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Surfin U. S. GAY! For @cecilosweek !!! This was really fun and I’d love to bring Vacation Cecilos back again when we can actually make it to the Beach tbh 🏝🏄

Cecil: @sarenderpity
Carlos: @kindofderp/ @derpkind

I lay adrift on a wooden raft. Surrounded by the still, black sky of
my mind. Floating on the dark, dimpled water of time. There your face
twinkles above me. You shine. Stars so seemingly close, but
unreachable. The light glowing on my outstretched hands. Clawing at
the sky, but unable to grasp the source.

My heart ticks in time to the groan of the planks. It is a clock.
Counting not the day, but the moments since last we touched. Passion
in fingertips the world has not yet rendered. Promises unspoken by
lips that plead for fulfillment.

Tick Tock. I drift farther from your touch.
Tick Tock. Two more moments alone without you.

My heart is a clock. It’s muscle and nerves the gears and pins. A
machine. A tool. But a clock is meaningless without time. Without
time, a clock would simply count. Valueless decimals discarded and
alone. My heart is a clock and you are its time. Giving purpose to a
machine empty without you. Your sweet song, the harmony to my meter.
Breathing life into the inanimate.

Tick Tock. My heart waits for you.

I lay adrift on the water of time, waiting for the currents to bring
me back to you.

—  Beach Leanbh
The Other Girl II Kim Taehyung

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Part 1 I Part 2 (updating)

“Don’t tell me… Did she forget about your date…again?” You spoke quietly, not really surprised that Taehyung’s girlfriend had bailed on him for the nth time. It was surprising why he still stayed with her for all these years. She treated Taehyung like shit but time and time again, he would just brainwash himself into thinking that she was just a really busy person instead of the fact that she was fucking another man which turned out to be Namjoon, his older brother.

What was even more painful was that you had a crush on the boy for so many years but of course, he was too caught up in his girlfriend, Minah. Every time she hurt him, you were the one to bring his spirits up. It made him feel better but it was like stabbing yourself in the heart. He thought of you as his younger sister but you thought of him as your knight in shining armor.

You let the weeping boy inside your abode and he instantly went to your couch like it was a routine. To be honest, it pretty much was. You would let him in, he would go to your couch while you made some hot chocolate. Hearing the little whimpers come out of his mouth was just torture to you. He didn’t deserve any of this. 

With two cups in your hands, you sit next to Taehyung and handed him his warm beverage with a small ‘thanks’. You both sat in comfortable silence, drinking your hot chocolate and watching your fireplace and it’s embers dance around. By the time you had finished your drinks, Taehyung had calmed down enough that the tears had stopped escaping. 

“So, what did you plan to do with Minah this time?” You ask, coming back from the kitchen. “I wanted to bring her to the beach and have fun in the waters for our 4 year anniversary. We were going to go eat at a seafood restaurant afterwards too,” Taehyung smiled before looking away from the fireplace and into your eyes. “I was going to propose to her.” Your smile faltered at the seven words but you fought the tears from appearing on your face. “That sounds wonderful Tae, maybe next time when Minah isn’t busy, hm?” ‘screwing your brother’ You wanted to add on but decided against it. Taehyung nods and gives you a hug. 

“Thank you. For all the times you’ve lifted me up from the cold, hard ground.” He lets go and smiles. “It’s…my pleasure, Tae.” With one of your fake smiles. “It’s late now and I think Minah should be home now. Off you go, be with her, now.” You shoo him off, wanting him to leave so he couldn’t see your tears that were ready to fall. You expected him to nod and say his farewells to you and go home to his cheating girlfriend but no. Not this time. Instead, he shook his head.

 “No. I don’t want to go home now. I want to stay with you tonight.”

Were you hearing things right? Did he just say that? Is something wrong with him?

You sat there, confused out of your mind. “W-what?” You reply, wanting to confirm or deny what you had just heard was all in your head or not. “I want to stay with you tonight.” Taehyung repeated. 

