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I see a bunch of people concerned about whether or not the new Doctor should have a male or female companion, and i raise you the doctor having like three or four permanent companions. If we are shaking things up with a new Female doctor, how about we shake things up instead of having the same exact tardis duo we’ve had since the beginning of New Who (Amy/Rory is debatable). I mean they have had periods of time where they had kind of a temporary/semi third or fourth companion who comes and goes (usually the girl companion’s love interest) but how about like three companions, from different TIMES or different PLANETS who don’t already know each other and who all stay. Lets watch how they all interact and try to understand each other. Lets see the Doctor having more than one person to lay all of her burdens onto. Why not a woc from the 15th century and like an alien dude or even a teenager or an old retired person? (Bring back captain jack even if its just for his reaction in one episode please). I don’t give a crap which one (if any) ends up being the doctor’s love interest, just give me some other dynamic than a single girl companion from our current era.

Supernatural Season 13 Spoiler Sheet!

Welcome the the Spoiler Sheet for season 13 - a constantly updated post collecting every Supernatural spoiler I can find. DISCLAIMER: Everything here is gathered from public sources. I do not have unauthorized access to SPN production or writers, and nothing on here is obtained through nefarious means. I’m just obsessive and like to be organized. I do this as a fan.

Things to know:

  • Last updated: September 18
  • Rumors/unconfirmed spoilers/guesses are in italics.
  • Guesses: Writers, directors and appearances for Castiel/Misha are based on patterns from previous years.
  • Filming dates are based on Supernatural’s eight day filming schedule and the schedule for previous years. The same goes for airdates.
  • My general tag for all season thirteen spoilers is “s13 spoilers.”
  • If you happen across a spoiler that’s not on here, please feel free to tag me, airplane me or send me an ask! I update the sheet with new spoilers as I find them.
  • reblog every Monday (and sometimes on Fridays) highlighting new info. New spoilers are also highlighted in the “latest spoiler section.”
  • There will be 23 Episodes in the season. As of now the sheet goes up to episode 13.
  • I note which cons and events happen during the filming of episodes to help match up con spoilers to episodes.
  • Spoilers for aired episodes will be relocated to the bottom after and episode airs at the bottom, for reference. Here’s the full sheet from season 12.

Latest spoilers:  additional cast for 13x02, promo for 13x01 and 13x02, new michalel!, filming bots for 13x06, filming bits for 13x05, titles for 13x11 and 13x12,

General stuff (newest to oldest, once info is matched to an episode it’s moved there)  

  • Certain characters will return, but not necessarily in the same bodies. 
  • Jack will ‘get away’ from the boys for a bit but will end up in the Bunker with them. He doesn’t have a lot of control of his power.
  • Misha has read scripts that have Cas elements that will be challenging.
  • Episode 16 will be an animated Scooby Doo crossover episode. Jared, Jensen and Misha recorded their dialogue in early 2017. (x) It will be written by Jeremy Adams and Jim Krieg. The episode will have some live action with an entire, fully animated Scooby Doo episode in the middle. 
  • Misha Collins will be returning for season 13, as a series regular.
  • Other returning cast: Mark Pellegrino, Samantha Smith, Alexander Calvert (Jack).
  • Mark Sheppard will not be returning. (x
  • Richard Speight Jr. will be directing two episodes this season. 
  • Jensen will not be directing this year.
  • Writing staff: Andrew Dabb is showrunner with Robert Singer. Writers: Eugenie Ross Leming and Brad Buckner, Robert Berens, Meredith Glynn, Steve Yockey, Davy Perez and  John Bring (writers’ assistant).
  • Filming started on July 12 and will go until April 19. The filming schedule is slightly shorter this season because only three days will be used to shoot live elements for the animated episode (16).
  • The writers returned for work on season 13 on May 15.
  • Season 13 was announced January 8, 2017.

Episode specific spoilers:

Episode 13x01

Title: Lost and Found

Written by: Andrew Dabb

Director:  Phil Sgriccia

Filming Dates: July 12 - July 21

Airdate: October 12

Promo with footage from episodes 1, 2 & 3!

Castiel? Yes.

