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EXO Reaction when the are is  stranded in the bathroom ‘cause they ran out of toilet paper

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*Screams until someone hears him* “SOMEONE PLEASEEEEE I RAN OUT OF PAPERRRRRR SUHO!!!!!!”


*Just calls someone to bring him paper* “Hey Soo brah! What up! Just here chilling in the bathroom… can you bring me some paper? Yeah but super fast… like galaxy fast ok?”


*No one is home* “Well.. if I’m going to stay here the whole day… I should relax and think” *Starts thinking about literally everything in his life* “Oh! Mom never gave me that chocolate when I was five!”


*Has a laugh attack until someone realizes it’s not normal for him to laugh while doing business* 


“Ugh! It’s starting to stink! Was it the chicken… ahh I need to get our of here”


*Just listens to some music until someone comes to save him* “ahh this song is good…”


*Embarrassed* “Oh hey Soo… hey why are you taking a picture! That’s not fair… fine no more blackmail, just give me the toilet paper!”


“OH! There’s no paper… I should have gone to the woods like any deer does”


“Why is it always me… last time I stayed five hours in here… Guys?”


*Checks before doing his business* “I’m going to kill them… I tell them all the time to just place a new roll” *About to kill someone*


*Dozes off while waiting*


“Haven’t you all learned! I thought the toilet paper lesson was already learned!” *Internally screaming*

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letsbeliberalhere replied to your post:I want that apologetic thing to happen sooooooo badly

What thing?

My folks want me to “talk” with this popular jewish apologist who “specializes” in reconciling science and torah.

I expect it’ll be fun.

Here’s part of the reason why: Schroeder’s big thing is his reconciling the creation account with an ancient universe using the idea of relativity. So, there are actually huge problems with his theory; I’m actually pretty psyched for a guest post tomorrow by Fizzix which demonstrates some of the massive problems. But for me, I’d just start by saying, “ok, I’ll give that one to ya. The two can be stretched to agree. Now what?” Bc I really don’t think he’s got more than that, and that reconciliation is really not that impressive. It certainly doesn’t spook me. I mean, hell, plants before the sun? women from ribs? the “firmament”? pfft. Even if he could perfectly match the seven days, genesis would still be a train wreck and still probably require reading it “metaphorically.” So his biggest gun is a squirt-gun. Then it’s my turn…