stacked in a pile. 
  • Even has freshly baked brownies placed in the centre, 
  • and calming music playing in the background. 
  • Isak claps his hands, raises one eye brow at Sana and exclaims “lets do this” 
  • they spend the afternoon quizzing each other, yelling at their text books and eating all the sugar Even throws at them before deciding they’ve had enough and going out for pizza

When they graduate, the two hug (something rare for both of them) 

  • but they struggle to let go, 
  • when they do Isak blinks his eyes 
  • and Sana laughs at him for crying 
  • I just got a fucking eyelash in my eye okay?!
  • mmhmm that’s it Isabel
  • but Isak doesn’t know that Sana is struggling not to cry either. Thank god she chose to wear waterproof mascara today. 
  • Even forces the two to get together as he takes over a million photos of them
  • Eveeeeeen I think you got enough
  • Isak are you crying?
  • fy faen

Turns out the bio dream team ended up both studying at the university of Oslo

  • Isak is studying med, Sana is studying politics, but still….
  • somehow they manage to compete and challenge each other for the better
  • I can’t do this Sana, I give up. Why did I even bother, I am an idiot. I should just drop out
  • oh okay I didn’t realise you were a coward
  • what
  • you too scared of work huh?
  • sana nei I-
  • wanna do something easy?
  • but I just
  • or do you want to work hard and accomplish your dream like the nerd I know you are?
  • well when you put it like that
  • okay give me your book, I bet I can answer more questions than you
  • Isak grins
  • your on Sanasol

When Isak asks Even to marry him (by hiding the ring in their bottle of kardammome and insisting Even makes him a kardamomme sandwich even tho it tastes like balls) Sana is the first person he calls after screaming with the boy squad for an hour

  • You learnt to tie your shoe laces? well Isak that’s-
  • nei Sana he said YES
  • she pauses for a few seconds before whispering “you did it?” 
  • I DID IT
  • He said yes?
  • well of course he said yes, that boy looks at you like your god or something
  • that’s cos I am
  • okay stop 
  • she smiles on the other end, her heart growing five sizes at the thought of her two best friends deciding to spend the rest of their lives together
  • congratulations Isak, I am so happy for you…you- you deserve this. 
  • Isak is gonna cry
  • Sana?
  • yeah Isabel?
  • will you-okay don’t laugh but- will you be our maid of honour?
  • Sana is speechless
  • wh-why me?
  • are you kidding? Sana it all began with you…you and your 10%
  • her beautiful laugh chimes down the phone
  • your practically my fairy godmother
  • oh my gosh say that again and you’ll have to find another maid of honour
  • well Eskild is keen for the job actually
  • Sana laughs 
  • fine i’ll do it
  • you’ll do it?
  • i’ll be honoured Isak

When Isak and Even bring home a baby girl from the hospital, Sana stands back as boy squad, girl squad, and the kollektivet fight over holding the tiny human. 

