I unapologetically love Vivienne.

Hear me out. I love that so many character’s occupy a morally gray area, and I eventually realized that there’s only two characters in DA:I that don’t. Vivienne, and Dorian. Dorian’s greatest crime is that he was born into a shitty country. Vivienne’s greatest crime is that she was thrown into a shitty system as a young child… and excelled. She conquered. She started powerless and grew into a person with the strength and fortitude to NEVER be put in that position again. Vivienne cannot be made powerless, because she cannot be made powerless.

I can’t fault her for believing in a system that worked for her, and being unapologetic about her success. 

Some mages slept with Templars to be safe, some became snitches, some ran, some fought back, some withered. Vivienne became a wall of ice that the system could not break. 

For @roosettes: prompt #21 (she gave me 50, and I love her for that)


Can you 

Honestly tell me that

Dazai doesn’t care for Atsushi?

Tell me this isn’t a form of love. Say it to my face.

His smile whenever he regards Atsushi. The way he just casually touches Atsushi like it’s the most natural thing in the world. The way he knows how to calm him down. The way he freggin looks at Atsushi-

Tell me this isn’t canon. Tell me there isn’t something between them. Tell it to my face. I will go down with this ship.


Every single frame of the forehead touch, for your pleasure (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

One of my favourite Percy Jackson head canons to imagine is when Annabeth and Percy goes to school after the war in Blood of Olympus.

- Percy and Annabeth are having a class together and suddenly the teacher tells the class that they’re gonna learn about greek mythology.

- Both of them totally embracing this cause no one’s gonna believe that they’re demigods so they just gets every answer right. Even debates with the teacher once in a while when she teaches the wrong thing. 

- Percy is part of the swim team and Annabeth is part of the debate team. They’re insanely supportive of each other and goes to every single one of the other’s competitions. 

- Percy’s resting b’tch face and Annabeth’s intense stormy eyes makes people nervous to approach. But if you do they’re the nicest people and really supportive and loyal towards their friends and study partners. 

-Sometimes their PTSD from Tartarus gets the best of them and they have to take the day off. 

I want more………..