“But why? Wouldn’t Minah-”

“I don’t give a fuck what Minah thinks. I’m spending my night with you.” Taehyung interrupts, not wanting you to ask any more questions regarding that matter. No more Minah for the night. “Stay here, I’ll get you some sweats.” You half lie. You were going to go get some clothes that Taehyung had left a few days back but you needed to let your tears out and get your heart to stop beating so loudly. You grab his clothes and leave it on your drawer before dashing to your bathroom where the waterworks kick in with your soft whimpers. Unbeknownst to you, Taehyung was right outside listening to your little cries and wondering why on earth you were crying in the first place. 

Why was life so cruel to you? Why couldn’t the boy you love so dearly just return the favor? What had you done to have life be such a dick to you. Kim Taehyung was the only one who stuck with you through thick and thin. He was the one that you fell for but life had to introduce Minah into your lives, practically ruining your small chance with Taehyung once she had gave a flirtatious wink at him those few years ago that started everything. Life, just this once, let me be happy. 

He couldn’t take it anymore when he heard your whimpers get louder and knocked the door down, stopping your cries out of pure shock. “Y/n? What’s wrong?” He instantly asks, rushing towards you so that he can pull you into a warm, safe, hug. You couldn’t tell him. Not in this condition anyways. You shake your head and bury it into his chest. Taehyung wrapped his arms around you and gently hummed in your ear, knowing it was one of the only ways that calmed you down. Even then, you didn’t let go, not wanting this small, precious moment to end which thankfully Taehyung didn’t mind. 

As your grip on Taehyung loosened, he took the chance to pet your hair soothingly to ensure that he was there for you even if he was apart of the reason. He didn’t know why he did these actions but dismissed it as something an older brother would do for his little sister, even if he knew that this wasn’t the reason. You were in a small land of bliss, imagining if Taehyung could be yours instead. The days would be filled with cuddles, late night maccas runs with the occasional kiss on the lips and laughter. The thought brought a gentle smile on your face, wishing it was true but alas, the boy had fallen for another. 

Taehyung felt your smile and broke away from the embrace, getting a hold of your hand and leading you onto the bed. You stayed silent, taking in the past actions that made your heart beat so fast. You couldn’t fathom why Taehyung was doing these actions but you happily let them take place.

Tucking you in, Taehyung grabbed the clothes that you left on your drawer and changed in the bathroom. He himself didn’t know why he was doing these sort of actions when he obviously had a girlfriend, even if that girlfriend was the nastiest witch in all of existence but still, was he any better? Of course, he was. The poor boy was just caught up between two girls whom he both loved and cared for, one more than the other. 

This other girl, was naturally you since he had gotten so much closer to you every time Minah were to bail on him for Namjoon. He started noticing all of the times you would flinch at the name of his girlfriend and every time your smile would grow bigger when he stared at you. He wanted to be with you but he also wanted to stay with Minah. The fear of breaking such a long relationship with you over a simple confession was killing him and the fear that Minah was going to hurt him was driving him insane. What was he supposed to do? 

By the time Taehyung was done changing and his mind had stopped racing, you were fast asleep, seeing as it was so late and High School life was tiring and bothersome. He smiled at your little snores and went to the other side of the bed and joined you in the warmth of the bed. He looked at your small back and noticed how you were shaking from the cold. Feeling bad for you and for his own need, he pulled you close to his chest, his arm over your small waist. 

You nuzzled into his chest and happily wrapped your arms around his chest. He admired your face. Your swollen eyes matching his own, Your pink lips which he wanted to kiss and your cute little button nose that he wanted to give Eskimo kisses to. Taehyung knew who he wanted to love. It was you. You treated him right. You always supported his dream and you were a kind soul.

He knew there was something he had to do before he even thought about asking you out: Breaking up with Minah. 

So now we live
Fandom: Star Wars Rogue One
Pairing: Cassian Andor/Jyn Erso
Words: 5777
Rating: Explicit

Tags: Angst, Smut, Fluff ish, Resolving angst with smut, quite likely poor characterization, no one died but they all got a little fucked up, self hating Jyn, improper sparring techniques, spoilers?, not really but hey

A/N: Rogue One was great, but I needed this in my life. So yeah, have some shameless angst and smut! Eternal thanks to @coldsaturn for fixing the mess of words I threw at her, she is a godsend of editing <3


Jynn remembers the desperate hug on Scarif, remembers clinging to Cassian and knowing that they were going to die. In that moment, before the pain and whatever miracle lifted her from death into suffering, she was absurdly happy. Because they had won, and they had found each other. He needed her, in his holding her hand, and his grip strong on her back. It felt good to be needed, and to want him and be able to hold him. With death bearing down on them, there were no consequences, no reasons to hold back.

