Last time we saw a brief Caryl interaction in 6x14 and the hug in 6x13.Before that was Season 5 with last conversation in 5x12 or so.
I still can’t belive we were deprived of Caryl scenes for almost 2 seasons (how dare you!).
So now I can’t wait for 7x10 making up for it.

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New Canon Incoming

So for anyone new to fandom, here’s what’s going to happen: the new series will air, and a lot of really committed, vocal, prominent fans will hate it. 

They will loudly and frequently express their disappointment and anger. They will feel betrayed by the writers, the actors, the directors, and by every fan who doesn’t feel the same way. The words “out of character” will be batted around in relation to the new series. You will hear: “They did it all wrong! Don’t they know these characters at all?”

Disappointed fans will complain loudly for X amount of time, attempting to convince others that the new series had ruined everything that came before, after which they will flame out as hard and brilliantly as they can. It will feel like a big deal. It will feel like a big loss, like the fandom is bleeding out, like it’s shrinking. Like it’s not as good as it used to be.

Be not afraid. This happens every time there’s new canon.  Rest assured that it always happens, and it isn’t a special feature of any one fandom. Some people cannot handle more story, no matter how good or well-constructed that story is. If it isn’t what they were expecting, if the characters change and grow, some fans cannot and will not cope. And that’s okay! Follow your bliss, friend!

But so many more people will flood into the fandom. Fandoms double, or triple, or more in size when there’s new canon. There will be new artists, new writers, new meta thinkers. They will bring us new perspectives, and you will make new friends. Lots of them! 

Looking forward to new canon is also looking forward to a whole new fannish culture. Are you ready?


Can you 

Honestly tell me that

Dazai doesn’t care for Atsushi?

Tell me this isn’t a form of love. Say it to my face.

His smile whenever he regards Atsushi. The way he just casually touches Atsushi like it’s the most natural thing in the world. The way he knows how to calm him down. The way he freggin looks at Atsushi-

Tell me this isn’t canon. Tell me there isn’t something between them. Tell it to my face. I will go down with this ship.


I unapologetically love Vivienne.

Hear me out. I love that so many character’s occupy a morally gray area, and I eventually realized that there’s only two characters in DA:I that don’t. Vivienne, and Dorian. Dorian’s greatest crime is that he was born into a shitty country. Vivienne’s greatest crime is that she was thrown into a shitty system as a young child… and excelled. She conquered. She started powerless and grew into a person with the strength and fortitude to NEVER be put in that position again. Vivienne cannot be made powerless, because she cannot be made powerless.

I can’t fault her for believing in a system that worked for her, and being unapologetic about her success. 

Some mages slept with Templars to be safe, some became snitches, some ran, some fought back, some withered. Vivienne became a wall of ice that the system could not break. 

For @roosettes: prompt #21 (she gave me 50, and I love her for that)

So I’m in line at the grocery store, tumbling as I wait. And I see activity on a recent photo post– someone choosing a moody closeup of a dying pine to reblog along with a comment about masturbating. I mean, I love trees… but arboreal love that’s forbidden? Oh wow. I feel I still have much to learn.

You have done it! You have accrued over 9,000 hitpoints, BOA followers, and do you know what that means? That’s right, it means that Space Prince Vegeta, Guest Mod, will…

…Bail out of town because he says tumblr is for nerds. But wait. 9999. That is an auspicious number for another reason… what has 9999 hit points… what final boss could we possibly be up against…

Wait, could it be? The great Kefka Palazzo, @ask-keffycakes himself, will now rise to defeat any askers who dare to intrude on our inbox? Yes, that is exactly right and is a logical scenario for when an occult advice blog hits 9999 followers. A videogame character ask blog will answer questions sent to our inbox. That is exactly what you would expect to happen and so it is exactly what WILL happen.

So send in your asks to BOA and have them answered by a certified occult and magic expert who is also a pyromaniacal clown! Until… Friday. That is exactly how long you would expect such an arrangement to last. All of this is perfectly logical and normal, especially when you look at all the perfectly logical and normal things that have happened in the rest of 2016.


OTA “Original Team Arrow” 

Happy Arrow Wednesday! Bring it on 5B!

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