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How about something for the chocobros discovering their s/o being afraid of the dark and what do they think/do about their partner being afraid of it?

  • Noctis found out you were afraid of the dark when you seemingly would never step into dark rooms. At first he thought nothing of it, but he noticed the pattern that the rooms they never entered was dark- and then the one time you finally did you ended up rushing through like something was chasing them.
    “You don’t do so well with the dark I’m guessing?” He didn’t really have to ask, he already put two-and-two together.
  • He really can’t blame you. At some point, when he was young, he had been as well so he understands what it’s like. So he doesn’t mind.
  • Noctis just knows when you stay in a room with him that he’ll likely have to have a nightlight going. Which is fine with him, it doesn’t affect his sleep any. Just as long as you can feel safe and sound. And if you have trouble sleeping still then they can fall back onto playing games or him telling them one of the old stories Regis used to tell him until they fall asleep (after all that used to do the trick for him).
  • But for situations outside of sleeping arrangements, Noct just tries to handle getting the lighting situation back to where you’ll feel more comfortable. That or he tries his best to lead you through and keep you calm, but he hasn’t yet realized that “just stay calm” doesn’t work well, but he does know telling you “it’ll be okay” is at least some comfort.

  • Ignis thought it was strange just how you used to keep the lights on in almost every room and they were on throughout the whole day. Any time he turned one off, you’d be coming up behind shortly to turn it back on, though you tended to not remain in the room for long.
    “Don’t you want to save on your power bill?” He’d ask. But was only told that it was fine. For all he knew, this could have easily just been a quirk and there was no use in pressing more into it.
  • He didn’t find out the real reason until one night you and him had been sharing a bed; you trying to sleep and he was reading something and he kept a lamp on. It was violently storming outside, and all of the sudden there was a bright flash and a loud roaring CRACK sound of lightning striking nearby and it took the power out. Iggy tries to make a remark about the situation, but you don’t respond. Instead you were just tightly balling yourself up into the blankets, shaking. Unusual. You don’t act quite like this for thunderstorms, so that lead him to one conclusion; you were afraid of the dark. And now the light issue made so much sense.
  • Ignis sort of finds it to be cute. Not quite a laughing matter, but it’s still a silly and endearing quality.
  • Ignis will do what he can to comfort you through those by offering you various means of distractions. Talking to you through it, getting you a warm drink, being the one to go out to find the flashlight or candles to bring back to you, board games while you still have some kind of light. And on a night like this he’ll let you snuggle and hide your face in his chest until you fall asleep.
  • He’ll be a little more careful about what lights he’s turning off from now on, turning on the lights in a room you were about to go through so you didn’t have to worry ahead of time. With sleeping, you both come to a compromise; he has a harder time sleeping with a light on so he’d rather not have a nightlight, so he’ll stay up later and keep a light on until you fall asleep. However he’ll let one of those come in if for some reason you’re having troubles on some nights and you just can’t sleep/can’t stay asleep.

  • Gladio knows there’s something up when you happen to avoid going into the basement at all costs. You need to get something from down there… but… “Babe, I’m a little busy right now. Why can’t you go and get it yourself anyways?” You can’t give him an answer, or rather you won’t. You don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of him, so for the time being you dropped it and tried to wait later for when he wasn’t so busy.
    “You still haven’t gotten it? Seriously, what’s up with you? You’re not afraid, are you?” He hits the nail on the head, but you still didn’t want him to quite know.
    “It’s just that it’s dark.”
    “C’mon, there’s a light switch on the left side at the bottom of the steps. You know this.”
    “Yeah but it’s at the bottom… What if I fall down when I’m on the steps?”
    “There’s enough light coming from the room that you’ll be able to see the steps without too much problem.”
    “But…Okay, fine. You’re right. I am scared. It’s dark down there and I’m a coward!”
  • Gladio finds it cute to tease you over it, though you won’t likely think his teasing is.
  • He’s not so much sympathetic in your case. In fact he tries to push you into going into the dark, says you need to face your fears, that it’ll help toughen you up and get you to move on passed it.
  • However, if you get stuck in the dark and begin to have a terrible panic attack about it, that’s when he’ll actually try to comfort you.

