bring back the 90's

let’s bring back 90s hacker film fashion let’s all dress like we’re ten seconds away from saying ‘i’m in’ and dismantling your school’s software

Dude,,, what if they made retro / throwback furbies or something???

Like have em built to look like a 90’s furby, but have the sensor capabilities to interact with a current furb, ie: singing, chatting, conversation-wise in general??

I think it’d b a neat way to bring back 90’s furbies / the look of 90’s furbies as well as keep the new ones goin just as strong tbh!! c:


😂😂😂I’m weak. Bringing back the 90’s swagger today 😂😂😂

#Shabba #✊🏽 #imasoulman #returnofthemalesupermodel

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9 hours of the 1990s// [LISTEN]

 1990: 1.Groove is in the Heart// Deee-Lite. 2. Vogue// Madonna 3. Ice Ice Baby // Vanilla Ice 4. Tom’s Diner // Suzanne Vega 5. U Can’t Touch This // MC Hammer 6. Man in the Box // Alice in  Chains 7.  Justify My Love // Madonna

 19911. Come As You Are // Nirvana 2. Losing my Religion // R.E.M. 3. Let’s Talk About Sex // Salt ‘n’ Pepa 4. Jeremy // Pearl Jam 5. It Ain’t Over 'Til It’s Over // Lenny Kravitz 6. Motownphilly // Boyz II Men 7. Everything I Do, I Do It For You // Bryan Adams 8. Good Vibrations // Marky Mark 9.Black or White // Michael Jackson 10. Gonna Make You Sweat // C+C Music Factory

  1992: 1.  November Rain // Guns N’ Roses 2. Jump Around // House of Pain 3. I’m Too Sexy // Right Said Fred 3. Life is a Highway // Tom Cochrane 4. Killing in the Name // Rage Against the Machine 5. Nothing Else Matters // Metallica 6. Baby Got Back // Sir Mix-A-Lot 7. Jump // Kris Kross 

  1993: 1. Hero // Mariah Carey 2. Creep // Radiohead 3. Heart Shaped Box // Nirvana 4. Another Sad Love Song // Toni Braxton  5. Whoomp! There It Is // Tag Team 6.  All That She Wants // Ace of Base  7. I Will Always Love You // Whitney Houston 8. Sober // Tool  9. I Like to Move It // Reel 2 Real 10. I’m Gonna Be 500 Miles // The Proclaimers 11. Whatta Man // Salt-N-Pepa 12. What Is Love?// Haddaway 13. Everybody Hurts // R.E.M. 14.  I’d Do Anything For Love // Meatloaf 15. Nuthin’ But A “G” Thang // Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg

1994: 1. Hurt // Nine Inch Nails 2. Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number // Aaliyah 3. Mr. Jones // Counting Crows 4. I’ll Make Love to You // Boyz II Men 5. Seether // Veruca Salt 6. The Sign // Ace of Base  7. What’s My Name?// Snoop Doggy Dogg 8. I Can See Clearly Now // Jimmy Cliff 9.  Linger // The Cranberries 10.  Basket Case // Green Day 11. Black Hole Sun // Soundgarden 12. Closer // Nine Inch Nails

1995: 1. Don’t Look Back in Anger // Oasis 2. Buddy Holly // Weezer 3. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me // U2  4. Gangsta’s Paradise // Coolio 5. You Oughta Know // Alanis Morissette 6. Waterfalls/ TLC 7. Champagne Supernova // Oasis 8. Sweet Dreams // Marilyn Manson 9. Dear Mama // 2Pac 10. Scatman // Scatman John 11. Glycerine // Bush 12. Creep // TLC 13. Beautiful Life // Ace of Base 14. Keep Their Heads Ringing’ // Dr. Dre 15. Boombastic // Shaggy 16.  Fantasy // Mariah Carey 17. Machinehead // Bush 18. This Is How We Do It // Montell Jordan

1996: 1. Killing Me Softly // The Fugees 2. I Believe I can Fly // R. Kelly 3. Ironic // Alanis Morissette 4.  Criminal // Fiona Apple 5. One in a Million // Aaliyah 6. Un-Break My Heart // Toni Braxton 

1997: 1. Anybody Seen My Baby // The Rolling Stones 2. Barbie Girl // Aqua 3. Crash Into Me // Dave Matthews Band 3. Mo Money, Mo Problems // The Notorious B.I.G., Puff Daddy & Mase 4.  4 A.M.// Our Lady Peace 5. Stop // Spice Girls 6. Don’t Speak // No Doubt 7. Hypnotize // The Notorious B.I.G. 8. Mmm'Bop // Hanson 9. Spice Up Your Life // Spice Girls 10. Bitch // Meredith Brooks 11. I’ll Be Missing You // Puff Daddy & Faith Evans 12. Wannabe // Spice Girls 13. One Second // Nana 14. My Hero // Foo Fighters 15. That Don’t Impress Me Much // Shania Twain 16. Torn // Natalie Imbruglia 17. Song 2 // Blur 18. Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) // Backstreet Boys 19. You’re Still the One // Shania Twain 20. You Make Me Wanna… // Usher 21. Lovefool // Cardigans 22. Tearin’ Up My Heart // N'Sync