The end she’d been expecting never came, though. It continued to hound her for a long time, far too long, and she can never quite shake the feeling of it gnawing on her spine. A remarkable recovery, the doctors had all said, and the med bots had informed her in their weird way of comfort that she had beaten their probabilities. It had been agony, running from death, but every day she had gotten one step closer to actually being alive again.

When she had been unable to hold back tears from the pain and the helplessness of her situation, she had wanted Cassian, needed to feel the calluses of his hand holding her again. One day, she had even fallen low enough to ask for him, in a strangled voice warped by agony.

“Captain Andor is unavailable.”

That was all the med bots would say, and she stopped asking them. She wouldn’t risk turning to a real person because without death consuming the horizon, there are consequences for wanting things, and for needing people they are always dire. She couldn’t impose that onto Cassian. For him to recover and to go on living, she couldn’t want him, couldn’t need him.

She is a curse, she convinces herself as she slowly regains the ability to walk, and to breathe without pain. She is a curse, and if she cares about Cassian the way she knows she does, she has to avoid him.

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I really do not understand why people don't talk about Drawn to Life more.

I mean, it’s the older cousin of Scribblenauts; it’s made by the same people, has the same music, and looks kinda similar, but instead of writing down what you want to create, you draw it, taking advantage of the touch screen on the DS. And it also has a more solid, flowing storyline.

You can draw the character you play as (sadly you can’t pick the gender but it’s not like it comes up a lot, they mostly just refer to you with your name), all his weapons, platforms and objects within the levels. The character you draw is basically your giant-champion-fighter-Jesus and you are the friggin God of the world.

Here’s your villain:

He’s basically this game’s equivalent of Lucifer…
with the most nonthreatening voice ever and an evil crackle that will make you lose the boss battle because you were laughing too hard at its nonthreatening cuteness and the fact that his pain-grunts sound like he is throwing up. But he has seriously cool theme and battle music that more that make up for it.

Here are your protag’s buddies that basically just tell you to do stuff and quite frankly take advantage of your God powers to have, like, parties or something:


Excuse me, are you saying you want me to battle through uncharted wilderness with suicidal enemies waiting to kill me with every step I take… for a beach ball?!! I understand going to bring back the the friggin sun and moon or forests, but a beach ball?!!
“…fine, give me my gun that shoots heat-seeking starfish.”


Not to mention, you will cry at least once while playing either one of the two games.

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Why thank you! :) I ended up changing this to a headcanon thing since I couldn’t find any GIFs that I thought could work. Hope that’s alright!

Headcanons: Partner with a Sunburn - Hellsing + Millennium


-Would have no clue what it was or how to handle it

-He’d want to touch it, unintentionally hurting his partner the first time before doing so more delicately

-When it was time to apply the lotion, he would do it if only so he could touch his partner


-Would scold her partner about wearing sunscreen in the first place

-It would take her partner asking to have her apply the lotion for them

-She will be a little bit more delicate with you, but don’t expect special treatment


-Would go out of her way to buy some lotion, bringing back multiple bottles

-^She would leave the beach right away, not minding that she’s in her swimsuit or anything since you were more important

-At some point she would be able to be out with you even as a vampire, so she’ll always have some sunblock on hand for you


-He would jokingly yell at the sun for harming his precious partner

-Then, he would sensually apply the lotion, being a smooth-mofo while simply rubbing on some aloe vera

-He would try to make you feel better by recounting all of his tales of much more embarrassing burns 


-He would tease for a bit before noting the seriousness and helping with some lotion, maybe even bringing some painkillers

-Every time you wanted to go back outside, even if just to go to the grocery or something, he would check to make sure you were wearing sunscreen

-If you didn’t listen to him and burned again, you would never hear the end of it


-He would enact war on the sun! He would order the Doctor to make you some special soothing lotion

-He would try to find some way to make you feel better, most likely taking you to dinner

-He may not want you going outside for a while since he worries for you, as well as the prospect of skin cancer


-Would become frantic and bring you every bottle ever of lotion

-He would however let you know that you’re skin is a remarkable and beautiful thing no matter if burned or not

