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hey…. psst…. I know the suspense in waiting for a video gives a lot of ppl anxiety, and that’s totally valid, but too often I see people getting mad at dnp after posting a video that they “hyped up” when it doesn’t meet expectations, and I just wanted to remind everyone that if this is just a casual video that’s nbd, that’s okay too, we hype things up more than they ever do and then ppl are let down and it makes everyone (including dnp) feel bad. not saying lower your expectations bc it’s always fun to think about what it could be and share headcanons, but don’t blame them if your expectations aren’t met. okay that’s all have a nice day.

Framework SkyeWard is what we deserved. I love Brett on this show. The scene where they showed what would’ve happened if Ward wasn’t manipulated af hit hard. I wish they would’ve given him a redemption in S2 when he was still redeemable. Please bring him back as an LMD. Please. Also Tripp, him too. Bring everyone back.

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Do you have a friend you can go with? Or a cousin, sibling, or even a neighbor? If you really can’t find anyone, I’m sure you’d be just fine by yourself:) You could just get some water during slow songs, that’s what I usually do


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I just wanted to say that your "tag yourself i'm the [blank]" tags are prob one of my fav things. They always make me smile lol

omggg okayy i love adding those to the tags cause it’s a way for me to bring everyone together and have a group chat in the comments lol. sometimes i forget to add them on photosets but when i do i go back and read what everyone tagged themselves as cause its funnyyyy.

i hope y’all realize it’s twice now that cisco was left out in the dust when Team Flash disbanded. in 2A, cait wanted nothing to do with him. barry didn’t want him or anyone else in STAR Labs which honestly must’ve hurt cisco so much bc he fucking rebuilt that place with cait and eowells and now he’s not allowed in it? he tried so damn hard to get the team back together in 2A, but at least it seemed like he had Joe and Iris and hung around CCPD a lot

and now in 2024, he’s again literally the only one even remotely trying to get the team back together even after losing a close friend (Iris) and getting his hands shattered by someone he thought was his friend, and he’s still out here trying to bring everyone back together. he even visited Wally all the damn time.

when Cindy makes her next appearance i swear she’s gonna make sure barry and KF/cait don’t get within a mile radius of him she’s just gonna swaddle him and let him know how appreciated he is…although to be fair i think barry and cisco are in an ok place they just need to actually still have a Talk and seeing barry and cindy be friends would be interesting

she keeps yelling !!!!! and I want to kill myself !!!!! I hate her so sosos o much and she just keeps yelling and yelling about what a burden and I am and how I neve r help the family and how all I do is bring everyone down and I get it! I’m the worst person in the world!!!! please stop yelling

 Been talking about this for awhile and figured I might as well bring her back since everyone kept telling me to do the thing so yeah, my apathetic star child has returned. Could ya’ll give this a like or reblog if you’d be willing to interact with a whiteboard pirate who’s obsessed with anything space or star related and currently on a mission to make a complete star map of the skies? Her bio isn’t finished but I’m impatient as all hell and I’ve been missing my baby.

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You know, there really is no need to characterise every other relationship in OUAT as asexual or non-sexual to enjoy last episode's CS moment. There is no need to make CS the "special snowflake" couple who obviously gets it on while there are no mentions of other couples doing it (OQ got some sexy moments, we've seen Belle passed out from sex canonically twice, Snowing has been interrupted in bed, etc). Just... guys, stop bringing everyone else down to prop yourselves up. We're tired.

So, if you bothered to do any research into my blog at all, you would realize that I’ve written quite a bit and reblogged posts about the portrayal of sex and sexuality on Once Upon a Time. My CS pancakes post wasn’t actually intending to bring down other ships. In fact, I’ve been quite critical about how CS has been portrayed sexually for quite some time, falling into the same tropes as the other couples I mentioned. I wrote the pancakes post not because I view CS as being a “special snowflake” couple, but because I was happy that we finally saw a healthy portrayal of a couple having sex that didn’t have incredibly messed up undertones.

And, I think this is something that many of my followers can attest. 

Another classic diamond in the rough piece of cinema I’d like to bring to everyone’s attention: the video where the dude just starts hissing wildly at his dog through a blurry camera lens until it starts smiling extremely eerily yet joyfully

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You know, I don't think people are done with your "blueberry bullshit," I'm not even following you and I like it I love it I feed off of the good vibes it brings you and everyone else

Okay but like, I freak out about blueberry so much I feel like a lot of people are annoyed by it at this point??????

All jokes aside I think it’s really amazing how Hebrew was literally brought back to life by a bunch of enthusiasts and how what once was essentially a dead language is spoken nowadays by millions of people

I hear it on the streets and can’t stop thinking about how just a couple of centuries ago nobody was speaking it, and now it’s living and breathing just like any other natural language, with modern words and slang and shitty pop songs and children learning their first words in it

But it is also thousands of years old technically

This is wild

Join me in AU Territory for a few minutes, okay?

a.  So Obi Wan Kenobi basically ends up going, “NOPE. FUCK THIS NOISE.” and decides to raise baby Luke Skywalker himself.