  • It’s already a well known fact that Prompto is also afraid of the dark. He’s always been upfront and honest about it. Just he really hadn’t known that you had been too. Not until the both of you were caught out some place and the power went out.
  • Instantly you clung to him, hugging tightly onto his arm. “You too, eh?” He mutters, feeling how badly you were trembling against him.
    He understands how it is entirely too well, but somehow your fear of the dark gives him courage to step forward into it. It doesn’t take away his fear, but he hates the fact it scares you too, so expect him to slowly lead you out of the situation, trying to calm his own panic as much as he can so he doesn’t make it worse on you.
  • When Prompto gets more scared and anxious, he gets more talkative. He talks fast and he tries to maintain a conversation with you because maybe that will distract you both just enough until you both get back to the light.
  • He’s more than happy to huddle up with you when you’re scared. Prompto will take you by the hand and give you little comforting squeezes. Need a night light? No problem? Dim room still too dark for you? Either he’ll hit the switch or he’ll offer up his phone for you to use as a light. Simply whatever you need, Prompto will try to have your back on!

they are not going to replace hanekoma’s character. hes one of those characters that sacrificed too much and is a ‘hope’ character like nomura likes to hold onto. i’ve already said my piece on what i feel about the footage but i know for certain that he’s not being replaced.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 (classic 2005).. 
has had its multiplayer restored Via steam! 

If you are like me and own not only the steam copy but still couple copies of the Ps2 discs floating around your room this is super cool. With the release of the new Battlefront 2 from DICE coming literally next month this update to the classic game gives some of the nay sayers new life for their beloved game as well as just a wonderful thing to bring back to any and all who enjoy the classic game even still. 

I plan to check it out sometime this week before the beta starts for the 2017 battlefront 2, hope everyone does the same! 

Guys why is there no one talking about Kaner’s interview in JR’s new podcast??

In which he talks about the team and the trainers getting a kick out of him and Panarin yelling at each other on the bench. 

About that one yelling battle that was so heated in Calgary that the Flames were raising eyebrows. 

About Panarin trying to tell Patrick about his home and summer.

About the team seeing them as brothers and he sees Panarin as his little brother.

And a lot of other hockey things!!!

WHY? (starting 27:00)

Survive (Part 1) - Shawn Mendes


It was that time of the year for the Hunger Games. A male and female from each district within the age range of 12 to 18 was chosen to participate in a bloodbath that resulted in one victor. There are twelve districts in total and we’re in district 4.

We all were called to the town square. I am with my family but I keep a close eye on Shawn. He wasn’t my boyfriend but we did have feelings for each other. We decided not to act on them until we were past the age of being a Hunger Games tribute to prevent forming a stronger bond than we already have. It would ruin the person that was left to watch the other never return.

He was with his family whispering something to his sister, Aaliyah. She had turned twelve a few months ago so she was of age to be a possible tribute like Shawn and I. She was his only sibling and he would do everything to keep her safe. He looks back and catches my eyes. He gives me a small smile and turns around before I could return the smile.

I’m the youngest in my family of five. My two siblings are above the age of becoming a tribute so my parents aren’t as worried about me being chosen as much as other parents with children of age. Even so, they still pray to the Gods for luck.

A woman from the Capital stands on the stage in front of us. Two glass bowls filled with names are on either side of her. Her hair is an electric blue and her eyes are much larger than a normal persons. Her outfit looked like a sea blue pineapple.
Peacekeepers are around the stage with their guns loaded, ready to shoot if necessary.

The whole area is silent. Everyone is feeling the same thing. Fear.
Fear for families, friends and each other. We may not be a loving community but the time for the Hunger Games does bring us closer. We usually mourn for the children once they get chosen because they hardly ever come back. If they do manage to survive, they change and they person they once were is gone forever.