-Would avoid touching you there until he was sure it was fully healed


-He’ll first try to convince you to wear his jacket whenever you go outside, even in the burning heat

-Somehow he would know the UV radiation stats for the day and would show you them as if to scare you from going out again

-If you are out together, he’ll hold his jacket like an umbrella over you to shield you


-He would tease relentlessly, saying how you were so clumsy

-After applying lotion for you, he would want you to put some on him even if he wasn’t burned

-Would really love applying the lotion and end up smothering you in far more than you needed


-Would not have any clue what to do and would freak out

-Once you explained it and what you needed, she would have a lot of fun applying due to its strange form

-She would look up everything about sunburns so the next time she would be prepared and ready to help you


-Would tell you to suck it up

-If it really hurt, she would have you point it out so she could apply the lotion for you

-From then on, she would tell you to just stay inside since she can’t go out anyway


-As long as it wasn’t peeling yet, he would apply the lotion for you

-^If it was peeling, he won’t touch it with an eight-foot pole

-He will apologize later, stating that he does in fact love your skin, but not when there are pieces falling off


-Would most certainly use lotion as a way to touch you inappropriately

-With him around, he would probably never allow a sunburn since he would want to help you with the lotion right away

-He can’t go in the sun so he’ll lament not being able to get burned himself


-Would apply lotion right away with a soft touch

-From then on, he would always have sunscreen for his partner on hand

-He would ask to touch it lightly since he liked the warmth of your skin there

What If....

In the StevenBomb, in the end, Steven decides to give himself up to the diamonds to bring the people of Beach City back to Beach City…That would be so freaking awesome! ….And maybe feelsy XD

I’m not sure if anyone posted this idea or not yet….If someone did, I’m sorry, I didn’t know. xD

Ideas for the new Animal Crossing game

1. A pattern “booklet” That can hold up to 30 patterns from QR codes so we can have both paths and clothes. Also it saves us from making more than one resident.
2. Llama residents
3. Bring back the festivals and sports feat of the original animal crossing game for the GameCube.
4. Whale residents! (what y’all have squids but no whales?)
5. More emotions! (V pose, eye roll, sticking out your tongue, etc.)
6. Allow us to pick our eye color. (yes a majority of people have brown eyes but people also have blue eyes, or green eyes.)
7. Beachside public works projects! (like tiki torches, hammocks, picnic’s beach chairs with umbrella’s)
8. An option between using military time and normal time
9. A bakery with a mini game! (maybe an ice cream truck that appears on occasions during the summer like Crazy Redd and Katrina do, only it sells ice cream! And during the fall it can sell roasted potato’s! :D
10. Kites and fans as hand items!
11. Bring back the soccer balls and beach balls from the original animal crossing! (those were so much fun!)
12. A “dream journal” That allows you to have a list of the dreams you had and the addresses of those dream towns. (maybe you can have a short review about them).
13. Multiplayer dream tours!
14. Some kind of devise where you can take a picture and convert it into a pattern.

15. A baby for the recycling shop alpacas! (it could be purple!) 16. 12 villagers instead of just 10.
Apo Island Photobook

There’s only one name that makes people happy being called a bum and that’s– a summer/beach bum. Being surrounded by ocean waters, the sound of the waves, the warm breeze, lovely sunsets, good music and great people to hang with– sounds perff. And so far, my memories of best beach life brings me back to the summer of 2015. The year I was in Apo Island.

Had to make a post about it because a huge amount nostalgia hit me and I suddenly missed everything. And watching Moana (guuyyysssss, I love it so much!) doesn’t help at all. Because the feeling of  sea water, white sands, clear skies and nice island people is never easy to be forgotten.

It’s probably the best feeling in the world, the sorts that makes you feel so high, sorts that makes you feel let go of everything.

It’s not just the place, it’s actually the memories I made there.



where you and your avenger boo go on vacation

Tony: Los Angeles embodied the whole glitz and glamour aesthetic of the relationship between you and Tony, so it was a given that you would end up there at some point. Paparazzi were all over the two of you upon arrival. Hiding from paparazzi became sort of a sport for the two of you, adding to the fun of your vacation. Tony snuck off with you to have dinner at various small restaurants throughout Los Angeles so you wouldn’t be caught in an onslaught of pictures. Daily activities included strolling down Sunset Boulevard at ungodly hours of the morning hand in hand, laughing about all the strange drunk characters you ran into along the way. When the sun started peeking over the city, you stopped and marveled at the sunrise, interrupted only by Tony pulling you in for a long, sweet kiss. 