  • Okay give her to uncle Mags!
  • Magnus you have literally just held her for 45 minutes, i get her for two seconds and you ask for her back? piss off, Eva says as she presses her face against the small little head
  • Language! not in front of the baby Noora says horrified,
  • Vilde grins i’m gonna make her the cutest little aerobics outfit
  • Is baby aerobics even a thing? Jonas asks as he grabs for the baby
  • nei back off! Eva says
  • your being a baby hog Eva 
  • Eskild shakes his head disapprovingly
  • now give her to her gurumother
  • we told you that is not a thing Isak laughs 
  • I like it Even grins causing Isak to whack him playfully
  • Mahdi finally manages to steal little evak from Eva and holds her up to his face
  • hello angel
  • oh great now we’ll never get her Jonas groans
  • Sana is standing in the back staring intently at the cute cartoon animals Even painted on the wall
  • are you going to hold her? Isak’s voice startles her 
  • um what - uh nah I- I held her before
  • no you didn’t
  • yeah um i did
  • Isak gives her his snake glare
  • you don’t like my baby?
  • what? nei I
  • what’s wrong with my baby Sana?
  • oh my god
  • my baby not good enough for her aunt Sana
  • okay look
  • hold my baby Sana
  • Isak- kids are just…I like kids
  • you like kids?
  • yes I just
  • don’t like my kid
  • fy faen she breathes
  • LANGUAGE Noora shouts
  • Isak laughs 
  • Even Linn held her, why won’t you
  • okay fine oh my god
  • She marches over to where Vilde and Eva are tickling the child which is gazing up with big blue eyes laughing at virtually nothing
  • give me the child she says
  • Vilde looks up are you sure
  • Sana rolls her eyes yes i’m sure
  • she picks up the baby awkwardly and stares at it
  • she doesn’t get the appeal
  • Hi baby she says the baby opens it’s mouth and drools
  • you don’t do much do you?
  • the baby crinkles it’s eyes in a smile the way Even does and grows red like Isak does when he is embarrassed (which is a lot)
  • suddenly Sana grows warm. she sits down with the little girl in her arms and smiles at her 
  • well your not too bad I guess
  • suddenly she hears a flash from across the room
  • she looks up to see Even grinning behind a camera
  • GOT IT he says proudly high fiving Isak
  • Sana rolls her eyes you two are the worse she says 
  • she shakes her head at the baby 
  • your dads are so lame
  • the baby hums in agreement
  • i feel bad for you 
  • the baby pouts
  • i do and look at those guys over there
  • she lifts the baby up to show her Mahdi and Magnus playing with a stuffed duck and a stuffed bunny
  • and then you have Vilde and Eva
  • she gestures to the girls who are giggling over the baby sock with their arms around each other 
  • the baby coos
  • don’t it’s not cute
  • the baby tilts it’s head in interest
  • it’s not
  • the baby isn’t convinced
  • anyway then you have Noora and Eskild
  • the babies eyes follow where Sana is pointing
  • nei Eskild this is plastic, the baby can’t have plastic
  • oh my gosh Noora you are such a fun sucker 
  • excuse me?
  • i’m the fun gurumother you’re gonna be the old hag she tricks into giving her money
  • You are going to poison her!
  • Sana rolls her eyes
  • a mess I tell ya
  • The baby looks over at Chris who is choreographing a dance routine to the nursery rhyme playing from the music box Noora gave the baby
  • Sana smiles, yeah okay she’s special, she says 
  • the baby nods 
  • Jonas and Linn are in the corner discussing capitalism 
  • the baby raises her nonexistent eyebrows 
  • yeah okay I was surprised about that development too
  • then she finally lets the little girl look at her parents who are laughing at Magnus and Mahdi and trying to tell Noora and Esklid to chillI 
  • hope you realise how lucky you are Sana says pulling the baby close
  • I mean they are all crazy, but stick with me kid and i’ll help you through
  • The baby smiles, she likes that idea
  • the boys walk over to Sana after a few minutes
  • hows aunt Sana doing? Even asks
  • we have an understanding
  • She loves you Isak smiles, he loves seeing two of his favourite girls together like this
  • Even picks up his daughter “Okay Lily Flower time for lunch”
  • Isak grins brightly at seeing his baby in his mans arms
  • everyone is grinning actually
  • especially Sana
From now on I’m going to respond to people’s children the way they respond to my snake

“It’s not that I’m afraid of babies, I just don’t want one in my house.”

“My (insert significant other here) would never let me bring a baby home!”

“I don’t mind if you have a baby, I just don’t want to see it.”

“It just creeps me out the way babies move.”

“Ew, babies are gross.”

“Babies aren’t cute! How could you possibly think babies are cute?!?”

Seriously though, my snake is a cherished pet that I love and care for. Don’t be an ass about the fact that you don’t like snakes.

Either/Or: Rosie

Prompt! Can we see Supercorp but one where Kara rescues a baby and brings them home and Lena doesn’t wanna get her hopes up about adoption because she doesn’t want Kara to have to outlive her AND a child (Pref a fluffy ending but up to you?)

“Kara, honey, are you home yet?” Lena called out as she kicked off her heels and balanced the bags of take out in her arms.

The quiet of the penthouse greeted her as she hurried toward the kitchen. As she turned on the lights, the city outside disappeared from the large windows. Their home became its own universe, with just the faintest bit of galaxy outside.

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Jerome Valeska

A= Aftercare After Birth

In the hospital Jerome actually gets kinda nervous the first time you fall asleep after birth. When he sees you eyes close he immediately panics and feels your pulse. He also strokes your hair a lot, gives you head kisses, pet the top of both your hands, kisses your knuckles, strokes your cheeks, and kisses your nose a lot. He is in awe to see you be happy after birth. He’s even happier to see you and the baby together and smiling.

B= Baby

The baby looks just like Jerome. Like I mean exact. When you see them together for the first time its like Jerome is looking in a mirror. Its so cute, it gives you enough energy to take a picture on your phone. He also born with a head of red hair. Soft red hair, its so hard to keep the little hat on because its fun to touch and feel. When the hat goes on you just sit and stroke Jerome’s hair because it feels similar. 

C= Care Taking

When you bring the baby home Jerome mostly takes care of him. He literally is so good with your son in every single way. Jerome’s big smile makes the baby stop crying completely. When he changes the baby’s diaper he can do it well and very fast. Lastly, the baby loves when Jerome feeds him baby food because Jerome tries it first and spits it out. Then he swears and washes it out of his mouth. The baby laughs and Jerome sticks the food in his little mouth. 

D= Delivery

On the day of the delivery Jerome acts crazier than he ever has around you. He laughs at everything, he tells the doctors how they are “fucking stupid cogs”, he takes tools off the tray and throw them into the wall, lastly he almost killed one of the nurses who kept telling you to breath. It made him mad because your were breathing hard and this lady wouldn’t shut up. When you went into delivery Jerome got serious and whispered things into your ear and gave you kisses until the pain was over.

