bring back still game

Here’s a lil doodle from MediBang!
I downloaded it just to take a ride on the mobile side because lately I’ve been too lazy to bust out the ol’ tablet to draw something :/
I figured I can use MediBang to color all of my lil sketchbook doodles and make ‘em pretty to make up for lack of arts~


Stealing my own ideas from my favorite areas because I’m so desperate. (On top no hack, bottom slight hack)

Guys why is there no one talking about Kaner’s interview in JR’s new podcast??

In which he talks about the team and the trainers getting a kick out of him and Panarin yelling at each other on the bench. 

About that one yelling battle that was so heated in Calgary that the Flames were raising eyebrows. 

About Panarin trying to tell Patrick about his home and summer.

About the team seeing them as brothers and he sees Panarin as his little brother.

And a lot of other hockey things!!!

WHY? (starting 27:00)

Tomb Raider: Legend is 10 years old!

Where did the time go? I was 12 when Legend was released and I legit played it non-stop. Even though Legend is not one of my favourite Tomb Raider games, it still brings back memories and I will be forever awed by the soundtrack and the beautiful environments! Happy 10th birthday Legend!