Bruce: Arizona. You had always wanted to see the Grand Canyon in all it’s natural majesty, which Bruce didn’t mind at all. It was in the middle of nowhere, practically, away from any unnatural disturbances aside from the two of you. It was a perfect spot to camp out for a night. The two of you had just drowned in the serenity of the atmosphere, laying on a thick blanket looking up at the sky, and looking out at the wonder that is the Grand Canyon. Hours passed without conversation, which was okay because you could feel Bruce often look over and marvel at you as if you were part of the natural majesty. The adoration of his gaze gained a loving look from you, and that’s when you melted into each other for the remainder of the evening, eventually looking up at the stars and pointing out constellations.

Pietro: New Orleans. Pietro needed a relatively fast paced environment that would keep up with his mutation, and you were in love with the southern charm of Louisiana so it was a happy medium for the two of you. It became a reflex for Pietro to have your hand in a tight grip, dragging you around the city to do as much and see as much as humanly, or in this case mutantly possible. He had given up on being patient after the first hour of being there, and resorted to carrying you bridal style and super speeding around. The constant celebratory atmosphere kept you two from ever being bored. When one party ended, another one had just gotten underway, with drinking and dancing well into the night and even into the next morning. You two knew when to stop and chill, however, which consisted of sitting in your hotel and drunkenly cuddling. You wouldn’t have it any other way.

Peter: Peter switched into romance aficionado when he finally started dating you. He wanted to take you somewhere you had always talked about going to, and England was that somewhere. You thought it perfect for making some cute couple memories together. The mutual favorite experience was playing a very intense game of ping-pong at a bar dedicated solely to table tennis. You had gotten too into it, hitting the ball too hard and pegging Peter right in the nose, multiple times. Accidentally, of course. He retaliated by channeling his heightened senses, sending balls you hit whizzing back past you, narrowly missing your face. Three whole pizza pies, a few pints, and about a million ping pong balls later, you two had left the bar laughing and a little more than tipsy. You let him lead you back to the hotel you were staying at, his arm wrapped around your waist and your head resting on his shoulder.

Steve: Hawaii was more than perfect for him, since his major complaint was that he was always cold. It didn’t matter what island the two of you visited, because he always said that the next trip you could just go to another island. Of course the multiple trips were paid for by Stark, since you used your money for buying little trinkets here and there to bring back for the team. Nothing compared to sitting on an O’ahu beach with Steve’s arms around you, toes in the sand, watching the sky change into different hues of pink while the sun set into the horizon. Going to the beach during the day was wonderful, the clear water was perfect to splash around in and pick up little seashells to decorate back home. But seeing Steve get all tan and golden looking was the best of all sites, his blue eyes really shone through. Through the two week trip neither of you got homesick either, because being in each other’s arms was home enough.

Bucky: Maine was like no other, and it was the perfect place to get cozy during the winter in a cabin with him. Of course you dragged him to walk downtown with you to go to lunch, and hang out with the locals at the mom and pop bars. The two of you blended in there so well, you ended up buying the large cabin for other members of the team to get away as well. Soon your winter vacations became the town’s best kept secret. It was a magical place for you and Bucky, you guys were able to be your true selves without the glitz and glamor of being in the public eye. Plus the community treated you like real people there, and not just like celebrities that needed to be in a glass box. So a few years down the road, you were able to bring your kids there and officially settle down.

Natasha: Russia was still dancing through her blood, and she couldn’t ever pull herself away for too long. You’d never been, nor thought about going, until she offered it up on a summer day. It ended up being the best decision the two of you made as a couple, (except for getting married) because you were finally able to see the innocent side of her from before the red rooms. She knew most of the country like the back of her hand, which made travelling one hundred percent easier. All the little cafes and hotels that you got to meet amazing people at, and be there with the love of your life. Let’s not forget the amazing, scenic selfies the two of you took and sent in the avengers group chat.