Guest stars: Samantha Smith (Mary Winchester), Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer), Alexander Calvert (Jack), Christian Keyes (Michael), Rob Raco (Clark), Carlena Britch (Miriam), Erika Walter (Lily)

Other Spoilers/info (newest to oldest):

  • Michael rules the alternate world as a “victor” in a ‘Gengis Khan” mode. he will be played by newcomer Christian Keyes (x)
  • The episode picks up exactly where the finale ended.
  • Dean will be deep into grieving for Cas and Mary, as he thinks Mary is dead too. Sam is less broken up, and thinks Mary is alive.
  • Sam and Dean will clash over Jack. Dean wants to kill him, Sam wants to help him and maybe use him to get Mary back.
  • Dean will pray to god to bring everyone back. (x)
  • Jack will get away from the boys
  • We will have scenes in the apocalypse world
  • A scene was shot with a pyre on the beach. (x)
  • A scene was shot where Misha was prone with his eyes closed with the boys (elements may show up on the gag reel) - it’s been confirmed it was him lying dead on the ground.
  • Filming went late into the evening/early morning either on day 2 or day 3
  • J2 were spotted getting into the Impala
  • Filming was done of the Impala on the road.
  • Filming happened at the same location as the Season 12 finale, Britannia Beach in BC, so things may pick up exactly where the finale left off. (x)
  • Samantha Smith had to miss ChiCon due to filming (x)
  • Chicago Con occurred during filming

My episode 13x01 tag.

Episode 13x02 

Title: The Rising Sun

Written by: Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross Leming

Director:  Thomas Wright

Filming Dates: July 24 - August 2

Airdate: October 19

Promo with footage from episodes 1, 2 & 3!

Castiel? No.

Guest stars: Samantha Smith (Mary Winchester), Alexander Calvert (Jack), Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer), Christian Keyes (Michael), Keith Szarabajka (Donatello Redfield),  Jeffrey Vincent Parise (Asmodeus) Mark Sweatman (Tattoist), Ryan S. Williams (Commander)

Other Spoilers/info (newest to oldest):

  • We will see the return of Donatello the prophet.
  • Lucifer will not be the most powerful being in the thunderdome world. (x)
  • A new force/character will emerge to fill the power vacuum in hell played By Jeffrey Vincent Parise (might be Asmodeus).
  • We will have a big bad that’s “an old friend” we haven’t seen for a while  who may emerge from the alternate world. - It’s Michael
  • We will see scenes of Mary in apocalypse world. With skeletons! (x)
  • A very cool, old car was used on set. (x)
  • We may also have scenes in a jail. (x)
  • We may have scenes in Crowley’s former throne room. (x)
  • We may see Sam shirtless - Jared posted a picture showing his anti-possession tattoo. (x)
  • The Boys filmed outside a set for a bar called “the black hat.” Sam was in the orange jacket.
  • San Diego Comic Con Appearance, Sunday prior to filming (7/23)

My episode 13x02 tag.

Episode 13x03  

Title: Patience

Written by: Robert Berens

Director:  Bob Singer

Filming Dates: August 3 - August 15,  (no filming August 7, Canadian civil Holiday)

Airdate: October 26

Promo with footage from episodes 1, 2 & 3!

Castiel? Possibly.

Guest stars: Clark Backo (Patience Turner), Loretta Divine (Missouri Mossely), Kim Rhodes (Jody Mills), Adrian Holmes (Missouri’s son).

Other Spoilers/info (newest to oldest):

  • Dean nearly gets run down by a truck or van
  • The final scene of the episode was filmed in studio a few days after the rest of the episode wrapped and may involve Castiel (x)
  • The MotW is a wraith
  • Patience classes with the volleyball team
  • No Mary or Apocalypse World.
  • It does not look like Sam will interact with Patience or Jody.
  • We will see a Biggerson’s sign in the background. (x)
  • Dean gives Jody and Mssouri hugs outside at some point
  • Dean and Jody share a scene getting into the impala at a gas n’ sip
  • Jensen, Clark, Adrian and Kim filmed scenes on location at a nice house. Stunt work was involved
  • There is a fight between Patience’s father and Dean, Patience screams at one point.
  • There will be a scene with tarot cards
  • Kim had to cancel her VanCon appearance for filming.
  • This episode will introduce Patience Turner who will be joining the wayward sisters. She is Missouri’s grand daughter and has psychic abilities. 
  • GISHWHES occurred during filming.
  • Vancouver Convention occurred during filming

My episode 13x03 tag.