A video is played before us, showing the rules and short clips of previous Hunger Games. The video ends and the Capital woman introduces herself as Glitz and gives us all a speech on the importance and history of the games. She finishes and we all know what happens next. Choosing the names of the tributes. The female tribute is chosen first. Glitz looks bored as if she didn’t understand that she was just about to change two lives forever.

I clutch both my parents hands, begging the Gods that my name wouldn’t get drawn.

Glitz says a name that sounds nothing like mine. I should feel relieved but Aaliyah’s name was called. Shawn’s little sister, Aaliyah. Our families were so close, she was practically my little sister too.

We all turn in her direction. Her parents are crying and Shawn… He would volunteer himself if he could but its not possible to do that for different gender category.

“I volunteer.”

The words slip out of my mouth before I could stop them. I realize that I don’t want to take back my words. I want to do this for her.

“I volunteer to take her place!” I yell louder, more confidently.

Hushed whispers spread throughout the area.
My mom starts crying and yelling for me to stop and refuse. As much as it hurts, I ignore her and walk towards the stage. My dad tries to pull me back but I stay out of his grasp.

Glitz looks at me, surprised. She doesn’t seem bored at all anymore.
The peacekeepers allow me entrance up the stage and I stand next to Glitz.

I find Shawn through the crowd with my eyes. His expression is unreadable. I avoid looking at my parents, afraid that I would break down seeing how crushed they are.

“Well this is a lovely surprise, isn’t it?” Glitz says, laughing happily.
“What’s your name, darling?”

I wanted to throw up at her choice of words but I knew better. I’m also sure that this was just entertainment to her not anything more.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N),” I tell her.

“(Y/N) is District 4’s female tribute. Wish her well. Now onto the male tribute.”

She walks over to the bowl with the male names. She pulls one out and surprise is written on her face.

“This is really interesting. The male tribute is related to the female that was drawn.”

My heart starts hammering against my ribcage. This can’t be real.

“Shawn Mendes please come forth.”

Everything starts to become a blur. Shawn stands on the opposite side of Glitz. Glitz says a few things. We are led off the stage into a building. Shawn and I are separated into different rooms.

I’m glad we’re apart because now I am able to wrap my head around everything. I avoid the thought of the possibility of having to kill Shawn.

A while later, I get guests. My parents visit me with my siblings. We all cry and hug and give each other emotional speeches. They also call me insane. I don’t try to defend myself because deep down, I know they’re a little right.

Once they leave, the Mendes family visits me. They continuously thank me about taking their daughters place and they said they would be in debt to me. My only request to them was to make sure my family is kept safe. They don’t bring up Shawn and neither do I.
Mr and Mrs. Mendes leave but Aaliyah stays behind. She gives me a hug and we cling onto each other for comfort. She releases me and hands me a shell ring. The word HOPE is carved on the side.

“I know it isn’t much but it’s my most prized possession.”

I hold onto it tightly and smile at her.

“Thank you. I will cherish it.”

A few of my friends visit me but they don’t stay long because a peacekeeper comes to escort me to the train that will take us to the Capital.

I’m not sure what I got myself into but I do know that I want to survive.

Request: I think a Shawn request that’s kinda like a spinoff of Hunger Games would be cool. Maybe he or I get drawn and its an emotional goodbye or we both get drawn and ally but it’s still tough.

- - - - - - - - -

This did bring back memories of my 2011 Hunger Games obsession. All the characters names are my own except for President Snow and Caesar Flickerman.

Part 2

Tomb Raider: Legend is 10 years old!

Where did the time go? I was 12 when Legend was released and I legit played it non-stop. Even though Legend is not one of my favourite Tomb Raider games, it still brings back memories and I will be forever awed by the soundtrack and the beautiful environments! Happy 10th birthday Legend!