Clint: Although New York City was the home of the Avengers for several years, being in a 5 star, high rise hotel felt like a vacation enough for you two. Clint’s desire was simple, he wanted a view from above. Like a hawk, you determined. New York had plenty of those. You found a nice hotel just on the outskirts, overlooking the entirety of the city. The two of you had never really acknowledged how beautiful New York City actually was, since you were too busy avenging. Of course, you booked a room on the top floor to get the best view possible. You two had become enamored with the scene laid out in front of you, and would end up spending the majority of your vacation wrapped up in each other, gazing out of the window that spanned the whole wall and talking about a life together, starting with buying a house with the same view.

Thor: You thought that since he was from Asgard, that he had seen it all and nothing new could impress him. That all went out the window when you both travelled to Maldives for your honeymoon. It was almost like he could not physically get out of the water, which you were fine with since it meant you had someone to swim around with. The little hut you were renting for your time there seemed too small to hold the God of Thunder, but you guys managed by spending most of your time outside. The sunset dinners while holding hands across the table were the most romantic part of the vacation, or at least until Thor picked you up off your feet and whisked you away to the bedroom. 

Marvel Master-List

Avengers, stand-alones, GoTG, Fantastic Four 

# of fics done for this fandom: 100-ish? 


  1. Watching ____’s reaction to you reverting back to your first language when fighting/arguing.   💕
  2. Imagine the Avengers’ expression when they first see you  💕
  3. How the Avengers hold hands  💕

Gifsets and Edits

  1. AU gifest Body Swap
  2. gifest Steve and Tony confront Peter about his very obvious crush on you
  3. Steve Rogers magazine edit

Avengers x reader

- One-shots (600+ words)

  1. Sleepover          Imagine all the avengers fighting for your attention 
  2. Snowball fight          Imagine having a snowball fight with the Avengers, but then everyone starts using their powers, so you’re forced to use yours, which is the ability to melt/freeze things 

- Imagines 

  1. Imagine being part of the Avengers but being younger than them, so they are very protective of you [X]   
  2. Imagine the Avengers showing up in your house because they need your help, even though you quit after your boyfriend, Pietro, died [X]  

Loki x reader

- One-shots (600+ words)

  1. Silence           Imagine being Loki’s prison guard and trained to tell when he’s using magic and/or lying to you, so instead of sitting in silence, he decides to tell you the truth about himself 

- Imagines 

  1. Imagine Loki telling Thor that he likes you [X]  
  2. Imagine Loki jealous (loki x reader)[X]   
  3. Imagine dying while trying to save the Avengers and Loki blames them [part 1]  
  4. Imagine being reborn on Asgard but Loki denying everything [part 2]   
  5. Imagine being Coulson’s daughter and Loki falling in love with you [X]   
  6. Imagine Bucky, your best friend not liking your boyfriend, Loki [X]   
  7. Imagine Loki telling thor that you are too good for Loki  and he doesn’t want to hurt you [X]  
  8. Imagine Loki avoiding you, thinking that you are in love with Thor [X]  
  9. Imagine Loki constantly teasing you about your height [X]  

Peitro x reader

- Imagines 

  1. Imagine being Tony’s sister and him finding out that you’re dating Pietro (Pietro x reader)  [X]   
  2. Imagine trying to spend some alone time with Pietro, but the Avengers keep interfering (Pietro x reader) [X]   
  3. “You think that’s funny?” [X]   
  4. Imagine Telling Wanda that you like her brother [X]   
  5. Imagine Pietro, your best friend, using his super speed to piss you off [X]   

Peter Parker x reader

- One-shots (600+ words)

  1.  Loveseat pt.1           Imagine joining the Avengers and falling in love with Peter Parker. After becoming close friends, he soon tries to ask you to be his girlfriend, but things keep getting in his way.
  2. Loveseat pt.2           Imagine joining the Avengers and falling in love with Peter Parker. After becoming close friends, he soon tries to ask you to be his girlfriend, but things keep getting in his way.
  3. Loveseat pt.3           Imagine joining the Avengers and falling in love with Peter Parker. After becoming close friends, he soon tries to ask you to be his girlfriend, but things keep getting in his way. 
  4. Protective and not afraid to show it Pt.1           You are Peter’s close friend but when he tells you about Tony recruiting him for the big battle in Germany, you get mad, and confront Tony about endangering a kid
  5. Protective and not afraid to show it Pt.2           You are Peter’s close friend but when he tells you about Tony recruiting him for the big battle in Germany, you get mad, and confront Tony about endangering a kid