E= Emergencies

During the pregnancy there weren’t many emergencies. The only major one was when you started feeling horrible pains in your stomach. You woke Jerome up and he kissed your stomach, paced around the room, and sweared his head off. Afterward he held you really close and talked to the baby about calming down. Then he calmed you down. 

F= First Time Seeing the Baby

When Jerome first saw the baby he laughed like it was a joke. Until the baby was in his arms, then a single tear fell from his face. He fell in love with the kid. Never feeling any family love (mom, dad, sibling, etc.) he realized how much he really wanted a family. When you first saw the baby it was an instant connection like a usual mother. Although you were quite nervous about how Jerome felt. 

G= Gender (s)

Its a little boy (the first kid anyhow).

H= Hair Color

Red and Orange just like his papa

I= Illness

You don’t get sick as much as usual pregnant women. You mostly only get sick when you eat sour food. But, surprisingly enough the blood Jerome brings around the house. And trust me he gets it everywhere. Even on you, when he comes home he will sometimes forget about what he did. So, when you wake up its everywhere on your clothes.

J= Jumping

Jerome makes you jump more when your pregnant unless your on stairs. He likes to scare you because your more vulnerable and emotional when your pregnant. If it makes you cry he’ll apologize and hold you (if you let him). Towards the end of the pregnancy he stops scaring you because he’s afraid the baby may just come out.

K= Keeping the Baby?

There actually was a conversation about it. Jerome actually wanted to keep the child. He said it was because he “wanted a legacy”. But, in reality he wanted a family to love. You wanted the baby but, Jerome’s killing people worried you. That Karma might come for Jerome. At the end of the night you both kept the baby.

L= Love

There is always love to go around your little family. For an example. When you first brought the baby home Jerome actually got scared that the baby would die because of something little. So, around 2:00 AM in the morning Jerome went into the babies room and brought him into your bedroom. When he came in you were awake because you knew Jerome got up. he brought the baby over to the bed and laid down. There Jerome laid the small baby boy on his chest and you both talked to him and touched him. 

M= Movement

When you were pregnant the baby moved around all the time. Jerome put his head on your stomach a lot, put his hands on your stomach, and kissed your stomach. When Jerome wasn’t around you talked to the baby about him. Like the stuff he did or the stuff he did in he circus. 

N= Name

Jack Taylor Valeska

O= On Time

The baby actually came a bit early. The due date was August 21st but ended out being August 16th. 

P= Pain

There was actually more pain in before he was born. At home you would have some random pain more. The pains at the hospital were more expected. The ones before at home were not. 

Q= Questions

You didn’t really have any. Your mother mostly taught you about everything. He asked himself one question more than the rest.This question was “Will the baby love me?” And of course the baby loves him

R= Resting

Jerome constantly makes you rest before and after you give birth. If he sees you do anything with too much standing or movement he goes “nope”. Then he carries you to the couch or bed. He makes you stay there for the rest of the day/night. 

S= Singing to the Baby

Jerome sing the big top song to the baby before and after he’s born.You sing any song that comes into your head. When you do that you try not to say the swear words.

T= Talking to the Baby

Jerome is the more constant one. He feels like the baby really wants to hear his voice constantly. You usually tell him that the baby loves his voice and loves him. Which makes him talk even more. You love to pet his hair when he talks to the baby. Even if its  not always sweet.

U= Underneath the Man/Womans Heart

Underneath Jerome’s wonderful ego he wants a family to love him. He also wants to love a family for once. He wants a family that he won’t resent and want to kill. He just wants to be truly happy with the people that he really love.

V= Vision as in Supervision

Jerome probably watches over both of you a lot. He doesn’t want the only things he loves to be destroyed. That would literally make him kill all of Gotham City. He tries to make the three of you stay close when he comes home. You send him pictures of the both of you constantly to reassure him that your okay. 

W= When the Baby is Born

Both of you end up completely in love with barely any problems at first. Jerome feels an amazing sensation with the three of you together. It makes him overjoyed. His heart feels every emotion and touch.

X= Xray or Ultrasound

You didn’t really go to regular appointments. Although you did have one ultrasound picture. It was from when you first figured out you were pregnant. That’s how you told Jerome. You folded the picture and put it in his old police hat. Then you walked into the room and put it on his head. You then started making breakfast. Eventually Jerome figured out and started laughing insanely. Eventually you told him it wasn’t a joke. He told you that he knew but, he was just really really happy. 

Y= Yawning

The first time the baby yawned Jerome was holding him. You were all three falling asleep in you and Jerome’s bed. He was stroking the babies back and he yawned quietly and then snuggled his head into Jerome’s big hand. 


Usually the baby falls fast asleep quickly. He stays asleep almost all night. Which worries Jerome a lot because your mom told stories about you crying at night. So, Jerome usually goes into the babies room and feels his pulse. Once he knows the baby is okay Jerome crawls back into bed with you.

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