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If you were a fan of the 2007 ABC series Pushing Daisies, then it’s time to rejoice! Even after its unfair cancelation by ABC, it looks like the series is coming back in another form.

Pushing Daisies show creator Bryan Fuller has announced that he’s hoping to bring the cast back for a project or two.

Fuller states in the interview, “I’ve had conversations very recently with Barry Sonnenfeld about financing a film, and with Kristin Chenoweth and Warner Brothers about developing a stage musical.”

Additionally, Fuller said that some sort of revival is also on its way: “We’re working on something that is definitely a Pushing Daisies revival, and the idea would be to have as many cast as we can to participate in it.”


We are pleased to announce our first Bring It Back: The Polo Bear Sweater

Introducing Bring It Back—a new program where you vote for iconic Ralph Lauren products to bring back into production. This season’s selection: The Polo Bear Sweaters. There are 4 Bear Sweaters to choose from and the most popular will be brought back. Voting ends December 31.

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Ok real talk though, what happened to the glowing trees??? They were there for one episode and then they just??? Disappeared??? Why did the forest stop glowing??? Where are the butterflies??? Where did it all go???