- Imagines

  1. Imagine Being Bruce’s sister and him finding out that you’re dating Peter Parker (Peter x reader)  [X]   
  2. Imagine Peter Parker, your boyfriend, bringing you to meet his parents, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers (Peter x reader) (Stony) (Super family) [X]  
  3. A world where Peter Parker is an orphan. All because his uncle and aunt got shot by a burglar a while ago. And after spending some time in a home, where he meets you, Peter runs away, not knowing that you’ve fallen in love with him.  [Part 1]  (spider man x reader)
  4.  [Part 2] (spider man x reader)
  5. Imagine going to the same school Peter Parker and him being completely in love with you, not knowing that you have powers yourself (Peter parker x reader) [X]  
  6. Imagine Peter trying to figure out your tumblr password to prank your blog. [X
  7. Imagine being Coulson’s daughter and secretly dating Peter [X]  
  8. Imagine Peter, your best friend, trying to delay your date by telling you that your outfit’s are bad, or your makeup isn’t right, but he ends up making you feel bad [X]  
  9. Imagine you and Peter both confiding In Aunt May about your feelings for each other  [X]
  10. Imagine you and peter going on adventures and him always taking photos of you because you’re so beautiful [X]
  11. Dialogue prompt: “Stay there. I’m coming to get you.” [X
  12. Imagine Peter meeting you, Tony’s daughter for the first time [X]
  13. Christmas Prompt: Imagine sneaking out of a Christmas Party with Peter [X]
  14. Imagine Peter Parker trying to get you to answer if you like anybody. [X]

Steve Rogers x reader

- One-shots (600+ words)

  1. Loved                Steve!dad x disabled!reader> Imagine being the disabled daughter of Steve so the Avengers bring a present
  2. Fanfics and Blog                Imagine SHIELD doing its mandatory background check on you, and Tony finds your tumblr fan-fic blog dedicated to them 
  3. Love/Hate                Imagine Steve acting differently around you, not because he hates you, but because he loves you. 
  4. Prank War gone wrong                 Imagine Steve using Johnny Storm’s help to prank you, but things go wrong and someone almost dies 
  5.  Ride Down Memory Lane                 Imagine Steve going to the Museum and finding an exhibit on you, which brings back memories 
  6.  Beach day                 Imagine going to the beach with Tony and Steve, but them competing for your attention since they both really like you (Steve x reader x Tony) 
  7. Split Apart (pt. 1)          You and Steve go on a mission but you guys get split apart. After a while, Steve comes to know that Hydra wants something in you and have kidnapped you.      
  8. Family              Steve come home to find you comforting Bucky after Steve has difficulty doing the same  
  9. One night out            Steve comes back out of hiding, for one night, to take you out on a Valentines  Date.       

- Imagines  

  1. Imagine being locked out of your house, so Steve invites you in for dinner but then calls Nat and Sam to make it less awkward.  (Steve x reader) [X]  
  2. Imagine cuddling on the sofa with Steve, on movie nights (Steve x reader) [X]   
  3. Imagine Steve being jealous of Tony flirting with you [X
  4. Imagine Steve being addicted to snapchat [X]   
  5. Imagine Steve, your boyfriend, having to tell your brother, Tony, that you died in the Civil War [X]  
  6. Imagine coming across Steve’s drawing journal [X]   
  7. Imagine figuring out Steve’s age [X]   
  8. Imagine getting Steve a dog [X]  
  9. Imagine Peter Quill flirting with you, not realizing that you are dating Steve [X]   
  10. Imagine Steve coming out of hiding to meet you in the hospital after you got into an accident [X]
  11. Imagine waking up next to Steve [X]
  12. Imagine Steve reading whenever he’s mad or upset about something [X]
  13. Imagine making up after a fight with Steve but Scott walking in [X]

Bruce x reader

- Imagines 

  1. Imagine Bruce having a huge crush on you and Tony telling him to ask you out  [X]   

Tony x reader

- One-shots (600+ words)