1998: 1. Good Riddance // Green Day 2. Iris // Goo Goo Dolls 3. My Heart Will Go One // Celine Dion 4. Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It // Will Smith 5. Du Hast // Rammstein 6. Ray of Light // Madonna 7. God Is a DJ // Faithless 8. The Boy is Mine // Brandy & Monica 9. Bittersweet Symphony // The Verve 10. C'est La Vie // B*Witched 11. Sex & Candy // Marcy Playground 12. I Don’t Want  to Miss a Thing // Aerosmith 

1999: 1. Bug a Boo // Destiny’s Child 2. All Star // Smash Mouth 3. …Baby One More Time // Britney Spears 4. Mambo #5 // Lou Bega 5. Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely // Backstreet Boys 6. American Woman // Lenny Kravitz 7. Say My Name // Destiny’s Child 8. No Scrubs // TLC 9. She’s So High // Tal Bachman 10. Believe // Cher 11. Learn to Fly // Foo Fighters 12. Waiting for Tonight // Jennifer Lopez 13. Genie in a Bottle // Christina Aguilera 14. Livin’ La Vida Loca // Ricky Martin 15. Smooth // Santana ft. Rob Thomas 16. I Want It That Way // Backstreet Boys 17. If You Had My Love // Jennifer Lopez  18. Bring It All Back // S Club 7 19. Larger Than Life // Backstreet Boys

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😂😂😂I’m weak. Bringing back the 90’s today 😂😂😂

#Shabba #✊🏽 #imasoulman #returnofthemalesupermodel

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anonymous asked:

So now that we're bringing back obscure 80's and 90's characters, who deserves a modern reinvention more, Anarky or the Wrath. Who should write it? I've always wanted to see a story where all the evil opposite Batman team up

Definitely Anarky. Wrath is great but was meant to be in exactly one story, and that story was told (plus that one follow-up they did years later in Batman Confidential, but that didn’t even star him proper); outside of it, if nothing else his existence is made redundant by Prometheus. Anarky on the other hand might have something: it’s been years since I read the early comics with him in them, but if you really wanted to heavily revise him to the extent of losing the ‘dubiously a hero’ shtick, I think in a post-4chan world there’s plenty you could do with a snotty asshole teenager naming himself after the concept of anarchy who thinks he knows how the world works better than anyone else.

xpegasusuniverse  asked:

If IntSys made Genealogy remake, what would you want kept the same and changed, who would you want to do the Character Designs and illustrations? I think Yamada Akihiro would be a great choice, he did the portraits of Gunter, Jagen, Ogma, and Zephiel for FE:H.

I legit know nothing about character design so I’m not the best person about this. 

Bring back 90′s Anime style

11 Questions tag

Thanks so much for tagging us @cassianandfenrysaremyboyos  !! I actually saw this post and was like i really wanna answer it but hadn’t been tagged yet hehe so thanks <3

I think most of my faves have been tagged as well from memory so any one of my followers who hasn’t done this, go for it and tag me in it so that i can read your answers :)

1. What ancient god/goddess if your favourite, and why?

Hmm i used to be super into Greek/Roman mythology but can’t really remember much anymore :(

2. What are five things (tv shows, candy, shoes etc.) that was popular in your youth that you wish you can bring back today?

Okay so i’m a 90′s baby and you 2000′s kids are really missing out. I mean the fashion was atrocious and we did not have strong eyebrow games but like: (1) We had super amazing TV shows back then. Like Saturday Disney and like before Arthur was a meme i watched every episode (2) Sunny boys and Zooper Doopers (i’m pretty sure they stopped making those) (3) Did anyone else read the Specky Magee books. I feel like i was the biggest tom boy but like i loved those

3. Name your top five memes

So i have this strange obsession with Prince George/Royal Family memes. Pls enjoy. Also first one is Georgie meeting our Prime Minister hahahah

4. If you could choose your own 7 wonders of the world what would they be?

I don’t know hahah, this is such a hard question heheh. I think I would probably agree with the current 7 wonders

5. If you could have a mythical animal as a pet what would it be?

A dragon. And then i would become Daenerys and take over the world basically.

6. Pick three artists/bands to compose a score for the story or your life.

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift would do amazing together to write something sweet and then i would add Lin-Manuel Miranda so he could add some epic rap battles hahaah

7. If you could only keep two of your five senses which one would you pick?

Sight and hearing. My two favourite things are watching TV and reading and i would still be able to do that. I mean i won’t really be able to eat or smell anything or touch anything which would suck but like i could do normal things i think which would be good

8. What is your irrational fear?

This is super weird but i absolutely hate rubber bands and like hair ties (when they’re just sitting there). I mean i use them but like when i see a rubber band or hair tie lying around I kind of gag. They are just super gross ewww just thinking about it is making me gag. I’m weird lol

9. What rule did you have to follow as a kid that you didn’t agree with?

My school was SUPER strict. So a lot of their rules hahah. Like we weren’t allowed to dye our hair till about 5 years ago (when i was already in year 12) and it had to be in neutral colours (like you could go blonde to brown, but not blonde to black). Also we were only allowed one ear piercing and it had to be a plain gold/silver stud or sleeper. Also skirt length was covering the knee. What else? They had a six inch rule between guys and girls LOL. I think they just realised how stupid that was and it kinda phased out.

10. What are some weird quirks/rituals you do everyday?

I mean i do super weird stuff but right now can’t really think of anything.

11. What is the weirdest/craziest thing that’s happened to you at work and/or school?

So i work in retail so weird stuff happens to me all the time, but i can’t think of anything right now.