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The most unrealistic part of tonight’s episode?


What she says:I am fine
What she means:The fact that a character like Loki,who has been the villain of a story the antihero etc.,is still going on around and is actually going to be around with all the other heroes in Infinity War is just so overwhelming because it all goes to Tom who actually brought the character into life and made the audience feel empathy for him and love him so much that Marvel kept bringing him back and who knows he may have his own movie as well.I am just so proud of both Tom and Loki

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I see the Tony is immortal drabble and I raise you this: when Steve hits him in Siberia Tony hopes this is finally it, he will die here like he was supposed to so many years ago. But Steve smashes the shield down and dislodges the fake sternum and cracks rips and later the doctors will say that and the hypothermia and the other injuries should have killed him and Tony just laughs and laughs and laughs. They just mumble that should have killed him too, new sternum and all, and then he just cries.

Well hello there Satan.

I see you and also raise: Tony isn’t reckless because he wants to save everyone. Tony is reckless because he wants to die. The Avengers would shout at him in medical, or in the quinjet, or during debrief, and yell that he’s really fucking lucky, and Tony’s just sitting there quietly, thinking, if I were actually lucky, I would have fucking died. Siberia is sort of a Hail Mary for him. If two Super Soldiers beating the shit out of him doesn’t work, if Steve slamming the shield through the reactor and breaking his fake sternum and the hypothermia didn’t kill him, nothing would.

And it fucking doesn’t.

You know what? I’m going all-in. *shoves entirety of chips to the middle of the table* Thanos comes, and Tony thinks finally, because this… this is what he’d been warning everyone about. And now they can see he was Right. He sees the fear on everyone’s faces even when they try to hide it, and he worries about them, but underneath it all he’s smug. Because now they can see it wasn’t all just his hubris talking.

And then they fight Thanos. Tony sacrifices himself, because that’s what he does, because he’s never going to die. If Afghanistan didn’t kill him, if Stane’s betrayal didn’t kill him, if the Paladium poisoning and the Mandrin didn’t kill him, if Steve’s betrayal didn’t kill him, Thanos certainly isn’t going to. Thanos isn’t personal the way so many of his enemies have been. In fact, this might be the easiest fight Tony’s ever had, if only because there are no feelings attached to it.

They manage to beat Thanos. And Tony finally dies. (Tony stands over his body and watches as the rogue Avengers scream and cry and mourn over him. It’s very surreal. “Too little, too late,” he says, and no one hears him.)

((They bring Tony back, of course, because this is Marvel. They expect Tony to be happy, if only because everyone has to tell him that he was right, and they are sorry. And it’s this that sends Tony over the edge, makes him angry. He does not accept their apologies. He does not care that he was right. “YOU ARE SO SELFISH THAT YOU CAN’T EVEN LET ME DIE IN PEACE. I DON’T KNOW WHY I’M EVEN SURPRISED.” This is not what anyone expected. And now they have to live with the worry that Tony might put a bullet through his head in front of them. He’s angry enough to.))

When I thought that my whole life has been leading up to this moment (Homecoming) and after seeing it, I’ve never been so right about anything


finally completed this redesign of my not-so-perfect genderfluid space jesus a ND I’M SO HAPPY WITH IT.  combining a bunch of his appearances over the years that i’v loved + a touch of infinity which I think fits him rather well

Preview for House of M #4

And I see we continue to avoid the question of who is supposed to be the twin boys’ father in this reality. 

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Best possible Green Lantern for the DCEU movies: Chris Pine as Hal Jordan. I don't care that he already played Steve Trevor, have Hal be descended from Steve's sibling or from a one night stand he had before he met Diana or something. Dye his hair brown and give him some green contact lenses so he doesn't look exactly the same. Bonus emotional impact for Diana having to work with some who looks so much like Steve.

Listen- I am all for this. I like the way you think. Really just put Chris Pine in lots of stuff. Bring back Steve Trevor, give him Hal Jordan, give him a Marvel hero (because I need to unite the Chrises), do five more Star Trek movies, Princess Diaries 3, do a whole slew of Wrinkle in Time movies (did you see that trailer?), give that Jack Ryan movie a sequel just.. you know… do it better. All the Chris Pine. 

But totally he’d make and awesome Green Lantern and I’d love to see him as the star of his own superhero movie. (But his hair already is brown??) Any extra angst that comes with it is just a bonus. 


At first I couldn’t quite believe it when I looked into the mail earlier this week and found an envelope with British stamps and with my address written in my own hand writing on it. After a few seconds in which my brain had a blackout I realized that’s the same envelope I have enclosed with my thank you card for Jamie Parker. I have passed it to a member of security at the stage door on May 14. I didn’t expect him to reply so quickly!

Not only did he sign my Cursed Child ticket of said performance which I put into the envelope, but he also was so friendly to reply to my rambling. To save you the trouble I summerize my text. I thanked him for his marvellous performance and for “bringing Harry back to us”.  He wrote that he is glad that I thought “the show was up to scratch”. I also wrote that this show really needed a talk back/Q&A event, but that would have been “a very looong business”. To which Jamie replied: “And yes, a talk back would be good, but would probably last several days…” Don’t worry Jamie, if we’re allowed to bring food into the Palace, we can sit through several days. >:)

This is the first time so far that I sent someone “fan mail”. It was for the reason that I had never had the chance to talk to him directly since whenever I saw the show he wasn’t at the stage door afterwards. I’m glad that he indeed received and read my words of appreciation. I always like to thank the actors for their performance no matter which play it is. This case was special for me since his performance was one my favourites and he also was portraying my favourite character. And he signed the ticket of the performance of May 14. That was when I saw the original cast for the last time.
I hope to see him in future in an other play. But when he has to rush off to catch the train and skip the stage door again, I’d suggest we collect in the SD queue for his taxi, so he can stay. ;)