  1. Beach day            Imagine going to the beach with Tony and Steve, but them competing for your attention since they both really like you.  (Steve x reader x Tony)

- Imagines 

  1. Imagine being Tony’s assistant and creating a better, more efficient suit [X]   
  2. Imagine the Avengers building you Baymax but Tony becoming jealous, quickly, of how much attention it gets [X]  
  3. Imagine being coming out to Tony as asexual [X]
  4. Imagine Tony Stark worrying about you, a young superhero, after you wind up in the hospital [X]
  5. Imagine Tony surprisingly visiting you for Valentines Day, while you are off on a business trip [X]

Bucky x reader

- One-shots (600+ words) 

  1. Three Strikes         Your best friend form High school comes to visit but he turns out to be extremely vulgur and rude, which Bucky. Does. Not. Like. 
  2. Three Strikes Part 2           Bucky is at the end of his straws, with Dylan, and maybe even does something drastic? 
  3. To Forgive or not to Forgive      <3Valentines day special<3 Bucky visits you at your workplace and apologizes after you two had a fight, and makes it up with a surprise 

- Imagines 

  1. Imagine Bucky seeing you in a dress for the first time [X]  
  2. Imagine being Bucky’s last thought before him being brainwashed [X]  
  3. Imagine being reborn to find bucky-your soulmate- and when you think that there is no hope left and you won’t find him, you run into him, quite literally, at stark tower, your uncle Tony’s home [X]  
  4. Imagine Bucky saying goodbye to you before getting cryogenically frozen [X]  
  5. Imagine Sam teaching Bucky how to ask you out but when Bucky practices on you, you realize that you like him [X]
  6. Imagine Bucky learning that you were murdered trying to keep him hidden from Hydra and Shield [X]  
  7. Imagine going to the Mall with Steve & Bucky, and convincing them to come along with you into VIctoria’s Secret [X]  
  8. Imagine bucky getting protective of you -his neighbor and friend- when your abusive boyfriend comes home [X]
  9. Imagine bucky trying to look scary but failing every time because you call him ‘boo bear’ which makes him cracks up  [X]
  10. Imagine Tony initiating a game of ‘truth or dare’ and Steve daring you to kiss Bucky, knowing that you two have a massive crush on each other
  11. Imagine bucky learning that you’re in love with steve, and he becomes disappointed because he was planning on asking you out  [X]
  12. Imagine Bucky holding your baby for the first time [X]
  13. Imagine bucky planning a surprise for your birthday, and refusing to give any information about it [X]
  14. Imagine bucky finding you asleep on his sofa after you had a fight with your roommate and needed a place to sleep [X]
  15. Imagine being the only other person than steve, to make bucky smile [X]
  16. Imagine steve finding you in bucky’s house, when you’re trying to keep a secret that you bucky are dating [X]
  17. Imagine Bucky not being able to concentrate on anything cause he’s in love with you [X]
  18. Imagine introducing Bucky to your parents over dinner [X]

Thor x reader

- Imagines 

  1. Imagine not knowing that the Mjolnir is stubborn and Thor catching you move it [X]  

T’challa x reader

- One-shots (600+ words)

  1. Surprise Pt 1         The reader, African royalty and Fiancee of T’challa comes to Vienna’s UN meeting to surprise him, but things go drastically wrong.

Wanda x reader

- Imagines (>600 words)

  1. Imagine Scarlet Witch protecting you, after you’ve been injured, even though you two were on opposite sides in the Civil War, because she loves you [X]  

Peter Quill x reader

- Imagines 

  1. Imagine him teaching you how to fly the Milano [X]  

Clint x reader 

- Imagines

  1. Imagine telling Clint about his resting face x  

Ships with Reader Insert

- Imagines (>600 words)

  1. Stony: Imagine Tony and Steve’s daughter, and creating an iron suit for fun at first, then joining forces with your parents [X]  


  1. Medieval  times AU with the Maximoff Twins [X]  
  2. Avengers at Hogwarts [X]  

ANNOUNCING MY COLOSSALCON 2017 LINE-UP! On Thursday, I’ll be rollin’ around as Roller Derby Dragon Age Alistair, on Friday and Saturday I will be debuting my New 52 Aquaman, along with a casual version of him.
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