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HEY!  It was @whoacanada‘s berfday yesterday!  <3 Here’s a little something for you.  I hope you had an amazing birthday! xoxo

Sometimes, it’s really hard for Jack Laurent Zimmermann to concentrate when Bitty is in the room.  Back at Samwell – and well, most of his life, really – Jack had been able to keep his mind on one track.  Focused. Trained. 

But then, he found big brown eyes watching him with timidity, with curiosity, with friendship, with love, with lust… and then all bets were off.  And if he’s honest with himself, Eric Richard Bittle made him stumble and lose his concentration well before that first kiss in Chowder’s new room.

Having dinner with Lardo and Shitty, as Bitty retells his latest baking escapade and Shitty slams the table in a fit of laughter, Jack can’t hear a single word because soon he’s just thinking about Bitty’s lips, the way Bitty will stop and bite his lower lip in between words.  And well, that leads to him thinking about Bitty’s mouth, his tongue, the oh-so-talented things Bitty can do with that tongue.

“Isn’t that right, Jack?” Bitty asks, abruptly bringing Jack back to the here and now.

“Huh?  Oh, yeah, Bits.  Absolutely!”

Bitty studies Jack briefly, then smirks knowingly and continues.

“Anyway, so there I was with this yeast rising and…”

Jack sinks into his seat feeling foolish and in love.


When Jack comes home from a run, and Bitty is still gorgeously laid out in bed, sound asleep, it’s all he can do to not climb into the bed with him.  Jack swears he’s on his way to shower, but then gets sidetracked by the tangled bedhead that sighs into the pillow, by the way Bitty’s lashes flutter as he dreams (probably of pie and music and sunshine, Jack thinks) and he finds himself walking toward the bed ready to climb in.

But then he remembers how sweaty he is in all his post-run glory.  He loves Bitty too much to subject him to his funk.  So Jack sadly shuffles toward the bathroom, only to be distracted once again before making it inside.


Sometimes Jack wonders if he’s obsessed with Bitty.  

Is it normal to want to be with someone all the time, to want to see them every single moment, to want them to be happy above all else?  He once heard Alicia tell Bob that Jack is so in love with Bitty, if they were ever to break up, Bitty would be fine eventually – but Jack would never recover.  This worries her.  

It worries Jack, too.


“Is that… a pie?”  Bitty asked in awe.


“Does it hurt?”

“Not really.  Just tender.”

“Jack Laurent Zimmermann. That is both the craziest and sweetest thing!”

Jack beams when he sees Bitty face.

“I cannot believe you got a pie with my name tattooed over your heart.”

Jack can’t believe it either… and yet he absolutely can.


Anytime he makes a goal, and he knows Bitty is sitting in the family section of the arena, he skates past the glass and points at Bitty.

It’s silly.  Jack knows it’s silly.  But how else will Bitty know that each goal is for him?


He writes a love letter a day to Bitty, but never presses send.  His draft folder in his Gmail is filled with confessions his heart makes but is too shy to actually say outright.  One day he’ll be brave again and press send.  

In the meantime, he’ll press kisses into Bitty’s lips every chance he gets.


It’s their tenth year anniversary party, and Jack has their son sitting on his lap grabbing a fistful of cake and shoveling it into his tiny mouth, while their daughter dances next to them both.

Jack laughs as Bitty walks in and tuts, as he smiles and wipes the small face before him.

“Maybe you should be paying attention to that boy, instead of looking at my legs from across the room, hmm?”

Jack blushes and nods, “Maybe if you’d finally stop wearing those tiny shorts…”

“And what, have you stop drooling?  It’s almost as if you don’t know me,” Bitty sassily replies.

Jack knows this is all he’s ever wanted, all he’ll ever need, his life is complete in a way he never thought it could – or would – be, and he knows he is a lucky, lucky man.

He smiles as he watches his husband sashay out of the room.