(He’s not a true Jedi anymore; not when he can see all the mistakes he’s made with Anakin in full, excruciating detail.  Not when those closely held values of detachment and denial of emotions have led to fire and death and grief and…

No.  He will not turn.  He might not be a perfect Jedi, but he won’t turn to the Dark Side.)

b.  So he loves Luke with all his heart and baby Luke is basically the teeniest, most adorable ball of sunshine and light and his smiles are a balm on Obi Wan’s broken heart.

c.  Also.  Obi-Wan joins the Rebellion. Because hope doesn’t just lie in Jedi and the Light Side of the Force.   Hope lies in the people who are willing to live and die for their freedom, who are there to resist the Empire and its lies.

d.  Eventually, Obi-Wan finds Rex and Ahsoka and of course, that means baby Luke has more family members who will love him.  Maybe he’s not growing up as royalty the way Leia is, but he is equally treasured and precious to Uncle Rex and Aunt ‘Soka.

(Except Luke calls her Snips - just out of the blue - even though Obi Wan has never told him about this nickname and he doesn’t understand why Aunt ‘Soka suddenly catches him up in her arms and holds him tight tight tight.  He thinks he’s made her sad but Aunt ‘Soka tells him she can be his Aunt Snips and thus, Aunt Snips she became.)

e.  Obi Wan does not want to put the burden of stopping Vader on Luke’s shoulders.  It is monstrously unfair and neither Luke nor Leia should be burdened with the task of repairing their father’s mistakes.  This was Obi-Wan’s failure and it is his job to make it right.

f.  Vader chases after Obi-Wan’s ghost in various Rebel skirmishes - Jedi who mysteriously disappear and escape his finest soldiers,. Imperial shipyards being sabotaged, the best scientists of the Empire making successful defections.  He is always just one step behind, just one moment too late.  Vader’s rage knows no bounds.

(Vader never sees or hears about the child in Obi-Wan’s care.  His heart has already been buried in the royal tombs of Naboo, where Padme Amidala lies in her forever sleep.)

g.  There is a holo of little Luke and little Jyn Erso playing together.  Jyn has not smiled in months as her father and mother have desperately tried to flee the Empire, so that they would not be forced to keep working on its latest monstrosity.  It is Luke who has made her laugh again for the first time as they ran and chased each other.

h.  Luke’s first friend, first crush and his idol is the dashing Cassian Andor.

i.  Obi Wan finds healing and a new outlook/philosophy on the Force when he becomes friends with Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus.  He and Luke make the pilgrimage to the Holy City of Jeddah and while Luke is too young to understand, the ruins of its ancient temple make the child “feel good.”  For Obi-Wan, it is a peace he’s not felt in years. 

j.  Some things are still meant to happen.  Obi-Wan and Vader clash over the years but each duel is inconclusive and both men walk away alive.  It takes years for the Rebel Alliance to gain steam.  Galen Erso still falls into the hands of the Empire.  The pilot Bodhi Rook still defects to the Rebels.  Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor still lead a desperate group to Shariff to retrieve the Death Star plans.

k.  The difference is that Luke Skywalker defies his somewhat overprotective Uncle Ben, having stolen a ship to Shariff to rescue all of his friends.  They barely make it off planet as the Death Star blows up its Imperial base, but Luke’s gotten to be a very good pilot and will spend his downtime happily chatting away with Bodhi Rook.    

l.  Baze spends a few minutes yelling at Chirrut for having the “suicidal tendencies of an Alderaanian lemmingray” before kissing him stupid and it is the first good laugh that Rogue One has, even as they are all safe and sound and alive.

m.  Luke grins even though he knows he’s in deep trouble with Uncle Ben.  There is a transmission from him - Darth Vader is now in hot pursuit of those lost plans and he is chasing after the Tantive IV.  They will all rendezvous with Princess Leia on Tatooine. 

It begins.  A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…  


Q: What do you think was going through Flint’s mind when Madi & Silver reunited in 4x3? Your face expresses so much. 

Toby Stephens: A bittersweet happiness for Silver, mixed [with] a sense of his own isolation.

Let mcr die. Let mcr finally be at fucking peace. Stop stirring shit up. Stop getting people’s hopes up. mcr is gone, accept it, and celebrate it for what it was.

Surprise! I’m your secret skk valentine, @soukoku-writes!!
I suppose this can also count as my gift to you for uploading your first fic~
Guys, please check out Bob’s amazing writing. Here’s her ao3. 
Also, thank you to everyone who participated in the skk valentines exchange!!
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ok so has anyone ever considered stage actor enjolras and techie grantaire??? 

some important points

- grantaire most definitely plans his lighting cues exactly when they make enjolras’ hair glow like a halo

- enjolras always playing the leading man/love interest characters because he’s just so beautiful and has the voice of an angel

- because of all the women that he very convincingly kisses on stage, grantaire is so sure he’s straight

- this doesn’t stop grantaire from flirting with him whenever possible (and most definitely missing sound and light cues because of it)

- when costumer jehan tells grantaire that enj is gay as hell, he couldn’t be happier

- stage manger combeferre is definitely done with all of the pining and shit like come on guys its distracting from the show

- enjolras’ fellow actors cosette, courfeyrac, musichetta, and marius keep trying to tell enj that grantaire likes him, dammit, but enj is having none of it. theres just no way, and besides, itd distract from the show

- the very small pit of éponine, joly, bossuet, montparnasse, and floreal (who i really should talk about more)

- feuilly is the set designer and he builds them with the help of his boyfriend bahorel and they are killing it

- valjean is the director

- no, cosette got in on pure talent

- valjean aint about that favoritism life yes he is